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    So I’ve been sitting on this one for a while but thanks to @marveliskindacool and @imagine-that-marvel I’m feeling a lot better about uploading it. @lost-in-my-arms, sorry - I couldn’t follow the request explicitly but I hope the fic is still enjoyable nonetheless. Be brutal with your feedback - though you should know there is a part 2. Enjoy, my darlings!

    Prompt[s]: the reader, who’s a new Avenger, has the same powers (and name, and costume, maybe) as Daredevil, being blind and all, knows when someone is lying; is great fighting (everyone) Pietro, since she can pinpoint where he is even when running. Cracks jokes about being blind all the time. This sort of stuff. Maybe something romantic with Bucky, or Pietro?

    ‘More Than Meets The Eye’

    Pietro sighed. The coffee shop was buzzing. Perhaps in a novella such an atmosphere would incite excitement. However, all Pietro wanted to do was sit, rest his feet, and drink his coffee. You’d have thought it would be simple.

    Just as he was beginning to think that he might have to take his drink elsewhere, he spotted an empty seat in the corner of the room, near a partially empty table. In such a crowded room, using his speed never ended well so he fought his way to the table patiently. It wouldn’t have bothered him so much if he wasn’t wary of the fact that there would be other patrons searching for a place to sit and this seemed to be the last available space.

    Unfortunately, on account of his hopes being so high, they fell all the harder when a well-built gentleman arrived, seemingly out of nowhere, and fell into the chair. The polished wood groaned under the weight, and Pietro groaned under his breath – or so he had thought. The man turned and met his gaze with ferocity.

    “You got a problem?” He asked, pulling out his newspaper and unfolding it to make a point. This guy was not going anywhere. Before Pietro could begin to speak, somebody appeared at his side and placed their hand in the crook of his arm.

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    Dating Pietro Maximoff would include

  • piggy-back rides through Central Park
  • midnight bowling
  • prank wars
  • girls night with Wanda
  • shower sex
  • Netflix and “Pietro not right now i really like this movie”
  • babysitting Nathaniel
  • “Piet don’t dROP HIM”
  • being the center of attention at all of Tony’s parties
  • sometimes he texts in nothing but emojis and it drives you insane
  • pizza night
  • him getting jealous when you spend more time with Wanda than with him
  • him being a needy lil shit
  • pda pda pda pda
  • you can’t argue with him without him swooping in and kissing you
  • “you’re so cute when you’re angry” “well i’m about to be fucking adorable”
  • worrying about him when he’s too reckless
  • taking gym selfies but never really working out
  • extensive make-out sessions
  • stupid snapchats to each other
  • him acting like a fuckboy to irritate you
  • “what would we be doing if i was there?” “i’m literally on a mission rn Pietro”
  • making fun of the really stupid infomercials when there’s nothing else on
  • you can’t kiss properly bc you’re both always smiling
  • stealing all of his jackets
  • forcing him to watch chick flicks
  • he complains about it but he actually likes it bc he gets to hold you and play with your hair
  • Wanda telling you all the stories about when he was a kid
  • when he kisses your neck he likes to rub his stubble on you because it really tickles and he loves hearing you laugh
  • it being the most annoying yet sweetest and most perfect relationship ever
  • “(Y/N) are you alright, don’t vorry I’ll get Bruce in here to make sure you’re okay,” Pietro panicked, zooming up to you as you looked up from the book you were reading.

    “And why would I be I injured?” You asked, clearly not amused by his antics.

    “Because you just fell from Heaven of course,” Pietro smirked, looking like he had just delivered the smoothest line in history.  

    “Actually I scraped my knee climbing out of hell,” You replied on instinct, ignoring him and going back to your book. Pietro, however, seemed determined to get your attention, so much so he plucked the book from your hands and sped off somewhere else. Getting more than pissed you tried to chase after him, finally reaching your whit’s ends you turned the gravity in the area off. Pietro floated in the air, holding your book.

    “Drop it,” You growled as he struggled to move without the assistance of gravity.

    “Alright Printsessa, but only for you,” He chuckled before dropping the book into your hands. You walked out of the room, and with a click of your fingers, Pietro fell to the floor with a thud. Pietro only smirked after you, he wasn’t giving up yet.


    If only Pietro wasn’t so hot, and you weren’t so stubborn something would happen between you two. Wanda and Natasha were on short fuses with you both, and Tony just wanted the pair of you to stop being idiots.

    You walked down the towers hallway, nose in your book once again. Before you knew it, you were tackled to the ground, and of course, Pietro was above you.

