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    This could be the most important post I’ve ever shared. Please Share it with anyone who is or might be going through this terrible disease.



    My mom has fairly severe respiratory issues and is recovering from joint replacement; her PT told her the same info about sleeping/sitting positions and how they impact the lungs. Fascinating.


    👏🏾Education 👏🏾is 👏🏾a 👏🏾right,👏🏾 not👏🏾 a👏🏾 service 👏🏾

    Pass along and use the shit out of them


    [id: tweet from id : awthread @awthread

    “coursera.com: free college classes you can take online

    slader. come: literally every textbook’s answer

    wolframalpha.com: can solve almost any mathematical equations

    readanybook.com: free books

    thriftbooks.com: cheap books

    polishmywriting.com: paste a text into it and it’ll give you grammar & spelling corrections

    tipofmytongue.com: helps you find the word you were thinking of

    gutenberg.org: free ebooks to download.”

    end id]

    Free Online Language Courses


    Here is a masterpost of MOOCs (massive open online courses) that are available, archived, or starting soon. I think they will help those that like to learn with a teacher or with videos.  You can always check the audit course or no certificate option so that you can learn for free.

    American Sign Language

  • ASL University
  • Sign Language Structure, Learning, and Change
  • Arabic

  • Arabic Without Walls
  • Madinah Arabic
  • Moroccan Arabic
  • Armenian

  • Depi Hayk
  • Bengali

  • Learn Bangla (Register to see course)
  • Catalan

  • Parla.Cat
  • Speak Cat
  • Chinese (Mandarin)


  • Chinese for Beginners
  • Chinese Characters for Beginners
  • Chinese for HSK 1
  • Chinese for HSK 2
  • Chinese for HSK 3 I & II
  • Chinese for HSK 4
  • Chinese for HSK 5
  • Mandarin Chinese Level I
  • Mandarin Chinese Essentials
  • Mandarin Chinese for Business
  • More Chinese for Beginners
  • Start Talking Mandarin Chinese
  • UT Gateway to Chinese
  • Intermediate

  • Intermediate Business Chinese
  • Intermediate Chinese Grammar
  • Mandarin for Intermediate Learners I
  • Dutch

  • Introduction to Dutch
  • English

  • Online Courses here
  • Resources Here
  • Faroese

  • Faroese Course
  • Finnish

  • A Taste of Finnish
  • French


  • AP French Language and Culture
  • Elementary French I & II
  • Français Interactif
  • Vivre en France - A1
  • Vivre en France- A2
  • Intermediate & Advanced

  • French Intermediate course B1-B2
  • Passe-Partout
  • Travailler en France A2-B1                    
  • Vivre en France - B1  
  • German


  • Deutsch im Blick
  • German Project
  • German at Work
  • Goethe Institute
  • Gwich’in

  • Introduction to Gwich’in Language
  • Hebrew

  • Biblical Hebrew
  • UT Austin
  • Hindi

  • A Door into Hindi
  • Virtual Hindi
  • Icelandic

  • Icelandic 1-5
  • Indonesian

  • Learn Indonesian
  • Irish

  • Irish 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107
  • Italian


  • Beginner’s Italian I
  • Introduction to Italian
  • Intermediate & Advanced

  • AP Italian Language and Culture
  • Intermediate Italian I
  • Advanced Italian I
  • Japanese

  • Genki
  • Japanese JOSHU
  • Japanese Pronunciation
  • Marugoto Courses
  • Tufs JpLang
  • Korean


  • First Step Korean
  • How to Study Korean
  • Introduction to Korean
  • Learn to Speak Korean
  • Pathway to Spoken Korean
  • Intermediate

