Belly pokes don’t usually have to be rough to tickle your lee. Overwhelm them by keeping your touches light, super-fast, and above all: random. If they can guess where you’re going next, it’s not going to work nearly as well. Evidence supplied courtesy of the people doing the good Lord’s work at Octopus ⬆️

    Most tickle-focused scene in world cinema?

    Before Covid, I dated a girl from India for a few months and she introduced me to Hindi language movies. Pretty quickly, I began to suspect that India, as a nation, might be on board with my midriff-centric weakness - for example, this guy in the Superman T-shirt is 100% me:

    Anyway, one movie from the ‘90s called “Rakshak” (there are other more recent ones with the same name) features a sequence that nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw it. The hero’s mother reintroduces him to a girl he apparently used to play with when they were both kids. Without saying a word to her, he brushes his fingers against her exposed side:

    When his mother understandably asks him what the hell he’s doing, he explains that she always used to ask him for tickles when they were small, and then - as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to just pounce on an adult woman whom you haven’t seen in years - he demonstrates for his mother’s benefit by chasing her all over the room and tickling her waist:

    Later, there’s some kind of formal tea party going on at the girl’s house when she corners him in an upstairs room. Apparently she’s secretly been the thirstiest lee on the entire subcontinent the whole time (let’s face it, probably due to this pest giving her some kind of deep-seated psychological complex in days gone by). She pulls her saree to one side, baring her stomach, and straight-up demands that he tickle her the way he did earlier:

    Flustered, he stammers that he was only joking - and if the subtitles are to be believed, she utters the frankly incredible line Well, I’m not. Do it!” 😳 He panics and tries to get away as she chases him around the top floor, by this point begging him to tickle her belly, and eventually he escapes down the staircase and rejoins the group:

    As he tries to get a grip of himself, she stands behind the others and proceeds to tease and mess with him like a real-life version of every goddamn lee on Tumblr 😒:

    Astoundingly, the pair of them then dance and sing about the entire situation in the countryside for several minutes, complete with choreographed tickling:

    Naturally they end up married soon afterwards 🤷🏻‍♂️ The film is actually insane af - she and his mother are brutally butchered later on by a crime syndicate and he goes on a huge spree of bloody vengeance. It’s hectic as hell 😰 Anyway, there you have it - probably the most blatant, overt tickle-related sequence I’ve ever seen in a feature-length movie 🤯

    Outstanding animation from Elektratouch over on DeviantArt! There are others with the same character - check the link below and give him a watch, the expressions and movements are superbly realised and not many in the community seem to know his work 🏆 The original quality’s even higher, I had to resize and compress the hell out of this so that Tumblr could cope with it.

    2500 Follower Post and Writing Debut


    Hey, tickle fans. This is way overdue but I now have well over 2500 of you following this blog - which, for such a niche subject, is simply nuts. My genuine and humble thanks to everyone who finds anything worthwhile about the contents of my kinky brain.

    To commemorate the milestone, I’m making my tickle literature debut below with a piece from earlier this year. It was originally a dedication to someone with whom I’m (sadly) no longer on good terms, but it seemed a shame to waste it. A few things first:

    It’s totally tummy-specific, so apologies in advance to all the foot fans 😅 Since it was written with someone particular in mind, I concentrated on the areas where I knew our interests overlapped.

    I’m aware that it’s very descriptive/verbose and people advise against using this style - I very rarely write but when I do, I have more fun writing in this way than a more “plain-speaking” style. Whaddyagonnado, I enjoy this stuff more 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Anyone who saw it months ago on Discord will appreciate that it was better when it had the specific references to the original recipient, but I’ve done my best to make it more general without losing too much of the potency. Hope I haven’t ruined it completely.

    “FLIP” - by tickle-her-senseless

    Patterned socks whisper and rustle against one another as you strain experimentally against the cuffs encircling your ankles. Above your head, bound hands fidget almost imperceptibly and I wonder whether they’re betraying nerves, impatience or both. As I straddle your bare legs, I’m rewarded with an involuntary lip bite and a small smile that shines out from underneath the black strip of silk covering those pretty eyes. Blindfolding you was a tough call - I do love watching the sensations and emotions play out across your face, but today I want to heighten every feeling for you as much as possible.

    Slowly, tantalisingly, I reach out and slide your favourite oversized T-shirt up your body, savouring the gradual reveal of your stomach one nanosecond at a time. Below me, impossibly soft, pale skin rises and falls with each deep breath. My eyes settle on that perfect little belly button - and for a second the urge to abandon my entire plan and attack your hypersensitive weak spot is almost irresistible ... but I resist nonetheless.