    “Sorry Solnishko, I didn’t see you there,” Pietro chuckled as he eyes your face. A raging blush spread across your face from the position you were both in before you pushed him off and stood up.

    “You definitely did that on purpose,” You huffed before walking off once again.


    “I swear to god if something doesn’t happen between the two of them I’m going to make something happen,” Natasha hissed as she watched Pietro try to flirt with you once again.

    “Don’t vorry, it vill happen soon, I assure you,” Wanda responded casually.

    “Your lips look so lonely; would they like to meet mine?” Pietro asked, leaning closer to you. You placed your hands on his lips, pushing his head back.

    “No thanks,” You replied dramatically trying to ignore him still. Pietro huffed in annoyance before looking at you with a frown on his face.

    “Oh come on katyonak, vhy von’t you play along for once. I know you like me I’m not zhat stupid,” Pietro huffed, smiling upon seeing the surprise on your face.

    “Fine then. Are you a magician? Cause every time I see you everyone else disappears,” You replied. Pietro seemed taken aback for a second before a grin spread on his face.

    “Are you happy now!? I hate you so much,” You groaned before getting up from where you were sitting and going off to your room. Pietro only continued to grin, maybe he did have a chance with you.

    "Put this on."

    "Why?" You caught the jacket he'd thrown at you. Your best one, or at least the cleanest, hidden away in the closet, safe from baby vomit and food stains. He wore that know-it-all grin, one that always told you he was getting into trouble. You weren't sure what this was about. You figured it would be like any other night. Tend to the kids, dinner, chores, catch up about your days in between, asleep before midnight to start it all over again. Your lives had lost most of the excitement you had from back when you were dating. Falling into routine with your marriage, your family, your careers, everything. It was more perfect than you ever expected. You loved your life, but sometimes you caught yourself missing being spontaneous, you missed the adventure, and Pietro could tell.

    "We have a date." He declared.

    "What about the kids? The dishes? Homework?" You asked. He shook his head, grabbing his keys, wallet, everything you needed to get out of the house. Pietro had been planning this for a week now. It was hard to keep it a secret. Normally, he told you everything, especially something this thrilling, but it had to be a surprise. It couldn't work if it wasn't. He'd made sure everything was handled in the most responsible way possible. A Friday night, so you could stay out late. A babysitter you hired often, who knew your kids, your family. The older ones were in on it, distracting you so he could plan all this. They helped with the chores and their younger siblings homework. The whole family wanted you to have a fun night out like you used to, they wanted you to be happy.

    "I've got that all handled, my love. Tonight is about us, nothing else."

    Headcanons for being shy and Pietro Maximoff falling for you

    Pietro Maximoff x reader

    warnings: gun/shooting mention (sokovia reference)


    prompt: anonymous: headcanon for mcu!pietro maximoff falling in love and dating a shy reader”

  • so you weren’t the most social
  • you typically minded your business
  • but when you caught pietro’s eye, it was hard to shake him
  • pietro and you met purely by coincidence
  • he and his sister, wanda, were having a calm day at a coffee shop
  • much needed after their previous endeavors
  • you were quietly reading a book at a table nearby when pietro noticed you
  • “you should talk to them, brother”
  • “you think so?”
  • “it would be much more productive than staring”
  • he disappeared from wanda’s view and appeared in the chair opposite to you, he took you by surprise, to say the least
  • you nearly jumped out of your own chair
  • “oh, god! i didn’t see you there”
  • “what can i say, it’s a gift”
  • *awkward chuckle from you*
  • pietro did all the talking, you found it funny how he was desperate to learn more about you
  • i think he mistook your shyness for mystery
  • “you know, you’re not much of a talker”
  • *nervous chuckling*
  • pietro was persistent, you’ll give him that
  • later he left you alone, which you were kind of disappointed about. you were just warming up to him
  • lucky for you, he decided to show up again the next day at the same time
  • “well, hello again”
  • “hello, pietro”
  • “oh! you remembered my name. i feel honored”
  • “you’re so weird”
  • “actually, my sister is the weird one. i’m just fast”
  • “so i’ve noticed”
  • pietro was polite, though
  • and after a few more meetings at this coffee shop, he asked you on a date somewhere other than here
  • he chose near the water in new york, told you he hasn’t seen much yet and he wanted to see it with you
  • you yourself were pretty new to the area, so why not?
  • pietro had a thing for literally walking circles around you
  • you didn’t know how to react other than to smile at his odd manners
  • and when he touched you, you felt butterflies, it wasn’t a usual thing for you
  • as time went on, you got much more comfortable with him and opened up a bit more
  • “so that’s why i have four locks on the door at my apartment”
  • “i think you should have more”
  • “you think?”
  • him getting to hear your genuine laugh, pure joy instead of nerves or awkwardness
  • that was the ticket for him, pietro knew you were absolutely the one for him
  • also you were fascinated by him
  • “what is this scar?”
  • “oh, yes, a bullet wound. the police in sokovia were supposed to stop firing, but i ended up being hit in the arm. i don’t recommend it”
  • “i’ll keep that in mind”
  • wanda took a liking to you!
  • “so you’re the pretty face i’ve been hearing so much about”
  • “it’s really nice to meet you”
  • “you too, darling! you’re apart of the family now”
  • she gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek and it was so sweet!!! she’s a sweetheart
  • “so you two are twins?”
  • “i’m twelve minutes older”
  • “pietro reminds everyone of that fact often”
  • pietro makes it his goal to make you feel as comfortable as you can always as soon as you open up to him about being shy and just a bit anxious around people
  • and he learned to notice how you act when you’re uncomfortable, too, just in case you ever need anything
  • but you aren’t afraid to whisper in his ear that you’re uncomfortable and have him take you away from the situation
  • pietro is all-around a sweet guy even after the heartbreaking obstacles he faced growing up
  • so now the two of you just show each other as much love you could ever give
  • taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @allthecreativeonesaretaken // @frostedgiant // @praellee // @emygirl // @lotsoffandomrecs //


