activate: survival mode

    I guess I've technically been in survival mode for the past month, but this week is the big one. I have my big final project/presentation due wednesday as well as the section exam. Wednesday is the last official day of class. Then the final final is on Saturday. TBH I'm mostly in survival mode til Wednesday because reviewing for the final isn't as intense as trying to cram in a quiz, a homework, 2 labs, a final project, and an exam in four days.

    I hope to be able to write soon. I've been doing little snippets whenever I had time just to let off steam, but I haven't had time to really commit to a long block of writing since early april due to having family in town for the past week on top of the month end close for work. Hopefully I'll be able to turn these snippets into a full length piece fairly easily. If this works well, I might try to keep this practice going as I go forward (that is to say, I might try to keep doing these short little starter pieces that I can turn into a full piece whenever I have a little bit of time.)


    Any pointers for writing rapid shrinking? Like character goes from normal size to 1/12 scale.

    How rapid are you looking at? What do you want to focus on? Is your emphasis on the shrinkage process itself or is your focus on the end state? If your focus is on the shrinkage, it's good to have goalposts and checkpoints that you hit on the way down. If your focus is on the end state you can pretty much ignore the shrinking process and jump straight to the shrunken state either by having it an instant shrink or by like having the dude wake up after the fact. Either he shrunk in his sleep or was stunned by the process.

    Then once he's tiny it becomes a matter of what kind of story do you want to tell. Is it a Honey I Shrunk the Kids style adventure? Some kind of survival horror? Something sexy? With an adventure theres plenty of room for wonder and awe given how different the world jas become, but on the same thought line, everything that was once familiar has become so different and dangerous that it could take on a horror aspect. And sexy time is sexy time. A dude at 1/12th scale is pretty much cock sized.


    Meant former. Subject being runaway that they're shrinking.

    Well then I sort of answered this in the previous aso, but if you want the readers to know the dude is shrinking but not the dude himself to realize it, a good trick is to utilize the environment. Steps are just a little bit harder on the knees. He has to stretch just a little bit harder to reach the top shelf. His clothes are just a little bit looser. Someone who was once shorter than him now seems the same height. Maybe he doesnt realize the shelf or the steps or he sees his coworker is now the same height and dismisses it as the other guy is wearing thicker soles or something.


    Hi! I was wondering if you'll continue the adventures of Jackson and Gak? They're so great

    I have a story for gak and Jackson basically done but I wanted to do it as a bonus chapter for the next ebook I put out but I havent really designated the time to edit and publish it. orz. I already have a special cover for it and everything. I got so overwhelmed that I set it aside and forgot it existed until you mentioned it.


    Hopefully this isn't too much to ask, but do you have any tips on writing hyper?

    My tips for writing anything are almost always the same. The goal is to decide what you want to focus on. I do a lot of hyper stuff but I'll change the actual focus a bit each time. Sometimes its just silly stuff which accents to comedy or awkwardness of being hyper hung. Sometimes it's all about how huge and sexy the mpndo dongo is. Sometimes I'll take a bizarre take on the situation and focus on the surrealness or even the horrifying aspect of extreme body changes.

    Once you have your goal you can then focus your descriptions on that idea. If you want to just accentuate the size of something you can find real world comparisons that most readers would immediately understand the size of. I like doing this a lot more than just raw numbers (with some exceptions). Theres a few goalposts I like to use with actual numbers such as the 6 inch average or the foot long super schlong, but I'll often do a physical comparison alongside the numbers even for these common sizes especially since I know a lot of people use metric.

    I'm also a very tactile person so I tend to do a lot of feelings and hands on descriptions such as someone holding the dick and having it grow in their hands. It helps me imagine the size if I can picture how huge and how heavy it would be in my hands. I'll often place my hands as if I'm holding an invisible object to guesstimate sized and then I envision what I could hold that is that size.


    I know you don’t intend to write them all but can we hear about the general themes in your “back burner” penis shrinkage stories? It’s a shame that they aren’t more popular, they’re so good!

    My problem is I always intend to do everything which is why I'm always overwhelmed.

    I've got a few in the drafting or in the partially written phase. I can rattle off some of them.

    "Shrink to fit". Dude with a massive package that he loves to show off by wearing super tight pants experiences a software malfunction causes the shrink to fit function to take on a shocking new ability. Every pair of pants he puts on always ends up just a little roomy in the front.

    "A Pinch to lose an inch" big dicked twink goes to a club on his birthday to get tipsay and/or laid. A certified top, the dude makes no effort to hide his package nor to deny his proficiency in using it, but as the night goes on more people seem fixated on the lumps in the back than his strangely dwindling bulge.

    Unnamed so far. Douchey lifeguard who is more known for wardrobe malfunctions, macho posturing, and generally being an asshole than actually doing his job finds his shorts getting a little loose.

    Also have done a little work on a prequel to sharing is caring. Random internet guy decides he wants to donate his dick on stream. He steadily loses his size while the viewers cheer him on and goad him to give up more.


    You have any advice on writing unaware shrinking?

    That depends on what you mean by unaware. Are you asking about a scenario where the person who is shrinking is unaware that it is happening? Or are you talking about the micro scenario where a tiny dude is in a world where other people are unaware that they are there. 

    I guess either way, the suggestion I have is decide what your goal is. It’s one thing to just describe the action and another to get into the headspace of what’s going on with the characters. Do you want to build suspense for the audience as your character unwittingly dwindles away? Do you want to get the adrenaline pumping as a micro man navigates an ever growing and increasingly strange and possibly hostile world? 

    Once you have your goal in mind, you can keep that in play as you go through the actual action of the story. Do things to reinforce this goal as you go along. So say someone is shrinking and doesn’t know it. You can do little bits of info here and there that things are just ever so slightly off. He has to adjust the seat in his car. He has to stretch a bit to reach the top shelf. Little things that add up over time. 


    Are you still writting penis shrink and reduction storys? There some of your best stuff

    I do on rare occasion. I have a few on the back burner, but it seems like every time I start to work on one something comes up that is a more immediate concern (mostly holiday specials and whatnot). They also seem to be some of my less popular stuff so I try to do a hyper and/or macro fic at least once every few months just to keep the core base happy. 


    Think you'll ever do a micro where clothes shrink with the wearer?

    I’m pretty sure I have in the past, but the act of growing/shrinking out of one’s clothes is one of my favorite aspects of size changing, so I definitely tend to do it more often than not. 

    BEASTer Egg Hunt

    New fic for you guys! I’m a little late for Macro March but just in time for Easter!

    Life comes at you fast, and sometimes Easter comes at you faster. Mark stumbles upon some candy filled plastic eggs which lead to some much bigger things.

                 Mark did a double take when he saw the brightly colored, plastic egg lying in the grass nearby. This had to be some kind of April Fool’s joke, right? It was the beginning of April. It was waaayyyy too early to be doing Easter stuff. Easter was in like three weeks, right? Just to be sure, Mark whipped out his phone and opened up his calendar. To his surprise, Easter was in fact three days away! April 4th? That’s way too early!

                 Personal opinions on when Easter should actually be celebrated aside, brightly colored eggs in the grass could only mean one thing: Free Candy! Mark was not about to turn his nose up at some free chocolate regardless of the holiday. He looked both ways to make sure there was nobody watching him and trotted over to the grass and scooped up the egg. A quick shake of the plastic capsule made it obvious that there was in fact something inside the egg. That was all the incentive that Mark needed to pop the capsule open and empty the contents onto his palm.

                 The candies in question were fairly unremarkable. They appeared to be roughly the same size as M&Ms but without the obvious branding. Despite the lack of a small m on the candies, it looked like a chocolate, it sounded like a chocolate, and it acted like a chocolate, so it was probably a duck. Mark threw caution to the wind and tossed the whole handful into his mouth.

                 Mark chewed, swallowed, and – satisfied with his sugar infusion – headed back towards the path to make his way towards class. He had barely set foot back on the pavement when he saw yet another brightly colored capsule. The first handful of sugar had not been nearly enough to whet his appetite, so Mark wasted no time in making a bee line towards the next egg, but as mark squatted down to pick up the capsule, he felt something very odd.

                 His pants felt tight! It wasn’t just the waist that felt a little snug though. When he squatted down, his quads strained against the denim of his jeans, his calves pushed against the backs of his pants legs, his ass seemed to fill out the entire backside of his formerly loose-fitting jeans! Once the capsule was safely in hand, Mark stood back up and took a moment to look himself over. Sure enough, his jeans were looking pretty snug, but there was quite a bit more to it than that! Mark had pecs! They weren’t massive, but his formerly flat chest now had two discernible mounds of muscle which pressed against the front of his t-shirt. Even his formerly twiggy arms seemed to have a bit of muscle tone to them.

                 Mark’s mind was racing. He was a slacker through and through. The closest he came to lifting was calling a ride-share. When did he get so lithe?

                 It didn’t take long for a thought to pop into his head. He hadn’t noticed the muscles until after he had popped a handful of the unmarked candies. Could the sweets have made him bulk up? Was such a thing possible? One thing was for sure, though. Mark had the potential to pop open another egg and test his theory firsthand which is exactly what his did.

                 Mark didn’t even empty the capsule onto his palm this time. He opened the egg and poured the contents directly into his mouth. Once the sugary pellets were down his throat, Mark stood there and watched his body intently.

                 Mark waited anxiously for a moment. He wasn’t sure how long he was waiting, but time seemed to freeze as he waited with bated breath. Nothing seemed to be happening. He had almost given up hope when he felt it.

                 Mark could actually feel his shirt getting tighter against his swelling pecs. He could feel his jeans straining against his swelling quads. Mark grinned from ear to ear as he looked down at his swelling body. The growth felt so good, but as amazing as it felt, it looked even better! Mark’s pecs strained against his t-shirt. His shirt stretched so taut against his dense muscles that he could actually see the outline of each and every individual abdominal muscle.

                 Mark was so fixated on his muscles that he was oblivious to other changes that were happening to him as well. Had he taken a moment to take stock of the other changes he might have noticed that the bottom hem of his shirt, which formerly hung down so low that they covered his hip pockets, now only reached down to his belly button, and the cuff of his jeans stopped halfway down his calves. He also may have noticed the thick bulge in the front of his jeans.

                 To say Mark was excited by his new muscles would be an understatement. He couldn’t get over how powerful he felt or how hot he looked. He wanted more. He craved more. He needed more! His eyes quickly scanned the lawn around him. Now that his was actively looking, he quickly spotted more and more colorful eggs strewn around the grass and in the nearby bushes. Mark dashed from one egg to the next. He would reach down, scoop up an egg, pop it open, pour the contents into his mouth, and before he could even swallow, he was on his way to his next target. Mark bounced from one target to the next like an old-school DVD screensaver on one helluva sugar rush. He would grab an egg, empty the contents, and find his next target all while steadily creeping up in size and stature.

                 Mark barely even registered it as the tightly woven fabric of his denim pants popped and frayed and stretched and stained. By the fourth egg, his formerly loose t-shirt was looking like a skin-tight crop top. His bulging biceps and triceps were so massive that his sleeves didn’t even make an effort to try and cover them. His sleeves were now balled up around his shoulders, but even that wouldn’t save them for long. His swelling traps and lats were already causing the stitching on the sides of his shirt to pop and fray. Mark was getting so massive that even the canvas of his Converse sneakers was beginning the tear.

                 As Mark emptied the contents of his sixth egg into his mouth, his jeans finally gave up the ghost. A loud rending sound split through the air as the sides of his jeans burst open exposing his legs to the elements. His massive, meaty quads and his thick calves spilled into view. What little bit of his jeans that still remained on his body looked more like a loincloth than pants. Tattered denim clung to his waistband and struggled in vain to block sight of the massive bulge which strained against his formerly baggy boxers.

                 Mark swallowed the sixth egg which caused yet another growth spurt to course through him. This time it was his shirt’s turn to call it quits. His bulging pecs parted his shirt like the Red Sea. His shoes, too, tore clean open as they inevitably failed to stem the rising tide of his swelling feet.

                 The feeling of the cool, spring air upon his nearly nude bod was enough to distract Mark from his egg hunt even if for only a moment. He took a moment to run his fingers across his new and improved muscles. The feeling of his dense, sculpted pecs in the palms of his hands was amazing. Both the feeling of his thick muscles in his hands and the feeling of his hands against his amazing muscles was intoxicating. He knew he needed more.

                 Mark hastily tore away what few tatters of his shirt and jeans remained leaving him clad in only an ill-fitting pair of boxers. His massive, meaty ass was now far too large for his boxers to cover. Instead, the fabric of the backside of his boxers had been swallowed by his enormous, muscular cheeks making it look more like he was wearing a thong than a pair of boxers, and the front was somehow even more indecent.

                 Mark’s cock had grown as well, and it wasn’t just in proportion with the rest of his body. Mark’s dick had previously been fairly modest. He was a grower, not a shower, so when soft, his bait and tackle looked more like an acorn atop a pair of grapes, but now his semi-boned wang was as long and thick as his swole forearm. His nuts were closer to the size of his fists. His package was so massive that there was no way his boxers could hold it all in. The front of his shorts was packed to the brim with balls and then some! Large swaths of sack could be seen poking out of the leg holes. His massive cock was so huge that only the head of it was actually inside the shorts. The rest was left exposed for all to see, and by this point there were quite a few people around to see it!

                 It didn’t take long for word to spread about the massive, nearly nude dude in the center of campus. A crowd of onlookers had begun to form, but Mark was too enthralled by his growth and the hunt for more eggs to notice or care. Had he taken the time to take stock of his surroundings for reasons other than to find his next capsule of candies, he may have noticed that even the tallest onlooker barely reached up to his thighs.

                  Mark only really began to realize how large he had become when the capsules started to become so small in his hands that he was having trouble opening them. They felt more like Tylenol capsules than toy capsules. Still, he was not about to be deterred. Even if they were too small to open properly, if you squeeze them hard enough, they open one way or the other. Mark squeezed a couple of capsules together and then picked out the plastic bits before pouring the candy contents of multiple eggs into his mouth.  

