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2023-01-29 17:28:06

    Kellie was taking advantage of her status as a mature student. Having significantly more life experience than her younger counterparts meant she always felt in control, even if this meant getting into trouble. A visit to the Dean gave Kellie the chance to break out the school girl outfit. The little plaid skirt, tight white blouse and her blonde mane in a ponytail was designed to give the crusty old Dean some things to consider. Unfortunately Kellie picked the wrong office, where the considerably younger Vice-Dean was residing. Our buxom temptress was indeed taking part in the teacher/student game, but detention was never like this. Her nice panties ended up in her dirty mouth and the clear tape held them fast. She would be spending the next few hours hogtied on the office floor where she hopefully learn…..


    A lesson worth teaching. Over and over…