Remember that before the Holocaust, there were 16 million Jews in the world. They killed more than a third of us.

    Remember that pre-war Eastern Europe was a major center of world Jewry, and it had a thriving Jewish society with Yiddish theater, poetry, literature, art, and political activism. An entire society was destroyed.

    Remember that before the war, a third of Warsaw’s population was Jewish. The vast majority of those Jewish residents were murdered.

    Remember that Salonika (Thessaloniki) was a city in Greece that had a Jewish majority for hundreds of years. It used to be known as Sabatopolis – the Shabbat city – because before electric light, ships going by on Friday night would see a dark shoreline because the residents could not light lights. In the 16th century, it was known as the “mother of Israel” and was a center of Jewish life where Eastern European Jews would come to visit and study. Fewer than 1800 Jews from Salonika survived the Holocaust.

    Remember that in Krakow, what used to be the Jewish quarter is now a tourist trap for the groups who come to look at what once was. The Jewish community owns several beautiful synagogues but only regularly uses one because there are so few Jews left. Without the tour groups who regularly pray with them, they would have trouble getting a quorum of ten men by the beginning of the Shabbat service. The other synagogues are museums now.

    Remember what we lost.


    Star Wars is an epic saga about people falling into different types of pits


    by “pits” you mean the Sarlacc pit(s)?


    sarlaccs are just one among many types of pits in Star Wars they may be fallen into


    Those of us around in the late 90′s might remember “Jedi Pit Theory”, which posited that Jedi were at their most vulnerable when near large holes in the ground. The pit in the landing bay of the Death star is where Kenobi died. The giant pit in Cloud City was where Luke lost his hand and nearly died (and he almost fell to the carbonite freezing pit earlier). The pit in Jabba’s palace took Luke by surprise, and the pit in the Throne Room of Death Star 2 brought down both Vader and the Emperor. Phantom Menace, the only prequel at the time, also gave us the death of Qui-gon and Darth Maul at the hands of the pit on Naboo.

    It’s been a thing for a while.


    maybe pits actually play an important role in the Force

    when a Force-user slips into one, scavengers at the bottom of the pit feed off that bounteous feast of Force-rich Jedifall and replenish the ecosystem


    In the official Star Wars tabletop game, falling damage is incredibly deadly