Belly pokes don’t usually have to be rough to tickle your lee. Overwhelm them by keeping your touches light, super-fast, and above all: random. If they can guess where you’re going next, it’s not going to work nearly as well. Evidence supplied courtesy of the people doing the good Lord’s work at Octopus ⬆️

    Outstanding animation from Elektratouch over on DeviantArt! There are others with the same character - check the link below and give him a watch, the expressions and movements are superbly realised and not many in the community seem to know his work 🏆 The original quality’s even higher, I had to resize and compress the hell out of this so that Tumblr could cope with it.

    The foot you’re NOT tickling is usually the one to watch. It’ll betray every last devastating weakness, every saturated nerve ending, every cripplingly vulnerable secret place that they’re terrified of you discovering and targeting without reprieve...

    (Gif source unknown, DM to be credited if it’s yours)