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    " 'Truth is stranger than fiction', as the old saying goes. When I watch a documentary I can't help crying and then think to myself 'Fiction can't compete with this.' But when I mentioned this to a veteran Manga artist friend of mine, he said 'Fiction brings salvation to characters in stories that would otherwise have no salvation at all.' His words strengthened the conviction of my manga spirit."

    -- Arakawa Hiromu, 2005 (Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 12)


    Time to post my favorite sequences from Samurai Jack


    Ok, so this makes no sense at all, but I love it.


    This is one of most well done fight scenes in animation “makes no sense” my ass


    Dude can you imagine how fun the animators have animating this?? I mean it’s a pain in the butt but look at it! It’s so good! No dialogue no quibs basically playing tag with shadow and light like that some good shit right there

    And the subtlety too?? time actually moves so you have smaller and smaller white areas. And that tiny shakes when the robot landed at the end?? *chef kiss* perfection


    It’s kind of a shame that “Catholics worship the saints and Mary on the same level as god” is the prevalent thought among non-Catholics because “Catholics treat the saints and Mary as a divine call center” is both more true in my experience and INFINITELY funnier


    “Hello, thank you for praying for intercession.  My name is Saint Anthony of Padua, for quality and training this prayer will be recorded.  How can I help you today?

    Oh, you’re losing your mind?  Ok so unfortunately this line is for lost items and not lost minds, so I will go ahead and connect you to... mhm this sort of thing happens all the time so it’s totally alright... mhm... so what I’m going to do is connect you to St. Dymphna at our mental illnesses department and she should be able to assist you with any questions you have about your problem, if you will hold just a moment please...”


    My Catholic witch mate confirms this is absolutely how it works.

    Just remembered that very small children can't conceptualize the idea of a False Belief and idk why that's throwing me all of a sudden but omg what the hell

    A False Belief is just a perception of reality based on available evidence, prior knowledge, and logical reasoning. The most famous example showing how children have yet to aquire it goes like this:

    A small child is shown a labeled box of candy. The researcher will ask "what's in the box?", and the child will say "candy". Then the researcher will open the box, and reveal that the box is filled with marbles. The research will ask "what's in the box?" and the child will say "marbles".

    Then, the researcher will ask "if I show this box to mommy, what will she think is inside?" And the child will say "marbles", not "candy". When pressed, a child will maintain the reasoning that their mom will expect the candy box to have marbles inside, even though there's no reason to.

    "Why would Mommy think there's marbles inside? "Because there is marbles inside!"

    Even though all evidence and prior knowledge would point an older person to assuming there's candy inside, and even though that child themselves also made the assumption that there was candy inside, the child cannot conceptualize the idea of their mother operating without the amount of information that they have themselves. They know that there's marbles inside, so how could anyone else expect there to be candy?

    "How long do they think like that?" Until they're about 5ish.

    "Oh, then how do they figure it out?" Who fucking knows!

    (I'm being dramatic, we do know that it's the inevitable result of several other intellectual skills developing, but still. Then we get into the discrepancies between what causes people to develop things like this or not! It's fascinating~)


    so when i was in elementary school i was SO absolutely enraptured with the idea of being A Teenager and doing Normal Teenager Things like having a cellphone and hanging out at the mall and having a locker i could decorate. these were the things teenagers in disney channel sitcoms did and every day i cursed my youth for making me wait until i was older to have a locker i could stick a mirror to the inside of

    in middle school - the captivating quality of Being a Teenager had started to wear off, in general my childhood whimsy was waning and getting replaced by the despair that comes from a lifetime of bullying and isolation - but in middle school, we had lockers! and i had a cellphone. but my mom couldn't afford a smartphone plan for me so i had a prepaid 'dumb' phone and then a series of years-outdated prepaid smartphones that could only hold a few apps at a time. and the lockers were NOT for decorating, they were for getting your stuff out of during short breaks between classes and putting your phone away in for the whole day. disappointing

    now, finally, in high school, we again had lockers. and my high school was very lax on rules, to the point where i can only remember one time anyone got dresscoded and it was because she was wearing fishnet stockings (which i think she should've been allowed to do but point is, the school was pretty lax overall). and people could and did decorate those lockers. and about halfway through middle school i finally got a proper current-ish smartphone via a family plan my dad could afford. but by high school my childhood fascination with Teenagerhood had completely worn off. i did not care about the romanticized idea of adolescence my childhood self had dreamed up; my isolation from my peers prevented me from experiencing any of it, anyway. and i spent my free time playing the sims. and i no longer cared about decorating my locker - i didn't even use it, since my high school let students carry their bags (and their phones!) around all day. i maybe used my locker like, once in my freshman year. most years i didn't even know where my locker was, i never checked because it wasn't necessary. i was finally 100% able and allowed to decorate my locker, but i did not have the motivation to do so anymore

    this is all to say that splatoon 3 is finally, at age 22, letting me live my childhood dream of Decorating my Locker

    a splatoon 3 locker interior, covered in stickers with random objects stored in it

    dear 7 year old me. you will get your chance, one day, to decorate your locker. it will take what seems like an eternity to a child of your age. but it will come. and it won’t be how you imagined. it will be better.


    Today I think I will rewatch Dorohedoro, just to experience some joy.


    I really have no patience for the people who dunk on the anime for having a simplified art style compared to the manga. Bro, manga and anime are two different mediums. Human people had to animate the anime. Hayashida got burnt out on drawing the manga and almost quit before the story could be completed.

    Get some perspective.


    After this rewatch I'm gonna see if there's some new fanfic. It's a small fandom but I'm happy it still updates every so often. And most surprising of all is I'm willing to read most of the fics.


    it’s good