Another bluebell walk from this year, but more a post to repeat that amandasadventures1 on instagram is most certainly NOT me. They’ve started posting all my pics on a public account, attracting lots of controversy. I should have watermarked from the start. This isn’t meant to be seen by people that don’t understand it. Please feel free to report them for inappropriate content as they blocked me after I apologised to all the disgusted comments. They’re literally just adding random people to encourage a reaction which is basically poop spam.

    Sorry about the watermarks. I just can’t think of another way to stop the identity thiefs. Why people would want to impersonate someone who’d pooped them self I don’t know. Just a quick post as this wasn’t particularly epic in terms of shame. It was in the height of lockdown so I had to keep it fairly quick as here near London we were only allowed out for an hours exercise at the time. Walking is exercise. Pooping yourself galore is therefore also exercise. This is highly likely to be flagged here due to the diaper so I’ll post it on instagram too. Other people seem to get away with diaper pics here but I must have been put on a list or something. Say what you will but I still don’t see this as being porn. Possibly erotica, but I think the wider issue is the taboo that moderators and not particularly acute thinkers have mistakenly pooled into the bracket of porn just so it’s easier for them to manage and stamp out anything remotely left field. Yes it’s taboo but no it isn’t offensive unless you have no control over what offends you. It’s absolutely the reason why society has become incredibly precious over their increasingly sensitive and unquestionably correct opinions over the previous twenty years and why big companies have had to follow suit to stay in line with an ever more polarized, self evolving, overly woke status quo that’s exponentially grown out of social media led, technological overload. To the extent you can’t even open a channel of debate anymore about a sensitive topic without people jumping immediately to ten in their reactionary, self entitled haste. Conversation is the only real power we have. It’s a shame that tumblr closed and marginalised that conversation for many as the reality is that the conversation has barely began. 

    I’ll stop myself there as a big rant was brewing. The diaper clearly leaked as it worked itself undone on one side and it was game over pretty quickly. I had pants and tights on under the diaper as primary defences but to no avail. My stomach wasn’t right and I had several separate accidents, the last of which caused the overflow as I pushed too hard. I also fully wet myself at the same time. The jeans were totally ruined and it all went down to the knee by the time I got back to the car but I didn’t mind too much as they were cheap and were way too big. The only notable occurrences involved obsessive dogs again but the serenity of a bluebell walk was a welcome escape from the covid peak.

    I’ve been yo-yoing heavily again this summer. The hot weather makes for especially stinky walks and I’m still stuggling to quit shopping. It does feel like this may be my last year of excessive messing as my personal life develops. Recent excursions have been epic so as time passes and witnesses start to forget, I’ll post. But even if I stop actively messing, there’s still much to cover x

    Happy pooping :) 


    How full is your nappy?

    XD sorry. I get these Asks quite often and I tend not to respond to them. You can see in my pictures how “full” my nappy is, if you look closely. In a lot of abdl diapers, it’s hard to tell until you’ve really soaked the diaper to the point where it bulges. It’s no secret I pee myself when I’m ageplaying, right? And sometimes I end up taking pictures of myself where my diaper is very soaked. Is that okay? I hope it is, because I enjoy it a lot


    Soaked 😅😊


    soaked, indeedd


    Nuh uh, I’m an adult, I don’t wet my diaper °<°


    I also like your bulging diapers - enjoy

    This mornings *giggles* yeah my wands and tablet are in the photos oopse but I liked the shots to muches x.x. Sigh been going thru so many diapers lately one a night for the past like 4 months waiting to get caught and be in huge troubles. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet but its all I have to make me feel relaxed after a long days.

    No one was home when I woke up in my overly soggy butt diapers from the night before sos I used it like a little babs woulds x3 , shhhh don't tell nu one cause id be in big trouble x.x.

    *edit* if this gets more likes / reblogs then my top posts ill post the videos of me being a naughty girls this mornings x3 just curious if people still exsist out theresss*