Turning on the Bubbles

    "Is...is Malcolm here?" Brad asked.


    "Yes," said the stunning half-naked woman who had answered the door.  "You must be Brad."

    "That's right," Brad grinned.  "I know Malcolm from way back.  And you're his..."

    "Housekeeper,"  she said.  "I'm Malcolm's housekeeper."

    There was something odd about how she said it.  As if it were something important she needed to remember.  And of course, Brad didn't believe a woman that looked and dressed like that was hired to clean in anyway other than as performance art.

    It was goood to be Malcolm. Brad was impressed that his former high school classmate had come so far.  He hadn't even known that the Malcolm Jones that was the founder of Transformative Biotechnology was the same Malcolm Jones he had known in highschool. 

    The penny hadn't dropped until he had completed his job interview for a sales position with TransBio and the HR rep had announced that the company president had asked to meet with him after the interview was complete.

    Presidents of multibillion dollar companies did not take an interest in entry-level salesmen, so Brad had made the connection before being ushered into Malcolm's astonishing office.  He'd been so nervous he'd barely registered how stacked his personal secretary was, though having met the 'housekeeper' it was apparent where Malcolm's interests lay.

    At the time, Brad was too focused on why Malcolm wanted to meet with him. They had hardly been friends in highschool.  Brad wasn't exactly kind to the skinny nerd, one of the few black kids in their suburban neighborhood.

    But Malcolm had greeted him like they were long lost friends and just gushed about how great it was to see him and of course he got the job and Malcolm expected great things from him.  He had even invited, no, insisted, that Brad come over to his house on Saturday.

    House was not how Brad would describe the regal estate he had driven up to. But TransBio was clearly doing well for Malcolm.  And if the wealthy nerd wanted to rewrite history so that he had friends in highschool, Brad was clearly going to wind up benefiting from that desire.

    "Brad!" he exclaimed when the blonde bimbo brought him to his home office.  "You came!  Did you bring your swim trunks?"

    Brad held up the small bag he had brought  Malcolm had been very enthusiastic when describing his hot tub and insisting that Brad had to try it out.  It wad weird that with all the extravagant shit the man owned the hot tub was what he was the most enthusiastic about.  Brad had been a little worried his new boss was coming on to him, but given the secretary and the 'housekeeper', he was pretty confident that wasn't where Malcolm's interests lay.

    "Cool!  Very cool!" Malcolm enthused.  "You're gonna love the hot tub!"

    "I'm sure I will," Brad agreed.

    "It's so niiiiiice," the housekeeper said, then giggled.

    Malcolm chuckled.

    "Vickei gets hot tub privileges as part of her benefits package," Malcolm confided.

    "Maybe she could join us?" Brad said, thinking the presence of a hot chick in a bikini might make this whole thing with Malcolm less awkward.

    Vickie giggled as if the idea was ridiculous.

    "Maybe later," Malcolm said. "After we catch up a bit."

    Brad nodded enthusiastic agreement.  He didn't want to reminisce about highschool, but if that was what it took to secure his job, he'd certainly done  worse things.

    The hot tub was indeed very nice.  It even smelled nice, which was something entirely out of Brad's experience.

    "Is that...nutmeg?" he asked Malcolm.

    "Isn't it great?" he beamed.  "It's an alternative to chlorine!  We'll be launching it soon.  Think you could sell it?"

    "Definitely!" Brad exclaimed.

    Maybe this WAS work related!  Brad relaxed and was even more relieved when Malcolm insisted on him changing in the small changing room alone, not using it as some weird excuse to see him naked.

    "Get in and relax!" his boss said when he emerged.  "I'll be right out!"

    And then Malcolm went to change into his own suit and Brad slipped into the perfectly warmed water.  He sighed.  All his worries seemed to drain out of him.  Malcolm was so right to be proud of the hot tub.  It was phenomenal!

    Malcolm might have been taking a long time to change.  Or maybe he'd just been gone a minute or two.  Brad didn't know.  Brad didn't care.  He didn't think he could worry if the whole house was burning down around him.  Fire was pretty.  He giggled gently.  His giggle sounded different.  But that was nothing to worry about.

    The warm water made his skin all tingly.  It was so nice.  Why had he bothered with the swim trunks?  He slipped them off.  Malcolm wouldn't mind.  How could anyone with a hot tub like this be upset about anything?  The water felt even nicer on jis crotch than it did on the rest of him.  He sighed.  A lock of hair dropped between his eyes.  He giggled.  That was weird.  His hair was growing really fast.  But it was nothing to worry about.

    "How you doing in there, Brad?" Malcolm asked.

    He looked up at his boss and let the question percolate through his brain.

    " I'm fiiiine..." he concluded at last.

    Malcolm wad wearing a purple Speedo.  He really filled out the tight swim suit.  That was nice.  Brad giggled.

    "How do you like the boobs?" Malcolm asked.

    Again, Brad had to think about that a bit.  But he wad in no hurry.  And neither was Malcolm apparently, ad he grinned down at him patiently.

    "I like boobs," Brad remembered eventually.

    Malcolm nodded and Brad was glad he had answered correctly. 

    "How do you like YOUR boobs," Malcolm clarified.

    Brad blinked.  This was a harder question. He looked down at his chest.  He reached up and grabbed the mounds of flesh he found there.  He had boobs.  He liked boobs, so that was good, he guessed.  Certainly nothing to worry about.  They quivered under his fingers and seemed to swell.  Or maybe hos fingers were getting slimmer. Or maybe both.  Whatever.  It was all good.

    "You like your boobies, don't you Brad," Malcolm said.

    "I like my boobies," he ssid, looking up from them at his nice boss.  Brad was glad Malcolm hadn't asked another question.  Questions were hard.  Agreeing with him was easy.  Brad did it again.

    "I like my boobies," he repeated, finding it even easier to say the second time.

    "But you'd like them to be bigger," Malcolm clarified.

    And of course that was true.

    "I'd like them to be bigger," Brad agreed.

    "I'm glad you agree," Malcolm praised.  "I'm going to turn on the bubbles.  You'll really like the bubbles."

    "I'm gonna really like the bubbles," Brad agreed, noticing that Malcolm ws filling out the Speedo even more.

    And then Malcolm threw a switch and the perfect hot tub some how managed to get better as it filled wit body-caressing bubbles and the nutmeg smell intensified. The sensation in Brad's crotch intensified.  Ber reached down with his slim, long-nailed fingers to find his cock rock hard but shrinking rapidly.  He didn't mind.  It felt good.  He rubbed at it and it felt even better and shrank even faster.  Beneath the nubbin his cock had become, his pussy blossomed.

    "You like the bubbles, don't you," Malcolm told her.

    "I...like..the bubbles," she gasped, continuing yo explore her new cunt.

    "I think I'm going to call you Bubbles," he said.  "You like being called Bubbles, don't you Bubbles?"

    "I LIKE BEING BUBBLES!" she agreed and orgasmed.

    Before coming, Bubbles hadn't even realized she was horny.  But Malcolm explained she was always horny, which made total sense.

    "You turned on the Bubbles!"  Bubbles reasoned, then giggled and came again, her brain going effervescent..

    "You know, Bubbles, I never really liked you much in high school," her boss told her.  "But I think I'm going to really like you now."

    Bubbles giggled, not all sure she even went to high school.  But as her boss peeled off his overburdened Speedo, she was sure glad he liked her now!


    Lori sat alone on the beach, wondering if her marriage was worth saving.  She had met Rob as a teenager at a church activity.   They were young and horny and religious enough not to do anything about it until they were married.

    But eight years later, it just didn't feel like their relationship had matured.  Rob still came to her for sexual release but she didn't feel like he really knew her as a person, that he didn't respect her thoughts and ideas.

    She kicked at the sand and sighed.  There was a glint of metal.  Curious, she dug up a small pewter amulet.  It was covered in strange symbols, but in the center it was plain English: WISH ON ME.

    It was silly, of course. But she squeezed the thing and whispered: "I wish my husband appreciated my mind and personality as much as my body."

    The amulet began to tingle in her hand.  Was it truly magic?  Then the tingle ran up her arm and she was tingling all over.  She felt herself changing.  Why would wishing about Rob change her?

    But then she giggled. Of course she needed to change!  Rob was perfect! She needed to be perfect for him! He'd appreciate her not being all thinky about analyzing their relationship.  Instead she should think about how to be pretty for him and how to please him!  He'd really appreciate her thoughts if that was all she thought about!

    He'd appreciate her personality if she was never a bitch!  If she was a devoted, adoring wife!  If she was his perfect bimbo fucktoy!  Lori shuddered.  She could feel how strong Rob's appreciate for her new personality would be and it made her so fucking horny!

    Lori got up and stretched.  Her big titties jiggled.  Of course she had big titties now.  How else would Rob appreciate her body as much as he appreciated her bimbo fucktoy personality?

    The sun came out from behind a cloud and Lori giggled, then hurried off to suck her husband's dick.  He'd appreciate that, she knew.


    She didn't notice the little demon watching her ass as she scampered off to gind Rob.  It picked up the amulet she had dropped now that she had everything she could possibly wish for.  The demon chuckled.  He'd been sent to grant Rob's wish, but it was always nice to make sure everyone's wishes were met.

    *Thanks to Ab1nsur for the photo suggestion.

    Birthday Bimbo

    "Why would your friend send you a 'Bimbofication App' for your birthday?" Satsuke demanded of her husband. "Is it for porn?"


    "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Minoru exclaimed. "Stop! It's not for porn! It's not! I'll show you!"

    She released his ear.  He pouted but handed over his phone obediently.

    "Just tap the icon," he said.  "It's not porn, I swear."

    Satsuke scowled at her husband. It seemed like some dort of trick. But she was too clever for him!

    She tapped the icon.  The phone glowed pink.  The Satsuke's world glowed pink and then melted.

    "Happy Birthday, Minoru-kun!" Satsuke-chan exclaimed.


    "Holy shit, it works!" he said.

    Satsuke-chan giggled.

    "Open your presents!" she begged, shaking her ribbon-wrapped titties impatiently.

    He pulled at an end of the ribbon, releasing her inflated jugs.

    "Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!" she exclaimed, bouncing up and down to shake her new tits in effulgent celebration. "Do you want to fuck your present?"

    "Why yes," he said.  "Yes, I do."

    "YAY!" Satsuke-chan cheered, then giggled.  "Afterwards, we should watch porn!"

    "Well hello, Tiffany! That's a nice outfit!" Levi exclaimed when she answered the door.