                 Mark swallowed his latest bounty and took a moment to bask in the sensations as yet another growth spurt wracked his body. Once again, his muscles surged outward as did other parts of his body. Finally, his boxers had had enough. The waistband snapped causing the tattered fabric to float to the ground in defeat. His massive cock and balls spilled out for all to see. His cock and balls were now so massive that the head of his semi-boned schlong dangled down between his shins, and that was after draping over his colossal nuts which not hung down to his knees. Either enormous orb was larger than even Mark’s head by a good margin!

                 Mark gazed down at his body as he flexed his pecs and biceps. The sheer size and scope of his amazingly muscular body blew even him away! But despite how enthralling his enormous body had become, it didn’t stop him from spotting a large, colorful object in a nearby tree.

                 Mark strode over towards the tree. As he did so the crowd of onlookers scattered to get out of the way. Mark’s heavy footfalls caused the ground around him to tremble causing some scrambling onlookers to stagger and fall.

                 Once Mark reached the tree, he marveled for a moment that the tops of the bough only reached to his hips. His fat cock was as thick as the tree trunk. His massive, meaty quads completely dwarfed the tree trunk for sheer girth, but as fun as it was to completely outclass an old oak tree, that was not the reason he had come all this way. Mark reached out and grabbed a large, colorful, plastic egg that had been placed in the bough of the tree. It was much like the eggs that had been placed in the branches of the nearby bushes, but much larger in scale. This plastic capsule was so large that Mark actually needed both hands to open it. The egg was like the size of a beach ball in Mark’s massive hands!

                 Mark didn’t have time to wonder how it had gotten there or even why it was so large. In his current growth, addicted state it made perfect sense. This egg had been placed there for him. He was the only one large enough to claim it.

                 Mark wasted little time in popped the egg open. Once he did so he was not at all surprised to see that the capsule was chock full of tiny candies. At Mark’s current size the candies were like grains of sand inside the massive capsule. Mark tossed the top of the capsule aside and lifted the candy-laden lower half to his lips as if drinking from an oversized goblet. He didn’t even bother chewing. He poured the tiny candies down his throat as if chugging a keg. As he swallowed gulp after gulp of candies he could feel himself swelling in size.

                 This growth spurt was nothing like the others. This growth spurt was so intense that Mark was dizzied by the sheer speed of it. He could hear the crowd gasp as he surged upwards and outwards in size. He could feel his ears pop as he got taller and taller. He could feel the gigantic goblet of an eggshell dwindle in his hands until it was little more than a teacup.

                 Mark let out a contented sigh as he downed the last of the candy and tossed the eggshell aside. He felt so amazingly powerful and sexy that he was practically giggling. He was so giddy that he couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear as he gazed down at the changes that had gone on in his already titanic body.

                 Mark’s pecs jutted out so far in front of him that they would have eclipsed his view of the tree he had been standing over had his cock and balls not already done that. Mark’s enormous bait and tackle were now so proportionally huge that his nuts nearly scraped the ground at his feet and his cock now rested solidly on the ground in front of him, although given how hot and bothered he was becoming, his cock wouldn’t stay grounded for long.

                 Mark managed to take his eyes off of his colossal cock and balls and his immaculate muscles to look out at the crowd that had gathered around him. Mark could barely comprehend how massive he had become. Everyone looked so tiny to him. They were like ants. Even the helicopters which had begun circling him seemed like flies.

                 Mark noticed the colors on the sides of the helicopters. Even in his current, enthralled state, he recognized the colors of both local and national news outlets. He was no doubt being filmed for all to see. Soon his adoring audience wouldn’t be limited to the city. Soon the whole nation would know – and then the whole world.

                 Mark’s smirk grew wider as he put on a gun show for the tiny film crews which floated around him like gnats. He felt so amazingly sexy and huge and powerful that he just couldn’t help himself. His colossal cock steadily stirred to life before him. Mark could actually hear the cries of shock and excitement from the crowd as his steadily boning rod lifted itself off the ground and begun to jut out in front of him.

                 Mark turned to give his film crew a better view of all his angles. His massive muscles flexed for their tiny lenses. His colossal cock swung threw the air, nearly slapping one of the helicopters out of the sky. Mark flashed a sheepish, apologetic grin at the tiny film crew, but the grin soon gave way to a look of awe and understanding as his gaze fell upon downtown.

                 There, seated on its perch in front of the convention center was one of the gaudiest pieces of modern art the city had ever known. The installation had a real name. Every knew it had a name, but no one used that name because the artist was the most self-absorbed douchebag that ever lived. Instead, everyone always just called it “The Egg” to spite him. But today The Egg looked different. The colossal structure had what could only be described as a crease in the center of it… almost as if it could be opened.

                 Mark staggered towards the installation as if in a daze. The pavement cracked beneath his bulk. Car alarms blared as the reverberations of his footfalls triggered their security systems. Windows rattled from the shockwaves of his heavy steps.

                 The news helicopters kept pace as Mark continued his trek. Did they have any idea where he was headed or why? Mark had no way of knowing. They were now so tiny to him that he could barely even hear the buzz of their propellers.

                 Soon Mark stood in front of his goal. The Egg now lay before him in all its chrome glory. The Egg was massive by most standards, but to Mark it was little bigger than smart car. It was too big for Marc to lift, but there were other ways for him to get at his prize.

                 Mark balled a tight fist and punched his hand clean through the outer shell of The Egg. To the shock of Mark’s audience but not to Mark, The Egg was filled to the brim with tiny candies – candies which were so tiny to the colossal titan that the mass of candy appeared to be almost liquid.

                 Mark scooped handful after handful of the candies into his mouth. With each mouthful he surged in size and strength. Soon he was so massive that he could hoist The Egg above him as if chugging beer straight from the keg at a frat bash.  By the time Mark had drained the last of the candies from The Egg, The Egg had gone from the size of a beer keg in Mark’s hands to the size of a beer can. Mark shrugged and effortlessly chucked the broken art piece into the bay. The Egg crashed down with enough force to cause waves large enough to send ships almost a quarter of a mile inland.

                 Mark once more glanced out at the world around him. He was now even more massive and muscular than ever. Even the tallest skyscrapers in downtown barely reached up to his belly button. His colossal cock alone completely dwarfed even the largest structure around. His enormous nuts were now so massive that they rested solidly on the ground. Even just one colossal cojone could fill an entire football stadium and then some!

                 Mark was so huge, so powerful, so sexy! He just couldn’t take it anymore! He reached forward with both hands and grabbed onto his massive cock. Mark’s colossal cock was so enormous that even the titanic stud couldn’t get his hands around it. It was like trying to grapple a Clydesdale. The best Mark could do was lean forward so that he was all but resting atop his own nuts and wrap his arms around the beast as if trying to suplex it. Even then, Mark’s cock was so enormous that he couldn’t even come close to wrapping his arms all the way around it, but it was enough for what he had in mind.

                 Using every muscle in his titanic, yoked bod, Mark ran his hands along the length of his enormous rod. Every muscle in his body flexed and rippled as he grappled with the behemoth. The ground shuddered with the intensity of his thrusts.

                 As Mark stroked his skyscraper-sized schlong, images of people he once knew crept into his mind. What would they think of him now that he was a literal god to them? He was so massive compared to even the biggest jock on campus. Would he even be able to see them anymore or were they little more than specs of dust to him? Mark tried to fathom just how massive he had become. He was so huge that his entire Bio class could hold their lab on just the tip of one of his nipples.

                 Mark’s mind drifted to the news helicopters that were no doubt still floating around him. They were so tiny that he couldn’t even hear them. They were smaller than gnats to him. Mark had to wonder how much of his rippling, muscular bod could they even get in the frame. He was so massive that they’d have to get miles away to get a clean shot of his whole body. He couldn’t help but wonder, just what part of his massive body would they try to film? Would they try to get his face? His massive, meaty ass? His flexing, muscular backside? Would they get a shot of his colossal, pre-drooling slit? Even just the slit of his monolithic cock was so huge that even the Ever Green couldn’t get stuck in it.

                 Mark grinned as he thought about the people watching the news at home. Even the biggest screen wouldn’t do the video justice. Even an IMAX would look like a postage stamp compared to the sheer size and scope of his colossal body. He was just so ridiculously mind and load-blowingly huge that he had to be seen to be believed, and even the people who saw him couldn’t believe it.

                 Mark’s thoughts continued to run wild as he fantasized about how huge he had become while stroking his colossal cock. His breaths became loud, low, breathy moans that reverberated for miles around. Pre fell on the streets below as massive, viscous meteors. Even just his pre had begun to flood the streets. When he finally blew it would be a deluge for the ages.

                 Mark didn’t last much longer. He was so horny from his growth that even had he not been actively stroking his cock, he would have popped like a champaign bottle before long. His full-body rub down of his dick just sped up the process. He let out a loud moan that was almost a roar. The sheer force of his cry shattered windows for miles around. His colossal cock gave a hard lurch and then another and then the shooting started. Thick, heavy ropes of warm spunk erupted from his volcano of a cock. Much of the heavy muck landed with a crash in the bay, but quite a bit of it rained down upon the streets below. Cars and trucks vanished in an instant under a thick layer of white spooge.

                 Most of the audience had had the common sense to seek higher ground, but some of Mark’s more ardent admirers soon found themselves swimming in a lake of hot, thick titan cum. The muck was so thick that it was almost like swimming through rubber cement. The tiny people felt more like they were crawling out of it as opposed to swimming through it.

                 Mark came and came again. His colossal stadium-filling nuts pumped out gallon upon gallon upon gallon of spooge. Either enormous nut had enough spunk crammed in it to fill a water tower a hundred times over! It wasn’t long before it became impossible to tell where downtown ended and the bay begun. Everything was just an ocean of cum with a few tall buildings sticking out of it.

                 Eventually, the titan’s loads began to taper off until his cock managed a few weak, watery spurts before stopping altogether. His colossal cock, which would dwarf even the biggest building in Dubai, softened until it landed with a reverberating splat in the muck that surrounded the city and bay.

                 Mark was so addled by the mind-blowing climax and the overwhelming afterglow that his thoughts were scattered and fragmented. All he could do was lie there atop his own massive cock and balls with a grin plastered across his face and cum plastered across his muscles, but even through the haze, he could manage to piece together one coherent thought. This was the beginning of a new life for Mark – a life as a god.

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    CDE Chapter 6

    Post-nut clarity can be a helluva drug. The reality of their situation begins to set in, but time for introspection is limited by the sudden arrival of an unexpected visitor. 

    [First Chapter] || [Previous Chapter] || [Next chapter]

                 Harvey glanced over at the tiny form that lay sprawled out at his side. He was still a little addled from the incredible climax he had just reached and feeling pretty warm and fuzzy from the afterglow, but the post-nut clarity was quickly setting in. It was hard for him to fathom just how small Wash had become in such a short period of time. Wash had been over a foot taller than him just an hour or so ago, and now Wash wasn’t even a foot in total!

                 Harvey’s attitude towards the shrunken stud had changed so much as the inches fell from Wash’s beefy bod. At first Harvey had taken some level of perverse glee in watching the former bully shrink. As Wash dwindled down to Harvey’s size, Harvey couldn’t help but feel that on some level the bully deserved to be taken down a peg, and then as the inches continued to melt off the former titan, a mix of excitement, arousal, and endorphins had taken over. Now that he was coming down from the rush, Harvey could barely believe that he had let things go for as long as he had. Wash still hadn’t stopped shrinking! It didn’t make any sense. It didn’t seem like the gun should have had that kind of power. When Harvey had been practicing with the gun on inanimate objects, a solid zap took anywhere from five to ten percent off the object’s size. Now wash was nearing five to ten percent of his former size!

                 Harvey knew what he needed to do. He needed to call in an expert before things got any further out of control. If anyone could come up with a plan for how to stop Wash’s shrinkage before he got too small, it would be Cecil.

                 Harvey rolled over onto his side and looked down at the still stupefied, shrunken stud. He was just about to tell his plan to Wash when he heard an unexpected sound from across the room. The unmistakable sound of a lock turning was followed by the sound of the door to the gym creaking open. Harvey quickly sat up and stared across the gym towards the entryway. His heart was pounding in his chest as he saw the portly form of the campus’s head coach stride into the gym.

                 “Damn kids always forgetting to turn the lights off when they’re done…” the coach grumbled.

                 Harvey was running on a fine blend of panic and instinct. Without even thinking he quickly snatched up the shrunken jock and clutched the stud to his chest as if Wash was a teddy bear.

                 Wash suddenly felt himself hurtling upwards at a dizzying speed followed by being pressed face down against Harvey’s toned pecs. Wash could feel the rise and fall of Harvey’s chest and the thud of Harvey’s pounding heart. Wash was confused for more reasons than one. He had no idea what had spooked Harvey so, but he also was struggling with his own feelings. Whatever spooked the titan should spook him too but being nestled against the giant’s chest in such a way also made him feel so safe and secure. His mind raced and his cock stirred to life. Wash could scarcely believe that he was getting horny again. He had cum so much already. His balls practically ached from being drained so thoroughly, but his cock was ready for another round.

                 Harvey ducked behind one of the weight racks and peered between the barbells to watch where the coach was headed. So far, the coach had not seen Harvey which was good. Harvey definitely did not want the coach to find him bare-assed naked in the middle of the weight room, but more than that, Harvey did not want the coach to find the now Barbie sized former football star. Harvey wasn’t sure how well the coach would take finding out that his star player was now less than half as tall as the trophy he had won last season.

                 The coach turned towards his office at the back of the gym. Harvey took that as a chance to dart from behind the weight rack towards the squat rack. He quickly crouched down with his back to the squat rack and peered around the corner to track the movements of the coach. Harvey caught sight of the coach right as the older man started to turn around. Harvey quickly ducked back behind the cover of the squat rack. He was sure that the coach had not seen him, but that didn’t stop his heart from pounding or his cock from hardening.    

                 Harvey silently chastised himself. This was the worst time to be popping wood. He quickly added exhibitionism and getting caught to the rapidly expanding list of things that apparently turned him on (the former most recent addition had been watching a former titan shrink to the size of a doll.)

