his eyes and her soul

you don't have a soul. you're a soul. you just have a body, temporarily. So much more, you are.

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    For all of you who’ve been told that you are a failure – or that you will end up a failure, I need you to know that such a thing doesn’t exist. There is no person anywhere who is a failure. There are people failed by the system, people who are failed by their families, by their jobs, bosses, the economy, the law, the government, the rich, the oppression, by their own lack of empathy. But nobody is a failure.

    Not doing well at any area in life does not make person a failure. People who don’t have a career are not failures, people who don’t have jobs aren’t failures. People who struggle with addiction or homelessness are not failures. People who fall thru the cracks of social systems aren’t failures either. Not finding love doesn’t equal a failure. Human beings don’t fail. We’re not meant to follow a structure of life that demands us to constantly struggle against a system that is set so that only a certain percentage could enjoy privileges, while the rest is told we’re not good enough.

    We’re born to be a part of the world, to share the sun and the rain together, to form a community and live more easily relying on each other, we’re meant to enjoy affection and acceptance throughout our entire lives, to experience joy and sorrow with support of others, to fill each other’s time with conversation and laughter. A person not having these things in life doesn’t equal a failure, it’s a person who’s been denied their birthright. It’s a person who is forced to miss out and to struggle, because if they were able to enjoy what is natural to them, they would not be in so much anxiety or pain.

    No matter what mistakes you make, or what roads you take, you will never be a failure. Nobody is supposed to fight their entire life alone in order to keep the fear of failure away. It’s not a real threat. You cannot fail, as long as you breathe, you’re valuable and welcome part of the world.

    The only prerequisite for having trauma is being traumatized by something. That’s it.

    It doesn’t matter what the event was that traumatized you because trauma isn’t about the situation but is instead about how you felt about the situation. This means that a situation that may not affect someone else can still be traumatizing to you. And that’s okay. Your trauma isn’t “less than” because it’s not a trauma that’s commonly talked about. Your trauma is valid no matter what it is.

    the love in a kitchen. the love inside food. the love underneath the coaster. the love between the potato chips. the love between the hands who knead the dough. the love between the window mesh and the sunlight filtering through it. a sensuous dance between the stove and a vessel filled with milk, bubbling and boiling. kitchens are divine. you create. i make food for you and i extend a bite for you to eat, do you chew on the carelessly rolled chapati or do you wait for more? i cook love in a kitchen and you look at me from the counter. our eyes meet and we giggle

    My boyfriend talks in his sleep and because he’s bilingual, he says some hilarious/weird/sometimes creepy shit. I ask him every morning if he remembers saying this stuff and he has no idea about any of it. 

    Here are some of my favorites:

    -”Babe, can you please turn down the brightness of your skin” -After stealing all of the blankets: “This is my right as a human” -After I take the blankets back: “I don’t want your freedom, America. Just blanket” -Sometimes he just says “Hello?” as if he’s answering a phone call -One night he just said “Cabbage” which is weird because he doesn’t know the english word for that when he’s awake.  -After spooning me: “You have a nice butt” -”Who is that in the corner?” (terrifying) -”Watch out for the red lady” (even more terrifying) -Sometimes he will say things in German and it sounds like he’s speaking Parseltongue -One time I actually think he said something in Parseltongue -One time he talked about buying a ticket to “everywhere” and then just said “hello?” after two minutes of silence -And my all time favorite: ”This is MY yogurt, Satan”


    friendly reminder that people you consider rays of sunshine can:

  • get pissed
  • get stressed
  • experience negative emotions
  • cry
  • feel rebellious
  • be done with everyone’s shit
  • be too tired for anything
  • feel overwhelmed
  • need to be comforted
  • get furious and demand to be taken seriously
  • saphirus

    reminder that people who you consider strong, cold, impassive or emotionless can:

  • break down
  • cry
  • get hurt over something you said/did
  • not have the strength to put up a fight
  • show vulnerability
  • need comfort
  • seek physical or emotional reassurance
  • be affected by the smallest of things
  • be self-conscious
  • ritikajyala

    There's a sort of goodbye that comes with 17.

    All questions of 'who do you want to be when you grow up' turn to 'who are you becoming now?' 17 is young, 17 is old. It's everything you wanted. It's everything you despised. It's messy and ruthless and full of grief at times. And 17 is scary as hell because now you know that you finally have to say goodbye to childhood.

    -Ritika Jyala, excerpt from The Flesh I Burned (source)


    11 and that's when it starts aching.

    17 and the pain hasnt gone anywhere yet.

    „You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.“

    Cecelia Ahern, ‘Love, Rosie’