Only bad thing about gaining is growing out of your favorite clothes. However it’s nice to have a roommate to remind you that the belly is better than the 6-pack. After helping me out of my old pants, I made sure to help him out 😈

    Roommate role-play/try-on. Link in bio!

    Nothing wrong with rubbing your homies belly. 😈🤷🏻‍♂️

    (Finally have access to a bunch of deleted videos so uploading to our page now! Getting me excited to make some hot new videos once Libra gets back into town next week 😛) Link in bio for full video


    Are you gonna post on the new Patreon? Cause I signed up the other day and it had some post, but now they’re gone

    Unfortunately it got taken down again🙃 so we are done with patreon. Will keep y’all updated on when we launch an Onlyfans account!