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2020-07-13 21:59:30

    NASA said the next solar cycle just started this year and will reach its maximum in 2025. They said it will be its weakest cycle.

    Our sun dies in about 5 billion years. But, a cataclysmic solar flare will hit the earth in the next thousand or so. Which seems like a long time, but with the progression of the human race.....that's like learning your project is due in 2 weeks and everyone is taking there sweet time to start and you got put in a group where you got elected to do the work.

    I didnt learn until tonight there was a solar mass ejection in 2012 that came pretty close. No one ever did talk about that meteor that came real close not too long ago also.


    I harp on this and society in general so much because the subway scene and the airplane scene in Knowing, and the car scene in 2012 are probably the hardest things to watch and I don't want that for anyone. Even if that's not what it's about.

    And, it doesn't help that "Everything" fits.