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    Out (No Matter What) by SpaceAce281990

    No Rating Given | 16k | 3/3

    “Who hurt you, Stiles?” Derek asked, they were still sitting in the Camaro. Derek hadn’t even bothered to turn it on. Stiles was too tried to keep resisting the matter and a part of him wanted to just scream. Scream it from the rooftops of the high rises in California and have it be done. He was gay. He was Stiles Stilinski, and he was gay and in love with someone he couldn’t have. He was terrified of every consequence that may happen.

    “It was a misunderstanding that got out of hand, okay? Take me home, Derek.” He said, eventually. For a few tense moments he’d almost said it. He’d even allowed his imagination to think he’d said it. To what Derek’s reaction would be.

    “Fine.” He said, and it hurt Stiles to hear the resignation in his tone. He knew it shouldn’t, that had been his end goal, to make Derek give up. But it still did. Derek started the car and pulled out into the street. They silently made their way back to campus, and Stiles was impressed that Derek knew what building his dorm was in.


    All i can think of when i see this, is Stiles sucking Derek off and Derek really tries not to grab Stiles’ hair.


    ten billion dollars to whoever writes me fic explainingwhy derek is trying not to grab stiles’s hair


    #is it because derek is trying to be a gentleman? to receive a gentleman-ly blowjob?#is it because stiles is very particular about his hair now that it’s longer#??#is it because derek is so turned on that he thinks he might pop a claw any second?#is it some weird kinky dare or D/s thing where derek’s not allowed to touch anything#including stiles and himself?#did derek just finish painting his nails?#teen wolf (via sir-yessir)

    i think we’re missing the obvious reason where Stiles has an important interview for a job slash internship slash investment venture and has had a day of spas and/or suit fittings, where he has spent a lot of money on an hour long coif and he’s wearing a waist coat made of lamb skin or spider silk or unicorn hair, in fetching teal, and he’s SO excited about everything that he just really needs to blow Derek, RIGHT THAT INSTANT, just grab his ass and go to town, and has forbidden any mussing or dishevelment!

    This is, of course, a supreme hardship, involving CLENCHED SWEATY HANDS and potentially ripped clothing where he’s gathered up his shirt and become so overwhelmed with FEELINGS or potentially HORRIBLE DESPAIR that he isn’t allowed to reciprocate and lay Stiles out and VENERATE HIS FLESH with warm aching kisses and candles and heated mint massage oil. 


    Like this Forever

    this is chapter one of a fic co-written with winchesterek(@sterekbros) for @sterekeverlasting. the first edition, featuring this story, can be found here

    Rating: Explicit
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
    Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Cora Hale, Laura Hale
    Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Derek Hale, Alpha Laura Hale, Omega Stiles Stilinski, Omega Cora Hale, Mates Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Alternate Universe - Werewolves Are Known, Explicit Sexual Content, Knotting, True Mates, Claiming Bites, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Alternate Universe - No Hale Fire (Teen Wolf), Boss/Employee Relationship, Getting Together, Mpreg, Top Derek Hale/Bottom Stiles Stilinski


    “Do you know the way?” Derek asked, hovering a hand over the small of Stiles’ back and gesturing for the door. “I can show you if you’d like.” Face. Palm. Derek barely managed not to cringe at himself. Though that meant his expression had probably defaulted to resting murder face—as his sisters liked to refer to it. He should really just go back to the office and save himself any further embarrassment. There was a small smile tugging at the corner of Stiles’ lips, giving Derek what looked like an assessing look. “If you have time, that would be great. But I can find my way if you’re busy and have things to do.” Was Derek busy? Yes. His full schedule could attest to that. Did Derek care? No, not at this moment. Not when he could stay in Stiles’ orbit for just a few moments longer. “I have time. It’s this way.”


    I see the "Why is there no support for new writers in the fandom as opposed to old writers" (and all variations on that theme) troll has moved on from Steter to Sterek.

