Chubby Babygirl

A chubby girl into ddlg and feedism. Let's keep it 18+ please! https://www.paypal.me/thiccfire

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2020-04-08 03:12:25

    Sit in my lap while I help you eat.

    I want to feel your belly slowly pushing against me as you get fuller and fuller

    I want to feel the pressure

    How round and tight you'll get

    How you seem to get heavier when you eat

    I want to feel your pants creak as they get tighter

    The way your belly just squeezes out of them

    And when the buttons give out

    I can't wait to feel your heavy gut plop onto me

    I want you to show it off to me as I keep feeding you

    Just rub it

    Squeeze it

    Show me how big you've gotten, sweet girl.

    Show me how even though your legs are spread your thighs are still squishing together

    Point out all the softest parts

    Point out where you think you'll grow more next

    I can't wait to touch it when we're done.