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2020-12-31 01:51:13

    Show and tell time... because I’m excited

    Hi there everyone!

    I wanted to leave you guys in on something I have been working on (and thinking about selling). I have a ton of fun making them and love to see what these cute little guys turn out to be. In the past, I have made larger trees (about 5-6 in. / 12.7-15.6 cm. tall with their base) but they are very time consuming so I have been focusing on making mini trees ( 2-3 in. / 5.08-7.62 cm. tall with their base). I also infuse them with reiki while making them and do it again afterward! With this being said, I thought it may be fun to show you guys the process (or at least the parts I have photos of). Here we go, enjoy!!


    After putting the little guys together, which involves cutting wire, spinning each piece to have one stone per wire, making little groups and spinning them together, then forming the tree by twisting the groups together, I put the trees next to potential base stones for the trees.


    Next, I use the extra wire at the bottom of each tree to make a root system. After this, I repeat the comparison step again and attach them.

    …And this is the first batch of mini trees (they have element themes):









    What do you guys think? Do you think anyone would want one, like should I start a shop? Leave me a DM, Ask, or comment to let me know!

    (Feel free to reblog but please give me credit and do not make changes to the original post.)


    ~Savy 💜


    Absolutely stunning!!



    Encontré en FB un minicómic dónde Ash y Eiji intercambian lugares con Victor y Yuuri y AMÉ COMO SE VEÍAN CON SUS TRAJES INTERCAMBIADOS 😍😍😍 Pueden encontrar el minicomic en el twitter del creador: @denkimouse 😊 ……………………………………………………………………………………….. I found on facebook a minicomic where Ash and Eiji exchanged places with Victor and Yuuri and I LOVED AS THEY LOOKED WITH THEIR COSTUMES EXCHANGED!!! 😍😍😍 U can find the minicomic in twitters creator: @denkimouse 😊


    I legitimately cannot deal with this. Look at his little ♥️ mouth and a gun?? 😂

    I saw so much hate for Prodigal Son from Hannibal fans in the last few days, and I guess I'm just gonna have to delete all social media forever because I have a tendency to let people enjoy shows that aren't Hannibal 🙄

    And mind you I am a Hannibal fan. I just don't get shitting on another show because something got cancelled YEARS ago. If you don't like PS, cool, that's your right but FFS it doesn't need to be pulled apart and dragged.