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    I love chocolate chip mint. What about chip size? I prefer the larger chips versus the smaller chips.

    Also if you don’t mind, what do you think about #4?

    As long as they are chocolate, the chip size doesn't matter!

    #4 Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster


    Hi, would you mind answering these three questions?

    8, 13, 16


    #8 yes, I put on a big tshirt and sweats or shorts depending on the season.

    #13 dying

    #16 it's my favorite kind of ice cream!

    Thank you for the ask!


    Weirdly specific and unrelated asks to know someone well:

    1.  Chipotle order?

    2.  Thoughts on veganism?

    3.  A specific color that gives you the ick?

    4.  Mythical creature you think/believe is real?

    5.  Favorite form of potato?

    6.  Do you use a watch?

    7.  What animal do you look forward to seeing when you visit an aquarium?

    8.  Do you change into specific clothes for the house when you get home?

    9.  Do you have a specific daily routine (and how many steps is it)?

    10.  On a plane, do you ask for apple or orange juice?

    11.  Anything from your childhood you’ve held on to?

    12.  Brand that you trust 100%?

    13.  First thing you’re doing in the purge?

    14.  Do you think you’re dehydrated?

    15.  Rank the methods of death: freezing, burning, drowning

    16.  Thoughts on mint chocolate chip?

    17.  An anxious compulsion you do everyday?

    18.  Your boba/tea order?

    19.  The veggie you dislike the most?

    20.  Favorite Disney princess movie?

    21.  A number that weirds you out?

    22.  Do you have an emotional support water bottle?

    23.  Do you wear jewelry?

    24.  Which do you find yourself using, American or British English?

    25.  Would you say you have good taste in music?

    26.  How’s your spice tolerance?

    27.  What’s your favorite or go-to outfit?

    28.  Last meal on earth?  

    29.  Preferred pasta noodle?

    30.  Ask me anything!


    These look fun!! 🙂🙂


    These are different, so ask away.

    Weather in Utah: snows for 3 days straight

    Utahans: can we please have spring?

    Weather in Utah: sun comes out (and blinds us against the snow) 'Hey, y'all! Just peeking in to see if you're alright? Hugs!'

    Utahans: you literally just tried to kill us for the last 5 months and spring is a month late. That's the best you can do?

    Weather in Utah: worst flooding in 5 decades. 'You said it was a drought, so I thought I'd help out'

    Utahans: 🫠🙄🖕