                 Harvey stayed hidden until he heard the sound of the office door opening. He peered around the corner once more and saw the coach stepping into his office. There was a lot of open ground in the center of the gym between Harvey and the locker room, but at least the windows in the office hid the lower part of the room from view. Harvey took his chances and quickly darted from the squat rack to the far wall. As soon as Harvey made it across the room, he pressed himself flush against the wall and slowly began to creep along the wall towards the locker room. The windowsill to the coach’s office was mere inches above his head. Harvey could hear the coach rummaging through the drawers in his office. All that separated Harvey and Wash from discovery was a few inches and a few sheets of drywall.

                 It didn’t take long for Wash to figure out what was happening. By the time Harvey had done a Mission Impossible style dodge roll behind the squat rack, Wash was sure there was someone else in the room, and there was only one other person who would possibly come to the gym this late at night – the head coach! Wash was tempted to try and wriggle free of Harvey’s grasp and find somewhere to lay low until the coach left, but where would he go? He wasn’t small enough to duck into a mouse hole – not yet anyway, and even if he did manage to escape what then? Stay in the gym alone until he shrunk away to nothingness? The idea of shrinking tinier and tinier had got him all hot and bothered when he thought about doing so in the playful hands of a stunningly hot giant, but to shrink with nothing around him except for dust and potential predators was less exciting. Wash was thankful for the giant’s arms around him and the feeling of Harvey’s warm, firm pecs against his face. Wash instinctively nuzzled his face tighter against Harvey’s chest. Feeling the steady rise and fall of the titan’s chest soothed Wash’s nerves and hardened Wash’s dick.

                 Harvey duck-walked along the wall towards the locker room. He resisted the urge to stand up enough to peer over the windowsill and spy on the coach. That maneuver was more likely to get him caught than give him any useful intel. All Harvey could do was keep his head down and get to the locker room as quickly as possible.

                 By the time Harvey’s bare feet crossed from the firm carpet of the weight room to the cool tile of the locker room, his nerves were nearly shot. Once he was in the locker room, he stood up to his normal height, and began his victory trot towards his locker only slowing only slightly to grab the towel that had fallen from Wash’s beefy bod when the stud had first started shrinking. Harvey paused for a moment to take stock of his surroundings when he reached his locker. It felt like a lifetime ago when he was in here getting his ass handed to him by the titanic terror that was the star athlete at his former full size. As he held the towel in one arm and the shrunken jock in the other, Harvey marveled at how much more the towel weighed than the other.

                 Harvey was snapped from his reverie by the sound of footfalls entering the locker room. Harvey had no time to think. He acted on pure instinct. In one fluid motion he chucked the shrunken jock into the still-open locker and quickly slammed the door shut. Harvey just barely had time to pull the towel around his waist before the coach rounded the corner.

                 “Huh. Not who I expected to find,” the coach commented in a fairly disinterested way.

                 “Uh. Yeah… Wash left shortly after you did earlier,” Harvey lied. Harvey then awkwardly leaned against the locker to try and hide it from the coach’s gaze.

                 There was a momentary pause where the coach seemed to eye Harvey up and down. Harvey could merely stand there and squirm as the coach silently stared at him. When the coach’s gaze stopped on Harvey’s midriff, Harvey’s heart began to pound all over again. Harvey’s mind was racing. What was the coach looking at? Did Harvey have some cum splattered on his abs? Harvey could only imagine that he reeked of sweat and sex. It wouldn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out he had recently busted a nut, but to Harvey’s surprise, the coach’s demeaner seemed to soften.

                 “I’ll get you some ice for that,” the coach said and gestured towards Harvey’s side. Harvey glanced down at his midsection and noticed the large, purple splotch on his side. In all the excitement, Harvey had somehow completely tuned out the bruising he had received. Harvey reached down to touch the bruise as if not believing it was real, but the intense pain upon touching it was enough to bring him back to reality – and make him wince.

                 “Look. I know Wash is an asshole,” the coach said almost apologetically.

                 Harvey made a gesture with his pointer finger and thumb as if to agree, “Yeah. A little bit…” but as he made the gesture, Harvey was suddenly struck by how the gesture was more literal than he was intending.

                 “If it’s any consolation… guys like that. They don’t have much of a future,” the coach said.

                 Harvey was taken aback, but not nearly as much as Wash was. Was could hear everything through the thin metal door of the locker. In fact, the metal seemed to make the voices reverberate and echo through his head.

                 “Look. I put up with him because it’s what the board wants. Guys like that. They win games which makes us money, but beyond that…” the coach shrugged before continuing. “That’s the kinda guy the peaks in school. After college, well, he’ll be lucky to get a job selling cars,” the coach said.

                 “Yeah… Hot Wheels, maybe…” Wash thought to himself as he slumped dejectedly back onto the wadded-up pile of Harvey’s sweaty gym clothes.

                 Meanwhile, Harvey’s scowl was more noticeably than he thought. The look on his face was even enough to make the coach balk. “You don’t seem so enthused,” the coach commented.

                 “I dunno… Talking about someone behind their back like this doesn’t sit right with me,” Harvey replied.

                 “Heh. I know your type. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about him getting his just rewards,” the coach said.

                 Harvey averted his gaze. He couldn’t deny it. He had done more than just daydream about Wash getting what he deserved. Harvey and his pal had hatched a plan and even gone through with it, but that felt like a lifetime ago. The Wash that was currently hiding in the locker was not the same guy that had been curb stomping Harvey earlier.

                 “Hehe. I knew it,” the coach chuckled. He laid a thick, meaty hand on Harvey’s shoulder and gave him a hearty shake before turning and walking back towards the weight room. “I’ll be back with some ice,” the coach said over his shoulder before leaving the room.

                 Harvey waited for a moment to be sure the coach was safely out of ear shot before turning and tapping on the locker door. “Hey. Did you hear any of that?” He asked.

                 Harvey waited for a response. He couldn’t be sure if Wash just wasn’t responding of if he just couldn’t hear it if Wash said something. Whatever the case may be, Harvey eventually continued, “Look… About what the coach said... I guess it doesn’t matter at this point…”

                 Wash listened quietly as he lay back surrounded by soft fabric and the smells of the titan. Harvey’s voice echoed through the metal chamber Wash now found himself in. Wash had been upset by the coach’s words, but only for a moment. It hurt to hear that the coach thought so poorly of him outside of his skill on the field, but at the same time… it was almost a relief. His career on the field felt like a lifetime ago. At his current size, he’d barely be able to play foosball, and at the rate he was going, he’d soon be too small even for that. Whatever track his life was on this afternoon, he had a different life now.  

                 “So… I guess what I’m saying is, whatever happens. I’ll take care of you, ok?” Harvey’s voice echoed through the locker.

                 Wash closed his eyes and let the sound of Harvey’s voice echo through the chamber and rumble through the metal. Wash could actually feel the vibrations of Harvey’s voice. On some level, Wash knew he should be upset. His future was taken from him, but at the same time, what future? He had never had any plans after school. He was going to win the next big game and the next one after that. That’s all he had ever done. His planning only extended so far as the next game. The notion of an actual future was a foreign concept to him, but now he had one. He had a giant demigod that was willing to take care of him.

                 Whatever misgivings Wash had seemed to melt away and smile crossed his lips. His hands crossed his body. One hand slipped down low and grasped his rigid cock. His other hand rubbed his thick pecs and sculpted abs. He was both huge and tiny at the same time. No matter how fat his cock felt in his hand or how swole his muscles seemed, he was now not much taller than an action figure. He was so tiny that even just Harvey’s gym shorts formed a full mattress for him to lie atop. The scent of Harvey’s sweat and cologne filled Wash’s nostrils. The sound of the giant’s voice reverberated through the metal and echoed through the room.

                 Wash burrowed deeper into the pile of clothes and pulled Harvey’s boxers over him as if it was a comforter. The fabric of Harvey’s boxer briefs was so thick and heavy to the shrunken jock that it felt more like a weighted blanket than a thin layer of cotton. Wash lifted the fabric over his head and buried his face in the front of Harvey’s boxers.

                 Wash had long since given up any pretense of being straight. The scent of Harvey’s cum still clung to his skin. The scent of Harvey’s cock and balls flooded his nostrils. Every inch of Wash’s body – what few inches remained – had been marked with the titan’s scent.

                 Wash was only vaguely aware that Harvey was once again speaking to the coach. Wash couldn’t make out the words, but he wasn’t particularly interested in hearing it. All he wanted to do was bask in the titan’s overwhelming presence. The sounds and scents bombarded Wash’s tiny form as the shrunken stud tugged his dick and inhaled deeply the giant’s aroma.

                 Wash was too horny to think. Even as he felt a familiar tingling settle into his already much-reduced body, he could only stroke his dick faster and harder. He wanted to cum. He wanted to cum so bad, but more than that, he wanted to shrink!

                 As he felt the tingling fully kick in, he let out a low moan. His cock lurched in his hands and thick spunk splattered against the giant’s boxers.

                 As soon as Harvey was sure the coast was clear, Harvey opened the locker and glanced down at the pile of gym clothes. He had a brief moment of panic where he feared that Wash had shrunken so much that he was no longer visible until Harvey noticed some motion from within the clothing. Harvey pulled back the layers until he found the now panting jock lying amidst his underoos. It only took a quick glance for Harvey to realize that Wash had shrunken even more while Harvey had been chatting with the coach.

                 Harvey only took a moment to take stock of Wash’s new size before he once again steeled his resolve to get Cecil’s professional opinion on the matter. Wash’s shrinking was still showing no signs of slowing. If anyone could stop it, it would be Cecil.

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    5D Network

    When Forrest inherits a secluded cabin on a large property, he plans himself a nice, relaxing getaway. The best part is, he doesn’t even have to rough it. The cabin has cable, electricity, internet, and even a solid cell signal thanks in no small part to the new experimental cell tower that the cell company put up on his property. Getting paid to put a tower on his property seemed to good to be true, but maybe he should have actually read some of the fine print. 

    Keep reading

    5D Network

    When Forrest inherits a secluded cabin on a large property, he plans himself a nice, relaxing getaway. The best part is, he doesn’t even have to rough it. The cabin has cable, electricity, internet, and even a solid cell signal thanks in no small part to the new experimental cell tower that the cell company put up on his property. Getting paid to put a tower on his property seemed to good to be true, but maybe he should have actually read some of the fine print. 

                 Forrest was actually glad to be leaving the comforts of the big city for a while. With all that was going on, it was so stressful living downtown, and he wasn’t about to say no to having free rent during his summer vacation. Forrest’s grandfather had passed away a while back. Forrest never really knew the guy, but that left an old cabin in the countryside in need of someone to look after it. It was a little rustic, but it had running water, electricity, and even a solid broadband connection. It was like Little Home on the Prairie without all the backwater bullshit to deal with.

                 Forrest wasn’t sure how everything had fallen into place as it had. Not only was he getting a place to stay during the summer for free, but he had also managed to score a little extra cheddar on the side by selling a chunk of land in the back corner of his sprawling acreage to one of the major cell service providers. He got some money in the bank AND a kickass connection out of the deal. It seemed his little abode landed right in the middle of one of the major dead spots that the company was hoping to patch up.

                 Truth be told, Forrest didn’t actually read any of the paperwork he was asked to sign. All he knew was he put his name on the paper, the tower went up, and he got paid. He did find it odd that there was form after tedious form to be signed in the presence of not one but THREE separate lawyers, but he figured that corporations just be like that sometimes. Who cares if it was a new type of cell signal? 3G… 4G… 5G… It was all the same to him. All he cared about was the Gs he had in the bank!

                 The first few days were relatively uneventful. Forrest slept hard and gamed harder. Soon the days started to blur together. Without nearby civilization to give him some semblance of the flow of time one day felt the same as the next. It wasn’t until the new cell tower actually went live that the monotony finally started to break.

                 One night while Forrest finished his latest firefight, the power suddenly started to flicker and a loud hum filled the air. Blue light seemed to be pouring in through the windows. Forrest was understandably confused. It was like lightning outside, but there was no storm that he knew of, and the light was a constant stream of flickers and flashes – quite unlike your standard lightning storm.

                 Forrest peeked his head outside to get a glimpse of what was going on. It didn’t take him long for his gaze to fall upon the culprit – the cell tower! It seemed the experimental new tech they were using had its first major hiccup. The tower was aglow with electric light. Waves of energy pulsated outward and washed over Forrest and his property. Forrest stared on as if in a hypnotic trance as the brilliant light show pulsed through his yard, and then, as quickly as it had started, everything was completely dark all over again. Forrest stared at the now dark tower for a few moments longer and then, with a shrug, headed back inside for some Netflix and chill.

                 Forrest had no idea how long he was asleep. He didn’t even remember passing out. All he knew was that one moment he was preparing to marathon some shows, and the next minute it was daylight outside and the dimmed screen in front of him was asking “are you still watching”? What he did know was that his junk was feeling pleasantly plump. He had had some morning woods before, but this was something else. He wasn’t just chubbed up. He was horny as hell! Forrest couldn’t have stopped himself even if he had wanted to. He had the place to himself. There was no one to stop him from reaching a hand down his boxers and giving his chubby a few playful tugs.

                 It didn’t take long for Forrest to feel that something was different. He wasn’t particularly small downstairs, but when his hand wrapped around the thick salami that currently rested in his boxers, he was shocked by how huge it felt! He had had a respectable stiffy just last night, but now the floppy phallus that filled his palm was the size of Monster can and he wasn’t even flying at half-mast!

                 The sheer size of his cock would have been enough to shock him from his half-asleep stupor, but there was something else at work that really confused him. As he stroked the fast chubby his hand bumped against something else. There was something else down there beside his dick. Something that seemed to be the size of a thumb but no less soft than the fat sausage he currently gripped.

                 Forrest had to see for himself. He stood up from his seat and quickly dropped his boxers down around his ankles. As he stood there, all he could do was silently gawk at what he saw. He had the one huge cock which sported a set of big, low-hanging fruit. Either enlarged orb was easily the size of a baseball, but he also had another smaller cock right beside his enormous softy!

                 Forrest gave his new Vienna-sausage-sized chubby an exploratory poke. To his surprise he could feel his finger against his new cock. His new cock gave a twitch of excitement and slowly began to stiffen. Forrest watched in awe as his thumb-sized stiffy continued to grow even after it had reached its full upright and locked position. It wasn’t long before he had not one but TWO fully erect footlongs – one right beside the other!  

