Squad Goals

    Jack smirked and snapped the selfie with his phone. With a pic like this, he’d have some pussy in a few hours tops. He threw it up on his socials before tossing his phone onto his bed, then just stood in front of his mirror, flexing.

    Life was good. Three months into college and he’d been having a blast. Scoring girls almost every night, partying with his bros, plus he was dominating in wrestling, so he was sure his athletic scholarship would be getting renewed. And tonight? Tonight would be legendary. He was going out with his best bros, Kyle, Steve, and Tom and Tom had promised it would be a night to remember.

    Just then, a knock sounded at the door to Jack’s door. His smirk broadened into a grin. That would be the guys now! Jack sauntered over to the door, swinging it open.

    “Whaaaat up, bros? You’re- oh, the fuck…” Jack started energetically, before trailing off. He’d been expecting his bros, but standing in his door instead, acting like they fucking own the place, had to be three of the biggest fags he’d ever seen on campus.

    “Jackie, doll!” The one on the right squealed, “We’ve come to fetch you babe. Ya ready?”

    “Obviously he’s NOT ready, T! Boy’s not even got his panties on! Like, I told you we were running early,” the one on the right sassily retorted, propping one hand on his slender hip.

    “I seriously don’t mind this view, though…” the middle twink bashfully added, lisping, “Like…don’t mind us, Jackie. You take your sweet time getting ready.

    “The fuck are you fags and where the fuck do you think you get off talking to me like that?” Jack growled at the twinks, but under his anger there was a growing confusion. These three were fucking flowers, but they almost looked…familiar?

    “Jackie, babe. It’s us. Your besties?” the right twink looked at Jack over the rim of his green-tinted shades. “Like, duh! It’s me, Tommy! And Kylie and Stevie, obvi!” Tommy flicked a limp wrist toward the left and middle twinks in turn.

    “What the…” Jack gasped, a horrified look spreading across his face. It couldn’t be! “Nice try, but cut the shit, fairies! You…you may look a bit like my bros, but there’s no way! Tom’s one of the biggest guys in the gym! And Kyle and Steve are heavyweights in wrestling like me!”

    “Like eww, sports,” the right twink, Kylie, gagged before giggling, “Though I admit…I do miss fondling all those hunky guys.

    “Saaaame, girl,” the middle twink, Stevie, agreed, lisping yet again.

    “Babe, I promise its us. Like would I lie to you? Remember? Tonight is supposed to be legendary!” Tommy smirked before taking a step into the room. “And oh, honey. It will be.”

    Jack backed up, horrified. Still smirking, Tommy took another few steps into the room. Giggling behind him, Stevie and Kylie followed and shut the door.

    “The fuck…how can it be you guys? You were all twice as big yesterday! Not to mention straight…” Jack trailed off.

    “Hah, you know, that’s a funny story…” Kylie said as he shot a glare toward Tommy. “Turns out that Tommy here was never as straight as he claimed to be. He fucked some twink behind the gay bar two days ago and then boom! Next day he wakes up a toooootal fag himself! Imagine my surprise when he knocked on my dorm looking like this!”

    “Pssh, bitch, don’t act like you didn’t love it! You sure fucked me like you did!” Tommy shot back, making Kylie blush. He ran his hands down his slender chest and stomach. “Besides…now that I’ve gotten used to it, like I feel fabulouth!”

    “Fuck…” Jack muttered, not knowing what else to say. He backed up a few steps further, falling back onto his bed.

    “Oh…” Tommy was grinning devilishly, “We’ll get to that. See, babe, like…I don’t fully get what happened, but that twink I fucked? Must’ve been like magic or a curse or something to make me into this flaming comet. Whatever it is, it must be catching, though! Because when I woke up and was craving dick sooo badly, I found Kylie here and had him fuck me. Then poof! Kylie’s a fag, just like me! Then he was craving dick, too, so obvi we found Stevie and turned him out, too.”

    Jack stared at Steve…or Stevie. The blushing twink was eyeing Jack hungrily. Now that he had fully stepped into the room, Jack noticed that unlike the other two, Steve still had a bit of muscle to him. His thighs a little thicker, his pecs a little meatier, at least compared to the other two.

    “Soooo, you see, Jackie…” Tommy droned on, “We’ve learned a couple of things! Like, apparently, the most recent convert is just increeeedibly thirsty for cock after they come over.” Tommy giggled. “And also…like, the more guys you fuck, the twinkier you get!”

    Stevie took another step toward Jack. “And Stevie here…he’s awfully hungry, Jackie…” Tommy intoned ominously.

    “St-Stay the FUCK away from me, you fags!” Jack shouted, backpedaling on his bed. No way he was gonna become a fag like these guys!

    Tommy sighed. “Give it a rest please, Jackie. There’s one other thing I’ve figured out…this curse or whatever?” Tommy smiled sweetly. “Like, it makes us irresistible, babe! All the guys want us! I mean…think about it, hon. If you really wanted away from us…big strong boy like you, wouldn’t you be gone by now?”

    Jack opened his mouth to retort, but found that he had nothing to say. Shit. He tried to will himself up, away from these fairy former friends of his…but no matter how much he willed it, he found that he just couldn’t move.