    "Oh, thanks!" she told her neighbor. "Carl got it for me for our anniversary. I hardly ever wear it, but I just felt like dressing up sexy for some reason."

    "No reason not to, right?" Levi said, looking her up and down in a way Tiffany was sure she didn't mind anymore. "Is Carl here?"

    "No, he up and decided to go for a drive," Tiffany said. "He said he wouldn't be back for three hours, which is unfortunate because I'm very horny."

    "That is unfortunate," Levi sympathized. "I just came over here to apologize for the noise."

    "What noise?" Tiffany asked.

    "From yesterday," he said. "I was working on a subliminal neuromodulator in my garage and I had some trouble getting the signal set to a subsonic range."

    Tiffany giggled.

    "I don't understand any of that science stuff," she confessed. "I'm not very smart, but I have nice tits."

    She'd been thinking that over and over while she was dressing up sexy. It felt so good to say it out loud!

    "Nothing wrong with that!" her neighbor said to her delight. *And I'm glad the noise didn't bother you or Carl."

    "Of course not!" Tiffany exclaimed. "We love having a smart, sexy scientist as a neighbor! I don't know why we've never had you over!"

    "Oh, you probably just never could think of a good excuse," Levi said. "You being a bimbo and all."

    Tiffany giggled and nodded. That was probably it.

    "Well, since you're already here, would you like to fuck me?" she asked.

    "Well that's very neighborly of you to offer, Tiffany!" Levi said "I think I'd like that very much!"

    Tiffany giggled and led him to the bedroom. It was a good thing Carl decided to go for a drive!

    Good Mommy

    "You doing okay there, Mom?" Nathan asked.


     Amy pulled her hand out of her panties and looked up to see her son had walked in on her masturbating again. She had meant to lock the door, hadn't she?  It was so hard to remember… 

    “I'm... I'm fine!" She exclaimed, blushing furiously. "Just, um, tired?” 

    "Well that's worrisome," he said, frowning.  "Haven't you been sleeping well?"

     "No, um, well, kind of," she said, blushing harder as the erotic dreams she'd been having welled up in her memory. 

    "Have you been taking your Milfotrin?" He asked.

     "Yes, I have," she affirmed.

     "When was the last time?" He asked. 

    That stumped her.  The hours and days were running together since the quarantine, especially since her pre-med son had started insisting that she needed to take vitamins to keep from getting the virus. 

    "You should take some more, Mom," he insisted, revealing the bottle he had behind his back.  "This virus is nothing to mess with!  If you're feeling tired, you could be at greater risk!" 

    "I... I'm not that tired," she said.  "I was just..." 

    Her face went incandescent as she realized she was about to tell her son she was masturbating because she was so damned horny.

     "Thank you," she said, holding out her hand. He placed four magenta capsules in her pussy-scented palm and grabbed her water bottle from the night stand. 

    "Four?" She asked. "Isn't it supposed to be two?"

     "I'm the one that's pre-med, Mom," he reminded her. "My prescription for lethargy is four Milfotrin and bed rest." 

    He was the doctor.  Well, med student.  Well, future med student.  And she couldn't exactly back out of her lie now.  She swallowed the four vitamins and gulped down the water Nathan handed her. 

    "That's a good mom," he praised, and Amy was more proud than she probably should have been.  The lack of other human interaction since the quarantine had her desperate for validation. She felt so useless and isolated. 

     Within minutes of swallowing, she felt the strange tingle she had come to associate with Milfotrin vitamin supplements for mature women.  She couldn't deny that they increased her energy levels, just like Nathan said they would when he introduced them to her.  If she only had something useful to DO with that energy! 

    "Lay back and I'll massage your temples," her son said, sitting down on her bed and gently pressing her shoulder until she fell back. 

    "You really... don't have to...just tired..." She lied as he straddled her head and started rubbing her temples.

     "You just let me take care of you, Mom," he insisted.  "You deserve to be taken care of." 

     "I...that does feel... that's nice..." She admitted as he continued to apply gentle pressure and she allowed her eyes to close. 

     The Milfotrin tingle intensified, probably because of the double dose, and the relaxing rubbing of her son's strong hands combined with it to drive Amy into a confused fugue.   

    Nathan was whispering something.  Amy couldn't quite understand. But that was fine.  Everything was fine.  She didn't need to worry about what was happening to her.  Maybe that was what Nathan was whispering. Such a good boy. 


    Amy woke up with earbuds in and her top off.  Nathan must have done that to help her sleep better.  The white noise coming in from the earbuds had certainly helped her sleep deep!  

    And with her nipples as hard as they were, it was nice that Nathan had kept the cloth of her top from irritating her.  Everything her son did was for her own good and she was very, very grateful. And horny.  Definitely still horny. 

     She left the earbuds in while she masturbated.  The white noise helped with this as well. Nathan was such a good and thoughtful son, she thought as she climaxed. 

    She stumbled towards the kitchen on post-orgasmic legs, humming softly to herself.  She wasn't sure if it was time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but she was hungry. Nathan probably was too.  She should be a Good Mommy and give him whatever he needed. 

    "Hi Mom!" Nathan exclaimed with a bright smile and a muffled voice when she walked into the kitchen and found him rummaging in the fridge. Amy frowned in confusion and then realized she still had the earbuds with the white noise in her ears.  She giggled and took them out.

     "Thanks for these!" She told him.  "They really helped me sleep!"

     "Yes, I can see you perked right up!" He said, grinning appreciatively at her chest. 

    Amy gasped as she realized she was still topless and grasped her breasts, dropping the earbuds.

     “Oh my God!” she exclaimed.  “I’m so sorry, Nathan!”

     “It’s fine, Mom!” he explained.  “You don’t need to apologize!  I really enjoyed the view!” 

    Amy blushed even harder.

     “I…I shouldn’t…” she stammered. 

    But she should be a Good Mommy and give her son whatever he needs. The flush in her cheeks plunged lower.  She shook her head to clear it.  Nathan needed breakfast!  That’s what he needed, not… 

    She tore her gaze from her son and saw the apron hanging from a peg.  She grabbed for it then used it to cover her breasts more effectively than her hands could. 

    “You need food!” she declared, trying to convince herself that feeding him was more important than him 'enjoying the view'. 

    “I’ll make you um, eggs?  A sandwich?” She never had figured out what time it was. 

    “Oh, a sandwich would be great, Mom!” he told her.  “I really appreciate how you always try to give me whatever I need!” 

    Amy shuddered and she bit her lower lip.  She was a Good Mommy.  She would give Nathan whatever he needed.   

    And he need a sandwich, she reminded herself!  A sandwich! And she didn’t need to go back for clothes when her son needed a sandwich.  What kind of mother would do such a thing?  Not a Good Mommy like Amy! 

    “What kind of sandwich would you like?” she asked. “A good ol' PB&J would be great, Mom!” he told her. 

    “Great!” she said, setting a loaf of bread on the counter and turning to the cupboard where they kept the peanut butter.  

     But it wasn’t there on the bottom shelf.  It was way up on the top shelf.  Nathan must have used it last. Amy stretched up on tiptoe. 

    “Wow, Mom!  The Milfotrin is really helping you tighten up your tuchus, isn’t it?” Nathan observed. 

    Amy blushed furiously.  The apron did nothing to cover her butt and all she wore were her black panties, which were fitting a lot tighter lately.

     “You shouldn’t…” she started and then stopped herself.  A Good Mommy wouldn’t reprimand her son, would she?

     “ I shouldn’t…” she tried to correct, but then Nathan’s hand was on her bare shoulder and her pulse started to race. 

    “It’s fine, Mom,” he said.  “I’m a healthy young man! It’s not like it’s the first time I noticed your ass. I’m just saying it’s gotten more toned since you started talking the Milfotrin!  I thought you’d be glad!” 

    And then he gently patted her ass twice and then gave it a little squeeze. 

    “Here, let me get that for you,” he said as her blood throbbed in her ears and elsewhere and he reached up to grab the peanut butter, his chest pressed against her back. 

    A Good Mommy gives her son whatever he needs, she thought to herself, not trusting herself to think anything else.  Nathan was looking down the front of her apron.  He enjoyed the view.  Nothing wrong with that.

     “I think the Milfotrin is making you bigger up top too, Mom,” he observed.  “That apron can barely contain you!”

     He kissed her on the top of her blonde head. 

    “Not a bad side effect, eh?” he asked.

     “No. I mean yes,” Amy stammered.  “I mean…sandwich.  I need to make a sandwich.” 

    “And I really appreciate it, Mom!” he said.  “I appreciate so much about you!  Being quarantined with you has really made me see you in a new light!”

     Amy didn’t know how it was possible to blush harder at this point, but she managed. 

    “Would you hate me terribly if I changed my mind?” he asked. 

    Amy gasped and turned to look up at him in confused horror.

     “I could never hate you!” she swore, while her befuddled mind scrambled for what he may have changed his mind about.  

    Did he no longer enjoy the view down her front?  Did he no longer think her ass had gotten firmer? 

    “Well good,” he said.  “I just really think I’d rather have a turkey sandwich.” 

    Amy was flooded with relief.  Turkey.  Her boy wanted turkey.  She would give him a turkey sandwich.  She would give him whatever he needed.  She was a Good Mommy.  A Good Mommy gives her son whatever he needs!

     “I will make you the best turkey sandwich ever!” she vowed and nearly fainted with pleasure at the grateful smile he gave her.

     “You’re the best, Mom!” he said. 

    He perched on a bar stool at the counter and watched as she retrieved everything she needed to make him the best turkey sandwich ever.  This, of course, involved her bending over in the refrigerator several times.  Every time she did, Nathan commented on the view. He was a healthy young man.  Of course he would notice. 

    And her ass had definitely gotten firmer and her hips wider since she started talking the Milfotrin.  Nathan had needs, she reminded herself as she bent down to retrieve the lettuce.  A Good Mommy would give her son whatever he needs.  And if he needed to admire her ass, there was nothing wrong with taking her time to retrieve the lettuce.

     “Oh WOW, Mom!” Nathan exclaimed when she presented her creation with nervous anticipation.  “That looks incredible!”

     He grabbed one of the two triangles and took a big bite, then his eyes rolled back in his head as he grinned and chewed.  Amy just quivered. 

    “Oh God, Mom!” he exclaimed after swallowing.  “This is the best! You always give me just what I need!” 

    Amy gasped as a thrill ran down her spine and her nipples quivered.

