All of the things I think. That’s it. Every thought that ever pops into my head.

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2021-06-14 07:00:57

    The first years of your life are spent learning game mechanics.

    Your school years is just one long loading screen of useless tips. The whole time you’re just watching the loading bar at the bottom willing it to load faster.

    College is the game tutorial that lets you mess around, but the consequences are still low and you are still given direction.

    After that you’re just in open world game play. Good luck. btw we threw in some updates that you have no idea about. GL 😊

    Ok. Does anyone else have little voices in their head? Do those voices have personalities? Do they argue? Do you refer to yourself as we when you are thinking? Am I on the spectrum of dissociative identity disorder? They don’t take over my body or anything. And I don’t black out or not remember things. I’m not schizophrenic. I’m confused. But I already have so many things that I don’t want to tell my therapist because at this point I sound like I’m making shit up. If things get worse I will talk to someone about it. There is only one that I’m a little bit scared of, but so far I’ve been able to do damage control and or not let her do anything whatsoever. Part of me wants to know what she’d do if I let her do what she wants.

    I’m getting a name tag at work because we are reopening and everyone thinks I look too young to work here.

    I asked why.

    “Because I don’t want people to think there’s just some random kid running around”

    wow do I look that young?

    “Honey, you don’t even look old enough to drive.”


    People tend to think I look 2-4 years younger than I am. So I guess that makes sense.

    Sometimes when I’m about to comment on a post I have to ask myself “would I say that to them face to face in real life?” Sometimes even when the answer is yes I probably shouldn’t. Because I’m a bitch.

    I think I’m built for temperatures between 0 and 75 Fahrenheit/-17 and 24 Celsius (if my math is right. The Fahrenheit is correct tho)

    I’m not a huge fan of the cold but would rather be in -10 than have it be 90

    75 and humid kills me as it is. Humidity sucks I can’t lose any body heat and I’m built better for the cold.

    You can always add more layers, you can’t take off your skin. Plus, blankets and tea, ya know?

    I always wondered what no chew vet wrap tasted like.

    Today I was opening a new package of it because we needed more. And I thought to myself ‘this is clean and new. May as well lick it’

    It tastes awful (duh, ya dumb bitch. That’s what it’s for). It tastes really bitter and it makes you salivate and it leaves your tongue feeling kinda numb like when they put numby stuff in your mouth at the dentist.

    I didn’t even lick it that much, I just barely touched my tongue to it. Can’t imagine chewing on it. And yet there are still dogs that chew through it anyway 🤷‍♀️

    The neighbors are having a party and I’m lowkey jealous.

    I wish I had friends to hang out with like that. I have a small friend group, but I would love to go to a chill party and meet people

    They sound like they are having so much fun. Also makes me sad I didn’t get into the UW for fall semester. Why do I have to live in a college neighborhood. It’s like they are rubbing it in lol

    I now need to know if other people have a constant inner monologue. And if you stop paying attention to it or tune it out, does it say just the weirdest shit?

    If I’m not actively paying attention it will just say things and sometimes it says something stupid and I hear snippets of whatever it’s saying and I just tune back in and listen.

    This has happened many times “just because I’ve never fucked a duck doesn’t mean I know what a potato tastes like” this was while eating a peanut butter sandwich and dissociating. I think I made a wtf face after hearing that also tried really hard not to laugh because I was at school. “I can’t wear that. I’ll upstage God” I wanted to wear my bone crown and thought it would be distracting to wear to church group. But the wording of it made me start listening and laughing.

    Today I was making tea and not paying attention/supervising my thoughts and it said “oh no. This dress makes me look like a garlic fairy” to which I physically stopped in my tracks and out loud said “a what??” Then continued, deciding it wasn’t worth trying to figure out.

    Is this weird? Is this just me? Do other people have to supervise their thoughts? Most of the time it’s just random dumb shit that’s not memorable. But every so often it will be so weird that I can’t not think about it.

    I usually write it down if it’s that weird

    When I was working at barns and noble this random customer started talking to me and giving me life advice and he said “whatever you decide to do in life, always choose purpose over passion. Passion fades, purpose doesn’t.”

    Random. But fair enough. Sure.