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"Even on tumblr, F.O.E.!"

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2022-08-18 15:16:43

    Finished watching your Live a Live streams. I have to say it was an amazing journey and I'm glad this is how I got to experience it. Your commentary was wonderful! As someone who was introduced to Live a Live through your streams it added a lot of insight I might have missed making it even more enjoyable. Just wanted to say thanks!

    Aww, thanks! I don't ever expect anyone to actually watch through them, but I always save them just in case. I'm glad it was able to add to the experience for you!


    For the 3 Fictional Characters thing: Genis Sage (Symphonia), Carl Clover (BlazBlue), and Bartz (Final Fantasy V)

    This is pretty spot on.

    even if I'm being called out about Carl as a character I almost never talk about on here, but, yeah.


    3 fictional characters I associate with you: Tormod (FE), Schezo (Puyo), Mao (Disgaea)

    Mao is an interesting specific choice but any Disgaea choice is fair.

    also I just realised I should add an addendum that tormod is cheating lmao, Just A Little Obvious, but I did in fact not add that addendum!