  • Intermediate Korean
  • Norwegian

  • Introduction to Norwegian I, Norwegian II
  • Norwegian on the Web
  • Persian

  • Easy Persian
  • PersianDee
  • Polish

  • Online Course
  • Portuguese

  • Pluralidades em Português Brasileiro
  • Russian


  • A1 Course
  • I speak Russian
  • Intermediate

  • B1 Course
  • B1+ Course
  • B2.1 Course
  • B2.2 Course
  • Spanish


  • AP Spanish Language & Culture
  • Basic Spanish I, Spanish II
  • Spanish for beginners
  • Spanish for Beginners 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Spanish Vocabulary
  • Advanced

  • Corrección, Estilo y Variaciones 
  • Leer a Macondo
  • Swahili

  • Online Course
  • Turkish

  • Online Course
  • Ukrainian

  • Read Ukrainian
  • Speak Ukrainian
  • Welsh

  • Beginner’s Welsh
  • Discovering Wales
  • Yoruba

  • Yorùbá Yé Mi
  • Multiple Languages

  • Ancient Languages
  • More Language Learning Resources & Websites!
  • Last updated: May 2019


    Remember: Once the clock turns over to 2021, all Flash functionality on every browser will be permanently killed. If you want to still be able to play Flash games or watch Flash animations that haven’t been preserved in a non-SWF format, go install Newgrounds Player. It works for both online-hosted and downloaded SWFs. I’ve provided a link to it in the source below, since putting a link in the post itself will keep posts like these from showing up in tags and search results.

    For Homestar Runner stuff, HRWiki.org has direct links to all the animations and games. Just replace the “html” with “swf” in the URL when loading them in Newgrounds Player and you should be good to go.


    This is because of the Ray-Bans isn't it?


    love how they're blaming users instead of making their website more secure


    I totally get shitting on Tumblr staff for the lulz but the last major Tumblr data breach was seven years ago and was announced four years (and, like, three new Tumblr owners) ago.

    Tumblr has made it extremely easy to use 2FA and has beefed up security in a lot of ways over the years.

    And none of that matters if users haven't changed their passwords since 2013 or reuse passwords across accounts or have handed account access to third party apps with ToSs that people never read.

    Change your password, use a password manager (my rec: bitwarden - free, open source, and simple to use), don't reuse passwords across accounts, and enable 2FA on every site that gives you the option to do so.

    If you think this isn't your problem and you don't have to worry about it maybe head over to Have I Been Pwned to see if your email address or password has been put up for sale after a breach.


    And for the record: your email addresses and usernames are likely to show up as "compromised" or "breached" or whatever but an email address or a username without a password is completely useless (and even if your security answers were exposed all of that is useless without a password if you've got 2FA enabled)

    Don't worry so much about usernames or email addresses that are being sold in lots from data breaches, just let them act as a warning that you need to be especially careful to use unique, complex passwords and 2FA on those accounts.


    As an illustration - when I search my old tumblr password from when I first joined the site:

    And what shows up when  I look up my email address:

    The way HIBP works is that they collect lists of breached data, sort it into a database, and search it when someone sends a request to check their credentials. They show their work and you can download some of the lists yourself; if you’d like to learn more about why it’s not possible for tumblr to protect against these kinds of attacks without some action on the part of the user I’d recommend reading Have I Been Pwneds FAQ: https://haveibeenpwned.com/FAQs

    If your email shows up in breaches PLEASE make sure to change your passwords on all the sites known to have breaches that have included your email. This is an EXCELLENT, free tool that you should absolutely make use of and is safe to use.


    That’s why we keep getting hacked lmao


    its because schools are so caught up in violating students every rights to privacy that they are blatently disregarding thoes same kids safety. zoom allowes you to track eye movements. mousepad/mouse movemenst. the browser activitiy of the user. its horrifying and dare i fucking say litteral motherfucking spyware. its not a app its a fucking virus.   its so horrifically easy to guess every facet of zoom that im guessing that schools just looked at the violation features and took them in without a second throught or trial. they disregard better functioning programs like discord because they are horrified that thoes programs would give students a sliver of privacy their instistance on using zoom is a very clear direct cause of schools horrific obsession with micromanageing every single facet of a students life.  report the fucking app.  get it taken down


    If you have to use Zoom, your best bet is to run it from the browser. The Zoom website will try to get you to use the app, but if you keep declining that, it will use its browser-based interface. Since browsers have much better security, they’re unable to do any kind of persistent monitoring and have almost no access to system activities. When you close the tab, you can be assured that it isn’t running.