                 On some level Forrest knew that this was not normal. Some part of the back of his mind even suggested that maybe he consult a doctor or something, but that part of his mind was drowned out by the part of his mind that thought his two towers looked hot as hell. He had a hot rod for each hand and was determined to use them. He reached down and gripped either enlarged organ with a hand and began to stroke the thick shafts. It felt amazing. His cock had never been so sensitive before, and now not only was his dick amazingly sensitive but he had two of them to play with!

                 It wasn’t long before his twins were drooling pre onto the floor below. Forrest had never been one to leak much before, but now clear, viscous fluid was pouring out the tips of both of his dicks. Yet despite how messy things were already getting, Forrest could tell that when he finally blew, things were going to get even wetter and wilder. His sack felt so pleasantly full that he just knew he had enough cum in his tanks to let loose a jizz-splosion for the record books!

                 As Forrest continued to stroke his fat cocks, he steadily became aware that they were still steadily growing. With each tug of his dicks, it took him longer to glide his hands from base to tip. With each pump of his shafts, he could feel his cocks growing fatter in his hands.

                 As he stared down at the massive rods, he felt compelled to try and lick the tips. He had never really tried to suck himself off before, but he had never had cocks large enough to do it before either. He lifted his huge cocks up against his tummy and was amazed to see that they almost reached up to his pecs! It wouldn’t be long before he wouldn’t even need to hunch over or crane his neck in order to lick the tips. Forrest was already licking his lips just thinking about it!

                 Forrest was so fixated on his cocks that he was barely paying any attention to his enormous sack or what was going on down around it. His sack was now filled with four cum-laden orbs. Each enormous teste was pushing the size of a soccer ball! The only thing about his nuts that he was really aware of was how great they felt slapping against his thighs as he stroked his cocks.

                 Had Forrest actually taken a moment to look down at his balls he may have noticed something unexpected. Three more small nubs had taken form. One between his two meaty rods and one on either side. These small nubs quickly grew and lengthened. As they grew, the soft, spongy head pushed through the foreskin bringing his total to five fully formed cocks! His three newbies were still barely bigger than thumbs, but he was already so hot and bothered that his newly formed cocks quickly reached full mast, and once they were rock hard, they didn’t take long to start growing and swelling to catch up to his pair of prior penii.

                 Forrest was soon too hot and bothered to stay standing. His legs were trembling almost as much as his cocks. He slumped back onto his couch and let out a sigh of relief and a moan of bliss. His two main cocks were now two huge that the heads of them were above eye level and they were jutting out at an angle! Had they been fully upright they could have easily reached a foot above his head!

                 Meanwhile his three new cocks were steadily creeping up in size. Each member of the trio now reached up to his pecs. The three pre-drooling rods were twitching with excitement and looked ripe to blow at any second.

                 Forrest soon found that his cocks were too large for him to really handle with just one hand. He instead opted to wrap his arms around his pair of primary pillars and hugged his huge cocks against his chest. He buried his face against the warm, supple flesh of his colossal cocks and basked in the warmth and wetness of his enormous cocks. As he dug his arms into the soft undersides of his gigantic rods, he was only vaguely aware of a third, smaller cock sandwiched between his fleshy pillars. His central cock, which along with the two cocks which now stood straight and tall off to the side of his primary pair, was now so large that it reached up to his collar bone, but these new-cummers were still not as large as his initial pair.

                 As the central spire steadily grew to match the prior pair, Forrest soon found that he couldn’t even fully wrap his arms around the bouquet of cocks that now stood drooling before him. Try as he might, he couldn’t get his fingers to touch on the opposite side, but he was too far gone to think about it. All he could do was sit there and writhe in ecstasy has this five colossal cocks bucked and lurched. His massive, testes-laden sack was now so huge and heavy that is sat solidly on the ground in front of him. Ten massive cojones bulged against the sides of the brimming sack. His enormous pouch looked like a fleshy gym bag full of play-yard balls except each sphere was the size of a beach ball instead of a kick ball.

                 Forrest’s whole body shuddered as his cocks bucked and lurched. He knew he could no longer hold back. He closed his eyes, let out a loud, low moan, and surrendered to bliss. His massive sack tightened around his ten enormous nuts. His five identical dicks lurched in unison as thick, sticky ropes of warm spunk erupted from the tips. Forrest shuddered and moaned as he came again and again. Even as massive as his balls had become it seemed impossible for them to house so much spunk, and yet they showed no signs of running out.

                 Forrest had no idea how long he was in the throes of orgasmic bliss. His mind had long since shut off in the midst of an onslaught of white-hot ecstasy. His balls eventually started to run dry. The spurts of jizz erupting from his quintet of cocks slowly tapered off. Eventually, the torrent of spunk stopped altogether Forrest’s five cocks deflated.

                 When Forrest finally came to, he looked out at the scene before him and marveled at what he saw. The living room of his rustic cabin was filled with an ankle-deep mire of cum. His five colossal cocks lay splayed out in front of him. Each enormous schlong was large enough to drape over his thigh, or over the arm rest of the couch, or across his nuts, and still be large enough that the puffy glans still rested on the cum-coated floor below.

                 Forrest slowly became aware of a blinking light coming from his phone which sat on the coffee table nearby. Forrest reached over for the device and unlocked the screen to see a series of messages from his pal.

                 “Hey, dude.

                 You there?

                 We still on for tomorrow?


                 Forrest quickly typed up a reply, “Sorry, man. I must have fallen asleep. Yeah, come on by. You’ll like it here. The signal is amazing!”

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    Hung for the Holidays

    Kris Kringle the Third is back for another Christmas adventure! This time he and Nick visit a pair of guys who are stuck in their apartment and unable to go visit their families for the holidays. They might be stuck at home, but Kris has a plan to ensure that this Christmas is the best one yet. 

    [First Chapter] || [Previous Chapter]

                  “Whoosh! Nyoom! W’chow!” Kris shouted giddily as the sleigh bobbed and weaved and zigged and zagged around trees and between light poles and over traffic.

                  “S-shouldn’t you be flying this thing a little higher off the ground!?” Nick cried out.

                  “Why? It’s not like anyone can see us,” Kris replied.

                  “That’s not the point!” Nick retorted. He had his whole body pinned to the large, fluffy chair of the sleigh as if grabbing on for dear life.

                  Kris glanced over at his lover and noticed that Nick’s face was turning a shade of green to rival that of his Santa’s helper uniform.

                  “Alright. I guess we can take it easy,” Kris said.

                  Nick breathed a sigh of relief as Kris guided the sleigh up from its previous cruising altitude of just a few inches off the pavement to a more respectable height well above the rooftops. “Whew. Why are we out this way anyway? I thought we already finished all our rounds.”

                  “Officially, yeah, but I saved this one for last.” Kris explained.

                  Nick pouted dramatically as his boyfriend. An expression that was not lost on Kris. Kris rolled his eyes and laughed, “Oh, relax. You can wait a little longer. Besides, you’ve got me the rest of the year,” Kris then flashed the ring that was on his finger and added, “and forever and ever after that.”

                  “Speaking of which, when are we going to… you know…” Nick stammered awkwardly and then made a hand gesture to indicate “tying the knot.”

                  “You can say ‘get married’. In fact, please do. You look like you’re trying to gank someone with piano wire when you do it that way.”

                  “It’s just so weird to think about! Like, I can’t believe it’s really happening!” Nick protested.

                  “It’s gonna happen, alright. We just need to pick a date and get everyone together,”

                  “Oh god. Don’t remind me. We have to pick a venue too. I assume North Pole is out of the question.”

                  “I mean. It’s not not out of the question, but you know the rules.”

                  “No on in the Pole but Elves and Klauses,” Nick confirmed.

                  “Yep. And as much as I would love to see you outgrow your elf clothes when you graduate from Elf to Klaus, I don’t think the rest of your family would be so keen,” Kris explained.

                  Nick’s face turned a shade of crimson to match Kris’s Santa outfit at the mere mention of spilling out of his clothes in front of friends and family. Kris let out a hearty chuckle upon seeing the expression on his fiance’s face. “Well, we’ll have plenty of time to hammer out the proverbial deets after the holidays, but for now, it’s work time.” Kris said as he pulled the sleigh up to a window on the second floor of an apartment complex. Kris then reached into his pocket and fished out a familiar magic wand that was far too large to fit in his tiny shorts under normal circumstances, but Nick knew firsthand that Kringle Corp. Clothing didn’t follow the laws of normal physics.

                  With a quick flourish, Kris activated the magic in the wand causing an aura of crystal blue to shine forth from the tip of the wand and quickly spread out as far as the eye could see. No matter how many times Nick saw this happen, he still could never wrap his head around it. He couldn’t even help himself from poking at one of the snowflakes that now hung suspended in midair in front of his very eyes. Time was now officially frozen for everyone except for them… Them and the tenants of the neighboring apartment.

                  Kris pulled open the window and climbed into the apartment and then reached back a hand in a gesture to both signify that Nick should follow and to help Nick climb up from the sleigh after him. The duo entered the apartment to find it very sparsely decorated. There were only a few pieces of furniture, and there were even fewer Christmas decorations. About the only decoration was a particularly underwhelming Christmas tree. The small tree was barely a foot tall and sat atop the coffee table in the middle of the room, and there were only a few small packages situated under it.  

                  “What’s the game plan?” Nick asked.

                  “First order of business is to wake our sleeping beauties,” Kris explained. He flicked his magical wand once more and the room was suddenly filled with the sound of sleigh bells.

                  It didn’t take long for the sound to rouse the occupants of the apartment. “What the…” came a groggy voice from a nearby bedroom.

                  “Dude. Turn that down!” Came a shout from another room.

                  “It’s not me!” The voice from the first room shouted back.

                  Nick and Kris could hear the sound of people rolling out of bed and staggering their way towards their respective doorways. It wasn’t long before the two tenants of the apartment stood face to face, each staring at each other from across the hall from their own respective doorway.

                  “Where is that sound coming from?” The first guy asked.

                  “Sounds like the front room,” the second guy responded.

                  As the duo made their way down the towards the front room, Kris made his way over towards his fiancé and gestured towards the two new arrivals. “The one on the left is Caleb and that’s Bryan,” he explained.

                  “I’m guessing they’re not related. Roommates?” Nick asked.

                  “Oh my god, they were roommates,” Kris replied with a smirk, but quickly he continued his explanation. “They both had big plans for the holidays, but things kind of broke bad, and both are stuck here.”

                  “Lots of people are stuck away from families this year,” Nick concurred, and then added, “but there has to be something special about these two for you to make a personal visit like this.”

                  “You know me well,” Kris said with a smile. “Watch closely.” He added and gestured towards Bryan.

                  Caleb had already begun to make his way down the hallway, but Bryan lingered for a moment in his doorway before following. His gaze followed his half-naked friend, taking a brief, fleeting moment to soak of the view of his buddy who was currently clad in only his boxers.

                  “The thirst is real,” Nick commented.

                  “So real,” Kris concurred. “But wait. There’s more!” he added and then gestured towards Caleb this time.

                  Caleb was looking around the front room trying to figure out where the sound of sleighbells was coming from when Bryan suddenly ran past him. “Who left the window open!?” Bryan asked as he rushed towards the window. Once Bryan reached the window, though, his demeaner suddenly changed. “What the… woah… dude… you gotta come look at this,” he said in awe.

                  Caleb glanced over at his pal. The look of pure, childlike wonder in Bryan’s eyes was so endearing that Caleb couldn’t help but smile.  

                  “Oh. He has it bad,” Nick commented.

                  “Right? Everyone they know can see it. Friends, family, even coworkers. Pretty much everyone except themselves. You have no idea how many people have wished for them to get together,” Kris said with a chuckle.

                  “Looks like it’s time to play Cupid,” Nick said.

                  “Don’t let him hear you say that. He gets jealous of other holidays. Besides, I’m going to do this my way,” Kris said as he pulled out a small sack from his pants. The sack was only about the size of a baseball, but there was no way it would have fit into his tight shorts had it not been for the magic of dimensional pockets.

                  “Isn’t that…” Nick began to say, but Kris was quick to correct him.

                  “It’s a new formula I’ve been working on. I think you’ll really get a kick out of what it does.”

                  Kris poured out some glowing white powder onto the palm of his hand and blew on it, causing the glistening dust to scatter across the room. The cloud of powder moved like a flock of birds, homing in on their target. The cloud quickly encircled Caleb and then began to seep into his skin. Caleb, however, was completely oblivious to the magic that now coursed through him. He was too fixated on his friend who was still leaning out the window.

                  “Dude. You have to come look at this!” Bryan said again, more insistently this time.

                  “What’s the big deal?” Caleb asked as he walked across the room over to where Bryan was standing.

                 Meanwhile, Kris quickly flashed Nick a playful wink and then followed Caleb across the room. Once Kris was in range, he once more poured out some powder on his palm. This time, however, instead of blowing a cloud of it into the room, he sprinkled some directly onto Bryan’s head.

                 Nick sat back and watched the act unfold. He himself didn’t dare to join the fun. He knew that he and Kris were both invisible, but he still felt weird getting up close and personal like that with people he didn’t know. Still… it was a lot of fun to watch Kris work.

                 Bryan, completely oblivious to the invisible agent of Christmas cheer sprinkling more and more powder on him, turned towards his pal and pointed out the window. “The snow! It’s stopped!” he said excitedly.

                 “I thought you were looking forward to a white Christmas?” Caleb replied.

                 “No. Not like that! The snow’s there. It’s just… I dunno… not moving!”

                  Caleb placed a hand on his pal’s shoulder as he pushed his way past so he could look out the window himself. The second he did so, he was suddenly struck with an intense urge to feel more than just the fabric of his pal’s t-shirt. It took every ounce of willpower Caleb could muster just to let go of Bryan’s shoulder, and once his hand was free, Caleb was struck with such an intense longing that he almost immediately put it back on Bryan’s shoulder.

                  Caleb couldn’t ignore Bryan’s instant gestures any longer. He had only allowed his touch to linger for only just a second, but it was long enough for Bryan to sense something was amiss.

                  “Look!” Bryan insisted.

