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    When writing couples, I like to use the Kiss Rule:

  • If they have to kiss for you to know they’re in love, you’re not writing a romance right.
  • demytasse

    I couldn’t agree more with this. As someone who has been married for 7 years (together for 9), kissing hardly proves anything of love, at least on its own. The starry-eyed lover type of intimacy is cute, but using it exclusively is like eating fondant off a cake. It’s sweet, looks polished and pretty, but lacks robust the flavour of combined elements — fillings, frosting, toppings, and the cake itself.

    It’s gestures often overlooked, silent acts of respect without calling attention to them. Subtleties mixed with the obvious.

    The good, bad, and the ugly.

  • playful banter, ribbing, insults/backhanded compliments
  • recognising ticks/tells and how to respond (e.g. specific throat clear before they speak)
  • tolerating inconsequential bad habits (e.g. puts dishes beside dishwasher, not in it)
  • listening to the same stories multiple times as if they were new
  • developing similar quirks (e.g. particular laugh)
  • inside jokes
  • mock fighting, mini competitions
  • blatant honesty, humble apologies, knowing when to drop an argument
  • saying nothing/talking for hours
  • tending to illness or injuries
  • pokes, pet/pats, head/shoulder bumps, bites, tickles, cuddling, long gazes, stroking hair
  • grooming, restraighten clothing, touch up hair, brush off crumbs
  • singing and dancing together
  • understanding your partner’s hurt rather than just apologising
  • trust and respect
  • knowing how to cheer the other up, how to piss them off, humour them
  • reassurance (e.g. I’m here to talk, you’re doing a great job, your insecurities don’t define you)
  • associating sights, smells, touches, songs, phrasing, etc with them (e.g. “I saw a pigeon today and thought ‘is this my partner?’”
  • hating dumb things they do, but finding them hard to live without and secretly loving them
  • compromising, sacrificing, reciprocation
  • Love is unspoken, tolerant, and a spectrum of emotions.

    It’s accepting that you’ll fuckin’ hate their entire being at times, exclaim with vitriol, “god, you’re so fucking annoying” while you smile and know that it’s trivial in the grand scheme.

    It’s real. It’s healthy. It’s fun. That’s what I try to encapsulate in my sappy romantic fiction because realistic fluff is so much more gratifying.

    I hope this helps.


    THIS is the bear cave painting i was talking about, the line weight, the proportions, the fine details around the face, and the fact that this all had to be drawn from memory, idk man, it’s incredible to me. if i could meet one person from history it’d be the person that painted this bear 30,000 years ago


    Do you think they practiced first? Like, on smaller chunks of rock that weren't part of the cave proper? Or did they really just freedraw this bear? I'm fucking dying to know.

    The zines have been mailed out! A huge thanks to everyone who purchased a copy 

    For my pages I chose the bits of 4.0 which really stuck with me even after I was done with the msq, which included Yugiri’s overall storyline (meeting her parents was such a big moment), the conclusion to the Estinien/Nidhogg storyline (all 30 seconds that we got), and the introduction of the Ananta tribe + the Lakshmi fight (fantastic visuals + music). I really wanted to draw something from the steppes since that was probably my fav. part of the Stormbsblood expansion but didn’t get to so maybe next time…!