     “A Good Mommy gives her son whatever he needs!” she exclaimed, then brought her hand to her mouth.  She hadn’t meant to say that out loud!

     “Well then you’re a very Good Mommy!” Nathan said, and her embarrassment was washed away in a wave of pride and delight.

     “And you’d be an even better mommy if you opened up that bottle of Chardonnay I put in the fridge to chill yesterday,” he said.  “It would go perfectly with this perfect sandwich.” 

    “If that’s what you need!” she exclaimed and rushed back to the fridge, not even hesitating to again present her ass to him. 

    “I didn’t know you drank Chardonnay,” she said as she unscrewed the cap.

     “Well, you like it, right?” he said.  “So it’s natural that I would too!” 

    He hopped off his bar stool and retrieved two wine glasses and a plate.  He set the glasses by the wine and then moved the half of a sandwich he hadn’t bitten to the plate. 

    “No, that’s yours!” Amy objected. 

      “You need to eat too, Mom!” he insisted.  “And this thing is huge!” 

    “But I made it for you!” she said.  “You need it!” 

    “But I need you to be healthy too, Mom,” he pointed out.  “Look, if after we eat I’m still hungry, you can give me something else to eat for dessert, right?”

     “Of course!” she vowed.

     “Then sit down and eat lunch with me!” he said.  “I need the company!” 

    A Good Mommy gives her son whatever he needs.  Amy sat.  Nathan filled her glass.   She had indeed made a damn fine sandwich.  Her appetite had gotten fierce since she started taking the Milfotrin.  That would explain why none of her bras fit anymore.  

    Not that she had reason to wear them, with Nathan doing all the shopping once a week.  Still, she was going to need to buy new ones once the quarantine was over. Nathan was right about her liking Chardonnay and about it going well with the sandwich too.  

    Before she realized it, her glass was empty and Nathan was trying to refill it. 

    “No, sweetie,” she said.  “One glass at lunch is plenty. I just barely woke up!  Another glass and I’ll be napping again!” 

    “Oh, that reminds me!” he exclaimed, then hopped up and scurried out of the kitchen.  He was back in a flash with a pill bottle. 

    “This got delivered while you were napping!” he said.  “You’ve been so tired lately, I thought it would help!” 

    He showed her it was labeled Milfotrin XB, then opened it up and shook out two capsules. Instead of magenta, these were candy apple red. 

    “How is this different?” she asked. 

    “It’s got all the vitamins and minerals that regular Milfotrin has, plus an all natural stimulant to give you more energy!” he expounded. 

    “Oh!” Amy exclaimed.  “Oh, well, I don’t know if I need that…”

     “Now Mom, I’m the one who’s pre med, remember?” he chided.

     Nathan only wants what’s best for me, she remembered with a shiver.  I should trust Nathan. 

    “OK,” she agreed, and didn’t object when he refilled her wine glass for her to wash it down with. 

    The buzzing in the back of her head started a few minutes later. It ran down her spine and then other things started buzzing.   Amy blinked several times and then giggled. 

    “That’s a Good Mommy,” Nathan said, patting her shoulder with one hand and refilling her wine glass with the other.  “Don’t you feel like you have more energy now?”

     “I feel GREAT!” Amy exclaimed, not sure how much of it was the Milfotrin XB and how much was Nathan telling her she was a Good Mommy. 

    “That makes me so happy, Mom!” Nathan said.  “You don’t know how much I've wanted to help you feel good and make you happy!”

     “Oh my sweet boy!” she gushed.  “You always make me happy! A mother couldn’t ask for a better son!” 

     “I just really like making you feel good, Mom!” he said.  “You should take a couple more of these.” 

    He slid two more of the red capsules to her and refilled her glass. Amy’s head swam and a shadow of a misgiving tried to get her attention. 

    “They make you feel good, Mom,” Nathan pointed out, resting a hand on her thigh and stroking.  

    “And making you feel good makes me feel good.  It’s like I need to make you feel good.” 

    “A Good Mommy gives her son whatever he needs…” Amy observed, and took her medicine. 

    “That’s my feel-Good Mommy!” he praised, his hand inching higher. “it feels so good to make you feel good!” 

    “I feel…I feel…real good,” she panted, her heart racing, her eyes blurring.  “Do you…do you feel good?”

     “Oh yes, Mom” he said, squeezing her thigh.  “I feel so good!  A little uncomfortable, but good.” 

    “My baby's uncumferzabubble?” she said, distressed. 

    “Well, mom, you flouncing around in that apron would make any healthy young man uncomfortable,” he pointed out.  “Its my own fault for wearing jeans instead of sweat pants.” 

    Amy was confused, but he had mentioned his pants, which drew her gaze downward and… Her baby was bulging!  Practically ripping the seems of his jeans! 

    “Oh Nathan!” she stammered, her face incandescent, her eyes unable to look away from her son's tumescence.  “Did I…did I do…Oh Nathan!”

     “It’s okay, Mom,” Nathan assured her. “It’s a perfectly natural response for a healthy young man in the presence of a beautiful, half-dressed woman that he adores.”

     “But…but…but…” Amy said, thought a struggle as everything tingled and gushed, “But you’re uncuffable!” 

    “Well, yes,” he said.  “I’m not fitting in my jeans right now and I really NEED to get off.” 

    “You need… you need to get off…” she said as the epiphany penetrated her brain.  “You NEED to get off!” 

    She pried her eyes up to stare her dear son in the face.

     “A Good Mommy gives her son EVERYTHING he NEEDS!” she reminded. 

    “Oh, but I couldn’t ask you to do that, Mommy,” he said.  “I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable.” 

    “But YOU’RE uncomferble!” she countered, the horror of her maternal neglect threatening to overwhelm her. “You NEED to get off!  I NEED to get you off!  I NEED to be a Good Mommy!” 

    “Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind….” He said doubtfully. 

    Amy grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue insistently probing until he kissed her back. She broke off the kiss and stared insistently in his wide eyes. 

    “I’m a Good Mommy,” she insisted.  “I don’t mind!  I want to give you what you NEED!  I NEED to give you what you NEED!” 

    Her gaze dropped down to the turgid mass in his jeans and her trembling hand followed.  Nathan inhaled sharply at the contact. 

    “And you NEED to get off!” she insisted.  “Mommy’s big boy NEEDS to get off, so Mommy NEEDS to get her big boy off!”

     “Such a Good Mommy,” Nathan sighed in awe and unbuckled his belt. 

    He stood.  Amy slipped her thumbs into the waist of his underwear and gently slid them and his pants to the floor as she sank to her knees. His cock sprang free of its confinement and she gasped. 

    “Such a big boy!” she exclaimed, her head swimming, her pussy quivering. “Oh my poor, hard baby!  He needs to get off!  Mommy needs to help him get off!” 

    “It would…” Nathan breathed, his voice thick.  “It would help If you took off the apron and rubbed me on your tits. That would really help.” 

    “Good mommies help,”  Amy agreed and slipped off the apron and took his uncomfortably erect rod in her trembling hand.

     It was so hot and hard!   It throbbed in her hand!  Her poor, turgid baby! She arched her back and began to rub the underside of her son’s cock along the soft skin of her boobs.  So lucky that she had filled out so much recently.  Her son needed her big titties.  She was a Good Mommy with big boobies for her boy.  They would help.  She would help.  She would give him whatever he needed. 

    “Oh God yes, Mom!” Nathan husked.  “You’re so hot!  Such a Good Mommy!” 

    Amy whimpered at the thrill of pleasure at her son’s words.  Being a Good Mommy was all she wanted to be.  It was everything!  Fulfilling her son’s needs was everything!

     “Use your mouth, Mom,” he begged.  “Please use your mouth!  I need you to blow me!” 

    “Of course, my sweet boy!” she exclaimed.  “You shouldn’t even  have to ask!” 

    It had been years since she had given head.  Long before Nathan’s father left them.  She had hated sucking Steve’s dick.  But this was different, of course!  This was her Baby!  This was her Purpose!  She was a Good Mommy who gave her son whatever he needed.  And he needed to get blown! 

    She took him in her mouth and he shuddered and gasped.

     “Oh Mommy!” he said, grabbing hold of her head with both hands. “You’re such a Good Mommy!  Such a good, good cock-sucking mommy!”

     “Mmmmmmm!” she exclaimed to show her pleasure at her son’s appreciation and to assure him that she liked giving him the head he needed.

     Her tongue caressed him.  Her lips embraced him. Her mouth bathed him.  She loved her son!  She loved him so fucking much! He gently slid her head back and forth along his rod, going a little deeper every time.  She gently choked on it, tears flowing from her eyes, but did nothing to resist and didn’t even gag.  It was a sacrifice any Good Mommy would make for her son! 

     She fondled his balls as he fucked her face, doing whatever she could to give him what he needed and help him get off.

     “I’m…. I’m gonna cum, Mommy!” he said. “I’m gonna cum!  You’re gonna make me come in your mouth!  Please swallow, Mommy!  Please swallow like a Good Mommy!” 

    “Uglk!” she pledged.

     Of course she would swallow if that was what he needed. And then her big boy was coming and she gulped in exultant, maternal affirmation.  She was a Good Mommy! Good mommies swallow! 

    “Oh Lord,” Nathan gasped, panting as he slid out of her mouth. “Oh my sweet, sweet Momma!  I needed that!  I’ve needed that for so long!” 

    “I’m a Good Mommy now?” she asked. The room had started spinning at some point and she couldn’t stop trembling, but the important thing was knowing she was a Good Mommy. 

    “Oh, you’re a very Good Mommy!” he assured her.  “You’re a good, yummy mommy!  You’re so good I could eat you up!” 

    Amy giggled and swayed.

     “In fact, I think I will,” he said. 

    “Huh?” she asked as he kicked his pants away, bent over and picked her up. 

    “Be careful!” She exclaimed, amazed he could even stand up with the room spinning and melting the way it was.  

     “Oh, its fine,” he assured her.  “Don’t you think I’m strong enough, Mom?” 

    “Oh, oh no!” Amy denied.  “You’re my big strong boy!  My big, big strong boy!  Iss jusss…isss jusss...where are we going?” 

    “I’m taking you to bed to eat you like a Good Mommy,” he told her. 

    “No, you shnn… You’renaw sposa…,” she tried to object, but everything was so dizzy and buzzy and she had to lie her head down on his shoulder. 

    “Mom,” he chided. “You promised if I was still hungry you’d let me have dessert.  I’m still hungry.  And I want Amy Pie.” 