    After getting thoughtful answers about how to build followers in a fandom community, they will come straight back with "WhY dOn'T yOu JUsT aDmIT yOU hAtE neW wRiTeRs THeN?"

    Don't give them your time, Stereks.

    They're just being an asshole.


    I will read anything THAT’S WRITTEN WELL!!

    Do those two things correlate? You tell me.

    I see the "Why is there no support for new writers in the fandom as opposed to old writers" (and all variations on that theme) troll has moved on from Steter to Sterek.

    After getting thoughtful answers about how to build followers in a fandom community, they will come straight back with "WhY dOn'T yOu JUsT aDmIT yOU hAtE neW wRiTeRs THeN?"

    Don't give them your time, Stereks.

    They're just being an asshole.

    Six Letter Word for Romance by TroubleIWant

    Mature | 6k | 1/1

    In which Stiles ships Derek/nice things almost as hard as I do


    Stiles definitely starts off thinking it’s fucking hilarious that Derek-sourwolf-Hale does crosswords and cares about scuffs on his furniture.

    But at a certain point, and he can’t pinpoint exactly when, “fully functional adult couple” somehow becomes a massive fetish of his. Derek in sweats and bare feet, nudging his glasses up his nose while he does the Sunday crossword? Unff. Derek filling out forms to get some renovations on his property approved? Oh God, yes. Derek putting away groceries and bitching that the corner store was out of the right type of Greek yogurt? Take me now, Stiles thinks, worrying at his lower lip with his teeth.

    This can’t be normal.

    i love thinking about derek’s wolf being so fucking overdramatic that it’s comical. derek suggests a date night and stiles is like can we do next week instead please baby and derek’s like oh yeah of course it’s okay except deep inside his wolf is howling in agony and rolling around the ground and practically dying because it isn’t seeing stiles in the next 24 hours

    Fics That I Keep Going Back To



    But The World Won’t Stop Turning by thepsychicclam | 20k | Explicit

    Derek glances at Stiles, who is watching him with a curious expression.

    “Oh shit,” Stiles exclaims as comprehension dawns on him. “Everything makes sense now. Derek, I know what the witch did, she cursed you with – “

    But before Stiles is able to finish his sentence, everything fades away and Derek is surrounded by darkness.

    It’s Happening by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) | 61K | Mature

    Derek stopped listening to him, brain going a mile a minute.

    Derek, it’s fucking happening!

    Derek, please!

    He would recognize that fucking voice anywhere.

    Two years. Two fucking years had passed, and now this little shit was standing in front of him, speaking his name, and grinning like an idiot.

    “It’s you,” Derek said, earning him a confused look from Stiles. “The phone call. Two years ago. It was you.”

    All Inby myredturtle | 39K | Mature

    Scott finally pulls a a stunt so boneheaded that Stiles can’t think of any way to get him out of it. Hoping to outrun the fallout, he packs up his father and they move to Canada. Unfortunately, nowhere is safe.

    I’ll Be Right Back (In 24 Years) by AnaIsFangirling (Ana_K_Lee) | 48K | Teen

    When Derek thought about time travel – and he did, a lot – this was not what he’d had in mind. He’d thought he would see his younger self, tell him to leave Paige alone and NEVER trust Kate Argent. He’d thought he’d get to come back once that was done and everything would be perfect. He never imagined having to relive his entire life.

    Daybreakby TheObsidianQuill | 70K | Mature

    “There …” Stiles swallowed and looked down at the bottle in his grasp as he slowly swirled the amber liquid inside. “There’s really nothing left. For me. Everyone is … gone, and it feels like I haven’t thought of tomorrow in years.” His words rang in the air like a gunshot, he took another heavy drink. “I would trade every last breath I take to just have another shot—not even a guarantee, just a chance to make things right and bring back even one of them.”

