Do you have any unpopular opinions within the tickle community?

Oh anon, how long have you got? I have a LOT of unpopular opinions on everything in general. But within the tickle community oh I’m about to lose followers :D

  • Just because you message someone on a tickle blog, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to a conversation about tickling.
  • If a lee has to tell you how horrifically ticklish they are all the time and exaggerate it constantly, chances are they’re really not that ticklish.
  • Just because someone likes being tickled, doesn’t mean they like being tickled by you.
  • There definitely is such a thing as a bad tickler.
  • If someone is in a monogamous lee/ler relationship, attempting to tease or ‘brat’ them is just intrusive and disrespectful.
  • Switches don’t owe you switching.
  • Female lers/switches do exist, they’re just tired of male lees treating them like fetish dispensers.
  • Toxic lees are just as bad as toxic lers, just never try to tease someone without consent.
  • Desperate isn’t a good look.
  • Just because someone is a lee doesn’t their your lee.
  • Nobody owes you teasing.
  • Switches who try and get lees to tease them aren’t cool, they’re lees for a reason.
  • Criticising free content is stupid, if you don’t like particular tickle content don’t watch it or follow the blogs.
  • Just because you’re a big name in the community doesn’t give you immunity of being held responsible for being an asshole.
  • consent is MANDATORY.
  • Character references are useful and eye opening.
  • Popularity doesn’t mean you’re a good person.
  • Having preferences is okay!
  • Please feel free to add on to these..💕


    Good stuff here from Lia. One of the UK scene’s genuinely thoughtful and awesome people 👍🏻