    “But…but I can maykes you sumsey…” she objected, trying to think of something she could make that would be yummier than him eating her pussy.

     But thinking about that made it very hard to think of anything else. And then he had her sprawled out on her bed and her panties in one fist as he dove between her legs and started licking her labia. 

    Objecting at that point was impossible.  She was dessert. And apparently she was very, very yummy. His thumb found her clitoris. She gasped as it made tiny circles while his tongue probed deeper and deeper.  

    This was wrong, wasn’t it?  But it felt so good!  Her hands managed to find her nipples.  They were so hard!  She squeezed and stars sparked in her vision.  She embraced her son’s head with her thighs. 

    He pressed his face deeper into her and she whimpered, then gasped.  She was coming!

     “Oh! Ooh!  Oh my Nathan!” she jabbered.  “So good!  So good!  Oh fuck…oh fuck oh fuck of fuck!!!” 

    He seemed to take her exclamation as an exhortation, because he doubled down.  He slipped two fingers inside her and moved his mouth to her clit.  He sucked gently at her knob while his fingers worked inside her roughly.  

    Amy began shuddering.  She’d never felt anything like this!  She was on fire!  She was electric!  She was pure sexual energy! And then a finger probed her ass and she went supernova. 

    “Mommy?” Nathan was saying.

     Her eyes fluttered open.  She had passed out.  He was sitting beside her, stroking her hair with one hand, toying with a nipple with the other. 

    “Nathan?” she asked, momentarily unsure of where she was, who she was, anything. 

    “You’re such a Good Mommy,” he praised her and bent over to kiss her.

     He tasted of pussy. HER pussy.  It tasted good. So good.  Everything was so good! He broke off the kiss and looked her in the eyes.

     “Mommy, I really need to fuck you now,” he informed her. 

    Amy shuddered.  But she knew what she had to say. 

    “A Good Mommy gives her son whatever he needs,” she said.

     “And you’re a Good Mommy, right mommy?” he pressed. 

    “I…I want to be a Good Mommy…” she said. 

    “So you want me to fuck you, because that’s what I need,” he concluded logically.

     “I…I want you to fuck me,” she agreed.  “Because you need to fuck me…” 

    “Such a Good Mommy!” he praised with a squeeze of her tit and a kiss on her forehead, then maneuvered between her thighs and placed his turgid member along her twat, sliding the underside along her labia so she anointed him.

     It slid along her buzzing clitoris, making her inhale sharply. Then he slid his cock back and manually guided the head into her.  

    He was a big boy, but he went in easily. She was so wet.  Wetter than she’d ever been.  Because that’s what her son needed.  Her son needed to fuck his horny, wet mommy. 

    He lifted her left leg and then her right, positioning them to rest on his shoulders so that he could push even deeper inside of her. 

    “I’m a good, Good Mommy...” she said, more to remind herself than anything. 

    Nathan grunted his agreement and began to thrust.  Amy began to tremble.  This was what he needed.  She could see it in his face.  He needed it so much!  Why hadn’t she let him fuck her before?  He needed this!  She had been a bad mommy, she knew.  That would explain the vague feeling of shame. 

     But she was a Good Mommy now!  She was giving her son what he needed! 


    Amy woke up with a gasp and a wave of dread and horror.  She was in bed with her son!  His arm was draped across her, a hand gently clutching her breast.  She had seduced her son!  She had gotten drunk and seduced her son!  

    This wasn’t his fault.  It couldn’t be his fault.  He was a good boy!  This was all her fault!  She was horrid!  She was  a wicked, wicked slut! 

    “Mommy?” Nathan said sleepily. 

    Amy gasped as her pussy gushed at the sound.  This was so wrong!

     “Good morning my precious Mommy!” her son said, opening his eyes and giving her breast a squeeze that felt so good she wanted to scream.

     “Nathan, we…I… we shouldn’t have…  Oh god!  Nathan, I’m so sorry!” she stammered, then forced his hand of her boob and  scrambled away from him, grabbing a sheet and covering herself.

     “This was my fault,” she told him.  “I was drunk and lonely and…and I…We shouldn’t have…I’m horridl” 

    “No!” Nathan objected.  “You’re not!  You’re good!  You’re a good, Good Mommy! Such a Good Mommy!” 

    She quivered and gushed, her body agreeing, but she shook her head violently.  No!  A good mother did not fuck her son!

     “I needed it, Mommy,” he reminded her.  “I needed you!” 

    “A Good Mommy gives her son everything he needs,” she said automatically and started to uncover herself. 

    “NO!” she exclaimed!  “No, this isn’t right!  Something is wrong with me!” 

    Nathan sighed. 

    “You’re probably just malnourished, Mommy,” he said.  “You need to take your Milfotrin.” 

    He retrieved a bottle from  the night stand. Amy stared in horror.

     “The vitamins!” she sad.  “It’s the vitamins!  They’re making me feel like this!  Making me want to…I have to stop! I have to stop taking the Milfotrin.” 

    “But they keep you healthy, Mommy,” Nathan reminded her.  “I need you to be healthy.  We rely on each other.  We need each other.  It’s just you and me in quarantine and we have to keep each other healthy and content.  I need you to take you Milfotrin, Mommy.” 

    He needed her to take it. But… 

    “If I take it, I might lose control again,” she objected. 

    “If you take it, you won’t care,” he promised.  “I need you not to care, Mommy.  I need you to be a Good Mommy and take your Milfotrin.” 

    He held out two capsules. 

    “I need you to take these,” he insisted. 

    She reached out with a trembling hand, letting the sheet drop from her right breast.  He needed her to take it. 

    He needed her to be a Good Mommy. 

    She swallowed them like a Good Mommy. 

    “That’s a Good Mommy!” he said with the praise she lived for.  “Be a Good Mommy and take some more!  I need you to take some more!”


     Amy stared up at her good, good boy, eight Milfotrin capsules buzzing through her blood stream, white noise streaming into her ears, drool dribbling out the side of her mouth, Nathan's hard cock pounding in her pussy.  This was good.  This was right.  This was what Nathan needed.  

    She was Good Mommy. 


    Good Mommy checked herself in the mirror after her shower.  She looked like Good Mommy, young, buxom and sexy.  


    She took her Milfotrin like a Good Mommy so she had stopped looking the way she had before she was a Good Mommy.  She barely even remembered that time.  And when she started to, she always asked Nathan for more Milfotrin and he always gave it to her.  

    He was such a good boy! 

    Good Mommy wore the towel out of the bathroom and went looking for Nathan.  When she saw him she would squeal and “accidentally” drop the towel. She would apologize and he would fuck her to prove he didn’t mind. It was one of the many little games they had come up with to make quarantine bearable. 

    Though if Good Mommy was honest, she wouldn’t mind if the quarantine went on forever. 

    Milfotrin (momsanimf hydrochloride) is produced and distributed by BTPharma, a wholely owned subsidiary of BimboTech Incorporated.  Always use bimbofication products responsibly.

    Prostaglandin Run

    by The Sympathetic Devil

    "Did you get your license?" Xi asked.

    "Right here!" Da told her older sibling, holding out an upper appendage and letting the official hologram rise off her omni. "I'm officially an adult and can leave the dimension without parental supervision!"

    "So awesome!" Xi exclaimed.  "We are going to party so hard! Want to drive my disc?"

    "Seriously?" Da said, her face twisting to divide her speech orifice in two, then making one express disbelief and the other gratitude.

    "What are elder siblings for, if not to demonstrate poor judgement to younger siblings?" Xi asked, rippling the top of her head in mirth.

    The two siblings scurried off to Xi's transdimensional transport and were in the silver disc and slipping between dimensions before their parental organism could even ask where they were going.  Da was not great at tesseract reversal but after Xi made several rude noises and turned from her normal blue to a frightened deep purple a couple times, her sibling got the hang of it.

    Da giggled and grew out another appendage to pat her sibling while not letting go of the controls. Xi sighed, then directed Da to idle the disc in a neutral dimension.

    "Ok, Da," she said, her skin returning to its normal blue.  "Time to talk adult stuff.  Are you familiar with prostaglandins?"

    Da's azure skin went turquoise.

    "By the First Bud!" she swore.  "Xi, that is SO illegal!"

    Xi split her two upper appendages into four and held them out to beg her siblings to listen.

    "Not here," she said.  "It's illegal to synthesize, possess or distribute it in the home dimension or expose any immature being to them when traveling.  But adult beings can do what they want in dimensions where prostaglandins occur naturally!"

    Da's optic organs dilated three times their normal size.

    "It occurs naturally?" she asked, having been taught only anarchoscientists in their unsanctioned labs made the potent illegal drug.

    "Oh yeah!" Xi said.  "And the dimension I'm about to take you to has beings that make it naturally who will just give it to you for free!"

    Da split her speech orifice in three so all three could express her disbelief.  Her sibling was clearly setting her up for some kind of joke.

    "Trust me, Da!" Xi said.  "I've been waiting for cycles for you to be old enough! I've done this with Tyl but she's budding now and doesn't want to risk it. If I'm lying, you can HAVE my disc!"

    Da fused her three mouths and pursed sceptically, but Xi would never joke about her disc.

    "I will trust you," she said.  "But if you make a joke of me on my Licence Day, I will never forgive!" 

    Xi assured her sibling and then explained the beings she had referred to did not change form, except for one tiny part.  That part was important, though, because it delivered the prostaglandins.  In order to gain the beings' trust, Xi and Da would need to take a single form and hold it.  Da was certain she could do this. Xi would show her the best form to take.

    First, Xi sprouted hundreds of thousands of narrow protein filaments from atop her head.  She incorporated a dark pigment into the strands, giving them a blue-black sheen.  She then sprouted shorter such filaments around her optic organs.

    Da asked if the color was required and when her sister said any variation worked, she produced silvery filaments of her own, the color of Xi's disc, a reminder of what she would forfeit if this was a joke.

    Da was glad she had reminded her sister when Xi presented that next aspect of the form: she expanded two blobs of flesh out from her chest.  It looked like she was trying to bud two offspring at once!

    "What are those?" Da exclaimed, pointing at the flesh lumps.

    "The beings use them to feed their offspring," Xi explained. "The ones that make prostaglandins don't have them, but it drives the production when they see them.  I don't claim to understand their biology, but it works with most of them."

    "If you say so," Da said and produced two flesh lumps of her own.

    "Bigger," her older sibling encouraged.

    "Bigger?" Da said doubtfully.