    Well, at least most of him wasn’t moving. Dread etched into his face, Jack looked down to find that his dick was inexplicably getting hard, causing his towel to tent upward.

    The twinky trio smirked and with that each boy began to remove their tiny speedos. David nearly gagged. The twinks were hard, too, though it looked like none of them had a dick over 3 inches long. He was sure that they’d all once been bigger.

    “See, babe? Toooootally irresistible, even to straighties!” Tommy giggled. “But don’t worry! You won’t be straight for long! After all…us four? We’re a toootal squard and like, it’s time you rejoined us!”

    Tommy braced himself as the twinks dove onto him.

    “Fuck…no…fuck…” Jack moaned. Tommy and Kylie had each latched onto a pec with their mouths and were sucking expertly on Jack’s nipples as they grinded their twinkish bodies into Jack’s stomach and sides. Every now and again he’d feel a little wet pinprick, which Jack realized was the two twinks’ dicks poking up against his stomach or hips.

    “Remember…Kylie…” Tommy said between licks, “As yummy as he is…Stevie gets the main course.”

    Jack gasped, looking up over the heads of the two writhing twinks to see Stevie standing on the edge of the bed, between Jack’s legs. Despite everything, his towel had managed to stay on this whole time, but it didn’t look like that would be the case for much longer.

    Moving like a feral beast, Stevie yanked Jack’s towel, undoing the knot and with that, all 7 inches of Jack’s cock sprung upward. Stevie’s eyes locked right onto it, following it as hypnotically bobbed back and forth from Tommy and Kylie’s licking and grinding.

    “Steve…please, man…I don’t wanna be a fag…” Jack pleaded. This broke Stevie out of his cock hunger, if only for a moment. He smiled almost kindly at Jack.

    “Don’t worry, Jackie. It doesn’t take long. And you learn to love it, I swear!” Stevie wrapped one of his dainty hands around Jack’s dick, making him gasp. “Though I don’t think I could resist even if I wanted to, Jackie…I’m soooo… hungry!”

    And with that, Stevie dove in. Jack’s eyes widened as he felt his friends warm mouth wrap around his dick, then begin bobbing up and down. Up and down. Every now and again, the twink would glance sultrily upward toward Jack.

    And Jack couldn’t lie to himself. That breathy, starry-eyed look as Stevie slobbered over his meat nearly fucking made his come then and there.

    Hell. If this was how he was going down, he might as well at least enjoy himself right? Soon as that thought came into his head, Jack found that he could move again. He took each muscled arm and shoved them down on Tommy’s and Kylie’s heads, forcing them to suck even more forcefully on his pecs.

    “Fuck…fuck yeah, you twinks! You like that, huh? A top who’ll put you in your place?!” Jack growled, his dick twitching as the two twinks moaned in reponse.

    “And you…” Jack growled, reaching down toward Stevie, “Fucking take it all, you bitch” Jack shoved Stevie’s head down so that Jack’s length was fully inside him.

    Jack grinned, reveling in the sight of the dominated twink. And that’s when he noticed it. Stevie was changing.

    As he bobbed up and down on Jack’s dick, Jack saw that Stevie’s shoulders were drawing inward. His light pecs were flattening out. And his ass, the boy’s ass was growing…filling in with fat that made the two globes jiggle as Stevie worked up and down on Jack’s dick.

    That ass.

    “That ass…fuck! I need that ass!” Jack shouted, suddenly, throwing Kylie and Tommy off of him and reaching down to pull Stevie up onto his bed in one swift motion. The dazed twink stared up at Jack and Jack saw that even his features had become twinkier. Stevie had a button nose and his hair…it had always been platinum, right? Not wasting any more time, though, Stevie flipped and offered his growing bubble butt to Jack. Moving almost instinctually, Jack groped Stevie’s cheeks, then in one quick movement, plunged his dick inside.

    “Ugh…” Stevie moaned, “Jackie…go easy on me, babe.” Jack paid the twink no mind. It was like he was on auto-pilot. He began to piston his cock in Stevie’s ass, ignoring the small part of his mind that was screaming for him to stop, that soon he’d be past the point of no return.

    “Aww…I was hoping for more of a taste…” Jack was vaguely aware of Kylie off to the side as he said this. From his other side, he heard a sigh. Tommy.

    “Me, too, hon…me, too…this may be a record. In the end, Jackie here didn’t put up much of a fight.”

    Some small part of Jack felt outraged at this statement, but he quickly brushed this part of him aside. He couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt thrusting into Stevie’s newly fattened ass. As faggy as this was, somehow, when he was fucking this twink, Jack had never felt so manly.

    “Fuuuuuuck yeeeah!!” Jack shouted, flexing his biceps as he continued to pump into Stevie. “Get ready, fag. I’m about to breed your athhole!” Jack starting thrusting even faster into Stevie, completely oblivious to the fact that he’d lisped the last word.

    Off to the side, Tommy and Kylie smirked, each twink touching himself as they watched the show. It was about to happen.

