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    How to put “wrote fan-fiction” on your résumé:

    Leveraged an inventory of established fictional character and setting elements to generate a disruptive custom-curated narrative entertainment asset.


    I worked in HR, handling applications and interviews, and if someone turned in that string of techno babble nonsense, I would have rejected them out of hand.

    A resume doesn’t need to sound fancy or overly technical, it needs to tell us why we should hire you.

    “Independent novelist/writer” is more than sufficient here. If you want to express the skills that fan fiction taught you, something like, “creative writing, editing, and publication,” will get you a lot further than… Whatever that just was.

    A resume should be tailored to the position, if you can afford the time and energy for that. But if not, then just think about what writing got fandom taught you. How to respond to criticism, how to present a professional pubic face, how to correct punished mistakes, creative thinking, project planning, persuasion via emotional leverage, html formatting, office suite fluency.

    There are a lot of actual, marketable skills that go into fan fiction.


    How to put “I was in a zine” on your resume


  • Published short fiction stories for anthology collection
  • Able to write short fiction within a designated word count for layout purposes (900-1500 words, 1500-2000, 3000-5000)
  • Wrote short articles for independent publication
  • Assisted with editing short stories for publication
  • Able to reduce or expand written content based on layout needs
  • Able to check for basic spelling, grammar and syntax
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office and Google docs
  • Able to convert text styles such as bold and italics across platforms, including rich text and HTML
  • Able to communicate with project members over multiple platforms such as email, twitter, Discord chat and Google docs
  • Artist:

  • Produced full-colour digital illustration for independent magazine
  • Able to produce digital illustrations optimized for both online and print display
  • Produced full-colour 2-page spread for art anthology
  • Published 4-page short comic in anthology collection for charity
  • Able to transfer traditional art to digital illustration
  • Illustrated the cover (always brag if you’re on the cover) of an independent art publication
  • Familiar with professional illustration tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint and stylus tablet
  • Able to communicate with project members over multiple platforms such as email, twitter, Discord chat and Google docs
  • Merch artist / graphic designer:

  • Designed 2″ clear decorative double-sided keychain charm as bonus sale item
  • Designed 5″ x 6″ sheet of graphic stickers included in art anthology
  • Able to design bold graphics that are measured for laser cutting production
  • Designed layouts for 65-page art and writing magazine, focusing on (art placement, text layout, etc)
  • Able to keep layout design simple and in accordance with the project director’s chosen theme
  • Created promotional art, icons and banners tailored for social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc
  • Familiar with professional layout and design software such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
  • Able to communicate with project members over multiple platforms such as email, twitter, Discord chat and Google docs
  • Running a zine

  • Produced an independent art and writing collection for sale / for charity
  • Managed (10, 20, 30) independent artists and writers out of over 500 applicants to create a short-run independent magazine
  • Worked in online sales and social media promotion selling an independent comics anthology
  • If it’s really spectacular you can brag about specific numbers
  • Our book raised over $4,000 for charity in under six months of production
  • We sold over 750 copies in two weeks of online sales
  • Produced a digital PDF and printed version of anthology, mailing to recipients all over the world
  • Communicated with printers and manufacturers of plastic accessories and paper goods, assembling professional packages of our merchandise for mailing.
  • Built a custom digital storefront and navigated professional market and payment systems including Paypal and Tictail / Bigcartel / Wix etc
  • Created promotional events to boost sales, including raffles and giveaways over social media
  • Organized participants through mass emails and use of social media posts on tumblr and twitter
  • Created private Discord chat channels to keep participants up to date on production
  • Familiar with organizational software such as Microsoft Excel, Google spreadsheets, Trello and Discord
  • apex-primus

    Hey, kids! Just remember, your hobbies are also your skillsets!




    Every single odd number has an “e” in it.


    Not all of them. 30 and 50 aren’t spelled with the letter e in it …


    father god 


    …if you can split a number in half evenly, it’s even. 30 and 50 are odd.






    25+25 = 30? You sure about that??


    Lord have mercy….


    3 days into 2018 smh








    And since everything else after that is a variant of these numbers, then all odds have the letter ‘E’.




    It keeps getting worse.




    My head hurts…


    This is why that Tumblr University shit was the dumbest idea ever just look at this


    who failed yall?




