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    Stumbled upon this gorgeous married daddy on a fringe Australian cooking show on Netflix. I was so into him I changed my Grindr location to his home town and found a discreet married guy with this ass. I’ll always fantasize that this daddy is closeted looking for a boy to pound his ass.


    He’s DAMN hot!!!!!


    It was about 8 o’clock at night when my phone buzzed twice in quick succession to let me know I had a text message.  Before I looked at the actual messages, I saw they were from my boss, Jerry Fields.  I sighed, defeated.  He probably wanted me to spend half the night working on some project that was due first thing in the morning.  Bastard!  He was kind of hot in a distinguished dad next door kind of way.  Too bad that he usually acted like a prick.  The kind of behavior he exhibits from an incredibly hot guy is a sure fire way to make my dick go flaccid instantly.

    When I opened the text message, it said, Been thinking about you while I’m working out.  Here’s proof.  Check the shorts.”

    Right below the message was a photo of him in his workout outfit with a pronounced bulge in what I will freely admit were tantalizingly short shorts.

    Obviously, this was a goof-up.  Although the company had strict no fraternization regulations in place, I’d heard rumors that he had an ongoing thing with Jessica Pierce in the Accounting department.  He must’ve sent this to me by mistake and hadn’t yet realized his mix up.  I started to type a message back to him to let him know, when I stopped and erased my text.

    I decided I’d have a little fun with the man as a pretty tame form of revenge for all of the times he’d delighted in screwing me over.  I typed a different message back to him:

    “Woo hoo, stud!  Stop by my place on your way home and I’ll give you a reward for a great workout!”

    A few moment later, he responded.  “Sounds like a plan to me.  Address?”

    Okay, what?!  If he and Jessica were screwing around, he had to know where she lived.  Why would he need her to give him her address?  I guess the jig was up.  I needed to let him know it was really me he was texting with.  I typed out a response.

    “Hey, boss.  Just having a little fun with you.  It’s Matt Hines.  I think you probably meant the photo and other messages for someone else.”

    Almost right away, he sent another text.  “Nope.  For you, Matt.  Took a chance to see what would happen.  Glad you’re up for it.  Address?”

    And that’s how I not only ended up having a wonderful evening, but came to see first-hand that my boss wasn’t really a prick.  He was just really good at using his.


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