“Did you help my fiance finish up the invitations?”

    “Yeah, we got them all done, and I helped him book the honeymoon suite for the wedding night too.”

    “Oh, thank you so much! You’re the best maid of honor ever, I don’t know how I can repay you.”

    “Oh, don’t worry, your fiance already repaid me.”


    “Damn it Vicky, did you fuck him?”

    “You chose well Sue, he’s so much better than your ex.”

    “Fucking hell! You knew I’ve been waiting until the wedding night.”

    “Yeah, that’s why I booked the room next to yours, so he’ll have a good wedding night no mater how your first time goes.”

    “Oh my God! Will you finally let me watch?”

    “Hmm, maybe. If you let me have him instead of fucking him yourself.”

    “Fucking hell Vicky! Why are you such a fucking bitch to me?”

    “It’s fun.”

    “Uhhh, alright, I won’t fuck him on the wedding night if you let me watch you with him.”

    “I think we both know he’ll prefer that anyway.”

    “I fucking hate you Vicky, why does it turn me on so damned much when you fuck my boyfriends?”

    “Because I’m better than you Sue, and you like knowing your man knows it. Oh, I have to go now. And sorry, your fiance isn’t going to make that cake tasting this afternoon.”

    Dad banging son's girlfriend

    It didn’t start out that way at all. I was just trying to be friendly and help my son out. He’d dated a couple women before that weren’t all that great, they treated him like crap, ordering him around and demanding he do everything for them while all they did was cheat on him. 

    But this new girl seemed so different, she’s nice to him and supportive and treats him right. She’s honestly a lot better to look at than the other girls had been too, so very sexy that I admitted to wishing I was my son’s age a time or two. But I knew that was just fantasy and tried my best to just be friendly and welcoming to her, looking forward to perhaps welcoming her into the family some day if all goes well.

    She is always very nice, like I said, to my son and me and everyone else. So kind and caring and polite, we all seemed to get along great. Considering how things were going I just thought it was to be a nice evening with them both when she invited me over to her apartment for dinner.

    Even when I showed up and she explained my son was having to work late and wouldn’t be there nothing seemed out of sorts, so we went ahead and sat down for dinner and started chatting.

    I probably should have picked up on her hints when she explained how all her friends say you should look at your boyfriend’s father to see how your man is likely to turn out and when she’d done that she had been very, very pleased by what she saw. I just thanked her and then talked about how great her and my son seem together.

    After dinner we had drinks and kept chatting a bit and it seemed she finally got frustrated about me not figuring out what she had been after all night. So many conversation points seemed different looking back at them after she finally just blurted out, “So will you please fuck me?”

    I was taken aback at first, of course. And she and I agreed that if my son ever asks about that night I was flattered but politely turned her down. And I guess we’ll have to tell him that same thing about the once a week or so since then that’s she’s invited me over when my son is at work.


    “I don’t think that skirt your mom is wearing is really big enough for her.”

    “Oh, she probably doesn’t have panties on either.”


    “And I’m sure she’ll shake her ass at you or try to get it in your face or something.”

    "Yeah, that was pretty hard not to notice. What the hell is that all about?”

    “She’s convinced it’s genetics and I’m going to end up overweight like her so she says I can only marry a guy who can’t resist her big fat ass.”

    “She seriously said that?”

    “Oh yeah, she’s very serious about it. So if you have any desire to get a ring on my finger you damned well better tap that fat ass soon.”

    “Are you really being serious right now?”

    “As serious as that raging hardon I see in your pants. Now put it to good use and fuck my mom because I plan to make you my husband some day.”


    I first saw him when he got behind me in the line at the register, even though he didn’t seem to have anything to buy. He wound up getting just a pack of gum so I wasn’t even out of the store when he was finished.

    He was walking past me when the wheel of the cart with all my stuff broke ten feet or so into the parking lot and he was very nice to help me pick up and carry my groceries to my car. When I thanked him he made a comment about walking behind me being thanks enough. I thought it certainly wasn’t and decided he should get a closer look so I bent to show him right there in the parking lot.

    After that human instinct sort of took over both of us and now I’ve got a four year old son who looks nothing like my husband. Sometimes I wish I’d got his name or something.


    I would love to have you come up with a short story. I have many more pics of my slut wife for you. Thanks, love your blog.