    The pack was gone. He had nothing left. He had no one. With nothing to lose, Stiles puts everything on the line to go back in time to try to prevent the future from becoming his past. Broken, guarded, and haunted by his past, only one overgrown-pup of a wolf seems able to get past his defences. Changing the future? Easy. Finding a place for himself in the Hale Pack? Impossible.

    THE LONG WAY ROUND series by exclamation| 180K - three books

    A Little Lost | 73K | Mature 

    A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he’s stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past

    So Near and Yet So Far | 50K | Teen

    Derek’s sister has been murdered and his boyfriend vanished into thin air right in front of him. Now Derek must face the future alone with only fragments of knowledge about what lies ahead. One thing he is certain of is that if Stiles goes back in time, he will disappear. Derek is determined not to let that happen. Meanwhile, the creature known as Bookworm searches for answers as to why Stiles disappeared. And why a trace of his power remains… carrying with it the howl of a wolf. 

    Ouroboros | 57K | Explicit

    Stiles is finally back in his own time but things aren’t going as planned. After accidentally setting Scott on fire with magic, he’s having a difficult time convincing his family and friends that he’s not possessed by evil. He’s going to need their help to get his magic under control, deal with Peter, and rescue Laura’s spirit from the amulet. To make matters worse, there are strange forces at work, hunters are apparently coming back from the dead, and there’s a dragon heading for Beacon Hills.




    part three: APOCALYPSE

    part four: 5+1 THINGS


    Fics That I Keep Going Back To



    The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home by turningterrific | 82.9K | Explicit

    Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

    He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isnt.

    Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

    He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

    And then he leaves.

    Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by loserchildhotpants | 72K | Explicit

    Or otherwise known as “Derek Goes to the Doctor,” wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.

    I’ve Been Everywhere With You by Leslie_Knope | 62K | Explicit

    “Dude, you should totally come with me.”

    “What? Like on the road trip?“

    “No, come with me. To Austin. Get out of Beacon Hills.”

    Derek paused. “What?” he asked again.

    To All The Scars You Bear by pineneedlepants | 16K | Mature

    Derek finally decides to try psychotherapy in order to manage his frequently occurring PTSD episodes. He contacts an old family friend and arranges a meeting in a coffee shop to discuss the possibility of getting a werewolf-friendly therapist.

    Unfortunately, Scott and Erica are witnesses to his private meet-up, and they immediately jump into the absolute wrong conclusions.

    Stuck In Reverse by crazyassmurdererwall (smartalli) | 65.7K | Explicit

    Look, Derek is the worst. Everyone knows that. Their fearless leader is a total and complete failwolf.

    Which means the rest of them? Are kind of the worst too. They’re a ramshackle, slap dashed, sorry excuse for a pack that’s about a half second away from getting one of them killed. And this is a problem, because Stiles would really like to survive high school. Thanks.

    Still, nobody deserves what Derek has gone through. Nobody.

    And it’s about time somebody told him that.


    part one: TIME TRAVEL and TIME TRAVEL FIX IT  



    part three: APOCALYPSE

    part four: 5+1 THINGS

    part five: FERAL DEREK HALE


    Hello lovely thank you for all the work you do. I’m trying to find a fic that is evading me atm. Stiles is a witch and witches have familiars of some kind. Familiars can be people/wolves and it turns out Stiles thought he was abnormal and didn’t have one, but his familiar was Derek, who had resisted the pull b/c of the fire and feeling damaged. There’s a big reveal where Stiles talks about how emotionally hurt he was when his familiar never came, but it’s Sterek endgame. Thanks for any clues!!

    HI anon. @midnightwinterhawk found this one!

    Controlled Burn by standinginanicedress

    (5/5 I 53,933 I Explicit I Sterek)

    Stiles sighs through his nose and takes a couple of steps away, to the other side of the alley where there’s a brick wall and a dumpster, and not much else. “Well, sure, okay, but what are you suggesting? That we load up the car and go off in search of someplace she’s only maybe, possibly been?”

