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    I once signed up to participate in a study on how depression affects memory, forgot I was meant to go do it, and when I emailed to apologise to the PhD student running it she basically told me that a) she was very used to this happening and b) the weird irony of her theories’ correctness making it very difficult to arrange proving them had by now gone from infuriating to hysterical


    I went to the Grand Canyon when I was depressed and I literally forgot the whole thing. Like, the only reason I even know I was there is that I have photographs of myself standing in front of the Grand Canyon with dead eyes but i have absolutely no memory of it

    People talk about depression like it’s just being sad all the time but straight up your brain stops working and sadness is just one of the many, many consequences of that

    sorry about the very thick accents but. merry’s bank is very accented and light is still a japanese bank, it just has some extra sounds for english. 

     Title: The Chattering Lack of Common Sense Music/Lyrics/Video/Harmonies: GHOST Singers: Kohaku Merry Trapeze (戯白メリー Trapeze) Matsudappoiyo Light (松田っぽいよ Light) UST: Nekei