Nanami x Gojo is definitely my comfort OTP of JJK. They're so different from each other, yet it somehow works. Extra props to writers who can mention their past loves (Haibara and Geto) without making it seem as if Gojo and Nanami are just using each other as a replacement for what they've lost. Here are a few fic recs that show why it's my new fave:

    between us, i think the night is watching.: Gojo is the only change that Nanami allows in his routine. Rating: Teen Audiences

    Entrelhinas: Nanami and Gojo's relationship, in no specific order. Rating: Teen Audiences

    freefall: Gojo being Gojo while he, Nanami and Itadori are out on a mission. Rating: Teen Audiences

    Gojo Satoru is a Good Dad: a series about Gojo being a new father. The NanaGo starts in the 2nd story. Rating: Teen Audiences

    it's love, sweet love: Gojo Satoru loves Nanami Kento. Rating: Teen Audiences

    Bonus: Currently following a WIP called i'd love it if we made it, an Ocean's 11 AU. The premise is interesting, but what really drew me in is how well the author writes emotional scenes. It's updated quite regularly. Rating: Mature

    Make sure to check all tags before reading, and leave a comment or Kudos on any fics you enjoyed. Have a good weekend!