    This is a ludicrous idea, of course it is, but when Stiles looks at Derek, he can tell that this, this absolutely absurd suggestion, is exactly what Derek thinks. It is exactly what he came here to ask Stiles to do. “I’ve traced her scent to the next town over, so I have a start.”

    “Oh, Christ, Derek,” Stiles practically finishes his beer in one go, downing it quickly, because he needs that alcohol in his system if he’s really going to entertain this idea. “You realize that would be days, possibly weeks of being in a car alone with me? Me. Derek, me. Stiles Stilinski. A witch.”

    Derek’s jaw is set, his eyes intense, his shoulders taught with tension. “Yeah. I have weighed the pros and cons of this.”


    Hoping you can help! I'm looking for a post-apocalyptic zombie Sterek fic. Scott has already been killed, and Stiles is unknowingly the leader of their group of survivors (he doesn't realize this until almost the end.) He and Derek are attacked in an RV park while scouting. Chris leads them to a hunter stronghold that replicates the prison sequence from The Walking Dead.

    Hi @aekellar! @midnightwinterhawk found this one.

    In This Twilight How Dare You Speak of Grace by secondstar

    (10/10 I 28,712 I Explicit I Sterek)

    Zombies. Stiles always knew the world would end this way.


    hello! hope you're well. I'm looking for a sterek fic where Kate tries to burn down the Hale house, and Stiles manages to get everyone out. The house is still burnt, though, and Derek has a photo of possibly his father? And Stiles thinks it's unfair and uses his magic to fix the house. Thank you in advance!

    Hi anon! @midnightwinterhawk says it's this one.

    My, What Big Shoulders You Have (The Better to Help You Carry the Weight) by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)

    (14/14 I 285,568 I Mature I Sterek)

    “Talia was just telling me an interesting story,” his dad informed him. Stiles didn’t have the nerve to glance over at him, because he knew no matter how much he argued, the proof was all there. The wolves had found him, Parrish had picked him up on the side of the road, he had a fucking picture on his phone. He was screwed. No point in arguing, all it’d do is piss his father off even more.

    “You don’t say,” Stiles offered slowly. “What uh—you know, I like stories. Is it a uh, good one?”

    “It seems to be a matter of opinion,” Talia said with another kind smile. “I hear you had quite the night last night.”

    Okay, time to cut his losses. He was already fucked, all he could do was apologize and hope she didn’t press for him to get fined and arrested. Given he was her husband’s friend’s son, he had high hopes.

    “I’m really sorry,” Stiles blurted out. “It was stupid and-and irresponsible and just—I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have crossed into your territory. I should’ve known better, I do know better! It was a complete lapse in judgement and I am just—I am so sorry.”


    My darlings… If you haven’t read this story, for which their are no words to describe, YOU. are missing out. Almost 300k of fantastical words, it’s a ride. But it’s worth it. I could not put it down. I did not sleep. I didn’t eat. I laid in my bed and read. Until the last word. And while I wouldn’t recommend you to do it that way, I also wouldn’t blame you.

    I can honestly say, I’ve never read anything like it. You will love it.

    Do you get annoyed when people say the Sterek fandom is dead? Well, prove them wrong by reblogging this fresh new rec list of fics published in the past three years!

    Pulling Strings by Gia279
    54k words, M

    Stiles and Derek pull off the ultimate game of survival charades: fooling the alpha pack into thinking their leader, alpha of alphas, demon wolf Deucalion himself, is still alive, in order to find the location of the Darach and save Beacon Hills and their pack, while Stiles learns to control this brand new, unusual power.

