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    alright babes, uquiz time.

    find out who you would be in fantasy society. i’m reblogging with a link so tumblr doesn’t hide this. 

    Sounds about right

    the angry peasant you’re out for blood. you want justice and you want it now. go ahead, take some heads.

    I think this is the most accurate one of these things I’ve taken yet. 

    I think I want a fluffy period or fantasy thing to watch, but like... my taste is so damn specific it's ridiculous and once you add in focus issues affecting the novelty/familiarity level... I'm just gonna sit here scrolling the catalog all night, aren't I?

    Things I learned about mages/templars/magic from reading Asunder:

    • Wynne’s symbiosis with her spirit is distinct from Anders symbiosis with Justice, in that it seems much closer to the Mythal/Flemeth relationship where they are not distinct from each other but rather one entity. To get nerdy about it: Wynne and Flemeth are like lycan while Anders is more like a shark and remora fish.
    • There is a class of mage called a ‘spirit medium’ who can summon spirits into the waking world. This is mostly used to summon wisps and give them simple instructions.
    • A mage’s magic does seem to be, on some level, tied to their personality. There also seems to be some dna component of certain magical abilities. (Rhys and Wynne are both spirit mediums)
    • When severely injured, it hurts for a mage to summon mana for spells to a point where they might not be able to at all
    • With an amount of effort, templars can stop a spell from casting
    • Templars can also shield themselves and others from spells with their aura. This is not a perfect defense and can be overcome with a powerful enough spell.
    • Templars really seem to like punching mages in the face with their metal gauntlets. Seriously. There is not a single templar in the book who does not do this. Including the protagonist templar character.
    • Spells are easier to cast and more effective in the Fade
    • Phylacteries work like a game of hot and cold, glowing brighter the closer they get to the mage they belong to.
    • Phylacteries of dead mages do not retain their magic
    • Tranquil do not have to follow the instructions they are given, they chose to. It is conceivable that they could rebel. They definitely show a preference for certain people and ideologies.
    • First Enchanters wear black robes, Tranquil wear grey robes, everyone else seems to wear whatever robes they want.
    • All healing magic (or at least a majority of it) apparently comes from summoning helpful spirits. The Chantry knows and tolerates this.
    • There are several forms of magic that seem to be accessible to everyone, which is shown in Origins, but confirmed in the book to be more than just a game mechanic. One is the use of ruins/glyphs/circles for summoning and the other is the Litany of Andralla.
    • I’ve played three games and read an entire book and I am still not sure what the point of a staff is. Other than to look cool and let everyone know you’re a mage.
    • The use of glowstones (magic lightbulbs) is common and widespread and it is mentioned that they are used in lampposts to light the night streets in Val Royeaux.

    One of the first books I read in English as a kid, maybe 1 year after I started learning English, was a booklet with a title like, How to Have a Great Time at Summer Camp. I don’t remember the exact title and I know I only picked it up because the other books in English in my school’s library looked way beyond my level, stuff like Austen and Dickens. The summer camp booklet didn’t look too interesting but it was small with simple sentences. I ended up being fascinated with it because it was the most American thing I had ever got my hands on and it felt impossibly exotic

    • all the kids had cool American names like Jill and Mike. One of them at one point talked about the “chipmunks” in the woods near the camp, a mysterious word that didn’t exist in my tiny English dictionary, and for some reason I pictured them as scrawny wolves. I had read Little House on the Prairie so I knew wolves were a major concern for Americans
    • camp “counsellors” were often mentioned, and my pocket English dictionary only defined that word as “psychologue”. I thought it was weird how American summer camps had dozens of psychologists roaming the premises, one for every 5 to 10 kids. That felt like a lot of psychologists
    • I had no idea that the word “pet” could mean “favourite”. When the booklet said one kid might become “the camp counsellor’s pet”, my dictionary helpfully led me to believe it meant that a psychologist would pick one unfortunate kid to be his domestic animal for the summer. Slightly disturbing. I moved on
    • the kids slept in “bunks” and my stupid dictionary only defined this word as “couche”. Which is not wrong, but we would probably say couchette instead, or better yet lits superposés, and couche is also our word for diaper so you can see why I continued being deeply intrigued by every new detail I learnt in this booklet. American kids are excited about camp because they get to sleep in diapers
    • I had never encountered the word “baseball” before but managed to guess it was some kind of sport, but when the booklet mentioned the “baseball diamond” (in the context of a kid saying the baseball diamond was big) I of course assumed it was an actual diamond that you could win if you won a game of baseball at camp. For some reason I had a debate with a classmate over the plausibility of this. I say for some reason because I didn’t really question the diapers or the wolves or the psychologists with their human pets. A diamond though? Doubt. I just remember that we were queueing up for lunch and I was like “What do you think?” and my friend said hesitantly, “Maybe if it’s a small diamond?” and I insisted “No! The book says it’s big!”
    • among the basic items the book said every kid should bring to camp were “batteries”. I didn’t bother looking up that word in my dictionary seeing as it’s the same in French. I didn’t know it was a false friend, and I was impressed to learn that most American kids own a drum set and bring it to camp as an essential item
    • on the same page, in the list of things every kid should put in their suitcase for summer camp, another item was “comic books”. I wasn’t sure what those were since in French we call them BD, but basing myself on the word “comic” I assumed they were books of jokes and puns. I loved learning that in the US all kids bring humour anthologies to summer camp, presumably because they worry about running out of funny things to say. I thought American kids sounded nervous and sweet. But also really cool, because of all the drums

    Humans are awesome

    Alien 1: “So you see, this is why we do not provoke the humans.”

    Alien 2: “Yes, this is an insightful battle simulation training recording.”

    Alien 1: “You misunderstand. The humans are not battle training. They are doing those things for entertainment only. For fun.”

    Alien 2: “…What?… for entertain… Even the human young?!”

    Alien 1: “Yes.”

    Alien 2: “I… I understand now.”

    This is awsome holy fuck

    My cousin works in LA as an assistant of some kind on film&tv sets (not what she wants to do long term, she wants to be a writer's assistant then show writer, but that's a different conversation) and apparently she's got another job next month and they'll be getting Covid tests DAILY.


    I love my cousin and I'm glad she'll be able to earn a living with some precautions in place, but everything I have heard from our local schools in TX, in the middle of a hot spot, is that teachers return in August and if you get sick you have to use your allotted state days to stay home and/or try to find a Covid test yourself.

    (We get 5 guaranteed state days per school year that roll over and will follow you to other schools+ local days that vary by district, might or might not roll over by district and that you lose if you change schools. Which is way better than some folks! But if you had a really bad illness year or you're a parent whose children are sick, or if you're a first year teacher, just one 14 day quarantine can wipe out or even exceed your days for the year. Which I guarantee means teachers will still come to work sick this year, like every year, even if we COULD get subs, which we won't )

    Oded Fehr posted this on his instagram 😂

    This was something I didn’t know I needed until right now. 

    This is the real third Mummy movie.

    “People keep asking me if I’m a rapper” aksjdahskdjads

    For anyone who is interested: part of the joke is that the subtitles are not actually what he is saying - I didn’t catch it all but I basically heard nothing in those subtitles except the word California, lol. He was talking about how all he’s doing is bumming around eating celery (inexact translation). This was adorable.