    "Much bigger!" she said.

    Da's flesh lumps were bigger than her head by the time Xi was satisfied.

    "Anything else?" Da asked.

    "A few things," Xi said.  "But it will totally be worth it! Now invagenate your form down here…"


    Darren sighed.  Why had he let Jed talk him into going camping?  And in such a god-forsaken spot?  His friend had insisted it had to be near the top of Badger Hill.  He wouldn't say why.  He claimed Darren would think he was crazy if he told him.

    Well, Darren was starting to think he was crazy anyway.  After setting up the tent, Jed had rolled out their sleeping bags out on the ground.  It was a warm night, so maybe it wasn't that crazy, but Jed had then proceeded to shave.  Out in the boonies, an hour before sunset, and the man was shaving. And then he was slapping on aftershave that Darren could smell from a dozen strides away!

    And now, while Darren fed the fire, Jed was pacing around nervously, staring at the sky.  Jed was, indeed, crazy.  Darren needed to find a diplomatic way to propose they go home.

    And then the disc appeared.  A silvery disc seemed to just shimmer into existence atop Badger Hill!

    "You see it, right?" Jed exclaimed.  "You see it too?  I'm not crazy?"

    "What the fuck is that, Jed?" Darren demanded.

    "You won't believe me," he said.  "You'll just have to see them yourself."

    "Them?" He asked, but then the disc settled down and a panel in the front slid wide.

    And from out of the silvery disc stepped two naked blue women.  Darren gawked.  Jed was right.  He never would have believed him.  Never in a million years.  Even if they hadn't had bright blue skin, Darren wouldn't have believed women like this existed.  Their tits alone were utterly unbelievable!

    "Oh my god, Jed!" Darren said.  "What the fuck should we do?"

    "Just follow my lead," he said.  "Trust me!"

    Jed waved at the blue-skinned alien babes.  The dark-haired one gestured towards them and turned to the silver-haired one and made strange purring and clicking noises.  The silver-haired one seemed shy somehow, almost as freaked out by all this as Darren was.

    And then Jed dropped his pants and started waggling his junk at the blue alien babes.

    "What the fuck are you doing, Jed?" Darren demanded out of the corner of his mouth.

    "I'm fishing!" his friend said.  "And this is the perfect bait for what I want to catch!"

    Darren fully expected his friend to be hit with allen pepper spray or possibly laser eye beams, but the dark-haired alien started purring and clicking more excitedly to her companion and then gesturing insistently at Darren.

    Darren sighed.  This was probably a very bad idea.  But could he have this story end with him running off into the forest?  He could not.  He followed Jed's lead and dropped his drawers.  The sight of the naked alien babes already had him starting to engorge.  

    The dark-haired alien seemed to enthusiastically approve of what he had in his tackle box, if judged by her pointing and purring.  Even the silver-haired one seemed to be increasingly interested, which made Darren feel a little less foolish standing on a hill at night showing his cock to alien pornstars.

    And then the blue babes were approaching them.

    "You're sure they're not going to bite our cocks off?" Darren muttered to his friend.

    "They never have before," Jed said.

    Darren was not overly comforted by that assurance.  But then the dark-haired one grabbed hold of Jed's dick and then gestured towards the silver-haired alien and Darren.  The silver-haired alien reluctantly took hold of him. Darren shuddered.  Her eyes were so big!  And her tits were just unimaginable!  He tried to smile reassuringly at her.

    "You're so beautiful!" he said.

    She looked at her dark-haired companion and purred what seemed like a question.  But the dark-haired one gave a perfunctory click, sank to the ground and started sucking Jed off without any sort of preamble.

    The silver-haired one turned back to Darren and gave an apologetic click and then followed the first alien's lead, dropping down on her knees and taking Darren's dick in her mouth.

    And oh what a mouth!  Darren didn't know what kind of internal anatomy this alien babe had, but it seemed to engulf his cock like it was made for it. Did she have a tongue?  Did she have three?  Was she all tongue in there somehow?

    "Oh fuck yeah!" Jed exclaimed.

    The dark-haired one purred around his cock.  As if in answer, the silver-haired one purred and clicked around Darren's.  The sensation was mind-blowing!  They kept purring and clicking back and forth at each other.  Had their language evolved so they could carry on a conversation while sucking dick?  And if so, what the fuck were they saying to each other?

    "In case...There was any...doubt…" Jed stammered.  "They…swallow!"

    And then Jed groaned and arched his back and the alien at his feet started purring and clicking in a frenzy.

    Darren looked down at 'his' alien and saw she was looking at the other one and Darren like she was studying and then back up at him. Her huge eyes seemed to be pleading, scared but hungry.  Darren grabbed hold of a handful of glittering silver hair, took a deep breath, and reached climax.

    As he started to come, the alien started to tremble and her mouth with its bizarre structure seemed to milk the jizm out of him as her purr became a high-pitched chirping.  It was the strangest and yet most orgasmic feeling of his life.

    At last, she let his limp member flop out of her mouth.  It had been licked completely clean.  Darren glanced over to see the dark-haired one had finished with Jed first and was sprawled out on the ground, her huge eyes unfocused, clicking repeatedly, her massive blue jugs jiggling each time she did it.  It almost seemed to Darren like she had the hiccups!

    The silver-haired one made a fluttering purr and flopped backwards.  She was staring at the sky and quivering.  She blew a bubble with his semen and then popped it with a click, then quivered some more, her blue jugs dancing in the moonlight.

    "Are they ok, Jed?" Darren asked.

    "They're fine, Darren," he assured him.  "More than fine!  You'll see.  It gets better."

    "How could it possibly get better?" he asked.

    Jed didn't say anything.  He just pulled off his boots and freed himself of his pants, then walked bare-assed over to his bedroll and stripped off his shirt and jacket.  What else could Darren do but follow his lead at this point?

    Jed started trying to imitate the alien babes' clicking noises.  He wasn't very good at it as far as Darren could tell, but the dark-haired one's head popped up and she blinked at them, then rolled over and started shaking the silver-haired one's left tit.  She purred and then sat up.  The dark-haired one pointed at them and purred and clicked.

    The alien babes started to stand up, thrn fell down and hugged each other and rolled around on the ground, purring snd clicking.

    "Are they drunk?" Darren asked.

    "Totally shit-faced," Jed confirmed.  "What we have here is a couple of alien lushes who get wasted on human spunk."

    Jed clicked some more to get the girls' attention. The blue babes made their way back to their feet and staggered towards them.  The dark-haired one grabbed the silver-haired one by the pussy, the pointed at Jed's cock and purred insistently.  She staggered towards Jed. Sarren felt a little jealous that the one he had thought of as 'his' was going after his friend, but then the clearly more-experienced dark-haired one was on top of him, her blue tits in his face, and he found he was ok with switching.

    Darren felt a hand around his cock and the alien on top of him purred approvingly, then guided him inside of her.  She leaned back and Darren went deeper inside of her.  The moon shown from behind her, casting her face in shaddow, as she began to hump him, sloppily but insistently.

    Her hair and tits bounced with every hungry thrust and she started to make a moaning sound different from the purrs and clicks from before.  Over on top of Jed, the silver-haired one was making similar noises.  Darren managed to tear his gaze away long enough to see that Jed had her on hands and knees and was pounding at her doggie-style.

    That looked nice, but Darren was glad to have the dark-haired one take charge.  She seemed to really know what she was doing!  Her blue cunt was doing things no human woman could to his cock and the way her massive blue tits bounded about was mesmerizing.  

    Her reached up and grabbed hold of those giant jugs and the blue woman clicked in what he thought was approval, then ground down on his groin and shuddered.  It was more than he could take.  He exploded inside of her and her alien cunt went crazy, sucking insistently at him, drawing out every drop as she arched her back and moaned at the sky.

    She collapsed on top of him and jerked spasmodically.  Darren gasped and quivered.

    "Holy fuck," he whispered.

    Over to the side, the silver-haired one had stated squeaking repeatedly.  She seemed to have enjoyed Jed.

    Darren freed an arm to stroke the blue woman on top of him by way of thanks.  She purred in what Darren chose to think of as contentment.  He sqeezed her ass and she seemed content with that too.  Darren wondered how he could ever be satisfied with a human woman again.  Once you go blue…


    Da blinked up at her sister.  Her head as nestled between one of the alien beings lower appendages.  She wasn't sure which one.  They had similar infrared patterns.  Both the beings seemed to have gone dormant.  She hoped they hadn't broken them.

    "We should go," her big sister slurred.  "I'll drive."

    Da giggled.

    "I don't think I can even walk!" she confessed.

    She tried to change form to something with a lower center of gravity.  Nothing happened.

    "Hey!  I can't change form!" she exclaimed.

    This should probably have upset her more than it did. She was so euphoric!

    "It's normal," Xi said.  "Totally normal and... normal.  It's the prostaglandins.  They make your body stuck for, like, a period or two.  Sometimes three if you take a lot."

    Da giggled.

    "I think I took a lot!" she said.  "So I'm stuck with these silly things?"

    She grabbed her chest blobs.

    "Oh, come on!" Xi said.  "They're fun!"

    She shook her torso so the chest blobs jiggled.  Da giggled.  She guessed they were kind of fun.

    "Come on," Xi said. "We should go while the beings are still dormant."

    Da got up then fell over and giggled.  One of the aliens made a noise but stayed dormant.

    "Like this," Xi said, and moved towards the disc on all four of the appendages they werd stuck with for now.  Da followed suit and crawled after her sister.

    "By The First Bud," Da said as she lay on the floor of the disc.  "My cognitive function is soooo impaired!  Are you sure you can tesser?"

    Xi giggled.

    "Spores no!" she said.  "That's why I programmed this!"

    She pushed a button then joined her sister on the floor.  The disc tessered out of the strange dimension and into a new one.  The dome went transparent and Da looked through to see a spectacular electromagnetic display.

    "No matter here," Xi said.  "Just energy.  Nothing to collide with."

    Da giggled.  Her sister was so smart!

    "Pretty!" she exclaimed.

    Xi took hold of one of Da's upper appendages and squeezed.

    "I really like prostaglandins, Xi," Da told her sister.

    "They're the best!"  Xi agreed.  "Will you come with me again next cycle?"

    "Yes!" Da agreed.  "Yes, yes, yes!"

    The two sisters giggled and watched the lights.

    "I'm not stupid, you know," she said.

    "I'm sorry, what now?" he asked.

