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    We really do live in a society lads


    "Our current society produces no un-traumatized autistic people."



    There’s a phenomenal article that I can never find when I need it by an autistic mother about how her autistic son can’t get diagnosed (which he would need to access resources/school support) despite being autistic because since he was raised by an autistic parent who was able to raise him in a way that worked for his brain his autism isn’t “bad enough” for psychologists to recognize.


    i think villains in general provide better, more epic romances because they're allowed to go to extremes. they're allowed to put their love over the greater good. they're allowed to be selfish. the best a hero can offer you is number two, because their duty comes first. villains, though. villains will burn down the world for a last kiss goodbye.


    Yea, sure. Until YOU or people you love are among the victims for someone else’s love and the villains won’t care. Would also like to point out that some villians(Kuvira, for example) have been willing to sacrifice/throw away love interests for their own goals.


    idk about you but existing in the real world gives me and my loved ones immunity from the actions of fictional villains. hope you manage to get your family out of star wars.