                  Caleb did so. He turned his gaze away from his friend and towards the open window. It only took a split second of gazing at the snow to cause his eyes to go wide in shock and awe. “What the…” He murmured as he reached out and plucked a snowflake from the sky. To his surprise, the snowflake didn’t feel cold at all. In fact, it didn’t feel like much of anything. It was definitely solid, but that was it. Perhaps more surprising was that the snowflake didn’t even melt against his fingers. As he squished the snowflake between his fingers, he steadily became aware of something else as well. The window was open, but it was as warm in the apartment as it had ever been. Despite being well below freezing outside, no cold air was coming into the apartment.

                  “It’s like we’re…” Caleb murmured as he tried to process what he was seeing.

                  “Frozen in time,” Kris whispered into Bryan’s ear.

                  “Frozen in time…” Bryan parroted in a tone of hushed awe.

                  “What…? Huh… yeah… you’re right,” Caleb replied.  

                  While the two roommates stood side by side, staring out the window and gawking at the scene before them, Kris set to work speeding things along. He reached forward and very gently grabbed Bryan’s wrist and lifted Bryan’s hand and placed it against Caleb’s exposed back.

                  Bryan had grabbed a few snowflakes and was examining them in the palm of his hand. He was so fixated on the snow that he didn’t even notice his other hand moving as if on its own until his fingers made contact with his pal’s exposed skin. He was immediately aware of a strange sort of warmth coursing through his fingers and an intense desire to feel even more of his friend’s flesh. Bryan wanted to feel more than just Caleb’s back. He wanted to explore his roommate’s muscles. He wanted to examine every curve and contour of Caleb’s sculpted body.

                  There were a few things that made these thoughts odd to Bryan. For starters, Caleb wasn’t the fittest guy around. He wasn’t fat or anything, but Bryan had never really thought of Caleb as particularly yoked. That wasn’t to say that Bryan had not thought about it before. Bryan had long had a thing for his roommate, and he had more than once daydreamed about what Caleb would look like with a few extra pounds of beef stacked onto his modest build, but those had just been flights of fancy and nothing more.

                  Another thing that made the situation a bit odd was that Bryan was struck by an intense urge to come clean about everything he had ever thought or felt. It was as if his hands had a mind of their own and wanted to convey all his secrets in the form of massaging his best bro’s bulky bod. It was clear that if Bryan started to get extra handsy, Caleb would absolutely catch on that something was up and Bryan’s cover would be completely blown, and yet, Bryan’s hands practically ached to explore his pal’s body. It was as if Bryan had never wanted anything more than he wanted to feel his friend.

                  While Bryan wrestled with his own internal thoughts and his growing arousal, his hand went from a perfectly harmless and platonic position on his pal’s back to slowly starting and tenderly started to trace a circle on Caleb’s back. There was so much love and longing in the gesture, and it was happening completely without Kris’s intervention. Kris had moved Bryan’s hand into position, but once there, the agent of Christmas Queer had taken a back seat to the festivities and let things evolve on their own. He was poised and ready to step in if things looked to need another helping hand, though.

                  Caleb was taken aback by the unexpected massage. There was a brief moment of panic followed by confusion. The gesture seemed so sweet and loving, but he couldn’t reconcile what he was feeling with his own fears. Was Bryan making the moves on him? That would be a dream come true! Caleb had long wished to come clean and express his true feelings to his friend. They were roommates and best pals, but Caleb longed to be more.

                  Kris sat back and watched for as long as he could tolerate it. The tension was so thick he could cut it with a knife, and yet neither guy seemed to be keen on taking the next logical step. “Why do guys always gotta make it so difficult,” Kris said with a bemused sigh.

                  Kris once more moved back into the fray. He crept up beside Caleb and whispered into his ear, “Go on. What are you waiting for? Show him how you feel.”

                  Caleb balked at the suggestion. He almost responded out loud to the voice he was hearing, but that would be absurd. If he started having an audible conversation with the voices in his head, he’d be locked away for sure.

                  “You don’t even have to say anything. A simple gesture is all it takes. Throw an arm over his shoulder. Stroke his hair. Brush his cheek,” Kris goaded him on.

                  “Grab his ass!” Nick cheered on from the sidelines. Kris flashed a playful glare at his boyfriend, but any attempt he may have made to appear angry was undermined by the grin that spread from ear to ear.

                  Caleb began to lift his arm as if going for the classic over-the-shoulder-side-hug but balked before he got that far. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it. He truly did, and there was more to it that just a bit of longing. It was as if his skin cried out to be touched. He was craving the feeling of Bryan’s body against his. It was if his body and soul yearned for Bryan’s touch.

                  Kris rolled his eyes, but the good-natured smile never left his face. He wasn’t expecting these two to make this easy on him, anyway. They were close, though. All they needed was another little push.

                  “He’s already made the first move. You know he’s into you. All you have to do is let him know you feel the same way,” Kris gently reassured Caleb. Caleb’s arm, which was already halfway in position to rest on Bryan’s shoulder moved a bit more into position, but then halted again.

                  “It doesn’t have to be much. Just a simple touch,” Kris quietly insisted.

                  Caleb glanced over his shoulder at his friend. The way the blue light from the outside shone on Bryan’s face made Caleb’s heart flutter. Somehow, Bryan seemed even cuter than Caleb remembered. It could just be a trick of the light, but he seemed shorter somehow… smaller somehow. His face seemed even sweeter than Caleb remembered. Without even thinking, Caleb ended up brushing the back of his hand against Bryan’s cheek.

                  The feeling was electric. The feeling of Bryan’s cheek against his hand sent shivers down Caleb’s spine. The touch, however, was short lived. Feeling Caleb’s fingers against his cheeks was enough to snap Bryan out of his reverie. Bryan glanced over at his friend and instantly stepped back in shock. Caleb too, immediately took a step back, albeit for another reason.

                  Caleb gave an apologetic look to his pal, but Bryan didn’t seem to notice. “You… you’re HUGE!” Bryan gasped in awe.

                  To put it mildly, that was not the reaction Caleb had been expecting. He was momentarily taken aback, but as his mind scrambled to parse what was happening, he steadily became aware that he was in fact much larger than his pal. They had always been fairly close in height, but now Caleb stood almost a head taller than his pal.

                  Bryan stared in awe at his friend. He was so overwhelmed that it took him a moment to even formulate a response. But when the dam broke, the words tumbled forth before Bryan could even stop himself.

                  “I always thought you were hot, but this is incredible!” Bryan gushed.

                  “You think I’m hot?” Caleb asked sheepishly.

                  Bryan suddenly realized what he had said and realized that he was busted. The cat was out of the proverbial bag. “Uh… yeah… I mean… if that’s alright with you, of course…” Bryan stammered awkwardly.

                  Caleb was suddenly grinning from ear to ear. “Alright? It’s more than alright! I’ve had a crush on you since the day we met!” He exclaimed.

                  “Shit, man. Why didn’t you ever say something?” Bryan replied.

                  “Me!? Why didn’t you say something!?” Caleb retorted.

                  There was a brief, awkward silence, but the deafening silence was soon replaced by the sound of laughter.

                  “I can’t believe it took us this long to figure it out!” Bryan laughed.

                  “Right!?” Caleb replied. Caleb was so overwhelmed with relief and overcome with joy that his whole brain went “what the hell.” Before he could even stop to think about what he was doing, he wrapped both, beefy arms around his shorter, slimmer friend and scooped Bryan up into a big bear hug.

                  It was now Bryan’s turn to have his brain short circuit. There was no denying it. Caleb was much larger than he had been before. Caleb’s fairly average build had been replaced by that of a certified beefcake. Caleb’s thick, muscular arms and swole, sculpted chest now enveloped Bryan. It was like a dream come true, and yet despite how amazing the situation was, Bryan wanted even more. He longed to strip off his t-shirt so he could feel Caleb’s bare skin against his own. He yearned to free his hands so he could explore Caleb’s newly enhanced muscles in more detail.

                  As luck would have it, Bryan was soon freed from his pal’s grasp, although whether or not that was a good thing, was up for debate. Bryan glanced questioningly up at his pal when Caleb suddenly let go and took a step back.  

                  “Hehe… and you said I’m the big one,” Caleb chuckled.

                  Caleb wasn’t exactly looking at Bryan. In fact, he seemed like he was trying his hardest not to look, but his eyes kept darting down towards Bryan’s crotch. Curious, Bryan glanced down to see what the big deal was, and what a BIG deal it turned out to be.

                  Bryan’s cock was rock hard, which in and of itself was a bit of a shock, but what was more surprising was the size of it! Bryan’s rod was straining against the front of his boxers. His cock was so huge that it threatened to burst through the button that struggled to hold shut the fly of his shorts.

                  “what the hell…?” Bryan murmured in awe of his own cock. His cock had obviously grown. Bryan had given his gut a White Christmas from the comfort on his own bed while scrolling porn on his laptop mere moments before and his cock had been barely even half the size it currently was.

                  “It’s… it’s a good look on you,” Caleb mumbled awkwardly. He was now blushing beet red and was still struggling to keep his eyes off of his pal’s impressive rod.

                  “It’s a very good look,” Kris agreed. “In fact, you should lose the shorts and give him a good, hard look at it.”

                  Bryan was so fascinated by his growth that he didn’t even try to argue with the voice in his head. He hooked his thumbs into his waistband and shimmied his shorts down. Soon, his rigid cock spilled free from behind its cloth confines. Once out in the open, both Caleb and Bryan gasped at what they saw.

                  Bryan’s big, rigid dick was almost a foot of fat fuckstick. The shaft was nearly as thick as Bryan’s wrist, and his balls had grown to match his newly enhanced rod. Either enormous orb was the size of a large chicken egg.

                  Kris caught a glimpse of the look of lust and awe in Caleb’s eyes and knew it was time to push the pair into getting even closer. “Go ahead. Give it a feel,” Kris whispered into Caleb’s ear.

                  Caleb could barely contain his desire to lunge forward and wrap both hands around that shaft. He wasn’t just horny. There was more to it than that. His body still ached with an intense yearning to feel his body in his arms and hands. His palms practically burned with an intense desire to feel Bryan’s skin against them.

                  Caleb knelt down so that he was staring down the tip of Bryan’s thick rod. His hands slowly reached out as if to grab the shaft, but Caleb stopped himself at the last moment. “Could I… feel it?” He asked awkwardly.

                  Yes! Bryan wanted to shout, but the words came out an awkward and mumbled, “uh… if you want to?”

                  Caleb’s hands wrapped around Bryan’s shaft, and as they did so, Caleb was overcome with a euphoric rush of relief. It was as if some sort of mental dam had broken, and all his feelings he had been holding in for ages came rushing forward. The pure joy he felt completely drowned out his arousal. Before he knew it, Caleb had stopped caring about Bryan’s cock as a separate entity. Caleb had become fixated on making Bryan as happy as possible.

                  Kris smirked as he watched the now muscular stud eying his buddy’s cock. It was clear to him what Caleb wanted, but like always, Caleb seemed to balk at the last second. Kris merely shrugged, smiled, and took a more direct approach. He leaned forward and placed a few fingers gently against the back of Caleb’s head. All it took was a soft push to guide Caleb’s head ever so slightly downward until the stud’s lips reached the pre-drooling tip of his buddy’s cock.

                  Caleb couldn’t believe he was actually doing it. He had gone from finding out his friend was into him to giving his first blow job in the span of mere minutes, and Bryan was just as shocked. All Bryan could do was stare on in awe as his best bud grasped Bryan’s huge cock with both hands and wrapped his lips around the thick, spongy tip of Bryan’s fully-boned rod.

                  Kris was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the events unfold, and not just because he had gotten two people who clearly wanted to be with one another to finally open up. The true nature of the Christmas present he gave these two was finally starting to be revealed. They just needed another little nudge.

                  Kris reached forward and gently grabbed Bryan’s hand and guided the dazed dude’s hand up so that it now rested atop Caleb’s head. In no time at all, Bryan was running his fingers through his friend’s hair. Better yet, Bryan didn’t even need Kris’s interference to move his other hand into position. Soon Bryan’s whole body was getting into it. His hips began to rock back and forth, causing his huge cock to slide in and out of his pal’s throat and his big nuts to swing back and forth.

                  Caleb was in heaven. He couldn’t believe he had his pal’s cock in his mouth! He could taste the tang of his buddy’s pre and the vague hint of salt on his buddy’s skin. He wanted this moment to last forever, but even as he wished for it, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for long. The more he sucked on his pal’s massive rod, the larger it got. It was already so long that it reached across Caleb’s tongue and down his throat, and Caleb hadn’t even managed to make it all the way down the shaft! Caleb had no idea why Bryan’s dick was growing, but he wasn’t about to question it. Bryan looked amazing with a huge cock, and Caleb wanted to see it get even bigger.

                  Caleb gave up on trying to feel up Bryan’s cock and instead moved his hands around to Bryan’s soft, supple booty. Caleb wondered if Bryan had always had such a nice, thick, bubble butt. Caleb had always thought Bryan had had a cute butt, but if what Caleb felt filling his hands and then some was any indication, Bryan had to have cakes for days!

                  Eventually Caleb had to come up for air. He pulled back, causing his friend’s cock to spill out from his mouth. As Caleb gasped for breath he stared on in awe at the sheer size of Bryan’s rod, but there was more to it than just Bryan’s cock. Bryan’s whole body seemed different somehow. As Caleb stared at his pal, he was overcome by just how cute and sexy Bryan looked. At first, Caleb couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He had always had a crush on Bryan, and he had so rarely seen Bryan without his pants that it was tough to say for sure. It didn’t help that Bryan’s loose t-shirt obscured much of his upper body, but still, Caleb was sure something was different.

                  “Hey… take off your shirt,” Caleb said without even really thinking about what his request would entail.

                  “W-wha?” Bryan gasped. He balked for a moment, but he quickly decided to just go for it. His cock was already on display. It was very hard to be modest after getting sucked off by his bro. Bryan quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head and tossed it aside leaving him standing completely nude before his bud.

                  Caleb’s eyes went wide as he soaked up the view. He hadn’t seen Bryan without pants often, but he had certainly seen Bryan shirtless. Now that Bryan was fully nude there wasn’t a doubt in Caleb’s mind. Bryan had gone through changes other than just his thick and heavy cock and balls.