    You whole ass forgot about eight - a number with an e and is pretty fucking even


    why would 8 be brought up if it’s EVEN in a post about ODDS??????? the post said “every single ODD number has an ‘e in it” not “every single number with an ‘e’ is odd” what the fuck


    3 days until 2019 and we’re still here


    happy New year’s eve


    I’m going to bring this flaming dumpster into 2019 so future generations can see what a mistake Tumblr was


    Er, guys two is odd and doesn’t have an e. Just saying…


    did you deadass just try to tell me two is odd? i’m fucking crying throw the whole website away


    Reblogging for the last one😂


    The one thing I notice is that no matter how much you want to throw this site away, you just can’t.




    Wait what about zero that’s an odd number ,no?


    ok but hear me out fifty and thirty make up for the fact they have no e by the way they are pronounces third-E fifth-E


    bro why do 30 and 50 matter THEY’RE FUCKING EVEN


    what the actual fuck is happening


    I’m gonna smack you


    -30 and -50 have an e in them


    Wait why are we so quick to throw away the Zero idea


    Zero isn’t a number


    world heritage post


    Same energy






    “Tortilla” would match to “torta”, which….is a real Spanish word that just means cake, y’all.

    Tortillas are little flat cakes.


    in addition, mosca means fly

    mosquito does mean little fly



    ‘dump’ is an old adjective that meant “doughy” so “dumpling” is basically “little doughy thing”


    Yes but that’s not funny.


    Doro still at large


    world heritage post


    date a selkie, but don’t hide her cloak. let her go home and visit her family now and then, knowing that she’ll come back and hang her seal cloak in the closet like she always does. trust is important.


    The first time she lets the redhead take her home, she’s diligent about hiding her cloak. She folds it carefully against tears and rips and abrasions, and hides it in a sea cave whose entrance is concealed by the tide.

    She does the same, the second and third and fourth times, careful, wary, mindful of her mother’s lessons. Remembers the way her mother’s hands had chafed on her soft cheeks, rough with cooking and cleaning for her fisherman husband, the way her mother’s peat-dark eyes had been tense and harsh with the lesson.

    “Mind me, Niahm. Never let them find your cloak.”

    The way her mother’s mouth had curved, a sickle of dissatisfaction and relief and envy, as she had escaped into the waves.

    So she minds her mother’s lesson, and she takes care with her cloak.

    Would that she had taken as much care with her heart.

    The fifth time, she wears the cloak to the girl’s door, clutched about her throat, dripping along the darkened lanes.

    She enters the home, welcomed with soft kisses and gentle touches and kindling passion. She drapes the cloak, artful in her carelessness, across an old wooden chair, the one that creaks and tilts slightly if you don’t sit just right.

    When she wakes, in the wee hours of the morning, even before her lover, the cloak still rests, supple and dappled by the sea, on the back of the chair.

    She frowns into the softening dawn, dons the cloak, and returns to the sea.

    And again, the sixth time. And the seventh.

    The eighth time, she finally breaks, prickling and hurt with longing, gripping a handful of russet hair in her hand, firm with emphasis.

    “Surely you know what I am,” she says to her lover, the cool froth of sea foam and the call of gulls curling around her voice.

    “Of course,” her lover responds, soft and tender in the dawnlight, throat arched willingly, pale as the inner whorls of a shell. “You taste of the sea,” the girl whispers, reverently.

    She shakes her lover’s head gently, fingers tangled still in russet locks. “Why?” she demands. “Why won’t you keep me?”

    A long silence that waits and fills, like a tidepool, stretches between them. Cool as a current. Deep as the Channel.

    Her lover’s eyes are dark and tender. “Must I trap you to keep you, my heart? Is that the shape of love that you desire?”

    She sinks into the thought, struck and stymied, remembering her mother’s harsh hands, her cold eyes. Her hand eases into russet waves, caresses where her grip had punished. Her lips press cool and damp as the sea against the arching curve of her lover’s shoulder. “What shape of love will you give to me?”

    The answer is easy, quick, certain. “Myself. Only myself, whenever you should wish it. Your cloak by the door, your body in my bed, and the freedom to go, whenever you must. As long as you wish.”

    It’s not an answer a fisherman could ever give, nor would think to.