    Lowering my head, I take a sudden and audible deep breath. Reflexively, your jaw clenches and your tummy muscles tense up, anticipating a raspberry - seconds pass, and then ... nothing but a soft, slow kiss next to your navel. Your own held breath escapes in a hiss of exasperation and I grin wryly at your obvious eagerness to get wrecked. For now, though, both of my palms slowly travel up the centre of your midriff, underneath your ribs and down your sides, meeting again in the middle. Applying medium pressure and being careful not to tickle, I continue the massage in the same way, faintly feeling your pulse slow all the way down as I do so. My head dips again, this time to trail kisses along your waistline, my thumbs pausing to ease the waistband of your shorts down just an inch, exposing the softest part of your tummy to my lips. Your breathing is slow and deep now, your head tilted to one side, sighing as you unconsciously sway your hips sensually from side to side. My hands settle upon them, gently kneading as my kisses migrate back up your body...


    In a nanosecond, the peace is shattered as a thunderous raspberry detonates on your belly button! The scream of shock and hysteria that instantly rips from your throat is explosive, progressing to a wail as I bury my face further into your tummy, furiously shaking it from side to side. The fingers that, a heartbeat ago, were tenderly massaging your sides erupt into a ferocious tickling attack!

    “Right, that’s enough of the soft stuff, wouldn’t you say?”

    My fingertips seem to be everywhere at once - now reaching around to your back while you arch upwards in panic - now twiddling your lower ribs one by one while your head thrashes from side to side - now spidering over every inch of your tummy while every muscle and sinew in your body tries to squirm away from the torture, to no avail.

    “In what universe do you think you’re getting away from this, ticklish girl? The optimism on display here is almost as impressive as the view - come to think of it, those ribs on your right side look like an absolute snack...”

    My mouth goes to work, rewarded by fresh panicked squeals. Unable to resist any longer, my right index finger snakes its way inside your belly button and unleashes devastating wiggles and pokes all the way to the bottom while you convulse in open-mouthed, silent, breathless paroxysms.

    I jerk the finger twice, pretending to try and remove it and feigning annoyance.

    “God damn it, it’s stuck - honestly, you’d be amazed at how often this happens...”


    “Hang on, I’ll try and get it out - maybe if I spin and wiggle it like THIS...”


    “It’s working, I can feel it coming loose, almost there...”



    As suddenly as it began, the tickling stops as my finger finally slips out of your navel. Gently caressing and kissing your bare skin, I drink in your residual giggles as your frantic breathing slowly returns to normal - before my worship of your stomach begins in earnest.

    My fingertips, such deadly weapons a minute ago, meander across your abdomen, delicately ghosting spiralling, coruscating patterns as your lower belly quivers and flutters in response. The kisses deepen as my tongue swirls against the hollows of your hips, eliciting sighs and squirms of bliss. I rear up slightly and your breath catches in surprise as I purse my lips and blow cold air into your belly button before hungrily delving inside, delivering long, languorous licks all the way to the bottom. The cold air and hot tongue continue to alternate over the next couple of minutes, and I’m rewarded with uninhibited moans as you arch your back, pushing upwards feverishly towards my ministrations...


    This time, the transition is deliberately gradual. Gliding fingertips begin to wiggle, speeding up slowly but inexorably ... sensual tummy kisses give way to buzzing lips and flickering tongue ... and moans of ecstasy turn to sharp gasps, then giggles, and finally peals of laughter that somehow manage to betray both excitement and sheer mortal dread as the realisation hits you!

    “What, you thought that was it? Come on! Let’s not forget why we’re here!”

    My right hand forms a claw that buries itself in the centre of your stomach and shakes vigorously from side to side. The screams are simply golden. Telltale thuds reverberate around the cell as you kick desperately against the restraints. Glancing behind me at your cuffed socks, I watch their pattern almost turning itself inside-out as your tiny toes curl and uncurl in anguish.

    “Ah, you are just a pleasure to work on, darling...”

    The words penetrate your brain, but you’re well beyond answering. Locks of hair whip around your face like out-of-control fire hoses as my fingers and mouth rotate their positions between your ribs, hips and belly button, devoting particularly fierce attention to the last one. The sounds wrenching themselves from your throat seem almost inhuman now, as I throw everything I have at you! Tears begin to seep from underneath the blindfold...


    Sweet blessed deliverance, and not a moment too soon. As my palms resume their lazy, wandering massage and I nuzzle into the wreckage of your poor tormented tummy, planting a solitary kiss on your quivering left side, your relief is genuine, unrestrained and overwhelming. Four heaving, sobbing breaths pass by, while your pounding heart vainly tries to slow its rhythm...



