I remember finding out that the person was going “is this allowed” to the girl bc the ‘guy’ in the photo is actually a realistic sex doll called a “sinthetic” that she was on a date with. They cost thousands of dollars.

    That fucked me up


    i did not need to know that


    @spelviin why would u hide this in the tags lol


    Dobson’s biggest and most controversial comics from 2004-2014, according to him.

    Notice in that last bit how he feels the need to brag and puff himself up at being some big important activist “taking a stand” or something, and not just a guy drawing a bunch of strawman comics to try and get internet fame.


    Now that his websites are borked, are there any working links to those controversial artworks? I haven’t seen some of them in ages and others I haven’t seen at all!


    You know, I’ve gotten a few requests wanting to see his listed examples of “controversial art” he’s supposed gotten flack for, and while I have actually shared a lot of it at various times on here, I figured I should probably have everything linked in one place. Keep in mind this may go through multiple reblogs to get everything, since tumblr has an image/link limit per post, and that some of the images may be low quality due to them being old screencaps of images that have been long deleted. So let’s get started.

    NOTE: The post continues all examples listed up to “2011 - Made a comic about how Minecraft ISN’T evil based off a talk show segment featuring very stupid people”

    2004 - Made a picture about how no one really cares about Global Warming

    2005 - Took the side of Jark in the Deviant Art Hotile Takeover Controversy

    2007 and Onward - Made a series of “Danny & Spot” comics dedicated to defending the Wii from the hatred hardcore gamers had over it

    2008 - Took a stand against Anime because I had just been burned by the Anime club and I was still resentful and bitter over it.

    2008 - Made a Howard and Nester comic because I was pissed off at the shitty comic that officially ran in Nintendo Power reintroducing him to the public

    2008 - Took a stand against Christians not understanding several religions celebrate their religious holidays the same time as Christmas

    2008 - Made a comic where a group of Pirate girls insulted men

    2008 - Took a stand against California’s Proposition 8

    2008 - Made an illustration showing my support of Obama(which might seem moot now but at the time it was HIGHLY controversial)

    2009 and Onward - Have made numerous LGBT support illustrations for various LGBT holidays and events

    2010 - Made fun of the PS3’s blatant copying of the Wii Remote

    2010 - Made fun of right-wing patriots of America

    2010 - Made an illustration expressing my hatred of George Lucas’s continual BOTCHING of the Star Wars franchise

    2010 - Made a comic about how much it annoyed me that all the old American continuity for various Nintendo games were being phased out in favor of the official Japanese continuity

    2010 - Made an illustration about the ecological crisis that arose when an oil tanker crashed into the Gulf of Mexico

    2011 and Ongoing - Started a whole new comic series dedicated to complaint about issues comic artists go through

    2011 - Made a comic about how Minecraft ISN’T evil based off a talk show segment featuring very stupid people


    from observations, I feel like many people took “history books are full of propaganda” and ran with it and instead of more deeply investigating history from varying sources, they just don’t know jack shit about history


    I need everyone that has ever talked about “overthrowing capitalism” to understand that

    • people have tried to create a peaceful, oppression-free society before, but it turns out that’s really hard.
    • The reasons it’s really hard are almost entirely practical and many of them are the boring and logistical sort of practical.
    • Change happens incrementally. Revolutions and revolts...they happen when people hit the breaking point. But the idea that they throw out an old society completely and create a new one from scratch is itself propaganda. They don’t always result in a better society. They always result in a deeply flawed society. Also people die. Very often the most powerful people don’t die, and sometimes they end up powerful in the new society.

    "It ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new. This coolness arises partly from fear of the opponents, who have the laws on their side, and partly from the incredulity of men, who do not readily believe in new things until they have had a long experience of them."

    - Niccolò Machiavelli, from The Prince (1532)


    I feel like all the wannabe revolutionaries on Tumblr really need to accept the fact that, if you hold a revolution, people will die.

    And not just the people you want to die. In fact, the members of The Rich (… and their kids. Most 'kill the rich' revolutions have also ended up having to murder their minor children so as to avoid them growing up into counter-revolutionaries) that you don't kill personally are probably more likely to survive than your average person. One of the benefits of being The Rich is easier access to resources.

    But like… overthrowing the government and reworking society from scratch is probably going to fuck over the healthcare and welfare systems at least a little, and people depend in them to survive. The inevitable counter revolution and fighting in the streets will lead to innocent civilians getting caught in the crossfire.

    And if you think that that's worth it then… sure. It's not like violent revolutions have never achieved positive results. But like, you don't then get to go around telling people not to vote in elections or work to achieve change through peaceful means, because "it won't fix everything". Neither will a revolution.


    I agree, but I want to draw attention to “probably going to fuck over the healthcare and welfare systems a bit” because that’s the understatement of the century.

    An actual violent armed revolt and overthrow of the U.S. government (not that I think many people have seriously thought about/considered that) would result in mass death, likely of millions or tens of millions of people. The reason is depressingly simple: infrastructure.