    The ninth time, she hangs her cloak by the door, draped in careful dappled folds next to a drying oilskin jacket.


    i say this every time it crosses my dash but i’m so freaking happy someone liked my submission and Wrote Stuff and it’s so good!!! i love these girls so so so so much


    This post is like the only Worthy Thing i have ever done on this website and you made that possible, you rock <3

    Hey y’all get ready I’m about to write a whole thing about why I love barbarians and y’all are gonna deal with it.

    So like mechanically I love barbarians because I love playing tanks in rpgs to begin with. The high armor, massive hp pool and simple game mechanics means that I can just charge in an do my job even if I can’t big brain strategize on the spot and even if I don’t have the aim and reflexes of a sharpshooter. I pick the biggest threat and hit it till it stops moving. Simple and fun. Narratively Barbarians are usually given the role of “stupid beef man who only know fight and can’t read beyond a third grade level”. Like I love Grog but he’s treated as the standard of what every Barbarian should be. I, on the other hand, see Barbarians as having a large well of untapped story potential.

    At their core Barbarians are characters who are driven by strong emotion. The ability itself is called rage but the emotion at the core of your Barbarian doesn’t have to be anger. Grogs Rage was more like a battle frenzy, a feral exaltation of the joy that Grog takes in violence. Yasha’s rage is more an expression of grief and pain and a desire to protect her family. But rage can be any number of things. You could have a barbarian driven completely by passionate love who has hearts in their eyes and a great axe in their hand. You could have a barbarian who’s rage mode is triggered by fear and they’re essentially having a huge panic attack. You can play with how your barbarian feels about their rage. One of my Barbarians is a robot who’s lost his memory and is essentially a giant toddler. His rage is flavored as his old programming taking over and turning him into a singleminded killing machine. He hates his rage and is terrified of the thing he becomes under it’s influence. Another barbarian might find joy in embracing their rage such as a concept I had of a zealot barbarian serving Dionysus and seeing the rage as a ritualistic madness and a way of communing with their god. You could have a character who rages like real world berserkers by ingesting herbs that drive them into a battle madness. The Hulk is the literally personification of Bruce Banners rage and negative emotions which he repressed after his dad killed his mom and now that imaginary friend can take over his body and wreck house. The possibilities are endless and fun and not just “me angry and hit thing hard”

    Playing a barbarian hero is interesting for several reasons. It asks you questions about your opinions on violence and anger as well as what makes a person “civilized” as well as whether being “civilized” is even something to aspire to in the first place. It helps you come to terms with you’re own strong emotions. Barbarians are the enemies of repression. They usually are either completely not repressed to start, or learn to make peace with their emotions rather than fighting them over time. I also am always a fan of the gentle giant character who has the power to slaughter armies but instead chooses to make flower crowns and be the designated giver of hugs.

    Personally though, I love barbarians because they are simple enough to cut through all the bullshit that “smart” and “civilized” people have put up to help themselves justify not doing the right thing. Barbarians don’t deal in “the big picture”, “acceptable losses”, or “Necessary evils”. Barbarians don’t agonize over the philosophical minutia of “what does good mean?” And never actually get around to doing anything. When the world tries to tell them that evil is unstoppable or worse necessary they say “ACTUALLY NO IT’S NOT! FUCK YOU! IM GOING TO SAVE EVERYONE AND THEN SHOVE A GREATSWORD DOWN THAT LYING THROAT OF YOURS”. They are a wild card that breaks through the systems that hold evil in place. They never accept that the fight is lost. They run towards danger with a smile on their face and a fire in their heart.

    “Rage. Rage against the dying of the light!”

    They are exactly the kind of courageous, confident, kind people that I wish I could be. I don’t have the confidence to be. I am often too scared to take a stand for what I believe in. I’m terrified of making the wrong choice and accidentally hurting people. This makes me passive more than I care to admit. There are angry men in my life and I don’t want to be like them. But I know that anger is a part of who I am and is not a wholly bad thing.

    I love barbarians because often I ask myself the same thing Travis McElroy once asked: “what if you could cut out all the bullshit and just do good recklessly?”


    I can barely contain myself right now

    holy shit



    holy CRAP.

    Artists, creators, students, and researchers of all types, take note:

    Digitized photos and text. 2D and 3D object renders. Music and other sound files. Videos. Research datasets. Collections metadata.

    On a Creative Commons Zero license: Take what you want. Use it. No permission or attribution required. Yes, even for commercial use.

