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I am a Dominant man in my early 30's coming out of a tough decade of my life, looking to live my life as I see fit. I like my women in tight bondage with John Willie and Dave Annis being my inspirations. In this blog you'll find what I like and my...

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2020-10-28 10:18:56

    Sorry to interrupt your kinky fun, but we have another asshole harassing girls. Please spread this, as you can see he's just a predator.

    This one calls himself dark-knight-dom. He's some incel with anger issues that likes to find new girls and bully them into "submitting to him". Even if they belong to someone, he doesnt seem to give a shit.

    They really are a dime a dozen apparently.


    One: Being a Dominant means you just click your fingers, point at the floor and they will drop to their knees, right? Isn’t that what Tumblrland tells you?

    Two: All submissives are desperate to kneel before you just because it makes them happy. It is your right as a Dominant to demand submission simply for the thrill of looking down upon them…

    …What absolute nonsense.

    A submissive can sometimes (even often) have a number of issues: Anxieties can play a significant part of her day; insecurities chip away at her self-esteem and demons from the past won’t let her run free. She wears a smile on her face but uses much of her strength to ward off a meltdown - all this and she worries terribly that she’ll fuck up or simply disappoint you…again.

    A D/s lifestyle is complicated if you believe all the images you see or the fictional words or boasts of others. However, it doesn’t have to be that complex if you can see the burden being carried by another. If you can read them well you are ready to pass step one. If you can care for them and help settle a small portion of the noise you can pass step two. Finally, if you can support and nurture her and help her grow with confidence that you are a solid, constant part of her sense of security you are at the foundation point and can build up from there.

    Even with all this comfort in place, she will still have moments where she will feel weak, confused, worried or overwhelmed and may still breakdown.

    Are you able to be the one? The one that simply wraps arms around her with no need words? Are you the one that meets her needs, none of which involve removing a single item of clothing or any form of physical touch beyond a caring embrace?

    If you are still reading, then you are in with a chance to see her kneel, not because you demand it but because it completes her - because you complete her. You can point, as long as it is at the place you made safe for her.


    Dominion Leather 2020 Giveaway: The World is More Awesome with More Leather Bondage Gear Giveaway!


    What a name this giveaway is… Dominion Leather 2020 Giveaway: The World is More Awesome with More Leather Bondage Gear Giveaway!

    2020 has been what I would describe, obscene and just a nightmare on many fronts.  Now it is time to be happy and celebrate something!  That something is YOU!  So throw off all that bad mojo, it is time to be happy!

    Dominion Leather has been around for 4 years now and I have gone thru a slow time in the last 12-18 months.  I decided its time to celebrate by giving a bunch of things away to celebrate life and to thank you for always being there.

    I want announce here, Dominion Leather is announcing a free giveaway of a bunch of custom BDSM/Bondage gear with an estimated value of $500 OR MORE.  This large set of gear will take anyone with little to no gear to being able to “lock down” their play partner in a moment.  You pick the overall type, design and color.

    Bondage Collar Ankle Cuffs Wrist Cuffs Bondage Belt 2 Clasp Tether 2 Clasp Tether 4 Clasp Tether (Hogtie) Bondage Strap 50 inches Bondage Strap 50 inches Ball Gag Harness (custom design, have shown one before here on Tumblr)

    All these items will be made to your custom order upon you winning.  The items are able to be custom made within reason.  In other words, I am happy to substitute out small things and make changes to my standard builds to be custom, within reason.

    To participate in this giveaway you must do or agree to the below.

    • You must follow my Tumblr
    • You must reblog this post (not just a LIKE) AND you must add a comment to this reblog explaining why you follow me.
    • You must be 18 or older.
    • The account that reblogs and follows this post, must be the same. (doesn’t matter if its a side blog, that blog/identity is the person that would/could win)
    • The contest starts on August 21, 2020 (Friday) - 5:00PM (Central Standard Time)
    • The contest ends on September 18, 2020 (Friday) - 5:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
    • No “giveaway” blogs are allowed.  The winner must be a person, and have non-giveaway related content.  (This is up to me to decide)
    • The winner will be contacted via Tumblr Private Message after the end of the contest.  They must respond back within 24 hours.  If they do not, another winner will be selected, then another 24 hours….etc…
    • The winner, if inside the United States will not have to pay shipping, Dominion Leather will cover it.
    • The winner, if outside the United States, will have to cover the shipping costs.
    • The winner must be willing to share information to me so I can ship the package to you, so you have to have a location that can accept it.
    • The winner must be willing to share information such as sizes so I can actually make the gear requested.

    I will be documenting all those that follow and reblog then recheck it at the end of the contest. To determine the winner, I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.  Yes its a long drawn out process, but its worth it!


    I reserve rights to change this “As Needed” to have a nice safe and fun contest, so if I do add a rule, I will re-post it with the added rule.

    Historically I pre-create the items, and then post some amazing photos of them.  The problem there is, they may not fit the person who wins properly, so this time, I am posting pictures of what I have done in the past, and will start making them AFTER the contest ends once I get details on sizes and customization options.  These photos are mainly to show quality and colors/hardware options.

    To the Winner, ask questions!  I am happy to explain and detail out some things.  I am always happy to try to explore some new combinations as well within reason :)

    Below are some images of previous contests and gear that you can possibly have made!


    Quality bondage gear is a must. Custom work too!


    Some excellent craftmanship here.