    "I'm not stupid," she repeated.  "I know it's the vitamins.  I know they're what's making my breasts grow and making me so docile and horny and willing to do whatever degrading thing you suggest.  It feels too good for me to try and stop it, but you shouldn't assume I don't know what's happening.  They're called VitaBims, for fuck sake.  I'm not stupid."

    "Sooooo...." he said.  "I should increase the dosage?"

    "Oh god yes!" she begged.

    "I'll go get the bottle," he agreed.

    VitaBims are a produced and distributed by BTPharma, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BimboTech Incorporated.  Always use bimbofication products responsibly.

    Affirmative Action

    "I'm sorry, Alex, but we've decided to go with someone else for the Division Head," Harold said.


    "What!  No!" Alex exclaimed.  "Who did you give it to?"

    "Sarah Travers," he admitted.  "The board felt she'd be a better fit."

    "Sarah is a better fit than me?  What does she have that I don't!? Other than being as woman!" he exclaimed.  "This is some affirmative action bullshit!"

    "Now calm down, Alex," Harold said.  "I assure you Sarah is well qualified for the position."

    "But I'm MORE qualified!" he insisted.

    Harold sighed.

    "Look, Alex," he said.  "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but the guys down in R&D are working on something big. Upper management is all about 'cross pollenation' right now, so if you were to go volunteer to help them with it and bring your outside perspective, it could really make you stand out in the company."

    "Enough that you'd reconsider giving Sarah the Division Head?" he asked enthusiastically.

    "Well, I can't promise anything," Harold said.  "But this project is going to make a huge splash!"

    "I'll do it!" Alex said.

    "Head down there then," Harold said.  "I'll call ahead for you."


    "Good morning, Harold!" Alexis gushed.


    "Alex, is that you?" Harold asked.

    Alexis giggled and nodded enthusiastically.

    "The R&D guys called me Alexis!" she explained.  "I like it!"

    "I like it too!  It's pretty.  Just like you!" Harold said.

    Alexis giggled.

    "Thank you!" she gushed.  "Did you know they were gonna make me a girl?"

    "I suspected they might," he confessed.  "You're not mad, are you?"

    "Noooo!" she said, then giggled, "I mean, I was at first, but then I started playing with my new titties, and they just feel so good!"

    She slipped off her jacket to better show them off.

    "Aren't they the bestest?" she asked.


    "Oh, they're spectacular, Alexis!" Harold agreed.  "Absolutely spectacular!"

    Alexis squealed and jiggled and dampened her panties.  It wasn't just the R&D guys!  Apparently every man who admired her titties made her feel this way!

    "So, now thst I'm a chick, Harold, can I be the division thingy instead of that bitch Sarah?" she asked, circling a finger around a nipple to remind him of her new qualifications.

    Harold's face fell.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry Alex," he said.

    "Alexis!" she reminded.

    "Alexis," he conceded.  "It really wasn't because you were a man that you didn't get the promotion.  It's just that you're so damned dumb."

    "Hey!" Alexis objected, then pouted.... then giggled. "OK, that's fair."

    "But, while nobody values a dumb guy, a LOT of us see the value in a dumb bimbo with tremendous tatas!" Harold pointed out. "So I think now you're very qualified for positions you never could have filled as Alex."

    "Really?  Like what?" Alexis asked.

    "Well, how would you like to be the office slut?" Harold asked.

    Alexis quivered all over, vaguely remembering hearing about that position during the night she spent in R&D.

    "OMG!" she exclaimed.  "I think that's my dream job!"

    "Well, you look like you'd be very well qualified," Harold said.  "Of course, you'd have to go through an extensive interview process."

    "Oh, of course!" she said.  "Can we start now?"

    "I can't see why not!" he said.  "Slip of your skirt and bend over the desk."

    "Yes, Sir!" Alexis said as she rushed to comply.  She was so lucky!


    She was going to nail this interview, and Harold was going to nail the interviewee.

    Fairy Problems

    Shelly couldn't believe she had gotten lost so quickly. She'd never hear the end of it from Professor Latham.  

    "Don't go into the woods unsupervised," he had told her.  "We have a fairy problem."

    A fairy problem!  For God's sake!  She didn't know if the esteemed Professor of Mythology was testing her for gullibility or if he had fallen off his rocker, but she did know she was NOT going to let a male colleague tell her she needed a chaperone ANYWHERE on campus, even the adjoining woods!

    But now she was completely turned around and she had a lecture to give at 3:00!


    She came to another cross path.  That shrub looked familiar, didn't it?  But when had she passed it?  And from what direction?

    There was a rustle in the trees a few yards away.  Shelly jumped and almost screamed  But she stopped her self and shook her head ruefully.  She would NOT be that kind of woman!

    "Hello?" she called.  "Hello?  Is there someone there?"

    Silence.  But as she peered into the dappled light, she could have sworn she saw something glinting.  It was the first non-plant thing she'd seen since getting lost, so she walked towards it.  It was probably just a discarded beer bottle from a student party, but it was worth a shot.

    Except it moved.  The sparkling little light moved further down the path as she approached it.  What the fuck?  She stopped and so did the little light.  Someone had to be messing with her!  Hazing the new faculty member!  Idiots!  She wasn't going to play along!  She wouldn't go another step towards the sparkly light!

    She stood her ground.  The sparkly light waited.  And waited.  She wasn't coming so it might as well leave!

    And it did.  It slowly, reluctantly, bobbed away.  Shelly had won the staring contest and it was leaving!  She was triumphant and the light was leaving...

    Leaving her all alone.  All alone in the deep dark woods.

    No!  Her sparkle couldn't leave!  It was hers!  It was her treasure!  It was her destiny!  

    "Wait!" Shelly begged, taking off at a run.  "Wait for me!"


    "Professor Ziegler, I presume?" the cute old man said as Shelly wandered out of the forest.

    Shelly blinked, then squealed, an elated smile consuming her face.


    "Professor Latham!" she exclaimed.  "I remember you!  It's me, Shelly!"

    "Welcome back, Shelly," he said.  "How long have you been visiting with our Good Neighbors?"

    "Who?" she asked.

    "The Fair Folk?" he clarified.  "The ones you've been being fucked with and by?"

    "OMG!" she exclaimed.  "Could you hear me fucking out here?  I get really loud!  I just love it do much!"

    "Yes, most  do find the Fair Folk's administrations... satisfactory," the professor observed.  "Though the experience does tend to leave one changed."

    Shelly giggled.

    "You sure use lots of big words!" she said.  "Does that mean you have a big dick?"

    "Well, I'm no fairy," he said.  "But I rarely have complaints.  At least, not from silly sluts who wander off in the woods unsupervised.

    Shelly giggled.  She was pretty sure she just found her next lay!


    "I...I put on my slut clothes, Tommy."

    >I can see that, Aunt Mary.

    "Thank you for giving them to me.  I... I'm sorry I said I wouldn't wear them.  I was being stupid."

    >You were being a bitch, Mary.

    "Yes.  A bitch. A stupid, stupid bitch! But I'm not being a bitch now.  I'm wearing my slut clothes."

    >Yes.  I noticed.

    "So...can I have my Milfotrin now?"

    >Do you want your Milfotrin, Mary?

    "Oh yes, Tommy!  Yes!  I need it!"

    >Even if you have to wear your slut clothes to get it?

    "I want to wear my slut clothes, Tommy!  I love them!  I love you!  I love my Milfotrin!  I need my Milfotrin to not be a stupid bitch, Tommy!  Please give it to me!  I need it!"

    >And what will you do after you take your Milfotrin, Aunt Mary?

    "I will suck my nephew's dick like the dirty slut I am!"

    >Well then, I guess you've learned you lesson.  I'll even let you have a double dose, since you're in withdrawal.

    "Oh thank you, Tommy!  Thank you!  You're the best!"




    >You wanted to see me, Bitch Boss?

    "Yes, Derek.  It has come to my attention that you've been using subliminal messages through the computer to infiltrate my mind and alter my behavior."

    >What makes you think that, you raging cunt?

    "My hairstylist.  When I asked her to bleach my hair and brought in a Barbie dolll for an example of what I wanted, she said I wasn't acting like myself.  I started thinking about that and realized it all started after you ungraded my computer."

    >I guess you caught me!  You're pretty smart for a dumb bimbo.

    "Yes.  That's why I'm the boss and you're the IT guy."

    >You're just too smart for me, you skanky twat.

    "I'm glad we're on the same page.  Now the document I found on my hsrd drive indicates that to reverse the effects of the mind control, I'll need to vigorously fellate you and then gargle your hot jizz like a skanky ho-beast. So I'll need you to remove your pants."

    >I really don't think that's going to work, you cheap whore.

    "But I'm your Bitch Boss!  So if I tell you to shove your hard cock down my whore throat, you have to do it!"

    >(sigh) Fine!  But don't blame me if you're still mind controlled afterwards, you cum dumpster.

    "I'm sorry, the what now?" she asked her landlord.

    "The bimbofication clause," he repeated.  "It's starndard in all my lease agreements.  You did read the lease agreement, didn't you?"

    "Well, I mean, I skimmed it," she admitted.

    "Well, you can't have thought this building had so many stacked hot chicks just by coincidence, did you?" he asked.

    "Well, I mean, I kinda thought I just got lucky!" she admitted..

    "Nobody is that lucky, kid," the landlord said.  "I can show you the clause in your lease agreement if you like.  'Rent is due at 2am local time the first day of every month.  Failure to pay on time in full will result in immediate bimbofication of the lesseee for the duration of the month.'  It's all quite legal, I assure you."

    "Wait...for the duration of the month?" she exclaimed.  "I'll be like this for all of August?!?"

    "At least," he said. "Probably longer."

    "But...but it said for the duration of the month!" she said.  "If I pay my rent on tome, I should get my dick back!"

    "Oh, certainly!" the landlord said.  "Legally, if you pay your rent on time next month, you revert to being a guy.  But you may have noticed there isn't a sudden uptick in male tenants at the first of the month.  I don't know if it's because a month of being a bimbo is enough to convince you girls that you prefer it this way, or if it's because you're just so ditzy and distractible that you never seem to manage to pay on time after the first missed month."

    "I'm totally gonna remember!" she vowed. "Um, how many days are in this month?"

    "Number are so hard to remember," the landlord said.  "If you want a good way to know, I always host the rooftop party the last day of the month."

    "OMG!  I love those!  But don't we have those, like, more than once a month?" she asked.