    There is a lot wrong with the world at the moment, but the Smithsonian… the Smithsonian is right.


    fucked up that we don’t make belts with loops for holding blades or pouches for storing coins and bunches of dried herbs anymore


    since when did THIS

    become sexier than THIS?


    half of those are fanny packs


    while both are an example of bags worn on the waist, a leather pouch is NOT the same thing as a fanny pack and i will die on this hill


    what is a fanny back but a modern day medival coin purse my friend


    I don’t care what you call them, i need stuff like

    Firstly - they look cool

    Secondly - i hate hate HATE purses, messenger bags mess up my posture which then hurts my spine, and backpacks are hard to reach and take stuff out or put stuff in.

    These? These are perfectly handy, weight gets distributed around your pelvic area instead of hurty spine, and you won’t just forget it laying somewhere. Again.


    Rewatching lotr and I’m OBSESSED with the fact that legolas and Gimli are forced to share the same horse ONCE and then refuse to get Gimli his own steed for the rest of the movies


    Eomer: you know we can get Gimli his own horse right?

    Legolas: oh no need!

    Eomer: No really, we’re in Rohan, there’s plenty to spare

    Legolas: Well actually, Gimli doesn’t know how to ride a horse

    Haldir: Really? I could have sworn I saw him riding in on one to Rivend—

    Legolas (loudly): He Doesn’t Know How To Ride A Horse


    david tennants so funny to me cuz  hes like. a very private and quiet person. and all characters they call him to do are like mr slutty mcthot


    David Tennant can do three things, be a detective, a serial killer, or wear very tight pants


    i always think the venn diagram is Slut, Sad Dad, and Serial Killer.


    Change my mind


    for the love of all that is good in the world, someone needs to do that completely feral welshman next


    michael sheens venn diagram is a circle labelled Slut


    i didn’t think this could get better but then it did


    Here comes “The Old Guard”. Marinelli goes to Hollywood, alongside Charlize Theron.

    “Alone, fragile and immortal.

    A story of love, friendship and compassion with an ancient warrior and a young African American, who has just discovered she is immortal, as protagonists. Because the world needs women and courage knows no gender differences. 20 years after “Love & Basketball” and after “The Secret Life of Bees” and “Beyond the Lights - Find Your Voice”, Gina Prince-Bythewood comes to the action movie with very clear ideas on how to reinvent the rules. We talked to her over the phone while she was in Los Angeles during the lockdown. 

    A superhero movie that doesn’t look like a superhero movie. Is that why you decided to make it

    Absolutely yes, when I read the script I realized that despite the fantastic genre there was a very realistic background. These characters are real and it’s easy for the audience to relate to them despite being immortal. They fight for goals and reasons that people understand. The more realistic the film, the more viewers can reflect themselves in the protagonists. 

    In fact, the most fascinating aspect of the characters is their vulnerability: they are immortal, but up to a certain point, which is a paradox. They too have to deal with the sense of the end. 

    There is a possibility that they may die, that their immortality is interrupted, that they still suffer from their wounds, and this brings them closer to us. The public still feels sorry for them when they see them in danger.

    Immortals suffer, and not just physically.

    Many think that being able to live forever would be extraordinary, but no one asks what this really means. Immortality has consequences: it can be a gift, but it can also be a curse.

    Keep reading


    Ah thank you for this I always love reading all the interviews no matter it’s new or old article and it’s incredible that they have quite a lot of interviews and podcasts we can listen to.

    I will highlight what I like from this interview..

    Don’t play with my heart like this Gina saying it’s a trilogy but keep the news to yourselves and not to us, say it explicitly and proudly please that we indeed will get the second and even third movies 😭

    “Nicky is the heart of the group, He is the most sensitive character of all of them.” - Gina the soft Nicky OG. 🤣

    Also I need to see so badly that scene you did with Marwan Kenzari oh Luca Marinelli.

    Luca being a shy bean.

    “And Charlize is an athlete of the body and the heart” - Luca with his words choice.

    “I don’t feel like playing games, mixing reality and fiction on a terribly real subject like this. I think that in reality, outside of any cinematic fiction, it’s fundamental to fight for equality, within society, but also within ourselves.”