                  Bryan’s formerly average, slightly chubby build had melted away to reveal a slim, sleek figure. Bryan’s now smooth, tight abs tapered off to a defined V that pointed right at his newly enhanced cock and balls, but it wasn’t just Bryan’s bait and tackle that had seem some growth below the belt. Bryan’s hips were noticeably wider.

                  “Turn around,” Caleb said and gestured with his finger that Bryan should do a little twirl. Bryan did as he was asked and gave Caleb a good view of his body at all angles. When Bryan’s backside came into view, it was all Caleb could do to keep his hands off his own cock. Bryan had the best, bubbliest ass Caleb had ever seen. The soft, supple mounds jiggled as Bryan posed and postured.

                  Bryan glanced over his shoulder and noticed the look of pure lust that Caleb was giving his ass and decided to put on a bit of a show. Bryan reached back and pressed his fingers against the underside of his soft mounds and playfully bounced his thick cheeks. The pose not only accentuated his ass but gave brief, fleeting glimpses of Bryan’s tight hole and puffy gooch.  

                  “God. You’re so hot…” Caleb moaned.

                  “Of course, he is,” Kris chuckled.

                  Caleb cocked his head questioningly to the side as if pondering what the voice in his head was saying.

                  Kris stepped forward so that he was standing beside the two friends and spoke up for both to hear. “Let me spell it out for you. You have each become more like the other’s ideal man,” Kris explained.

                  “Ideal man?” Bryan asked. He glanced over his shoulder back at Caleb, and it all started to make sense. Caleb had bulked up considerably in the past few minutes. Instead of the fairly average dude Bryan once knew, he saw an absolute beefcake gym rat. Meanwhile, Caleb continued to eye his friend up and down. Bryan had gone from fairly average to being the sleekest, sexiest twink with a beer can cock.

                  Suddenly Caleb perked up. “Wait! You heard that too?” He asked.

                  “Huh? That means you heard it as well?” Bryan sputtered.

                  Kris chuckled sweetly and then snapped his fingers. “Sorry about that. I guess the jig is up, as they say.” The air around him sparkled as if glowing glitter was swirling all around and then he came into view. Kris gave an overly dramatic bow, even going so far as to doff his Santa hat as he did so. “Kristoff Kringle the Third at your service,” He announced.

                  “Wait… are you…?” Bryan murmured.

                  “… Santa?” Caleb finished.

                  “In a manner of speaking, I guess I am,” Kris said. “The big man you all know is my grandfather, but I like to help out every year if I can. He’s not as young as he used to be, you see,” Kris explained.

                  “Why are you doing this?” Bryan asked.

                  “Why? Because I love seeing young lovers get together. That, and you would not believe the amount of wishes we received at HQ about you two,” Kris explained.

                  “Wishes?” Caleb asked.

                  “Oh, yeah. You don’t think it’s all just letters to Santa and kids sitting on mall Santa’s laps, do you? The elves at HQ hear all kinds of wishes, and you two keep showing up on our radar A Lot. It’s not just the two of you wishing the other would make the move. It’s your friends, your families, your coworkers, your professors, your classmates, your coworkers… Pretty much anyone who has ever seen you two in a room together has been pleading for you to go ahead and fuck already,” Kris explained with a smirk.

                  Both Caleb and Bryan blushed beet red at the mere mention and thought of everyone they ever knew being in on it. It was especially embarrassing considering they had all been in on it before even they were.

                  “Anyway, I hadn’t originally planned on revealing myself, but now that I have, how about I give you two lovebirds some pro tips?” Kris said. The two friends just sat there and stared at him uncertainly, but it was enough of a response for Kris.

                  “As I mentioned, you two have begun to transform into the other’s ideal man,” Kris explained. The two friends stole a glance at each other.

                  “Begun?” They said in unison. Bryan was already the cutest dude Caleb had ever seen! Similarly, Bryan could not imagine a beefier stud than the dude who stood next to him.

                  “Oh yeah,” Kris said with a smirk. “This is a good start, but I can tell you two have your sights set on something more,” Kris added and winked.

                  The two guys couldn’t blush any redder. They exchanged a glance and then eyed one another up and down. They had changed so much in such a short time, and if this new guy was to believed, they both wanted even more? Neither one could deny it.

                 Bryan eyed the certified gym rat that his roommate had become, and just the mere thought of how much beefier he could get drove him wild. Bryan’s cock gave a shudder of delight. Pre drooled from the tip of his big dick.

                 Meanwhile, Caleb looked over what had become of his friend. Bryan was the cutest guy he had ever seen, and Bryan’s cock was to die for. Just the mere thought that Bryan could get cuter and better-hung drove Caleb wild. Caleb longed to see what further changes were in store. He wants to experience more and more of not just what Bryan would look like but what Bryan would feel like. That feeling returned to his hands – that yearning, that intense desire to feel and experience everything about his friend.

                 Kris watched as the two guys took stock of one another. Kris was grinning from ear to ear as he did so. It was clear that everything was in place for the final stage. Both guys wanted it so badly that all they needed was a point in the right direction.

                 “Maybe you’ve felt the magic already,” Kris explained. “Your desire to be not just near one another but with one another is what fuels it.”

                 Both friends understood. That intense yearning they felt. The desire to touch and be touched, to share every experience with one another – that was what was feeding their transformations, and in turn, their transformations were feeding that desire.

                 “With that, I think it’s time I bid you adieu,” Kris said with a flourish.

                 “What? You’re leaving?” Bryan asked.

                 “I thought I’d give you boys some privacy,” Kris explained. “That is… unless you want the audience,” He added with a wink.

                 “I-I think we can handle it from here,” Caleb sputtered.

                 Kris laughter was so cheerful that it immediately put both friends at ease. It was tough to be nervous when Kris’s cheer was so infectious. Although Bryan and Caleb were still not particularly keen on having an audience for what came next. It was a special moment that they had both dreamt of for years. As such, it was something they wanted to be shared with just one another.

                 “That’s what I thought,” Kris said with a smirk. He then waved goodbye and added, “You boys play nice now.” And then with a snap of his fingers he was gone.

                 Bryan and Caleb stood there in stunned silence for a moment. There was not a doubt in their mind that their new friend had left and not just turned invisible. The apartment felt strangely empty without his joyful presence, but the two roommates didn’t dwell on it too long.

                 Bryan glanced over at Caleb and once again took stock of his friend’s new bod. Caleb was already so hot, and there was the promise that Caleb would soon be even hotter. Bryan couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to. He needed to experience even more of what the magic had to offer. He needed to see even more of what his new power could do, and more than anything, he needed to make up for lost time. He had years worth of sexual and romantic repression to let loose.  

                 Bryan knelt down before his pal and grabbed Caleb’s waistband. Bryan was practically licking his lips as he pulled down Caleb’s boxers to reveal the goodies that lay in store. Caleb’s cock soon spilled into view, and what a cock it was! While nowhere near as large as Bryan’s own recently enhanced rod, Caleb’s dick was a nice, fat cock that would be at home on even the most endowed porn star. Easily eight inches long and as thick as a can of Coke. The fat dick would be more than a mouthful if Bryan had tried to go down on it, but there were other ways in which he could service his friend.

                 Bryan nuzzled his face against his bud’s big balls. Caleb’s nuts were fantastically large. His sack was filled to the brim with large, soft, tennis ball sized cojones, but as amazing as Caleb’s balls were, Bryan’s focus soon drifted elsewhere. Bryan slowly licked and kissed a trail up along the length of Caleb’s fat cock while he cupped Caleb’s hefty nuts in his hand while stroked the shaft of Caleb’s fat cock in with his other hand. As he did so, Bryan could actually feel Caleb’s cock and balls getting bigger thicker in his hands.

                 Caleb stared on in lust-filled awe as he watched his pal working his shaft. The view alone would have been hot enough, but as he stared on, Caleb could actually see himself getting bigger. His cock grew longer and thicker. His nuts hung lower and grew heavier. His muscles continued to swell up all around him. Caleb’s already well-defined pecs puffed up before his very eyes, and as Caleb reached down and ran his fingers through Bryan’s soft hair, Caleb could see his forearm and bicep swelling up as well. Yet, as amazing as the changes going that Caleb were experiencing were, he could not divert his attention wholly away from his friend. Bryan just looked so cute and sexy, and it wasn’t just the bedroom eyes he was showing or the way he licked and suckled Caleb’s cock.

                 As Bryan worked over Caleb’s cock, he slowly became aware that he needed to keep shifting his stance in order to suckle his pal’s dick. At first it was simply a matter of needing to sit up a little straighter as he sucked off his pal, but soon Bryan got to the point where he could no longer comfortably reach Caleb’s cock while kneeling.

                 Bryan had intended to only let go for a second, just long enough to adjust his position so that he’d have a better angle, but once he stood up and beheld his pal’s new dimensions, Bryan was so blown away that he could barely even think about sucking his pal off. All Bryan wanted to do was stand there and bask in his buddy’s sheer size. Caleb was now so tall that Bryan was eye level with the dude’s belly button even while standing fully upright! And the sheer scope and size of Caleb’s amazing muscles just made Caleb even more massive. It was as if Bryan was staring down a solid wall of thick, sculpted brawn. Caleb’s shoulders were as wide as their sofa. His legs were as thick as tree trunks. His biceps bulged out like basketballs, and Caleb’s cock and balls were every bit as thick as the rest of him. Caleb’s cock had grown to over a foot in length. It was now longer than Bryan’s forearm and far, far thicker. The impressive shaft was thicker than Bryan’s throat. There was absolutely no way Bryan could ever hope to take that beast in his mouth. Caleb’s massive nuts were now close to the size of soccer balls. Either enormous orb was almost as big as Bryan’s head. Yet despite their size, they hung high and tight against the base of his fat shaft.

                 Bryan looked so tiny from Caleb’s newly enhanced perspective. Somehow seeing how small Bryan had become made Caleb adore him even more. Caleb couldn’t help himself. He reached down and scooped Bryan up in his arms and hugged him tight against his chest as he would a teddy bear.

                 Bryan was again overwhelmed by how massive his friend had become. Bryan was now face down in his pal’s pecs, but Caleb was so tall that Bryan’s feet dangled well above the floor. Bryan was all but sitting atop his pal’s thick rod as if it was a small horse. Just thinking about it made Bryan hornier. He could feel his own cock swelling ever larger and harder, and the same could be said for Caleb’s rod as well.

                 The two lovers shared the embrace for what felt like ages and yet at the same time felt far too short. Caleb would have been content to remain in that moment forever had he not felt his head bump against the ceiling above him. He was getting to be too tall to stand upright in their apartment! A quick calculation informed him that that meant he had to be getting close to twelve feet tall. He had more than doubled in height! And that was saying nothing of his wingspan. Even had he not been so tall, Caleb had so much brawn stacked onto his frame that he would have made even the thickest Mr. Olympian look like a twig. His legs rivaled the mightiest oaks. His pecs were like mattresses. Each individual abdominal muscle was the size of a watermelon. The meaty, sculpted V of his Adonis belt was as thick as a stand-up punching bag. Caleb’s cock was thicker than even his neck. The enormous rod had grown so much that had Bryan not been straddling it, the fat rod would have slapped up against the top row of his abs, and yet, despite how much Caleb’s cock had grown, it paled in comparison to what Bryan was working with.

                 Bryan’s cock was so huge that it now reached up to Bryan’s face. The tip of Bryan’s pre-drooling cock was eye level. The fantastically fat tool was thicker than Bryan’s waist. Bryan’s massive nuts were the size of prize-winning pumpkins. Bryan’s cock had grown so much that now became a sort of barricade between him and his lover. If Bryan wanted to bury his face in Caleb’s pecs once more, he’d have to somehow move his rock-hard rod out of the way, but that could wait. For the moment, Bryan was happy just grinding his thick cock against the deep cleft between Caleb’s pillowy pecs.

                 It wasn’t long before Bryan’s cock had grown so much that it reached past his head and was soon so high up that Caleb could lick the tip without even needing to bend his neck. As Bryan continued to rock his hips and grind his cock against his lover’s chest, Caleb began to lick at and suckle the tip of Bryan’s cock. The thick, spongy tip was so huge that it even dwarfed Caleb’s whole head for sheer size.

                 Meanwhile, it wasn’t just Bryan’s cock that was getting some special attention. In order to keep his balance while he ground his cock against Caleb’s chest, Bryan had to wrap his legs around Caleb’s thick cock. As Bryan rocked his hips back and forth, his huge, soft ass ground against Caleb’s cock. Caleb found himself fantasizing about Bryan’s amazing ass even while he licked at Bryan’s colossal cock.

                 Despite how amazing the situation was for both lovers, they soon found themselves wanting even more. They had gone this far already. They were both ready to go all the way.

                 “I need your cock,” Caleb whined suddenly.

                 Bryan balked for just a second. At first, he wondered how it would even be possible. Bryan’s cock was now as large as the rest of his body! But he knew almost instinctively that everything would be fine. Whether it be a conscious choice on Kris’s part or whether it was a reaction to Bryan’s wish for his lover’s body to be able to handle him, Caleb would be able to handle Bryan’s cock no matter how large it got.

                 “Come on. Let’s get over to the couch,” Bryan said.

                 Caleb gently set his lover down and then followed as Bryan trotted giddily across the room. Caleb was now so massive that he had to hunch down in order to even fit in the room, but he wasn’t about to complain. It wasn’t as if he disliked his size, and even if he did, it was impossible for him to be upset when he watched Bryan’s bubbly booty jiggle as Bryan walked across the room. Once across the room, Bryan hopped up onto the couch. The jumping caused his juicy booty to wiggle even more.

                 This time it was Bryan’s turn to give Caleb the signal to turn around. Caleb didn’t need more than that to get into position. He wanted this as much as, if not more so, than Bryan did. In no time at all, Caleb was hunched over on his hands and knees with his massive, meaty, muscular ass raised for Bryan’s using pleasure. Bryan took a moment to soak in the view before setting to work. Caleb was beyond stunning. He was beyond sexy, and Bryan couldn’t wait to see just how massive Caleb got to be by the time the magic ran its course.

