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    Now that Avatar is on Netflix in the US I get to enjoy all these gags again surrounding Toph’s blindness. It honestly impressed me how it was seriously humorous they were able to make these punchlines without it feeling jarring or downright off putting basing humor around someone’s visual disability.

    However, they pulled it off so amazingly well. Looking forward to taking a trip down memory lane.

    it’s so funny because the fact that Toph is blind isn’t generally the punchline, the punchline usually is that everyone forgets that she is blind 

    my dad–also a writer–came to visit, and i mentioned that the best thing to come out of the layoff is that i’m writing again. he asked what i was writing about, and i said what i always do: “oh, just fanfic,” which is code for “let’s not look at this too deeply because i’m basically just making action figures kiss in text form” and “this awkward follow-up question is exactly why i don’t call myself a writer in public.”

    he said, “you have to stop doing that.”

    “i know, i know,” because it’s even more embarrassing to be embarrassed about writing fanfic, considering how many posts i’ve reblogged in its defense.

    but i misunderstood his original question:<>“fanfic is just the genre. i asked what you’re writing about.” 

    i did the conversational equivalent of a spinning wheel cursor for at least a minute. i started peeling back the setting and the characters, the fic challenge and the specific episode the story jumps off from, and it was one of those slow-dawning light bulb moments. “i’m writing about loneliness, and who we are in the absence of purpose.”

    as, i imagine, are a lot of people right now, who probably also don’t realize they’re writing an existential diary in the guise of getting television characters to fuck. 

    that’s what you’re writing. the rest is just how you get there, and how you get it out into the world. was richard iii really about richard the third? would shakespeare have gotten as many people to see it if it wasn’t a story they knew?”

    so, my friends: what are you writing about?

    Death. Love.

    Damn this hit hard.

    I love that, out of all of the amazing moments, the Netflix preview for Avatar just shows this random scene from The Headband:

    Like think about this out of context: If you had no idea what Avatar was about, you’d assume it was about some dancing boy called Kuzon, who lived in a colony, and went to a typical anime-esque high school with his friend, On Ji, where he got into everyday fights with bullies.

    That was one episode and most of the fandom agrees that it was one of the weaker filler episodes because, while the world development and messages about propaganda were great, it had no connection with the rest of the show. We never see On Ji again. We never learn what happened to those kids. Aang never uses the alias ‘Kuzon’ again. This part of the episode was supposed to parody these other slice-of-life animes by showing how much Avatar usually deviates away from these typical tropes.

    And this is the scene that’s supposed to lure new fans in.

    Flame-o, Netflix, flame-o.

    You’ve just realized something strange about the humans. They’re a race that joined the galaxy recently, but you’ve just found evidence of them already been part of it for many millennia before, but it feels like everybody’s forgotten.

    We were delighted when the people calling themselves ‘humans’ joined the spacefaring races. They were clever and agile, hot-tempered and humorous, fierce and yet friendly, a young species with much to offer us. 

    Most species are still delighted. But we are the Bybleotekar, the recorders of the spaceways, and we have begun to wonder. Our merry companions are… not different, but too much the same. They understand so readily, accept so quickly - most new species have trouble adjusting to dealing with aliens, to the realities of space travel, to the sheer bigness of the universe. But the humans are so adaptable, so ready for it all, they might be remembering something they’ve forgotten, not learning something new. 

    Some of us, the Izaslanik of the Bybleotekar, the gatherers of information for the record keepers, began encouraging humans to join us, that we might study them more closely. They like the work - they are a curious species, delighting in new knowledge, and they make able assistants. My human companion is named Mira, a young female. She is a good companion, who sings sweetly and laughs often. 

    When Mira struck the first blow against what I thought I knew of the universe, against illusions soon to shatter that I had thought were truth, we were attending the coronation of a lesser Netar of the Kktil, recording the customs and ceremonies and unofficially enjoying the colourful celebrations. Mira was watching the dancing, her mouth widened in a ‘smile’. “It’s so pretty,” she said, her hairless face sheened with sweat under the hot sun. “I love the turquoise jewellery.” She pointed to the bright blue stones that bedecked the dancers. “I should buy some. Our homeworld doesn’t have any turquoise, you know. Only a few pieces we brought with us when we came.” 

    It takes me a little while to understand what she said. It is only later, during the feasting, that I turn to her again. “You said your homeworld doesn’t have turquoise. Only… what you brought with you. Do you mean turquoise you have bought offworld, since you joined the spaceways?” 

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    listen… ahsoka has never gone anywhere NEAR the darkside but like… ahsoka looking at maul in the finale and immediately being like “MURDER” rly makes u think like. this girl wudda been a TERRIFYING sith

    Silena Beauregard is my favourite Aphrodite girl. When Zoe said love could lead heroes astray... when Piper said Aphrodite is the most powerful & one of the oldest gods... Silena Beauregard embodied that. She said love is more important and she died by that code.

    When Clarisse said Silena was stronger than she looked, when Percy & everyone else was consistently taken by surprise every time Silena said something smart or useful, when she said she’d pulverise the hunters because they said love was worthless... she had the range (and the righteous anger- she was allowed it. Her death should have set the stage for Piper to be angry at how no matter what they do they’re overlooked...)

    Silena was only really important for one of the five books and she showed more depth than all the characters in HoO. If anyone shared Percys fatal flaw it was her. She literally prioritised love for her friends over everything (in different ways at different points in time but still) she was ICONIC for a side character. Never done before never be done again.

    Drew was a background character so it’s ok for her to be boring as fuck but... If RR had used her as a template for Piper to go through something similar (ie protecting those she loved over what she knows to be wrong) I wouldn’t have been mad is all I’m saying...

    NOT TO MENTION;;; Half-blood of the oldest gods??? Why was Aphrodite not even considered?? One of the first things Annabeth tells Percy is that they are weak, that monsters don’t attack them... Silena was slept on her entire life. That quote w frank where he says if he’s gna die he might as well burn bright as he does— Silena Beauregard did it first :(

    hey there ! pride month may be over but i won't stop being proud of who i am and of all of you who are proud too 💜

    so yeah here is my ace ruby cosplay, inspired by @tidalcurrent 's art ! i've been wanting to cosplay her ace ruby fanart ever since i saw it last year ~ (and i'm still not over the new version i love it so much aaaaaauskbdfl) so yeah please check this amazing artist's blog <3

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