    Hi!! Could you do general yandere Pietro Maximoff :) Btw I love your blog

    General Yandere Pietro Maximoff

    Thank you!💖 I'm glad you're liking it💚

  • Pietro is naturally impatient, it comes with the territory of being a speedster, add in his delusional and obsessive behavior and you're in trouble. He's not going to be able to be without you for too long. The only reason he hasn't already taken you is most likely due to his sister. Wanda has to keep him in check, always telling him wait and be more patient but he just can't hold out that much longer.
  • You probably wouldn't even know it but Pietro will follow you everywhere you go, keeping an eye on you and staying close by in case anything dangerous happens. He would take you then and there in these moments if it weren't for the words of his sister in the back of his mind telling him otherwise.
  • Pietro has one hell of a mean jealous streak. He just can't even fathom the thought of you with someone else and he won't either, if he can't have you then no one can and he will stand by that. If anyone did try to sweep you up before he had the chance, they'll be gone and you'll be in a new place you aren't familiar with.
  • If your consistently rebellious, uncooperative and just keep causing Pietro trouble, Wanda will step in and manipulate your mind to make you behave and accept Pietro and his affection. Wanda wants to see her brother happy and if you make him happy then she'll do everything in her power to keep you submissive and compliant for him.
  • Pietro could literally just up and relocate you at the snap of a finger. If anyone's looking for you they won't be able to find you easily if at all. You're going to be stuck with Pietro for a while before anyone can even get a hint to where you might be.
  • He loves to talk to you in Sokovien, he'll tell you everything he loves about you in both his mother tongue and yours. You probably won't understand but with all the time you'll have together Pietro will definitely teach you.
  • I feel like Wanda and Pietro are a packaged deal in a sense. Like you'll be the signficant other or lover of one of them and then the other will develop a Platonic relationship (yandere or non-yandere) with you. They've only had each other for so long, even when their parents were alive, and that won't change even after they've started their own lives and families, they will still be close by for each other.
  • Păpuşă (Part 3)

    Read Part 1Part 2

    A/N: Fic Friday is back! 

    Pietro Maximoff liked to get on your nerves and he was good at it because you were annoyed simply at his mere presence. Now Steve has sent the pair of you on an undercover mission as husband and wife. But the mission may have been more complicated then intended, for more than one reason.


    Pairing: Pietro x Reader
    Warnings: language, angst, kidnap
    Words: 1,800

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    Secret Confessions Masterlist

    Bucky Barnes x Reader College AU

    Summary: After an unexpected break up with Bucky, you change a few things. Your hair, your number, even your schedule for the upcoming semester. But after weeks of dodging the topic, your roommates (MJ, Peter and the Twins) and your close friend Natasha decide it’s time to help you move on.

    Meanwhile, Bucky just wants to make bad decisions, like agreeing to text a total stranger, in peace. But that won’t happen so easily with Steve Rogers as his best friend.

    Warnings: language, mentions of drinking, angst, everyone is a dumbass

    Inspired by: @geosaurusrrex@sunmoonandbucky @mypassionsarenysins @imaginingbucky & soo many others!

    AN: moodboard was made by the wonderful @fangirlinsweden 🥰🥰


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