    "Oh you're right!  Silly me!" he said.  "In fact, there's one tonight for everyone to get to know the new girls!  You will come, won't you? Everyone is going to be so glad to see you!  You're just so cute!"

    She giggled.

    "You really think I'm cute?" she asked.

    "You're adorable!" he affirmed.  "Come to the party if you don't believe me!  Everyone will say so!"

    She giggled again and jiggled her new jugs a bit.  She had to admit, she was cute.

    "OK!" she said.  "I'll come to the party!  But next month, I'm totally going to pay my rent on time!" 

    "Oh that's weeks from now," he said.  "Why even worry about it?"

    She giggled.  He was probably right.

    Carol's Contribution

    "Jonathan's birthday is on the 29th, Carol," Travis told her after cornering her in the break room.

    "I guess he had to have been born sometime," she said.

    "Yeah,  so we were thinking we should all go in together and get him something," he continued.

    "Who is we?" she asked.  

    She'd worked in the office for nearly 10 years and no one had  ever done anything for HER birthday!

    "Just some of us guys," he said.  

    "Well, I guess I could give you five bucks," she sighed.  "Are you getting him a gift certificate or something?"

    "Oh, we already paid for it, actually," he said.  "So we really don't need your money."

    Carol rolled her eyes, exasperated.

    "Then why are you even telling me about it?" she demanded.

    "Well, we got him a gift certificate to BimboTech," Travis said.  "So we were really hoping you could contribute.  It would mean a lot to him."

    "What the fuck?" Carol demanded, just before she realized Oliver had snuck up behind her and pocked her in the ass with something sharp.


    Carol waited quietly in Jonathan's office.  It was so hard not to giggle, but she didn't want to spoil the surprise!


    The Sympathetic Devil is 49 today.  I'm probably to old for this shit, but here I am anyway.

    The Wizard's Staff


    "What's with the hiking stick?" he asked the bearded old man who had wandered into his office.

    "It's a staff," he explained. "A Wizard's Staff, if we're being specific."

    "Oh! We don't get many wizards around here!" he exclaimed, humoring him since he was clearly a nutter.

    "No, I imagine not," he said. "We don't come cheep. You must have really pissed someone off."

    He frowned and started to object but the old man pointed his staff at him and swirled the tip. The air seemed to gel and swirl around with it.

    "Hey! You can't do that!" he objected, not knowing what the wizard was doing but pretty sure he wanted him to stop.  The air swirled around him.  Or was the air standing still while he swirled around the rip of the staff?

    "Clearly I can," the wizard said. "But what should I call you? The client didn't say. What do you think of Mimi?"


    "I'm Mimi!" Mimi said, then giggled.

    "Nice to meet you, Mimi," said the wizard. "Have you ever seen a real Wizard's Staff?"

    Mimi giggled and shook her head no. The wizard pulled out his cock, long, hard and straight.

    Mimi giggled.  She liked it!  He swirled the the tip around.  The air seemed to swirl around it.  Or was it Mimi's brain that was swirling around it?  Yes, that seemed right.

    She knelt before The Wizard's Staff.  Her tongue swirled around the tip.  The tip swirled around her tongue.  It was magic!


    Let the Devil In


    Let The Devil In

    By The Sympathetic Devil

    Rose always made cookies on Monday and while they were still warm she took a dozen over to Father Luke.  She had made snickerdoodles today because those were his favorite and he had seemed a little out of sorts during the sermon the day before. She hoped they would cheer him up.


    But when she entered the parish, it looked like cookies we’re not going to be enough. The Rector looked like he hadn’t slept in several days, his eyes bloodshot and his hair mussed.

    “I brought you cookies, Father Luke,” Rose said. “Are you all right?”

    “Is anyone all right? What is right and wrong? What is good and evil?” The clergyman mumbled.

    “You look tired, Father Luke,” Rose said sympathetically. “You should rest.”

    “There is no rest,” he said. “No rest for the wicked.”

    “You’re not wicked Father Luke!” Rose objected. “You’re the pastor of our church! You’re the best man in the whole town!”

    Rose’s church was very important to her. Her mother had died when she was very young and her father had died earlier that year after a long illness. If it wasn’t for the church, she would have lost all connection, all sense of family.

    Even though he was only a few years older than her, Father Luke had become like her actual father. More reliable than her actual father had ever had been, really.

    But now the Rector was clearly unwell. She had supported her own father in his illness until the end. She would make herself available for Father Luke.

    “All men are fallen and wicked,” the clergyman said, his eyes widening. “And women! Women started it! Eve, biting that apple, the juice dripping down on her naked body as she danced before the serpent!”

    Rose blushed furiously. She had never heard it put that way.

    “I think you might be sick Father Luke,” she said, a gentle hand on his arm. “You should go to bed.”

    “Yes… Bed… tired…” the Rector said. “But I have more to learn. So much more to learn. No, no rest. I have to understand.”

    The clergyman turned back towards his desk. It was only then that Rose noticed the huge, ancient book sitting open there. Was that what had been keeping Father Luke up at night?

    “You’re not thinking straight, Father Luke,” Rose insisted. “Let’s get you to bed. You’ll understand things better after a good night’s sleep.”

    She took the clergyman by the arm and insisted, steering him out of his office and towards the private living space in the back of the church. He looked back at the book on his desk reluctantly but he gave in to her gentle pressure.

    “I’ll come and check on you first thing in the morning, Father,” she promised. “If you’re still feeling like this, I’ll drive you to the doctor myself. This Parish needs you to be healthy. I need you to be healthy.”

    “Oh sweet Sister Rose! Sweet, innocent Rose. So unaware of the evil in the world,” He mumbled.

    “There’s good in the world too, Father,” she reminded him. “You’ll see that after some sleep.”

    She left him there at the threshold of his private living quarters after extracting a promise that he would get some sleep and call her if he needed to go to the doctor before she returned in the morning.

    *** As promised, Rose was there again Tuesday morning. And the Rector appeared to be feeling much, much better. He smiled hugely as he opened the door for her.

    “Oh good! You came! I was worried you wouldn’t,” he said.

    Upon closer look, his eyes were still very bloodshot.  But his energy level was promising.

    “Are you feeling better, Father Luke?” She asked.

    “Much better, little Rose!” He exclaimed.  “So much better! I understand so much more now!  And now you’re here, so I have someone to share my knowledge with! The perfect someone!”

    “Oh, I don’t know about that,” she said.

    “You don’t need to know!” He said.  “I know! You are the empty vessel I can fill!”

    “I…i don’t know, Father….” she said again, very confused about what the Rector was proposing.

    “Exactly!” he exclaimed.  “Come to the chapel at once!”

    Rose bit her lower lip and complied, terribly unsure of herself.

    The chapel smelled…odd. And all the blinds were drawn, with just a few candles providing light.

    “It’s very dark, Father Luke,” she observed, hoping he would open the blinds or turn on the light.

    “Yes, it is,” he agreed.  “So much darker than you know. Kneel, Sister Rose. It is time for communion.”

    “But Father Luke, it’s Tuesday,” she pointed out. “And I haven’t confessed.”

    “Communion first,” the Rector insisted, “confession later. Kneel, Sister Rose. You must kneel.”

    There was something powerful in his voice, compelling. For all of her misgivings, Rose felt herself go weak in the knees and the next thing she knew she was in a position of supplication.

    And then the Rector was pressing a cup into her hands. It wasn’t the normal communion cup. It was made of carved wood. Rose knew the Rector liked to whittle in his spare time.  Had he made it himself? She didn’t have a chance to ask.

    “Drink,” the Rector commanded. “Drink and take it in!”

    And then he continued in something that might have been Latin, deep and guttural. Rose didn’t understand the words but she understood the mandate. She had to drink.

    She drank and the wine burned down her throat and made her nostrils flare. It was definitely not the wine he usually gave her on a Sunday morning with the rest of the congregation.

    She gasped and a warmth spread throughout her body. Father Luke took the cup and filled it again. He handed it to her and once again told her to drink.

    “No, Father Luke,” Rose said. “It’s not supposed to be like this.”

    He continued to insist in the language that probably wasn’t really Latin. Rose tried to find a suitable counter argument  but this was all so very confusing. She took the cup and drank again. And after the second time, refusing the third time seemed pointless. She was a good Christian girl. She should do what the priest told her to do.

    “Bless me, Father..” She begged as he refilled the cup.

    The church was spinning slowly around her when the clergyman took the cup from her at last. Nothing made any sense, but all resistance had been washed away.

    “Take the Host, Sister Rose,” the Rector now instructed. “Open your mouth and take it in.”

    She wasn’t resisting, but she was so confused and her brain was moving so slowly that before she could figure out what he was asking, he was forcibly opening her mouth with his strong hands, invading it with thumb and finger, shaping her mouth into an O and tapping at her tongue until the tip emerged. He placed a white wafer on her pink tongue and it fizzed oddly.  He roughly closed her mouth and pinched her nose.  She swallowed.  Something crackled in her head.

    “It’s in you, Sister Rose,” Father Luke exulted. “The Devil is in you.”

    “The Devil?” She asked, and there was a burning between her legs.

    “The Devil is in you, woman” the Rector said as he shed his robes. “The Devil is in every woman! Eve was beguiled by The Serpent! She let The Serpent into her garden! She ate the forbidden fruit! Such a wicked, wicked harlot, she and all her daughters! The Woman is Sin! The Woman is Temptation! The Woman is The Serpent’s Slave!”

    “The Serpent’s Slave…” Rose said, seeing Father Luke’s rampant member for the first time. It was so beautiful!


    “Let The Devil in, Rose,” he commanded, again manhandling her mouth. “Let the Serpent in and worship!”

    And then he was inserting his hard cock between her lips and on to her tongue, just like dozens of communion wafers before it.  She didn’t resist. She welcomed it.  She worshiped it.  The Devil was in her. She was The Serpent’s Slave!

    Father Luke’s cock squirmed and throbbed in her mouth. Something bigger squirmed and throbbed deeper inside of her.

    He laid his hands upon her head, his fingers entwined in her dark curls as his member slid between her lips.  All she thought was ‘Let it In! Let it in!” using what will she had left to suppress her gag reflex as he pushed down her throat.  She needed it in her!

    The Rector called put into the darkness of the chapel in not-latin and exploded inside of Rose.  She swallowed desperately, decidedly, devotedly. Her body tingled.  Her brain burned.  

    The glow it gave off was so pretty before it went dark.


    Rose was naked when she came to on the chapel floor. Her initial instinct was to cover herself, and a hand and arm went to crotch and chest instinctively as she looked for her clothes, but not finding them, she slowly dropped her arm and removed her hand.