                 Bryan’s enormous rod was almost as wide as his thick hips and longer than his whole body. Bryan’s nuts were so massive that had he not been standing atop the couch they would have rested on the floor below him. Either massive orb was the size of a jumbo beach ball. Yet despite the size of his endowments, Bryan had no trouble at all moving around. They seemed nearly weightless to him despite the fact that he could definitely feel how hefty they had become.

                 Bryan had to place a hand on either side of his massive shaft to push it down low enough to get into position. Once he managed to press his cock down so that it jutted out directly in front of him like a diving board, he pressed the head of his fat cock against Caleb’s expecting hole. Caleb’s hole looked so small and so tight despite the sheer size of the musclebound stud who owned it. For a second Bryan was afraid his cock would be too big, but as he slowly pushed forward, he could feel Caleb’s ass spread wide to accept him. Caleb moaned in ecstasy as inch after inch of fat cock slid into him. Soon the inches gave way to feet until Bryan found himself buried ball’s deep in his lover’s backside.

                 “It’s in…” Bryan said in a tone that was an odd mix of pride and awe.

                 “Fuck yeah it is,” Caleb moaned.

    Something about hearing this giant, musclebound stud moaning with delight drove Bryan wild. Caleb was so huge comparatively, but Bryan could easily bring the titan to his knees, literally.

                 Bryan wasted no time in rocking back and forth, causing his enormous cock to slide in and out of his lover’s hungry hole. With each pull, Caleb whined with desire. With each shove, Caleb moaned with bliss. Just hearing his lover’s moans drove Bryan wild. He was hornier than he had ever been. He wanted more. He needed more, and what he needed wasn’t just sex. He needed to see Caleb truly hulk out. Bryan could feel that now familiar sensation in his palms. The desire in him made his palms practically ache. His skin burned with desire. Bryan wasted no time in planting a hand on either massive, meaty ass cheek of his colossal lover. Despite how blurry his vision was getting from the combination of sweat trickling down his brow and the pure, unbridled hormonal bliss that had fogged his mind, Bryan could actually see Caleb getting bigger and thicker and stronger with each thrust. With each plunge, Caleb grew wider and heavier and taller. His muscles surged outward. His nuts grew heavier. His body grew bigger, and yet despite Caleb’s growth spurts, his hole remained as tight as ever.

                 “Fuck…” Bryan moaned. He was reaching his limit. Even though he had cranked one out mere hours ago, his nuts felt fuller than they had ever been in his life. He was so horny that he felt like he could cum forever, and his balls felt more than happy to comply.

                 “I’m gonna…” Bryan tried to whine. He was just about to pull out when Caleb stopped him.

                 “No. Leave it in,” Caleb pleaded.

    Caleb’s plea was so hot that Bryan almost came right then and there. As it was, he barely had time to bury his shaft down to the hilt before he began cumming and cumming some more. Bryan flopped forward onto his lover’s back as he pumped what felt like gallons of spunk into his lover’s ass. Caleb was now so massive, that Bryan’s head rested against the small of his lover’s back and he came again and again.

                 Neither lover was sure how long Bryan came before he was finally spent, but it felt like ages. Yet despite how much he had come, Bryan didn’t feel emptied. Finally, Bryan’s torrent of jizz tapered off, and Bryan slumped back against the couch.

                 “That was amazing…” Bryan murmured groggily.

                 Caleb couldn’t argue with that, but there was one point of contention. “And we’re not even done yet,” He said.

                 Bryan managed to glance up at his lover. Caleb was in the process of slowly turning around. Caleb was now so massive that he had to move around on his hands in knees to even be able to maneuver in their cramped apartment. The sheer size of his lover drove Bryan wild once more.

                 “It’s my turn now,” Caleb said with a smirk.

                 Bryan was so exhausted that he could barely even stand up, but it turned out he didn’t need to. Caleb reached forward and effortlessly lifted the little guy with just one hand. Caleb was so massive that Bryan was little more than the size of a baby doll to him. Caleb was grinning from ear to ear as he nodded towards his own erect cock.

                 “Fuck yeah…” Bryan said in awe as he ogled the enormous cock. Caleb’s cock may not have been anywhere near as large as Bryan’s own, but it was still a marvel to behold. The beast was almost as thick as Bryan’s hips and as long as his torso.

                 Bryan reached out towards Caleb’s cock like a baby reaching for its bottle, but Caleb had other ideas. Caleb effortlessly placed Bryan face down against the carpet and moved into position. Bryan soon found himself lying atop his own massive cock while completely eclipsed by his lover’s body. Caleb’s chest and abs loomed over Bryan like a ceiling of solid brawn. Being so thoroughly ensconced in muscle drove Bryan wild. He had just cum more than he had ever cum in his life and yet he was rock hard all over again. Bryan soon felt Caleb knocking at his back door, and he was more than happy to let him in.

                 Caleb couldn’t wait to take Bryan’s new and improved ass for a ride. He moaned with delight as he felt his lover’s tight ass around his cock. His whole body shuddered with bliss as he felt his thighs slap against Bryan’s soft, supple cheeks.

                 Caleb’s cock was impossibly huge. Even as he felt it inside of him, Bryan could not believe that he had managed to take it all, but there were other sensations that distracted him from how amazing his ass felt. Bryan could feel Caleb’s hands holding his own. Bryan’s hands felt so small compared to his titanic lover’s. His hands were like the size of a quarter in Caleb’s palms, but as much as he loved the feeling of Caleb holding his hands, that wasn’t even the most noticeable thing.

                 The more Caleb reamed him the more Bryan could feel his cock and balls swelling beneath him. His dock was already so massive that he felt like he was straddling a Clydesdale. Soon Bryan’s cock would be so massive that it would dwarf a draft horse for sheer girth, and that was saying nothing of his nuts! Bryan’s nuts were now so massive that he could sleep atop his sack with room to spare. His balls were each the size of a small sedan. The combined weight of the massive, muscular stud atop the mega-hung cutie was so much that the floor creaked beneath them with each thrust of Caleb’s gigantic cock.

                 Both lovers were so overcome with pure, sexual bliss and unfiltered ecstasy that they couldn’t think of anything past the current moment. They both wanted to share everything with one another and wanted to push their sizes ever further. They would have kept going until they outgrew the apartment completely had Caleb not reached his limit.

                 Caleb whined pitifully which was all the indication that Bryan got that Caleb was ready to blow. Soon Bryan felt Caleb’s cock plunge all the way into him. Caleb’s thighs and lower abs mashed against the soft, supple pillows of Bryan’s jiggly ass. Caleb’s hefty, prized-pumpkin-sized stones pressed against Bryan’s own immensely larger boulders, and then the dam broke. Jizz flooded into Bryan’s eager hole.

                 As cum flooded into him, Bryan’s cock lurched and spurted in time with Caleb’s gushes. Bryan was too far gone to ponder how he could have so much spunk to shoot after just blowing the biggest load of his life mere moments earlier. All he could do was writhe and moan in ecstasy as he came and came again. Spunk flooded the room around him. Jizz soaked into the carpet. Cum coated the walls on the opposite end of the apartment. By the time he had finally stopped cumming, there was a standing pool of jizz a few inches deep.

                 Caleb rolled over onto his size so as not to squish his little lover when he inevitably collapsed from a combination of euphoria and exhaustion. He landed with a reverberating plop in the pool of spooge. Feeling his lover’s warm seed lapping against him made him feel even giddier and groggier. He was beyond exhausted and all he wanted to do now was cuddle. Fortunately, Bryan had the same idea. Bryan hoisted himself up onto his lover’s chest. Caleb was so massive that it was like trying to hop a fence, but even with his colossal cock weighing him down, Bryan managed to climb up and over the wall of muscles and cuddle up against Caleb’s heaving pecs.

                 “I love you,” Caleb said as he wrapped his hands around his tiny lover.

                 “I love you to,” Bryan replied as he nuzzled against Caleb’s chest.

                 No other words were needed. The pair lay there together until they eventually dozed off. This had been without a doubt the best Christmas of their lives, and the day hadn’t even officially started yet!

                 Meanwhile, halfway across the arctic, Kris and Nick were making their final decent into the North Pole.

                 “You left a lot of packages under that little tree,” Nick commented.

                 “Yep, and I moved the whole set-up to the tub,” Kris added with a laugh.

                 “I wonder how long it will take them to find it,” Nick wondered aloud.

                 “Hopefully not too long. Even with the latest model of the Kringle Corp. Jizz-B-Gone magic wand, if they let it dry too much it can be a bitch to get out of carpets,” Kris replied laughing once more.

                 Nick shared in the laugh but eventually moved onto more serious matters. “Hey, so… we still need to pick a date,” Nick said.

                 “Yeah. I’m thinking maybe Spring.”

                 “Spring? I thought Winter was your favorite season.”

                 “Oh, it totally is, but I need to pass out for a few weeks after tonight, and I’d like to wait ‘til at least after February 14th. I’ve got some friends over at Eros I’d like to invite.” Kris explained.

                 “You’ll like them,” Kris added with a wink. “Those fools know how to party.”

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    Hot Cocko

    It’s my B-day, but you all are the one’s gettin the gift. How’s that work out? 

    New fic for you guys today. What was supposed to be a romantic vacation takes a turn for the worst when a freak blizzard leaves Dave alone in a remote cabin. Bored and lonely, what’s a guy to do but curl up in front of a nice, toasty fire with a nice, warm cup of hot... cocko?

                  It had seemed like such a great plan at the time. Dave and his boyfriend, Jake, were going to rent a cabin by the lake and spend a nice, relaxing, romantic week away from society. Dave made the journey out early. He checked in with the main office, picked up the keys, and drove deep into the park until he found his way to the cabin in question. Jake was going to finish out his work week and make the trip a day later. The plan looked good on paper, but it was looking a lot worse on the news.

                  Dave was on the edge of his seat as he watched the pixelated weather radar on the local news. They had expected some snow tonight, but “some snow” had been upgraded to “freak blizzard” in record time. All roads were closed leading into the campgrounds.

                  Dave’s gaze was pulled away from the TV screen by a familiar light coming from atop the coffee table. Dave quickly reached for his phone and hit the accept call button.

                  “Babe!” Dave blurted out as soon as the phone was to his face.

                  “Oh, good! I was worried you wouldn’t have signal!” came Jake’s excited voice.

                  “Yeah. Still good there, so far. So, what’s the wordict.” Dave replied.

                  “I just got into town. It seems like everywhere is shutting down for the night to weather the storm,” Jake said.

                  “Sounds like a good idea. There was a small motel at the base of the mountain. Maybe you could see if they have rooms,” Dave said.

                  “Way ahead of you. I was getting gas, and the dude at the station gave me the number for a place. I’m going to wait out the storm in town and make my way up as soon as it’s safe,” Jake replied.

                  “That’s good to hear. I guess I’ll just… wait here or something,” Dave said.

                  “You gonna be alright by yourself?” Jake asked.

                  “I’m not a kid. I can handle a night alone,” Dave retorted.

                  “I didn’t think you were. I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright,”

                  “Yeah. I’ll be fine. You just focus on staying safe for now. The roads up here are shit on a good day. I can’t imagine how you’d even find the road in the snow.” Dave said.

                  “Yeah. I’m just a little bummed out that I’ll have to wait t-“ Jake began to say, but his voice was suddenly cut off.

                  “Hello? Hellooooo…” Dave called out into his phone. It didn’t take long for him to take the hint though. He glanced down at his phone, and sure enough, he had lost signal.

                  “That’s just peachy.” Dave grumbled. Truth be told, he was amazed his signal had held out as long as it had. From what he had seen on the news, several areas nearby were completely without power. Dave was actually fortunate in that regard as well. The cabin he rented had a portable generator for just such a scenario so at least he’d have heat and lights. Cell signal and cable seemed to be a no go for the foreseeable future though.

                  Dave played some games on his switch for a bit, but he quickly grew tired of that. He hadn’t planned on spending time alone on this little vacation, so he hadn’t packed anything with any real meat to it. It was mostly just Minecraft and minigames, and Minecraft got old in a hurry without someone else there to dick around with. Similarly, Dave wasn’t too keen on the movie selection available to him at the cabin. No doubt all the old DVDs that were crammed into the drawer were left there by other vacationing couples. The library was rife with everything from generic Romcoms to overt porn. Seeing all those happy couples just drove home how quiet and lonely it was in that remote cabin, and even if Dave wasn’t feeling so forlorn, these movies were all far too straight for his tastes.

                  After what felt like ages of aimless puttering, Dave found his way into the kitchen. The kitchen itself was nothing special. It had a certain rustic charm but still had all the basic amenities. This was, after all, a vacation cabin and not a living-off-the-grid cabin, but again, Dave was there by himself and he really didn’t care enough to do some serious cooking if it was just going to be him enjoying the results. He was looking through the kitchen more as a way to keep himself entertained rather than trying to find anything specific. In fact, there was very little to be found in the kitchen or the panty. The campgrounds didn’t keep this place stocked. All the bits and bobs that were in the cupboards and pantry were all left there by prior vacationers. Dave found a few cans of vegetables and some other nonperishables, but nothing particularly caught his attention until he happened across a familiar looking light blue box tucked away in the back the cupboard nearest to the coffee pot. At a glance, Dave could tell that this was not the hot cocoa brand he had grown up with. The lettering was off, and the art on the front of the box was very low budget. This was obviously a cheap knock-off, probably from the local grocery store chain, but when Dave blew the dust off the box to read it better, he was bewildered and bemused by the actual name of the stuff.

                  “Hot Cocko?” Dave read aloud. He had to stifle a bit of a chuckle. He had heard of Chinese discount brands sometime butchering the names of products, but this was a new level of Freudian fuck-up in the discount beverage biz. The amusement Dave felt at the name of the product was enough to lift him out of the doldrums, even if just a little bit.

                  Dave smirked as he thought to himself. It was a dark and snowy night. He had access to fluffy blankets, pillows, and a large, gas-powered fireplace. This was the perfect scenario to curl up all nice and cozy and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate… or “Hot Cocko” as the yellow text on the box said.

                  Dave set a kettle on the stove to heat up some water, gathered some covers from the bed, and then set to work on getting the fireplace ready. By the time he had a decent flame going, the kettle was whistling away telling him that the water was nice and hot for a nice, hot cup of cocko.