    I’m happy to do my best to create stories to go along with submitted pics. Sometimes it takes a little while for inspiration to strike so it always helps if you have any sort of theme or something you might like to let me know as it might help jog my creative brain a bit.

    And thank you very much for being a fan, I always appreciate hearing that people enjoy what I’m doing here.


    Would like to email you my slut wife pics personally and you can make up story line. I have quite a few. Post them at your leisure. Thanks

    I’m always happy to come up with a story but the best method is to submit through tumblr. If you wish to submit anonymously, just log out of tumblr and enter any made-up email (like on the submit site here. 

    It had seemed like it’d be just another boring family event, like this time of year always seems to be totally filled with. I knew my sexy aunt was going to be there and I’d been teasing my brother all week about how sexy she was and the rumors of her being a bit on the slutty side, especially with younger guys. Still, I figured nothing would come of it other than some fun teasing.

    But as the night went on my brother seemed to be eager to help my aunt with anything she needed, especially when her glass of wine was nearly empty. After a while I managed to pull myself away from a boring conversation between my dad and my uncle to notice both my brother and aunt seemed to be missing.

    I went looking for them, trying hard not to get my hopes up because I most likely wouldn’t find anything exciting. But, when I peaked in through a partially open door of one of the bedrooms far from the party in the dining room I was very happy to see my brother and aunt together. 

    She had another fresh and full glass of wine, but more importantly her large beautiful breasts were out of her shirt and in my brother’s hands. He stood behind her, absolutely naked and with his cock raging as hard as a rock. My aunt was clearly tipsy but not so drunk that she couldn’t tell him to leave her alone if she’d wanted to, instead she was leaning back into my naked brother, her hand running through his hair and pulling him closer as she moaned out his name.

    I was so very happy things had worked out between them how I’d been trying to arrange and I was as quiet as I could manage, sipping my own drink as I got ready for what I hoped would be a wonderfully sexy show.


    "So my daughter says you’re a total pervert.”

    “Damn it, does she tell you everything?”

    “Well she was rather upset when you guys broke up.”

    “It was a hard time, she’s a good girl but I just don’t think we have enough in common.”

    “Yes, she’s certainly no pervert.”

    “I probably came on pretty strong there too, honestly.”

    “She said you even asked to watch her pee, outdoors.”

    “Crap! Is there anything she didn’t tell you?”

    “Probably not, but there’s plenty I don’t tell her. Like how I think what you were asking for was not only reasonable but a wonderful idea.”

    “Oh, really?”

    “Totally. In fact, if you don’t mind watching a bit of an older woman I’ll be very happy to put on that show for you and anything else you may think of.”

    “If I get back with your daughter you mean?”

    "Well, she was pretty sad about breaking up...”

    The sex was always the best thing we had going, in fact there was not enough other good things between us to keep us together so we split and went our own ways.

    It was a couple months later, when she already had a new guy she’s living with, that my ex got in touch with me and suggested that just because other stuff didn’t work we don’t have to give up on the good sex. I think she actually likes me fucking her more now that we’re exes and her new guy has no clue, she can’t seem to resist me even if he’s just in the next room.


    The real photos of me are tagged #me. Hopefully you'll find inspiration for your best work yet? 💋me Kate.

    Why thanks so much for the invite. I can’t promise anything because I find if I try to force things I fail miserably but I’ll be very happy to take a look and see what inspiration strikes.


    I love you comments on your post. Would love to hear what you would say about one of are posts. They are very hot a creative comments.

    Why thank you very much. I’m always glad to hear what I’m doing is getting across and being enjoyed by others. 

    I’m happy to welcome your invite to add a caption to a post of yours, I’ll check them out and see if anything strikes my imagination.


    I had been doing my best not to get worried, but my wife was already nearly an hour late and she was normally a very prompt person.

    Finally I got a response to one of my texts asking her if she was alright and where she was.

    “Sorry dear, the car died and I couldn’t let you know because I was busy trying to get a ride, I’ll be with you at the restaurant in a few”

    Luckily I was holding the phone pretty close so I don’t think anyone else around saw it when I opened the picture sent along with her text message.


    I try hard to be in and out and fix things as quickly as possible and generally take pride in my job as the apartment maintenance man. Still it seems people complain about me being in their way or things not being fixed for too long, all while they do nothing at all.

    But all that kind of makes it even better when there is that rare tenant who is extremely grateful for my work, like lovely Mrs. Sanders over in 4F. In fact, she actually prefers me to not be so quickly in and out.