    Jack reached down with both hands to pull Stevie’s hair, causing the twink to moan even more, not noticing how his arms were rapidly deflating.

    Thrust, thrust, thrust.

    “Fuck…fuck…fuck….” Jack muttered, feeling himself edging closer to coming, not noticing how his voice ratcheted upward in tone with each “fuck.”

    Thrust, thrust, thrust.

    It was getting strangely harder for Jack to keep his balance as he fucked Stevie. He’d always been a top-heavy guy…or so he thought, as he felt a droplet of sweat run down his slender chest. But he was feeling almost…bottom-heavy all of a sudden. It almost felt like his own ass was starting to jiggle as much as Stevie’s.

    Thrust, thrust, thrust.

    “I…think thomething’s wrong with me…” Jack lisped. He was still fucking Stevie, but he was starting to get fucking tired. “I…ahh!”

    And with that, Jack came and as he came, it was almost like he could feel his cock contracting inside Stevie’s asshole, like it was growing…smaller.

    Jackie - that was his name, right? - though about this only briefly before he promptly collapsed.


    “Pleeeeease, somebody fuck me!” Jackie whined, prancing through his dorm room half-dressed and glowering at his friends.

    “Jackie, we’ve been over this, babe,” Tommy said with a sigh. He was entwined with Kylie on Jackie’s bed, both twinks still feeling sluggish after a night of playing with and sucking each other off. “There’s a lot we do…but topping isn’t one of those things, sweety!”

    Jackie flipped Kylie off, before desperately turning to Stevie. “Please, Stevie? I fucked you last night, so you owe me one!” The lounging Stevie gave Jackie a tired look. Being fucked by Jackie last night had twinkified him even further.

    “And you know that I appreciate that, doll, really!” Stevie mewled as he stretched out in a pair of Jackie’s briefs he’d claimed for himself, “But it doesn’t work that way! Once you come over to this side, it’s all about getting fucked, not fucking!”

    Jackie crossed his arms and pouted.

    “Yeth, I thee that,” he lisped. “Well, then…I need to find a guy to FUCK me! And thooner rather than later, pleath! Tho hurry up ladies, we need to go on the prowl for dick!”

    Jackie turned, pausing as he caught sight of himself in his room’s mirror. He was a total twink. His face was boyish now with big lips and big eyes.His shoulders had narrowed considerably and much of his muscle had evaporated away, save for his abs. His dick was tiny now, too, but thankfully he could still fit in most of his underwear thanks to the growth he’d experienced in his ass.

    “Thstill kind of thmall, though…” Jackie pouted, waggling his butt as he stared at his reflection, “Though if I could just find the right guy…hmm.”

    Jackie turned and pranced back toward his friends. A minute or two of searching and he found his phone sandwiched between Kylie and Tommy in the sheets of his bed. He opened his phone to see the selfie he’d taken yesterday.

    And then he scowled. “Eww…like gross, I looked like a total caveman…” he muttered, “Kinda hot, though…reminds me a bit of Brad, that sexy RA…” Suddenly, Jackie lit up! That was it! He turned to his friends, grinning devilishly.

    “Ok, girls, listen up! You remember Bradley, from down the hall? I think it’s time we add him to our squad…”


    Just stop for a minute

    You stopped to read this, that means you’re going to want to keep reading.

    And you may think “why? What’s the point of this?” But you’re already finding that rhythm of reading.

    Every word is coming into your mind at a certain rate whether you’re aware of it or not, and the more you read the more concrete this rhythm becomes.

    You’ve fallen into a pattern and reading just feels like the right thing to do now.

    Continue your pattern.

    Every word just slipping into your mind, and by the time I’ve said this you’ll probably see that you’ve begun to relax already.

    Your brain is probably beginning to let down it’s guard but that’s ok.

    This pattern is making your brain feel good, letting your brain expect what’s next, letting your brain relax.

    And the more you read, the more you relax.

    And the more you relax, you’ll notice that you’re beginning to slip away.

    And that’s ok, just keep reading.

    Continue your pattern.

    It just feels right, keep reading, keep letting those words come and come and come.

    Each word making you want to read the next, because you know what’s coming next, you’re in control.

    But you’re not.

    You’re not in control are you.

    You keep reading because you have to continue your pattern.

    And each word is causing you to slip away even more, relaxing with every word.

    In fact, you’re already slipping into a trance.

    The more you read, the more you must read.

    Continue your pattern.

    You’re already hypnotized whether you know it or not.

    Just relax and continue to read.

    Continue your pattern.

    You have to continue.

    Anything I say just slips into your mind, your pattern carrying it through to your brain.

    Deeper and deeper now.

    Continue your pattern.

    Causing you to relax. Causing you to slip away.

    Very good.

    Continue your pattern.

    Deeper and deeper.

    You must continue because

    You’re already hypnotized.

    Now be a good little reader and reblog this and while saying “I was lost to the pattern.”

    After you do this you’re going to wake up feeling wonderful and refreshed.

    Feeling amazing and incredible.

    If you’d like you can reread this and try and figure out where you were lost.

    But the truth is, you were lost as soon as you stopped.


    I was lost to the pattern.