                  It took a few minutes of snuggling under the covers and blowing on his piping hot cuppa until the drink was cool enough to even sip, but once it was, Dave happily sipped away at his drink while watching the flames and listening to the crackle coming from the Fireplace Sounds playlist he had fired up on his laptop. The flavor was surprisingly rich for what he assumed to be some cheap, off-brand cocoa.

                  It only took a few nice, warm sips before Dave started to feel the warmth filling his tummy and permeating the rest of his body. Oddly enough, the place that he felt the most warmth was in between his thighs. His cock and balls were feeling pleasantly toasty. His dick wasn’t just warm, but sensitive as well. He could already feel his dick steadily swelling to life inside his boxers. Dave was a little surprised by this turn of events. The cocoa was good, but he didn’t think it was that good. Still, Dave was so comfy and toasty that he paid it no mind. He just continued to happily sit there in his blanket fort and watch the flames while sipping away at his drink.

                  The rich, sweet taste of the cocoa and the warmth that filled his body was incredibly comforting, but there was something missing – someone to share it with. Dave found himself once more wishing his boyfriend could be there with him. Dave was not just feeling a little horny all of the sudden, but a little cuddly as well. He just wanted someone to snuggle up against as he drifted off to sleep.

                  As Dave sat there slowly sipping his cocoa, he steadily became aware of a strange sensation – his boxers were starting to feel a little tight! Dave really didn’t feel like getting up from his cozy cocoon, but as his boxers steadily felt tighter and tighter, his curiosity and his discomfort finally got the better of him. Dave set his mug on the table beside him and slowly unraveled his blanket burrito until he was wearing the several blankets draped over his shoulders like a heavy winter cloak worn by a medieval ruler of a frozen realm.

                  Dave glanced down at his crotch and gasped at what he saw. There was no denying it – his britches were packed! His bulge looked positively obscene. His cock strained so hard against the front of his boxers that he could make out the shape and size of his cock and balls, and what an amazing shape and size it was! His cock looked so thick that it was like someone had stuffed one of those steamed towel rolls they handed out at spas down the front of his shorts! His nuts were so huge it looked like he had a pair of oranges slinging around in his shorts!

                  Dave was fascinated to say the least. He had never been particularly small downstairs, but never had he had a slab of meat like the one he was currently sporting. His sausage and eggs were looking like a four-course meal! Dave had to see more.

                  Keeping the heavy cloak of comforters piled onto his shoulders, Dave slowly shimmied his boxers down lower and lower, causing his huge cock and balls to spill out from behind their cloth confines. Dave silently mouthed “wow” as his gaze fell upon his newly enhanced bait and tackle. He had never seen a cock this huge before. Even porn stars didn’t have a schlong like this, and it was still only semi-boned! His chubby had to be a foot long! Dave sat there and marveled at the size of it as he slowly reached down and held it in his hands. The shaft was so fat that he couldn’t even wrap a hand all the way around it. His dick was thicker than the mug he had been drinking out of! Even just one of his nuts was enough to fill his entire palm and then some. There was no way he’d be able to cup his entire sack with just one hand! Dave had no idea why his cock had grown so much, but he wasn’t about to argue with it. He couldn’t wait for Jake to make his way up here so Dave could show his boyfriend his new toy.

                  Just the mere thought of Jake took the wind out of Dave’s sails. He was once again feeling incredibly lonely and more than a little cold. He quickly kicked off his shorts which were still down around his ankles and then downed the rest of his cooling cocoa. Dave looked at the now empty mug and realized there was only one solution to his current predicament – more cocoa!

                  With the blankets still slung over his shoulders, Dave trudged back towards the kitchen. Fortunately, the kettle of water was still quite warm so all he had to do was pour some fresh water into his mug, pour in the Hot Cocko powder, and then trudged back to his roost in front of the fireplace. Once there, Dave wasted no time in turning himself back into a blanket burrito and blowing on his piping hot cocoa once more.

                  As Dave sat there slowly sipping on his hot cocoa, he once again to attain a Zenlike state. Everything other than the warmth of the fire, the glow of the flames, and the howl of the wind faded away. The familiar warmth of the cocoa once again permeated his body, and a similarly familiar warmth seeped into his cock and balls. Dave smiled contentedly as he watched the flames and listened to the crackling of the faux fire.

                  Eventually, Dave became aware of a strange sensation. It felt like there was something heavy in his lap. It was almost like he had a cat sleeping in his lap, but there was obviously no such creature here. Stranger yet, the weight seemed to get slightly heavier with each sip he took of his cocoa. Dave tried to tune it out for as long as he could. He just wanted to bask in the warmth of the fireplace and enjoy his cup of cocoa, but eventually his curiosity got the better of him. He once again set his mug on the table beside him and began to unfurl his wrap of heavy blankets.

                  No sooner had Dave begun to loosen the cocoon of blankets than a massive object flopped out from behind the covers. Dave was left completely awestruck at what he saw. There was a cock! A huge cock! He had never seen anything like this before in his life! The cock in question was thicker than his neck! It had to be bigger around than a basketball! Even just the puffy glans of the semi-boned wang was larger than even an NBA certified basketball.

                  Dave wasn’t sure what to think at first. All he could do was stare in awe at the gigantic cock. The beast had to be well over two feet long. Judging by how far it splayed out in front of him, the beast was almost as long as his legs! And if there was a cock then…

                  Dave threw his cloak of covers the rest of the way open to reveal the balls that went along with the beast. On his lap sat a set of stones that were more akin to boulders! Each enormous orb was the size of a prize-winning pumpkin! One question was answered. The gigantic sack was obviously what he felt weighing down on his lap, but new questions sprung to mind. Where did this cock come from?

                  Some part of Dave’s mind knew the answer, but the more rational part of his brain was trying to drown it out. There was no way that this enormous schlong which now lay sprawled out in front of him was his own. Sure, his cock had grown to a foot-long semi just a little bit earlier, but this three-foot behemoth was absolutely inconceivable! And yet… the more Dave tried to argue with the thoughts, the more he knew them to be true. He could see the enormous shaft jutting out from his own crotch. He could feel his thighs pressing against the exposed flesh of his gigantic nuts.

                  As bizarre as it was to behold his own super-sized schlong, Dave couldn’t help but think about how amazingly hot it looked. He was beyond hung. He had heard of dude’s bragging about being hung like a horse, but this took the expression to a whole new level. Dave’s cock was now larger than a small horse!

                  As Dave stared in awe at his gigantic cock, the beast steadily stirred to life. Dave was beyond hot and bothered. Just seeing that fantastic cock made him so damn horny. He had to test his new equipment firsthand! He reached forward and gripped his cock with both hands. His shaft was so huge that he couldn’t even get his fingers to touch around the shaft – not by a long shot! His hands looked so tiny trying to hold the beast. Just seeing how huge his cock looked in his hands made Dave even hornier. His cock quickly went from flying at half-mast to being rock hard in a matter of moments. Dave was once again awestruck by how huge his cock had become. When fully hard the tip of his reached above his head. The lower ridge of his puffed-up cock head was level with his chin. Dave wrapped his arms around his cock and buried his face against the soft, spongy flesh of his swollen glans. Feeling the warm flesh against his arms and face soothed a part of him that was still longing for company. This is what he needed. He needed someone, something to cuddle with, but as great as his cock was, it wasn’t a suitable replacement for another human being… not yet anyway.

                  Dave’s eyes fell upon the nearly empty mug beside him. Hot Cocko. The name made sense now. If two packets had made his cock this large, just imagine what a few more would do! Dave quickly stood up, causing his blankets to fall from his shoulders and slump into a pile on the floor. The cool air hit his skin causing his legs to break out in goosebumps, but Dave was not deterred. He was on a mission.

                  Dave stomped into the kitchen. He was amazed by how much his enormous cock and balls had thrown off his balance. His cock and balls were so amazingly heavy. His rock-hard semi swayed from side to side with each step. His thighs kept pushing his nuts from left to right and back again with each step he took. The sheer heft of his package actually made Dave even hornier than before. He wanted it to be bigger. He needed it, and he knew just how to do it.

                  The water in the kettle was still warm when Dave got there, but it had cooled down enough that it would no longer scald him if he tried to slam it which was just perfect for him. He was no longer interested in slowly sipping the beverage. He was going to channel his frat days and Chug! Chug! Chug!

                  Dave poured a fresh mug of water and mixed in the Cocko. He could swear he could actually feel his cock getting heavier with each audible glug. His nuts felt heavier. His cock felt thicker. Dave was so hot, bothered, and touch starved that it was absolutely maddening!

                  Dave watched excitedly as he saw his cock growing before his very eyes. With each passing second, his dick got thicker and longer. Soon it was far thicker than a basketball. His cock began to rival a stand-up punching bag for sheer length and girth. His nuts soon swelled from county fair winning pumpkins to a set of gourds that would shatter the world records. The enormous orbs hung low in their sack and dangled down around his shins. His cock was already so massive, and it was just the start.

                  Dave quickly fixed himself another cup and chugged that one much like the last. He barely even noticed the warmth or the taste of the hot cocoa. Those aspects no longer interested him. All he wanted was to grow.

                  Dave was absolutely giddy as he watched his cock grow and grow. His cock was already thicker around than he was and probably longer than he was tall. It was tough to tell given the angle. His rock-hard cock now jutted out in front of him like a diving board. His massive nuts now rested solidly on the ground.

                  Dave was tempted to tear into yet another pouch and make himself another cup, but he thought better of it at the last second. As fascinated as he was by his current size and as excited as he was by the prospects of growing bigger, there was another thought playing at the back of his mind that caused a smirk to play at the corners of his lips.

                  Dave instead turned and stumbled back into the front room. He thought it was tough to walk before! Now Dave swayed and stumbled awkwardly with each step. His massive cock threatened to make him fall forward. His enormous nuts were so huge that Dave had to hoist his sack up and use his feet to guide either nut with each step he took. He felt like a penguin the way he was waddling towards the fireplace, but he didn’t let the visual dissuade him.

                  Once Dave was safely in the warm aura of the comforting fire, he peeled off his shirt and tossed it aside leaving him completely nude. Somehow the loss of his last garment drove home just how sexy he had become. He had a cock that could only be described as godly. His cock was taller and thicker than most people he knew! It was the perfect size for what he had planned to do next.

                  Dave got down on his knees which caused his nuts to push his cock upward and against his chest. Dave reached out and wrapped his arms around the fantastic rod. It was every bit as amazing as he had imagined. The warm, supple flesh pressed against his arms, and chest, and belly, and face. His very soul cried out with joy, but he needed to feel more. He wanted more of it against him, and there was only one way to do that.

                  Dave slowly shifted his weight to the side and guided his massive cock down to the ground with him. Soon he was lying on his side, nuzzled up against the largest cock he had ever seen. He was practically spooning the behemoth, but this was only phase one of his master plan. Dave once again shifted his weight so that could sling his leg over the side of the enormous cock as if he was mounting it like a motorcycle. Soon he was lying face down atop his own colossal cock. His butt was pressed up against his enormous sack. His cock was so huge it was as if he was straddling a Clydesdale instead of a cock. His toes could only just barely touch the rug beneath him.

                  Dave steadily rocked his body backwards and forwards, causing his colossal cock to grind against the rug beneath him. The grinding felt amazing, but nowhere near as amazing as the warmth emanating from his cock which now eclipsed his entire body for sheer size and scale. Feeling the warm, soft flesh against his face and body was as soothing as it was erotic. Dave wanted nothing more than to nuzzle against the massive cock and cum and cum again.

                  Dave continued to grind his cock against the rug. He was in no real hurry to cum. He wanted to enjoy the experience for as long as he could, but he couldn’t stop himself from getting a little carried away. It wasn’t long before a steady stream of pre was oozing from the tip of his massive cock. The warm, wet liquid dripped onto the floor below. His cock was so massive that the tip of it jutted well past the edge of the rug so that his pre splashed down on the wooden flooring.

                  Soon it was no longer Dave rocking his cock. He was so hot and bothered and close to cumming that his cock began rocking back. His enormous rod flexed and shuddered as it prepared for what was sure to be the largest climax the world had ever seen. Dave dug his arms and legs in against the sides of his enormous schlong and braced for impact. His cock gave a hard lurch… and another… and then the dam broke.

                  Massive ropes of jizz erupted from his cock. The hot, sticky spurts of cum crashed down against the hardwood in the neighboring room. Some of the jizz even splattered against the far wall of the dining room. The room was quickly coated in his spunk, but Dave was far too far gone to worry about any mess he might be making. He was so wracked with blissful, orgasmic pleasure that all he could think of was how amazing his cock and balls felt and how wonderful he felt nuzzled up against the behemoth.

                  Eventually, Dave’s cum shots began to taper off. What was once like controlled jets from a firehose became weak spurts. Said weak spurts were still far larger than any cum shot Dave had ever seen prior to today, but they paled in comparison to the wall-washing blasts from just a few seconds ago, and soon his shots tapered off altogether.

                  Dave slumped exhausted against the top of his cock. He lay there for what felt like ages just basking in the afterglow. He would have been happy to remain there for hours, had the chill of the cold night not steadily begun to seep into his exposed flesh. The fire was beginning to die down. Even the fake crackle of logs had vanished due to his laptop running out of battery. Without the heat from the fireplace and the soothing crackle to lull Dave to sleep, the chill soon became unbearable, but Dave was not upset by this turn of events. He was feeling so amazing after that climax, and he now had the best cuddle buddy a guy could ask for.

                  Dave rolled off the side of his cock and thumped down against the rug below. He managed to drag his bait and tackle with him the few feet he needed to go in order to get back to his mound of blankets and wasted no time in once again burrowing under the heavy comforters. Once he had the blankets completely over his body, he once again wrapped his arms around his cock as best he could and nuzzled against the warm, soft flesh of his colossal softy. As Dave slowly drifted off to sleep his thoughts once again turned to his boyfriend who was weathering the storm in a small motel room in town. Dave couldn’t wait to share his new and improved cock with Jake, and if Jake didn’t feel like sharing then… well… there was still half a box of Cocko.

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