    The Texas cold snap disaster and the Nashville bombing are tiny pieces of foreshadowing for what could happen if violent unrest spread across the country.

    First thing: foodways. We are totally dependent on a huge, inter-state system for food. Very little of the food eaten by anyone anywhere in the country is produced locally. If we suddenly stop being able to ship food supplies across the country and in from other countries, many communities cannot fall back on local resources. At all. Our crops are grown in gigantic monocultures. Rural and isolated areas are often almost totally dependent on chains like Dollar General for grocery shopping.

    Second thing: electricity. Not only would it be ridiculously easy to knock out the electricity of most areas, our electrical infrastructure would probably fall apart within like a few months on its own without constant maintenance. Over winter break my community had a couple power outages that affected a few hundred people. They lasted only about half a day because there are workers on call at all hours of the night to address and fix those problems. We’re literally dependent on people being available at all times to access and repair the infrastructure, and if anything happens to those people, their resources, their supplies, their ability to travel to the source of a problem, we’re fucked. Homes will no longer be heated or air conditioned, food stored in freezers will thaw out and rot.

    Third thing is transportation. Americans are almost exclusively dependent on personal vehicles that run on fossil fuels for transportation outside of large cities. There are no passenger trains or buses for a huge portion of the country. If anything happens to people’s ability to access fuel and to drive on roads in cars, they’re not getting anywhere except on foot.

    It is important to realize that America is BIG. A lot of Americans live in very isolated areas with an incredibly low population density. It is not at all uncommon to have an hour-long commute to work every day, or to live two hours from the nearest supermarket. Distributing aid after a wide ranging collapse of any of our infrastructure would be an absolute nightmare. You couldn’t easily gather people at a central location and provide them with necessities. They cant get there. You can’t even tell them where “there” is.

    Every life sustaining system in the country is being held together by a scrap of dingy duct tape. The system is thoroughly broken but it’s broken in such a successful way that there is nothing else to fall back on. There are no local communities that are meaningfully self sustaining, at least not any that couldn’t be thrown into fighting for survival practically at the push of a button.

    And literally all of these things are designed around capitalism.

    If you violently overthrow the American capitalist system and replace it completely with something new, these life-sustaining systems are going too. The private companies that manage the power grid are gone; who’s coordinating efforts to keep it up and running, and how? The big companies controlling all grocery stores are gone; how are we going to reorganize foodways? How are we going to source and distribute food? We’re doing away with fossil fuels; where is our electricity coming from, what is powering the vehicles that carry our food, how are 300 million people going to make it to the places where food is being distributed? How will you inform them?

    It only takes about 5 minutes of thought to realize that actually “overthrowing” capitalism means that everyone within capitalism that is most harmed and oppressed by it ends up dead within a month because there is no existing system to take care of those people.

    I think people are just wildly optimistic about the ability of a loose unorganized group of revolutionaries to miraculously organize and distribute necessities to people, to which I can only answer that you need to read a goddamn history book.

    This is what I mean—horrible botched revolutions, and in particular communist revolutions, usually aren’t horrible because primarily their ideas are flawed. They turn into nightmares initially because of very boring reasons like logistics.

    Even if all humans were innately good and unselfish, it is just so ridiculously fucking hard to coordinate large numbers of people and large amounts of resources and all the red tape that is necessary to even begin to work out how to make a built-from-scratch society function is mind boggling. “Whoops! We accidentally starved a million people to death because we miscalculated how much bread they would need. Sorry....”

    Imagine starting to try to regulate food safety, but the FDA no longer exists, food safety laws are void, the people that worked for the FDA are unemployed, the people that worked at the meat packing plant are unemployed, the people that shipped beef to the meat packing plant are no longer doing that (and also their trucks have no fuel because you shut down the fossil fuel industry), the basis of the farmers’ livelihood has collapsed. How do you even consult the scientists that would know about food safety and make sure their work is peer reviewed?

    The answer is that you don’t, because everybody is eating rats cooked over fires made from burning furniture, because you can’t just pop one Entire Societal Structure out and slide a new one in like they’re VHS tapes. It never happens this way.

    So what do you do? You copy the previous society, and its flaws! OR, as the leader of your country, you just come up with whatever ideas you think are good and make everybody do them, because in practice the ability to broadly coordinate actions and the ability to coerce large numbers of people are not super different—and you kill millions of people because you were slightly mistaken about something crucial about ironworking or farming or ecology.


    this kind of cataclysm is also what usually spurs targeted genocide because people have few resources so they turn on a group of people they can destroy to free up resources (e.g. money, homes, farm land, etc.). if you've only got so much food and you're stressed out 24/7, any dissonance between you and someone else eating the food makes it easier to feel validated in removing them from the picture and having more food for yourself. shiny human ideals are often no match against hunger and suffering, especially when they were designed to fight an enemy you've already overthrown.