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    Honey buzzards are hard as fuck! I did not know they rolled like this.

    Here we have one indulging in some sweet honey, not giving a single fuck about the swarm of bees attacking it. Apparently it's because they have tightly packed, scale-like feathers that acts as armor.
    🎥Credit to ©Rahul's Wildscape on YouT

    It may be the most heart-stopping video of the college football season, but it wasn’t on the field. In a bizarre sequence at Hard Rock Stadium during the Miami–Appalachian State game, a cat was dangling from the upper deck and fell into a crowd of fans who used an American flag to break its fall.   After the rescue, the heroes were identified as Craig and Kimberly Cromer, who are husband and wife and it was their American flag used in the grab. Craig said while the cat was dangling, it urinated on fans below it.