    Your howl is positively demonic, and conveys everything I could’ve hoped for. Seismic shock. Blind horror. Volcanic rage. Ticklish agony. Above all, the sheer sense of injustice. Your reprieve hadn’t even lasted ten seconds before the torture resumed, and now I find myself laughing just as madly as you, as though I’m possessed by some unhinged spirit from the beyond. My sadistic delight and your pure suffering intertwine and echo from the walls and ceiling, a cacophonous, demented soundtrack as we both utterly lose ourselves in the experience. You and I have left the building - the primal, frenzied creatures of desire that remain in the cell are now something else entirely, and the one on top running the show is betraying no signs of slowing down...

    The End


    I see you. And by that I mean ALL of you. Yes torture is fun ;) yes pushing past limits is exciting ...

    But seeing the truth of a person.

    That’s beautiful 😊

    This is totally with nobody particular in mind ...BUT if you want a little insight into @tickle-her-senseless ticklish and beautifully vulnerable side please see below ;)

    I see you.

    I see you nervously drumming on the table.

    I see you debating whether or not to post a picture, whether to text them back or respond to a comment.

    I see you un sure in an unkind, unfamiliar world.

    And I’m not having it.

    I take you by the hand softly and pull you onto the sofa, my head on your chest your arms around me -

    It’s going to be ok :)

    I just wish you could see yourself how I see you ... smart, funny, sexy :p

    I twist my head and my hair tickles against your cheek a little ... and I smile to myself as an idea forms ...

    Gently I tug at your shirt, lifting it up slowly. Exposing your tummy and ticklish belly button ...

    ‘Wh.. what are... ‘

    I can already hear the warmth in your voice returning- I let a single finger tip glide down your chest and circle your stomach gently ... I giggle a little

    “I’m proving a point ;)”

    The single stroke is joined by another .. tickling softly in teasey circles .. a third .. a fourth ... my fingers fanning out over your skin ..

    ‘Mmm hehe what point !?’

    My finger tips lift to teasey nails as they approach your belly button ... circling closer... and closer ... and closer ... your arms around me tense a little ... I smile up at you

    “That you are sexy and the world deserves to know!”

    I pause ... and then a nail softly slips and lightly scribbles your belly button ... and now you panic just a little ...

    ‘Mmmm he... heheahaha!! N.. n... never !! ‘

    I put my hands down either side of you and lower myself onto your hips, pinning you down ... 10 teasing fingertips now tickle your lower stomach as i grin up to you ... I know you could stop me ... I also know this is the best medicine in the world and you won’t ;)

    “Hehe sweetie cmon... say it and I’ll play nice ;)”

    You twist a little and squirm but I have you quite successfully pinned I’m rather proud of myself ... I lean down and kiss your stomach playfully ... my nails picking up and scribbling across your sensitive skin...

    ‘Sa.... say it!!??’

    Two nails wonder to your belly button and repeatedly scribble as I smirk and my eyes shine up to yours ...

    “You heard me ;)”

    You buck and cry out .. your delicious laughter warming my heart if ONLY you would let the rest of the world see you like this! I know it won’t be long ;)

    ‘I...IMMMM mmmhehehehahhaa sseeexxyy!!’

    Watching you blush and loving it I crawl back to our affirming cuddle, my head on your chest, your fingers stroking my hair and my finger tips softly teasing your stomach... the shire comes into view on the telly and I hold you as you breath normally again. Feeling you relax I smile to myself -content in the knowledge that there is no problem ON THIS EARTH that isn’t made better by tickles ;)


    By my wonderful, multi-talented and very dear friend @cathylikestickling who showed me this deeply touching, personal and lee mood inducing piece on a week when I really needed it. One of the best people I’ve ever met and someone I really treasure. I’m so grateful and moved by the gesture 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    What’s cuter? The classic combo of screams with lower belly jiggles...

    ...or when they twist and thrash from side to side, begging frantically, desperately trying to keep their hypersensitive belly button away from your wiggling index finger?!

    Happy Tuesday, tickle fans. Something a bit different today - I never uploaded this video from last year, because despite the mask, I felt too recognisable whenever I turned my head towards the camera. (Fun fact: this is why I added a silly bandana to my ler ensemble in subsequent session clips!) However, I was choosing some stills to post on my new Fetlife account - with express permission from the fabulous @littleticklemonster92, of course - and thought you guys here might enjoy them too.

    There are more on Fetlife (I’m SwiftX there) but those ones are only visible to friends. Feel free to add me there though, if we know each other, or say hi there if we don’t! Anyway, hope you all enjoy these shots of me being very very mean to @littleticklemonster92’s tummy while she fails spectacularly to keep still 😈