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2020-08-07 06:17:45

    Instagram ads piss me off. Like, yes, I do want those black waterproof boots embroidered with a gold sun and moon, but I hate that you know that about me. I hate the little AI oracles sitting in their digital caves making algorithmic prophecies about my spending habits, then sending sending their electronic servants to me with hedonistic temptations targeted at my weaknesses... I’ve already got nice boots, thanks!


    right after i reblogged this post i went on instagram and

    Went scrolling through the comments on the TS petition, and these are what I’ve found! Idk if they are all legitimate, but I hope they are!

    Includes Cardi B, Emma Watson, Harry Styles, JOE ALWYN, Joe Jonas, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift!