every single one of the shows i've been to in the past year have had security handing out water into the crowd. before and during the show, the entire time, running back and forth, water being passed backward in large paper cups to ANYONE that needed it. if i needed multiple cups of water it was readily available to me for free. whether it be a tiny amphitheatre show or a stadium show, this is something that's been happening without fail. the idea that water could be completely banned in a certain area unless you pay $7 for it is absurd. it's WATER


    i’m sorry to be the one to say this but developing countries do not give out anything for free ever for any reason


    something something about taylor working feverishly and releasing music whenever it’s done and ready rather than waiting for the “right time” after spending a few years including all the stuff from past records that she didn’t feel able to say then but wants to say now


    “you don’t have to polish the doorknob for so long that you forget to open the door”

    I think about that quote everyday