so can we start hunting down white liberals now or what


    The full picture is even more heart breaking after you open the uncropped version. Just a heads-up, it's rough


    Nah let’s post it. Let’s feel it. Don’t look away.


    I notice alot of my followers on here skipping these posts just to mess with my lgbt ones, suspiciously the white popular ones.

    Heres a not so friendly reminder, as an lgbt metis person, i dont give a single fuck what your blog is themed or if this is too painful for you to look at. Reblog this post. Reblog this post with the sources of the 751 children who were found.

    Your compliance and silence as well as the compliance and silence of your ancestors is what allowed these schools to open and kill first nations children. The children of MY people.

    Dont follow me if you cant reblog this post or the one with sources to your political blog or your most popular blog. Add trigger warnings if you must but if your political blog is only focused on the harms you personally face like being lgbt then you need to see some bigger pictures and stop being afraid of angering your racist mutural or actually saying some shit about racism. If you can reblog some antifa graphics or add blm to your bio to be a surface level ally, you can reblog some sources on the genocide first nations people faced and still face today.

    They were CHILDREN.

    They were murdered in cold blood.