Tiny She! though She be but little, she is fierce...
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2023-10-03 19:47:42

    I don’t know where this came from but I NEEDED it


    Image ID: blue text on a cream background which reads “Nine types of rest. 1) time away 2) permission to not be helpful 3) something “unproductive” 4) connection to art and nature 5) solitude to recharge 6) a break from responsibility 7) stillness to decompress 8) safe space 9) alone time at home”. End ID.


    Misread “decompress” as “decompose” and didn’t notice anything wrong at first. Like, yeah, that checks out, it’s ROTTING TIME.


    Hey, I have alot of struggles with men lately. Sadly dating doesn't work at all which is sad because I really would like to find a husband and have children soon. But I keep finding men who hurt me/play with my feelings so it starts feeling hopeless. Can you pray for me to find a husband but also to not lose hope and most of all, to not get humiliated by men anymore. It feels devasting to be in this situation, really..

    I will pray for you!