Most tickle-focused scene in world cinema?

    Before Covid, I dated a girl from India for a few months and she introduced me to Hindi language movies. Pretty quickly, I began to suspect that India, as a nation, might be on board with my midriff-centric weakness - for example, this guy in the Superman T-shirt is 100% me:

    Anyway, one movie from the ‘90s called “Rakshak” (there are other more recent ones with the same name) features a sequence that nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw it. The hero’s mother reintroduces him to a girl he apparently used to play with when they were both kids. Without saying a word to her, he brushes his fingers against her exposed side:

    When his mother understandably asks him what the hell he’s doing, he explains that she always used to ask him for tickles when they were small, and then - as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to just pounce on an adult woman whom you haven’t seen in years - he demonstrates for his mother’s benefit by chasing her all over the room and tickling her waist:

    Later, there’s some kind of formal tea party going on at the girl’s house when she corners him in an upstairs room. Apparently she’s secretly been the thirstiest lee on the entire subcontinent the whole time (let’s face it, probably due to this pest giving her some kind of deep-seated psychological complex in days gone by). She pulls her saree to one side, baring her stomach, and straight-up demands that he tickle her the way he did earlier:

    Flustered, he stammers that he was only joking - and if the subtitles are to be believed, she utters the frankly incredible line Well, I’m not. Do it!” 😳 He panics and tries to get away as she chases him around the top floor, by this point begging him to tickle her belly, and eventually he escapes down the staircase and rejoins the group:

    As he tries to get a grip of himself, she stands behind the others and proceeds to tease and mess with him like a real-life version of every goddamn lee on Tumblr 😒:

    Astoundingly, the pair of them then dance and sing about the entire situation in the countryside for several minutes, complete with choreographed tickling:

    Naturally they end up married soon afterwards 🤷🏻‍♂️ The film is actually insane af - she and his mother are brutally butchered later on by a crime syndicate and he goes on a huge spree of bloody vengeance. It’s hectic as hell 😰 Anyway, there you have it - probably the most blatant, overt tickle-related sequence I’ve ever seen in a feature-length movie 🤯

    What’s cuter? The classic combo of screams with lower belly jiggles...

    ...or when they twist and thrash from side to side, begging frantically, desperately trying to keep their hypersensitive belly button away from your wiggling index finger?!

    Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive lately, folks. Here, have a gifset. Don’t you just love it when they scream and struggle? I don’t just want to hear how badly it tickles ... I want you to show me how badly it tickles. Commence squirming and thrashing in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 💥

    Starting the decade as I mean to go on 😏

    PRO TIP: Many lees actually find this tool/tickle spot combo uncomfortable - if so, I recommend NOT using a brand-new brush head. The stiff clusters of bristles can feel rough, even painful. HOWEVER - a really well-worn head (thoroughly cleaned, of course) where the frayed bristles are much more spread out and soft will feel gentler and actually tickle a hell of a lot more! @littleticklemonster92 can confirm this from personal experience 😜 never a dull moment at my house 😁

    P.S. That last gif is one of my recent favourites because I’ve never had the chance to tickle or play with an “outie” belly button and it’s basically a “bucket list” fantasy for me. I’ve noticed one lovely lee right here on Tumblr who has an absolutely gorgeous one - but I can neither confirm nor deny speculative guesses about whom that might be 😄