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2021-01-13 22:41:30

    Shoutout to Virtuous Addicts

    Shoutout to addicts who donโ€™t steal/rob

    Shoutout to addicts who share when times get tight

    Shoutout to addicts who donโ€™t provide minors with hard drugs

    Shoutout to addicts who deal not to get rich off everybodyโ€™s problem but to keep product on the streets and in circulation

    Shoutout to addicts who protect their intoxicated friends from potential predators

    Shutout to addicts that will not sellout their friends or connects when the cops come knocking

    Thereโ€™s a war on drugs right now and yall brave soldiers are our first defense in the trenches


    We DO exist! Who else can claim this status?


    I claim it for realz