Do you happen to tickle outie bellybuttons by any chance

    I’ve never had the chance but that’s always been on my bucket list! They’re rare though. A couple of people I know on the global tickling scene have them, but literally only a couple!

    Something I just realised about the recent iOS censorship - I saw a post on my dash and wanted to reblog it. I clicked on the OP’s profile pic (which was blurred) and was denied access to their profile because of their supposedly “explicit content”. I can’t read their bio, so I can’t see their age, so I can’t like or reblog their post in case they happen to be under 18 and someone with an Android phone (who presumably CAN see their bio) goes after me for sharing minors’ posts on my kink blog. A lot of people (ie. not me) will just assume that any user with a blurred profile is over 18 (definitely not the case) and leave fetish-centric comments on their posts. In practice, these recent changes actually make the app far less safe for kids.


    Hiya Jess! Question of the day bc I woke up in a Lee mood: if you had to play out an interrogation scene as the Ler, what information would you try to find out?

    -Sincerely a tickle boy secret admirer ✌️

    Your credit card information~

    I haven’t done an interrogation scene before! All I have in mind is the lee thinking of a word and the Ler tickling it out of them, or tickling the lee into giving up their phone password so the Ler can write up a post on the lee’s blog, or the lee hiding something of the Ler’s and being interrogated for the hiding spot!

    I just thought of this one now: the lee having an insult/diss of the Ler in mind, and the Ler tickle interrogating it out of them- and once the lee gives it up, the Ler punishes them for ever thinking something so rude~. Perfect for brats~ :)c

    Or (just for fun) if I have multiple play partners, I could tickle interrogate them for the weaknesses and spots of others~


    Interrogation scenes are a huge part of my kink, honestly. I’ve done real-life interrogation roleplay twice with separate people, nothing too crazy though as we were both very inexperienced.

    The first time was a “mistaken identity” situation where the lee would’ve submitted but genuinely didn’t know the answers to the questions I was asking (safewords were in place, naturally). She was also a trained actor, drama school graduate etc, so she really got into the spirit of it - I really believed the anguish and desperation! I just hope that my performance wasn’t too wooden 😅

    The second time, the lee and I both thought we should try actually breaking her resistance for something she was trying not to divulge, so I got her to change my phone passcode (writing the new one down on her phone in case she forgot it somehow!) and we did the whole “The files I need are on this device, and you’re going to tell me the combination” thing with her tied face-down 😈 In that situation, the passcode is the safeword! Although I would’ve stopped for “red”. For anyone wondering, yes, she did spill the beans after the sass wore off and the panic began 😏 But yeah, I can definitely recommend the “locked phone” thing as an entry point to anyone looking to explore torture scenes! You don’t have to play a character or do anything super roleplay-heavy, just try to get (or hold onto) the code.

    (As a side note, the idea of a couple being tickled side by side and played off against each other - eg. Jess’ idea of torturing one for death spot info on the other - is pretty fascinating to me too!)


    Do you have any unpopular opinions within the tickle community?

    Oh anon, how long have you got? I have a LOT of unpopular opinions on everything in general. But within the tickle community oh I’m about to lose followers :D

  • Just because you message someone on a tickle blog, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to a conversation about tickling.
  • If a lee has to tell you how horrifically ticklish they are all the time and exaggerate it constantly, chances are they’re really not that ticklish.
  • Just because someone likes being tickled, doesn’t mean they like being tickled by you.
  • There definitely is such a thing as a bad tickler.
  • If someone is in a monogamous lee/ler relationship, attempting to tease or ‘brat’ them is just intrusive and disrespectful.
  • Switches don’t owe you switching.
  • Female lers/switches do exist, they’re just tired of male lees treating them like fetish dispensers.
  • Toxic lees are just as bad as toxic lers, just never try to tease someone without consent.
  • Desperate isn’t a good look.
  • Just because someone is a lee doesn’t their your lee.
  • Nobody owes you teasing.
  • Switches who try and get lees to tease them aren’t cool, they’re lees for a reason.
  • Criticising free content is stupid, if you don’t like particular tickle content don’t watch it or follow the blogs.
  • Just because you’re a big name in the community doesn’t give you immunity of being held responsible for being an asshole.
  • consent is MANDATORY.
  • Character references are useful and eye opening.
  • Popularity doesn’t mean you’re a good person.
  • Having preferences is okay!
  • Please feel free to add on to these..💕


    Good stuff here from Lia. One of the UK scene’s genuinely thoughtful and awesome people 👍🏻

    3 episodes into Squid Game and I’ve already ordered this mask:

    I’m going to wear it to a Halloween party. Then I’m going to wear it while tickling the immortal soul from some poor lee’s defenceless, hypersensitive body. Imagine being totally unable to move with that face looming over you, deep voice oh-so-casually mocking your desperate cries for mercy as grasping, wiggling fingers inch closer to your unprotected belly…