    If she was naked, wasn’t it likely Father Luke had left her that way? And if he wanted her exposed, who was she to cover up?

    She stood, letting her hands dangle unconcealing at her side, her nipples hardening in the cool air of the empty chapel.

    A single step confirmed she was still very much under the influence of The Rector’s new and improved communion wine.  It would be a challenge, but she needed to find her pastor.  She was a lost sheep.  She knew nothing.

    She was an empty vessel.

    She gingerly stepped forward, wishing the room would slow its spin at least long enough for her to find the Rector.

    The room did not comply to her wish, but she managed to find the Rector anyway, back in his office, pouring over the big, ancient book and muttering in the language he had used before.

    “F..father Luke?” She asked from the doorway and his head shot up, eyes flashing, then he grinned hugely, seeing it was her.  Rose felt the urge to cover her nakedness, but also the urge to display herself, lifting her chest in invitation.  Conflicted, she waited.

    “Rosie-fingered dawn brightens the world,” the clergyman says.  “Come in, girl! Come in!”

    “I…I couldn’t find my clothes,” she explained.

    “You don’t need them in here,” he said dismissively.  “I’ll get you better clothes when you need them.”

    “…thank you,” she said as he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle and carved wooden chalice.

    “You must be thirsty,” he said, pouring the dark red liquid.  “Drink your wine.”

    “I’m,,, I’m still a little drunk from before,” she confessed.

    “Exactly!” He said.  “Not nearly enough.  Drink up.”

    She obeyed.  It still burned as it went down her throat, but now it brought memories of Father Luke down her throat as well and she trembled as she swallowed.

    She blinked the tears the wine and memory brought forth.  In the bright light of the office, Rose now saw what the grail was carved with. Naked women being ravaged by demonic creatures.  That seemed….inevitable.

    “Father Luke?” She asked, her voice wavering.  “What…what we did in the chapel… Was that wrong?”

    “Was it wrong?” He asked, an incredulous smirk replacing the welcoming smile.  “Whatever does that mean? That you can even ask shows you need another demonstration,”

    He stood and stole towards her as her heart became a frightened bird.  He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close, grabbed the back of her head with his other hand and kissed her roughly.

    She melted. She would do anything he asked.  Why had she even questioned?

    He broke off their kiss and licked her from shoulder to earlobe, then gently bit it, the bite of pain making her jump and thrill.

    “You need to let The Devil in, Rose,” he whispered and she sighed.

    “I need to let The Devil in…” She agreed.

    Then the Rector grunted in triumph and stood tall, grabbing her by the shoulders and spinning her about.  Before sh knew what was happening, she was sprawled across his desk, her face against a big woodcutting in reddish brown ink of a whore being sodomized by a demon.

    “You need to let The Devil in, Rose,” the Rector shouted, running a finger between her ass cheeks and finding her anus.

    She gasped, then bit her lower lip and focused on what she needed to say.

    “I will let The Devil in!” She vowed.

    “Of course you will, Rose!  Of course you will!” The Rector preached.  “You are a woman! You will always give in to the Serpent!”

    There was oil of some sort.  Rose could smell it before she could feel it, infused with some pungent but unknown herbs.  But then the Rector was slathering her asshole with it, the excess running down her thighs, as he began to work at her with his fingers.

    “I will let The Devil in! I will let The Devil in! “I will let The Devil in!” She chanted as the unfamiliar sensation filled her with both fear and longing.

    The Rector droned out words in the strange language as his thumb penetrated her and whirled about, stretching her sphincter and her mind. She bit her lower lip again and breathed hard, her nostrils flaring.

    “In the beginning did The Woman welcome Sin into the world!” The clergyman now preached in English.  “She bowed before The Serpent and gave Him dominion over Her flesh! All the daughters of Eve bear the mark of her wickedness, bear her lust for The Serpent! Every fallen one yearns to let The Devil in!”

    “I will let The Devil in! I will let The Devil in! “I will let The Devil” Rose pledged.

    What pressed against her asshole may not have been The Serpent, but it was certainly bigger than the Rector’s thumb. Rose gasped and then groaned as he pressed into her, stretching her.

    “Yeeeeeeesssss….Yessssssss…” She breathed.  “I will let it in! I will let it in!!!”

    With the Rector in her rectum, her head swam.  She’d never dreamed of doing anything so dirty, of being anything so dirty.  She loved it! She loved him! She loved sin! She was sin!

    “Yes! Yes!” She cried out.  “Devil in me! Devil in me!”

    Father Luke slapped her ass cheek as he thrust into her.

    “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” The Rector prayed.

    “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Amen! Oh fuck!” Rose called back.

    And then the was coming in her ass.  He was in her.  And she was flying!

    *** Rosie giggled softly to herself, curled up in a naked ball in the corner of The Rector’s office, sticky with his seed.  

    After recovering from sodomizing her, he had decided to cum all over face and tits as she knelt before him in a position of prayer.  Then he had sent her crawling obediently to her corner where she had awaited his guidance.

    She wasn’t sure if what she was doing was thinking.  It might be better described as unthinking.  So much of what she had thought, whom she had been was bursting into pretty flames in her head and then going out.

    Purity. Modesty. Judgement. Crackle. Fizz. Pop. Ooo. Awww. Oooooh.

    She didn’t know if she was still drunk or if she would always feel this way.  Maybe it didn’t matter.  If it mattered, Father Luke would tell her.

    “Go clean yourself, Sister Rose,” the clergyman said.  “We should go out celebrate your birthday.”

    Rose giggled and crawled towards the church’s ladies room.  

    “Happy birthday to me…. Happy birthday to me…” she sang.  Her original birthday had burned up in the bonfire of her mind.  But she was a new person today.  That was certain.

    Father Luke joined her in the ladies room as she was finishing dabbing the last of his spunk from her face.  He had a box of cosmetics and a black dress on a hanger.

    “You’ll need to do your makeup differently from now on, Sister Rose,” the preacher said. “You need to show the world that The Devil is inside you.”

    Rose nodded enthusiastically, accepting the box.

    “I’m the Whore of Babylon!” she declared proudly. “I know what to do!”

    And she did.  Even with the distraction of Father Luke stroking her naked as while she did so, she was able to paint herself the perfect wicked wanton with smokey ‘fuck me’ men eyes and full, pink ‘kiss me like you mean it’ lips.

    Satisfied, the clergyman helped her pull on the black dress, its fabric clinging tightly to every inch of her, the lacy top displaying her tits more than concealing them.

    Father Luke finished her off with a pair of shiny black pumps and a cross on a cord around her neck.

    She looked questioningly at the cross.


    “It’s called irony, my little succubus,” he said.  “I find it sexy.”

    That was certainly good enough reason for Rose! Father Luke stroked her hair and then kissed her full on the mouth, one hand finding her ass and squeezing.

    She was panting when he broke of the kiss and stood on tiptoes to reach his ear.

    “The Devil is in me,” she whispered.  

    “Yes…yes he is,” the Rector agreed.  “You wicked, wicked creature.  Let’s go.”

    He drove her out of their little hamlet towards the big city.  She stared at him adoringly at him, her left hand gently stroking his cock along his right thigh through his pants as he explained once again how women were the doorway through which sin entered the world. It was her favorite story and she never tired of hearing it.

    “I love your serpent, Father Luke,” she said once he was done, or had at least paused.  “I think you fucked my brains out with it!”

    And that got him started again, preaching about how she was a foolish woman, like Eve. Like all the daughters of Eve.  She was a bimo and a trollop and a slut.

    Rose just giggled and enthusiastically agreed.

    They arrived at a seedy bar outside of the city.  Father Luke parked in the most shadowy section of the parking lot.

    “Blow me, you silly skank,” he instructed.

    “Yes, Father Luke!” she gushed, “Yes!Yes!Yes!”

    It took some awkward squirming but at last they both were in a position where Rose could bob her head up and down upon the Rector’s erection as he lay back in the driver’s seat.  

    She was getting good at this! Of course she was.  It was what she was made for!

    At last the clergyman came and Rose swallowed her sacrilegious sacrement.

    “Amen!” said Father Luke.

    Then he got out of the car, zipped up and led Rose into the Den of Iniquity, which happened to be the name of the bar.

    The bouncer looked quizzically at Father Luke’s ecclesiastical collar, but spent more time looking Rose up and down, to her delight.  Rose had never been to a bar before.

    She didn’t know if all bars had naked women dancing on poles, but this one did.  Father Luke was so right about what a sinful sex she and her sisters were.

    They sat right there next to the stage.  Father Luke brought out a stack of singles.

    “From the collection plate,” he whispered in here ear.  “Cheap bastards. Be generous with your sisters “

    Rose giggled and nodded and made sure the dancers knew how much she appreciated their slutty performances.

    A few vodka shots were enough to confirm that, even if the communion wine had left her permanently drunk, she could definitely get drunker.  And when was a horny drunk!

    “Father Luke,” she said, hanging on to his shirt and leaning in close to be heard over the club’s music.  “Do you wanna fucks me ‘gain? Cuz I wanna fucks!”

    “Do you know why I brought you here, Rosie?” he said.

    Rose crossed her eyes and tried to remember.

    “Cuz it’s my birfday?” she recalled.

    “Well, yes,” he conceded. “But also, I need you to understand that I’m not your boyfriend.  I’m your pimp.”

    Rose screwed up her face, trying to understand, and then the pin dropped.

    “I’m the Whore of Babylon!” she remembered happily.

    “That’s my Rose,” he praised, patting her on the inner thigh.  “Now, see that young man over there…”


    “Hi! I’m Rose!” Rose introduced herself as she sat on the lap of a young man on the edge of a bachelor party watching the guest of honor get a lap dance.

    “I, um, gave the last of my cash for her,” he said, indicating the blonde riding the groom.

    “Oh, I don’t work here, Baby!” she assured him.  “I just wanted to ask you a question.”

    “Oh, um, ok…” he stammered.

    “Do you believe in the Devil?” she asked.

    He looked her up and down, a deer in her headlights. He nodded.

    “I ket let the Devil inside me,” she confessed, then grabbed his cock through his pants.  “But there’s still some room if you’d like to squeeze in.”

    She licked her pink lips and then made an O to make sure the young man knew what they were for.


    As she led the young man to the parking lot, Father Luke raised his drink to her in salute.  She winked at him and giggled. The Devil was in her.  But there was definitely room for more.


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