    Also I want to tattoo it on my forehead so people can read everyday when they feel like mixing fiction with reality too much, many need to hear this, Mister Marinelli is the real one. I mean this is totally how an emotionality intelligent person would answer this kind of question. I am just in awe.


    full offense but none of you would have ever survived fanfiction.net in 2009


    remember when writers had to be all like:
    “omg omg lemon starts HERE”

    y’all are lucky that ao3 has tags and filters you can set


    2009?!? I remember 2000 where instead of quotes for dialogue “” we sometimes had

    *Nani?* or //draco isn’t so bad hermione//

    Not to mention if they had internal dialogue: *draco is my Veela mate?!?*

    ~how could this be happening to me~

    And sometime different characters got different dialogue tags

    ~*Wow he’s so hott*~

    _omg why does he keep staring at me_

    Also: Captions weren’t wildly available, and neither was TV recording, so you watched your episode, made notes or tried to remember, and then made the fanfic. Sometimes people heard different things, people spelled characters names differently.

    Lol I just remembered when the first Harry Potter movie came out and fanfic writers started writing about Harry’s blue eyes and the fandom LOST ITS DAMN MIND

    Do you remember “flames”? The fandom world seems to have respectful rules now, but it used to not be unusual to worry about flames, where people just dump unadulterated vitriol in a review. And you’d just be like, hmm I could delete this, but it does count towards my review number.

    And in the next chapter update you would see:

    ~~~*+*~~~A/N hahah I got some flames last time! No flaming please this fic has LIME and yaoi if you don’t like that go away!!! Ok so I know I said I was going to post a new chapter but I was talking my friend Raven (and omg go check out her fics she’s under …~*darkravenmistressdreams*~… ((boy/boy also!!!)) you have to read them) and we were thinking that in this chapter I should” and then then you would realize that there was no update on the fic, the whole thing is an author’s note, and it just tells the story of what the author did last weekend and how much school sucks. Honestly all fics from that era should be used for some kind of anthropology research.

    Oh god. Do you remember when we used to insert emoticons… “and then he was like O_o”

    Heh. The good old bad days.


    Oh, I remember. 😂


    this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever read in my life ever


    this woman really went “you’re a neurotic twink with no social skills but your music slaps so here’s a shit ton of money never look at me goodbye”


    [Text ID: Tchaikovsky’s fortunes changed in 1877 when he gained the emotional and financial support of wealthy patron Nadezhda Von Meck. The generous annual stipend of 6000 roubles she gave him - about 20x what he would have made as a civil servant - enabled him to quit his job with the Conservatory and become Russia’s first full-time, professional composer.

    While the composer and his patron exchanged more than 1,200 deeply personal letters in the course of 13 years (that’s nearly two a week), they met only once accidentally and awkwardly—and they never spoke a word to each other. Von Meck stipulated that she never wanted to meet as a condition of her patronage, and the socially awkward Tchaikovsky was more than happy to comply. End ID.]


    “Dogs don’t know what they look like. Dogs don’t even know what size they are. No doubt it’s our fault, for breeding them into such weird shapes and sizes. My brother’s dachshund, standing tall at eight inches, would attack a Great Dane in the full conviction that she could tear it apart. When a little dog is assaulting its ankles the big dog often stands there looking confused — “Should I eat it? Will it eat me? I am bigger than it, aren’t I?” But then the Great Dane will come and try to sit in your lap and mash you flat, under the impression that it is a Peke-a-poo… Cats know exactly where they begin and end. When they walk slowly out the door that you are holding open for them, and pause, leaving their tail just an inch or two inside the door, they know it. They know you have to keep holding the door open. That is why their tail is there. It is a cat’s way of maintaining a relationship. Housecats know that they are small, and that it matters. When a cat meets a threatening dog and can’t make either a horizontal or a vertical escape, it’ll suddenly triple its size, inflating itself into a sort of weird fur blowfish, and it may work, because the dog gets confused again — “I thought that was a cat. Aren’t I bigger than cats? Will it eat me?” … A lot of us humans are like dogs: we really don’t know what size we are, how we’re shaped, what we look like. The most extreme example of this ignorance must be the people who design the seats on airplanes. At the other extreme, the people who have the most accurate, vivid sense of their own appearance may be dancers. What dancers look like is, after all, what they do.”

    — Ursula Le Guin, in The Wave in the Mind (via fortooate)


    This paragraph went in so many different directions before it ended. What the fuck Ursula