    The Curse of the Love Sweater by HisBeloved
    56k words, E

    The "sweater curse" or "curse of the love sweater" is a term used by knitters to describe the belief that if a knitter gives a hand-knit sweater to a significant other, it will lead to the recipient breaking up with the knitter. When Stiles and Derek were children, a misunderstanding created a rift between Claudia Stilinski, owner of The Hale Yarn Company, and Talia Hale, the best knitter and spinner in the county, leading to the opening of Lucky Ewe, Claudia Stilinski's yarn store. Stiles and Derek have been lifelong competitors at the Beacon County Fair and after their mothers died, became owners of competing yarn shops. Derek is a budding knitwear designer on the eve of the release of his first book of patterns. Stiles wants him on his popular knitting YouTube show despite the decade-long feud between the Stilinski's and Hales. Hijinks, fluff, and ridiculousness ensue, and the boys get their happy ending.

    Don't they know it's the end of the world? by flemoncake, mute90
    20k words, M

    Stiles thought being in love in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world was a bad idea. He voted for pleasant, casual sex all the way. But being afraid of love doesn't stop it from coming after you. Being afraid doesn’t stop anything from coming after you.

    love in suspension by creationmyth
    6k words, T

    They walk side by side back to the camaro, Derek’s all tensed up while Stiles hums some unnamable tune under his breath. When they finally break the treeline, Stiles pulls Derek by the arm so they’re face to face.
    “Thank you,” Stiles tells him quietly, making sure Derek knows he’s sincere.
    “It’s what we do.”
    It is. It really is.
    (or: Stiles and Derek learn, over time, how loyalty becomes love.)

    ouroboros (get it right) by yesimirreputable
    5k words, M

    You try again, and the story's always the same: you never make it past eighteen.

    a light and darkness in the heart of the forest by thedaughterofkings
    10k words, T

    There's a beast in the forest, they say. If you call to it, it will answer. To save his mom, Stiles will face up to it and hope the price won't be higher than the reward.

    nothing but hope and virtue by dappledawndrawn, LeafZelindor
    60k words, T

    Senator Derek Hale, a California Democrat, had considered a future where he needed to hire a new campaign manager. He'd always expected to hire someone from inside the campaign. They'd have been familiar, respectful, come into his office carefully, with nervous excitement, and called him "sir" too much when asking for their first assignment. They'd have been familiar with the ins and outs of working with a werewolf pack, and everything would have been fine. Not great, maybe, but fine. But instead, Deaton retires with no warning, and almost sight-unseen, he hires Stiles Stilinksi, who is sprawled across his office couch, entering random contacts from Derek's Rolodex into his phone. Derek's a little in love with him. It's going to be a long campaign.

    Fairy Wings and Beastly Tails by Bliz, PalenDrome (nerdherderette)
    8k words, T

    The prince knows it’s risky. He thinks about how he could manage without his wings; what his life would be like without flying or the ability to do spells. He thinks about his father and Scott, and all the others he’d leave behind if he fails. But then he thinks about the creature and the sadness in those green eyes, and how the image haunts his dreams. “I’ll do it,” he says as the Oak Witch’s grin grows wide.

    Bite the Moonlight & Bleed Gold by raisesomehale
    86k words, E

    Seven years after being tricked and imprisoned by the Argents, Derek Hale finds himself off the blistering coasts of Antarctica aboard the Argentum Domina, an illegal prison ship out of which the Argents operate their behemoth, underground poaching empire. Bitter and packless, Derek spends his days working off his servitude by poaching creatures for Gerard to sell on the Black Magic Market, no future or end in sight. Until, Allison Argent brings him a capture case with a reward price so ludicrous that he has no choice but to accept. The only problem is, the target creature shouldn't even exist. Derek is flung fast into the deep webbings of a bigger mystery than he could have ever imagined. And discovers that, like this enchanting creature, not everything is as it seems.

