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2021-06-11 22:43:02

    If you can find it, the first art you ever posted or showed people

    oh my gosh HAHAHA you’re just in luck bc i actually dug through some old stuff and found one of my very first digital drawings from 2012... so naturally i had to redraw it!! it’s so embarrassing LOL

    i think 12 year old me would pee herself if she saw me now 😭😭

    can’t wait to bawl my eyes out once the remaster drops!!!!!

    hello! just a lil smth, please don’t scroll!

    tw // anti-asian violence

    there’s been a fuck ton of aapi hate since the beginning of the pandemic and especially lately, with the georgia shootings today, and even the grammys last sunday

    all this said i just wanted to share a few resources (none mine!):

    - anti-asian violence resources (this resource is also linked in my pinned, it contains information, petitions, places to donate and a lot more)

    - stop asian hate (contains petitions, places to donate, ways to spread the word and more)

    - sites to donate to and share (if you have a twitter please consider retweeting)

    - a cumulative twitter thread with a little bit of everything and more than i explained

    + stop asian hate gofundme

    + asian american resource center (an atlanta based foundation focused on housing and civil classes)

    if you have any resources you wanna share reply and/or reblog and i’ll add it, and with that please share this with the same tags <3 sending love to my fellow aapi, please stay safe all of you and don’t be fucking racist :]