Hiya Jess! Question of the day bc I woke up in a Lee mood: if you had to play out an interrogation scene as the Ler, what information would you try to find out?

-Sincerely a tickle boy secret admirer ✌️

Your credit card information~

I haven’t done an interrogation scene before! All I have in mind is the lee thinking of a word and the Ler tickling it out of them, or tickling the lee into giving up their phone password so the Ler can write up a post on the lee’s blog, or the lee hiding something of the Ler’s and being interrogated for the hiding spot!

I just thought of this one now: the lee having an insult/diss of the Ler in mind, and the Ler tickle interrogating it out of them- and once the lee gives it up, the Ler punishes them for ever thinking something so rude~. Perfect for brats~ :)c

Or (just for fun) if I have multiple play partners, I could tickle interrogate them for the weaknesses and spots of others~


Interrogation scenes are a huge part of my kink, honestly. I’ve done real-life interrogation roleplay twice with separate people, nothing too crazy though as we were both very inexperienced.

The first time was a “mistaken identity” situation where the lee would’ve submitted but genuinely didn’t know the answers to the questions I was asking (safewords were in place, naturally). She was also a trained actor, drama school graduate etc, so she really got into the spirit of it - I really believed the anguish and desperation! I just hope that my performance wasn’t too wooden 😅

The second time, the lee and I both thought we should try actually breaking her resistance for something she was trying not to divulge, so I got her to change my phone passcode (writing the new one down on her phone in case she forgot it somehow!) and we did the whole “The files I need are on this device, and you’re going to tell me the combination” thing with her tied face-down 😈 In that situation, the passcode is the safeword! Although I would’ve stopped for “red”. For anyone wondering, yes, she did spill the beans after the sass wore off and the panic began 😏 But yeah, I can definitely recommend the “locked phone” thing as an entry point to anyone looking to explore torture scenes! You don’t have to play a character or do anything super roleplay-heavy, just try to get (or hold onto) the code.

(As a side note, the idea of a couple being tickled side by side and played off against each other - eg. Jess’ idea of torturing one for death spot info on the other - is pretty fascinating to me too!)