3 episodes into Squid Game and I’ve already ordered this mask:

    I’m going to wear it to a Halloween party. Then I’m going to wear it while tickling the immortal soul from some poor lee’s defenceless, hypersensitive body. Imagine being totally unable to move with that face looming over you, deep voice oh-so-casually mocking your desperate cries for mercy as grasping, wiggling fingers inch closer to your unprotected belly…

    Anyone else get incredibly excited when tickling stories use language that makes the lee sound almost feral or animalistic when describing their reactions? Yes, “she laughed” and “she begged” are all well and good, but consider:

    - she screamed

    - she howled

    - she screeched

    - she bellowed

    - she wailed

    - she roared

    - she hissed

    - she bleated

    - she squawked

    - she squealed

    - she yelped

    - she bawled

    - she yowled

    - she shrieked

    It makes them seem as though they’re being tickled past the point of humanity somehow - reduced to a trapped, tortured creature of pure sensation and anguish. Their physical reactions can evoke the idea too:

    - she thrashed

    - she bucked

    - she coiled

    - she twisted

    - she arched

    - she gnashed

    and even the ler’s actions can reflect a wild predator:

    - he pounced

    - he struck

    - he sprang

    - he attacked

    - he leapt

    - he dived

    - he prowled

    - he darted

    - he bared his teeth

    - he clawed

    - he devoured

    - he ravaged

    - he snarled

    That’s before you even get to the wealth of relevant adjectives and adverbs, eg. “she exploded with an inhuman howl the second the infernal brush entered her defenceless navel or “her feral screams rent the air as he wolfishly devoured her wretched toes, one after the other”.

    Not trying to tell anyone how to write, of course. Just heavily implying it 😛 I’m kidding, but yeah - this kind of thing really gets my blood up and sends me to ler dreamland 😈❤️‍🔥

    Random thought: One of my absolute favourite parts of any session is whenever lees beg me by name to have mercy and stop tickling them. It’s impossible to overstate how much I get off on this, every single time. The hilarious degree of optimism behind their notion that they can appeal to my humanity or some such nonsense never fails to amuse, nourish and encourage me …



    Hey all! It’s been a few weeks of real-life distraction but I’m back and gradually catching up with everyone and everything.

    While I was away, I ticked over the 3000 follower count. Never thought this would happen - to be honest I didn’t think there’d be enough people on Tumblr with this very niche interest 😅 it’s gone a fair way past 3k now, but I did manage to screenshot the magic number when it happened:

    It’d be nice to do something to mark the occasion - I was thinking…

    For the lees, some tickly finger wiggling gifs, or maybe an audio tease?

    For the lers, maybe some foot or belly pics (if I feel up to sharing)!

    Feel free to vote by submitting an ask, and if there’s enough interest in one of them I’ll see what I can do.

    Hope everyone’s well, much love and I’ll see you around the place!

    Belly pokes don’t usually have to be rough to tickle your lee. Overwhelm them by keeping your touches light, super-fast, and above all: random. If they can guess where you’re going next, it’s not going to work nearly as well. Evidence supplied courtesy of the people doing the good Lord’s work at Octopus ⬆️