    My Soul to Keep by jacyevans, Jmeelee
    18k words, T

    Stiles came with a whiteboard, and blue dry erase marker, flapping it over his head like a white flag on a battlefield. "Come on," he coaxed. "You must want to say something. You've never gone this long without telling me to shut up." He waggled the marker in Derek's face. Stinging alcohol and pungent polymer singed Derek's nose hairs. His fingers itched to pick up the board, and not because he wanted to tell Stiles to be quiet. He enjoyed the babble that filled the apartment every few days, the hearty food, Stiles' particular, reassuring smell: maple sugar buzz, spicy-sweet deodorant, milk-sour frustration, floral shampoo, and spring grass at night. It soaked into Derek's couch, his bed, his skull. If any of it were real, Derek would take the board and write: thank you.

    A Functioning Adult’s Field Guide to Enemies With Benefits by BisexualGoblin (LadyBoBo)
    31k words, E

    The six years Stiles was away for college, he certainly missed a lot—namely the whole best friend turned into a werewolf thing. But he didn’t think he missed enough to get replaced by a douche bag like Derek Hale. Now with Scott’s wedding looming, it’s the perfect chance for Stiles to show Derek who the real brains of the operation is. If only he could stop jumping into bed with him…

    Let's build a beehive by GreyHaven
    25k words, G

    Ten years after he last saw Derek, Stiles' life is in ruins and he has nowhere else to turn. He has Derek's address but will he be welcomed? A post canon AU about healing, growth, acceptance, and love.

    Handstands For You by Fenris13
    15k words, E

    "No, really, you don't have to—!" Stiles hisses, flinching as Derek rubs soap with needless intensity into the cut.
    "Shut up and keep still," Derek growls back.
    Stiles whines in response, squirming in Derek’s grip but otherwise following the order. Stupid werewolves and their stupid regeneratey-healy powers. It’s not Stiles’ fault that he’s wimpy and human, so when he gets thrown down a flight of stairs and through a rotten wooden wall by lake monsters, he still remembers it the next morning.

    Shaking the wings of their terrible youths by Daisyapples
    29k words, N/r

    Stiles didn't expect much when he stopped a stranger being attacked in an alleyway. He didn't expect the wolf following him around New York, didn't expect the help when he was sick, didn't expect the psycho blond attacking him, or the place to stay. He didn't expect the new family. Oh, and he definitely didn't expect werewolves.

    Dear Fellow Traveler by lanalua (this is me!)
    32k words, M

    Years after shit went down in Beacon Hills a traumatized Stiles is dating Lydia and living in New York, trying to avoid and get over anything related to the supernatural. When he finally decides to go back to his hometown and face his fears, he will be lead down a path of self-discovery that will change the course he had set for his life.
    Stiles shook his head. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Derek, it was just that he couldn’t. If he’d had magic the whole time, did it mean he could have been less useless back in highschool? Did it mean he could have helped, maybe kept Erica and Boyd alive? Kept Derek and Scott from leaving? It was too much. Guilt tore through his stomach like an arrow. He felt himself start to hyperventilate again.

    As always, check the tags in individual fics to find out if they're right for you, and don't forget to leave the authors some love!

    Ok Derek fans, I need to get something off my chest. I'm so tired of the TW community collectively having amnesia over Derek's backstory. Like, yes, we know that Derek was naive, and made questionable decisions. But knowing what we know now, in retrospect, we understand that Derek maybe wasn't the brightest bulb. He was easily manipulated by Peter, Kate, Jennifer, etc. He lost a large part of his family, murdered in a house fire. Then his sister, torn apart by her murderer. And he was left to pick up the pieces and wipe Scott's ass when he barely had any idea what he was doing. But he did his fucking best, and he never ran away, even though he totally could have. He always stood up and fought and tried to do the right thing. But this revisionist history pisses me off. We know now why he did what he did. We better understand trauma, grief, and all of that. So, why are people still shitting on Derek for being "a bad Alpha" or an idiot, or naive? The man's dealt with his karma and he's had his redemption arc. Can we stop collectively forgetting how amazing he is? He was never really the bad guy, although JD tried to make you think so. Hell, he actually brought himself into a perfectly balanced alignment between man and wolf that he now can fully shift. What other werewolf on the show can claim that?