    Pro tip: If you copy and paste a link that said “no free articles” into a private/incognito browser, it will let you read the whole thing.


    also if u press the “esc” (escape) key on ur laptop before the page fully loads, it won’t load any pop-ups blocking u from reading. if the article has images, then this method sometimes does not u see them. but! the words will be fine :)


    If the site is particularly badly designed, you might just be able to delete the overlay itself. Right click > Inspect element and delete the line of HTML (it’ll be highlighted automatically)


    hey kids there is a website calledoutline.com that will let you read from pretty much any news site with a paywall for free


    Best trick I ever picked up. Seriously.



    Anything that isn’t critical in the moment, and could be filled in later while I’m currently trying to burn through writing pages that will be lost if I don’t get them out right now? Brackets.


    This is seriously the best advice, and it really helps put it into perspective that the first draft is just that- a draft. There’s no reason to agonize over a particularly tricky bit of writing when you could just leave it in brackets and skip to the good parts, the parts you’ve visualized. I also use brackets for [fact-check this], [use a stronger verb], [is this in character?] and other notes as I write, just so I don’t forget what I want to work on when I go back and edit. 


    This works for academic writing too. If you know where you’re going just leave yourself notes to fill in later. I do this all the time,


    Okay so I’ve always done this, but since it’s not commonly known for everyone, so sharing in case it helps someone out!


    As an editor, if an author who is comfortable with it sends me an early draft, I’ll put bracket notes like this in for them as well.


    All of this. This is why I don’t “outline” like they teach in school. I just start writing. If I have a sentence or a paragraph or a page, I just write. If all I have is a statement or even an out of context note, that’s what what gets out in.

    This is what my first drafts look like. Half out of context notes, half contextual notes, half scene starts, half chapters, all mushed together.


    Invest in yourself and you increase your income🔥


    Filtering is definitely a must!

    Here are some links to it, but also research excel, sharepoint, and PowerPoint on youtube!!!


    Citizen: *goes to college, accumulates at least tens of thousands of dollars in debt, almost burns out*

    HR interviewer: You’ve got the education, but we’re not sure you have the knowledge and experience necessary for this line of work.

    Citizen: I also…. Know how, to…. use Excel(?)

    Interviewer: *trying to hide massive work-boner while noticeably sweating* Go on….


    Lmaoooooo true. Reblogging for those looking to add marketable skills to their applications


    And this is tiktok we need


    75% of the time if something is paywalled, fucking around in developer mode looking for a link to the real thing or finding and deleting the content blocker works like a charm


    also if ur lazy like me or just straight up cant figure out how to do this without deleting 90% of the page 

    theres this extention called Poper Blocke

    which not only.. blocks popups. but also has this thing called “Remove Overlay” when u right click which works a good 99% of the time in my experience in getting rid of paywalls.


    when you find an academic source that’s perfect for your paper but it’s behind a pay wall


    Deciding to cite it anyway base on the abstract, knowing your professor probably won’t go through and look up every source in works cited


    if you guys want to read academic papers but they’re behind a paywall, get the chrome extension Unpaywall. when you visit a site that requires you pay for their journal to view the article, the extension will look for other open access sites that will show you the article for free, and it’s all completely legal. all that money goes to the publisher, the writer of the paper gets none of it. https://unpaywall.org


    If you can find out an author’s name, contact them. They may be willing to email it to you.For free. 


    Check researchgate.net and academia.edu! Also authors’ professional websites.


    Reblog to save a life