The things I want are not normal. They’re devious, strange, and soft. I want your hands on my belly, my love handles, my thighs. I want you to tease me for what all of the treats you’ve fed me will do to me. I want to feel your breathing on my neck as you squeeze my lovehandles. Feel you getting hard against my hand as you name what’s happening to me. I’m gaining weight. Because I want to, but more importantly I’m fattening up for you. My body changing is a gift that brings you endless joy. It opens up so many pathways for pleasure, it’s absolutely dizzying. Do you reach for my chubby thighs? My ass? The plump flesh on my arms? There’s so many possibilities for touch it takes your breath away.

    You love seeing how I look when I’m full. Better when I’m stuffed. You can see the outline of my belly though my tight skirt. The tight fabric even reveals my belly button. So soft, round. The most vulnerable part of the body, and you want it. Your cock twitches in response. You get hard at the grocery store, in restaurant booths, when you pull into the drive through. We’re both so greedy for it. I want to eat and eat and eat, and you want to watch. We fuck when I’m full. You cum on my gut. You whisper into my ear while I touch myself. I beg you to tell me again and again that I’m fat, that I’m getting fatter for you. I want it so fucking much, and my orgasms prove it to you again and again. It’s the visceral feeling of fat, it’s the exchange of power, it’s the promise of having a body I’m told I shouldn’t want. You play with my hair and tell me that I’m beautiful, that I’m good, until I fall asleep.

    Ultimate fantasy is getting knocked up, being spoiled + giving into every craving and gaining a ton of baby weight because of it. Fatten me up so much that I swell up all over there’s no way to lose all the baby weight. Ruin my waistline and metabolism permanently, so that after the baby I’m doomed to blow up like a balloon and just get fatter and fatter


    Your Only Fans is it fair? Is everything locked behind a pay wall or is there a good fair fix? I’m considering Because your hot and getting fat as fuck but I don’t want to get ripped off or scammed ? I hope you can convince me and reassure me about this?

    I don’t do paywalls or ppv stuff lmao once you sub to my page you get to see all content!!

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    watch me on the way to becoming a pillsbury doughgirl