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    I swear I'll do it alone if I have to but rest assured I'm not going to let you all forget about Black people




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  • Breonna Taylor - change.org
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  • Justice for Oluwatoyin Salau
  • Pass The Georgia Hate Crime Bill
  • Defund MPD
  • Life Sentence For Police Brutality
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    It's really sad that you cant post vent art these days without people being shitty about it. Art is literally so expressive & emotional & often personal for the artist. That's literally what art is about. Expression. Just because you draw/write something doesn't mean you think it's okay. Also people really need to learn the definition of pedophilia. 🙄 (Not the same anon who asked about the situation, respect to them for asking first tho! ) Fellow artist that posts vent stuff! 💚

    It's really sad that you cant post vent art these days without people being shitty about it. Art is literally so expressive & emotional & often personal for the artist. That's literally what art is about. Expression. Just because you draw/write something doesn't mean you think it's okay. Also people really need to learn the definition of pedophilia. 🙄 (Not the same anon who asked about the situation, respect to them for asking first tho! ) Fellow artist that posts vent stuff! 💚

    thank you, anon i really appreciate you saying this, especially since soon after i answered that first ask i got another shitty anon who seemed to completely ignore anything else i said in the ask and just saw the word “rape” and SLAMMED the “send anon hate” button lol

    but yeah i genuinely don’t understand why people have a problem with things like this (i don’t mean people who are triggered by that content! i mean people who try to harass/hate on others for creating it, even if they try their best to keep it away from those who would be triggered by it).

    like i said i’ve drawn gore and other things but for some reason, despite the fact that i (and other content creators) clearly condone neither in real life, people only have a problem with sexual content. otherwise they would be up in arms about anyone who includes murder and other things in stories as well (obviously if they write about it, they must think it’s ok in real life!). and everyone who seems to have a problem with it is never willing to actually explain why; any argument is just met with “you’re disgusting” and that’s it, as if that will make their reasoning any clearer :/

    the content that people create doesn’t always line up with what they approve of irl! i don’t know why people are having such a hard time understanding this. imo they should be judging content creators more on their views of actual real life people (aka people who are openly terfs/racists/assholes/etc) instead. all the people i’ve met who write/draw bad-wrong content are incredibly sweet, their writing never portrays it as a good thing/none of them think it’s ok irl, and they try their best to keep it out of the way of those who would be bothered by it (ie proper tagging, keeping it out of main tags, etc). i’d take them over any vanilla artist who thinks it’s ok to tell someone to kill themself over something they drew/write any day.

    and yes people have been throwing around the word “pedophilia” at anything these days and their reasoning for some of them is...wild. literally just sounds like this:

    also apologies for the late reply! i’ve been kinda busy with personal stuff lately and haven’t had the energy to discuss Fandom Drama™..ngl it’s lowkey making me wanna distance myself from the hl vrai fandom just because...it’s exhausting and might start to ruin the original thing for me if i keep seeing it.

    Almost never will I cross promote from this blog to my other blogs, but for those of you interested I wanted to briefly say on my jewelry blog @mossofthewoodsjewelry​ I’m running a special campaign in which I’ve made some grave moss necklaces, 100% of the proceeds for which will go to Black Lives Matter.

    I’m sorry I haven’t done anything particularly special for the cause on this blog - I thought seriously about selling prints for charity, and may still, but so far need to pace myself or I’m going to quickly bite off more than I can chew and burn out. I just wanted to direct those of you who only read this blog to a way to support.

    Hi Tumblr

    Just wanted to say that the president of Poland Andrzej Duda just signed smthg called “Karta Rodziny”, which basically states that the only true family and marriage is that of heterosexual people, further doubling down on refusing marriage equality and adoption. It will “save children from alien and harmful LGBT ideology” by baning public institutions of mentioning the “LGBT ideology”.

    The things happening over in america are horrendous, but also making way for changes for the better. They’re making the whole world have a discussion about racism still woven into our societies.

    But please. It’s pride month. My country, my people need this to be on the lips of the world.

    Spread the news

    the current government of Poland is very fond of the expression “LGBT ideology”, which sets up queer people as a bogeyman to scare up support for far-right parties. Duda is up for reelection this year and he’s clearly following the playbook to the <>letter. the insidious thing about Karta Rodziny is that it contains some positive ideas, like state protections for single parents and higher penalties for domestic violence… as well as “a ban on promoting LGBT ideology by public insti<>tutions”[1]. so if you protest Karta Rodziny, the gov’t and state-controlled media will absolutely claim you ~just want single parents to die~ and ~love domestic abusers~.

    [1]: no queer-inclusive sex education at schools, for one. there’s been a push for better sex ed and a counter-push by far-right, anti-choice groups for NO sex ed.

    it was signed June 10, 2020. this isn’t news from the 1990s.

    Here’s a petition you can sign as well!!! Please do, and please spread the news. We really need help.


    hi, someone said that on your nsfw twitter you draw pedo/rape porn, i just wanted to ask if this is true? like if you actually participate and draw that sort of stuff. i cant check it because i myself am i minor and i know how false rumors can spread so i really wanted to check with you first and foremost on what you had to say bout this.

    oh boy, more spreading rumors without consulting the person the rumor is about. love it.

    i really don’t know where anyone got the idea that i draw pedophilia, literally all the characters i’ve ever posted on my nsfw twitter are canonically over 18. though people do tend to use the word “pedophilia” for anything with an age gap these days, regardless of the fact that neither character is a minor.

    the rape though is true, but that was more vent art than like..actual porn. i’ve drawn gore in the same vain and around the same time, and obviously i wouldn’t condone any of those things in real life, so i don’t really see why that one specific pic was a problem? at this point i’m probably going to delete that post anyway though, since it’s just bringing more trouble than anything.

    i really appreciate you asking about this, cuz i had no idea that was a thing people were saying? also apologies if any of this comes off as rude, i don’t mean to be and it’s certainly not directed at you. i’m just really tired of Discourse and don’t really want any part of it tbh...hope this clears things up a bit, but if not please just ask me/let me know instead of trying to spread rumors.


    How did you get started into art? Like, were you self-taught or took actual classes/lessons? I really dig your style :0

    aw thank you! :3

    for the most part i’m self taught since i’ve been drawing for my whole life (like from elementary til now). but i have been taking art classes at a community college the past two semesters (this past semester i took a figure drawing class)! it’s been pretty helpful, mostly just in sort of solidifying my understanding of certain concepts and getting proper formal training. other than that i’ve just learned through practice and picking things up from online/other artists/etc.


    im so sorry to be That Person but what u drew isnt crack cocaine its just cocaine (crack is smoked and not the party drug) (also apologies if this sends twice i got an error the first time)

    WHOOPS lmao, i don’t really know anything about drugs and i was hoping that wouldn’t show but i guess it does, lol. i don’t think im gonna bother to go back and change it cuz im lazy, but thank you for the info :3