Immobile... Disgusting...

18+ ONLY! 23 y/o | she/they | bi | future immobile diapered slob 🐽

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2021-07-19 10:25:21

    I very often think about putting you in bariatric diapers - the kind with the very long extended side panels - and knowing that day by day you get closer to using up every inch available.

    It won’t be long before I need bariatric diapers and I’m so excited for that day to come


    You don't need to be moving anyway, princess. Just suck down more fatty greasy sugary food. You know your not big enough yet. Not full enough. You need constant calories filling that greedy gut. You don't have time for anything else. No need to even try getting up.

    I can’t wait to be looked after 24/7. It’s hard enough waddling to the fridge for snacks and the front door for takeouts. I just want food! I don’t want any of that revolting exercise that comes with it


    Do you even notice your stomach hurting when you've eaten too much, or is that just your default state not? Bloated aching and sick but still shoving grease and fat into that garbage tank of a gut? I'd love to feed you into a real nasty stomach ache and rub your gorged belly while you whine and complain, still forcing you to eat more as your gut churns and rolls and expands. This is what you wanted right? All the food your belly can hold? Well I think it can hold more!

    I know my stomach is hurting as I try and stretch it often. Usually if I do it with fast food it feels like I’ve eaten cement. It gets so tight and heavy and bloated that I just feel like I can’t move no matter what


    It’s honestly the hottest thing in the world, to think about growling, slob, princesses like you. I absolutely love your blog and I was curious, how often do you bathe? If that isn’t too personal.

    Awww thank you so much! My bathing ‘routine’ isn’t really personal to me anyways. I kinda tend to bathe whenever I feel like it. Usually it’s around 2 weeks apart but there’s no specific date. Sometimes it’s longer and sometimes it’s shorter. Either way it definitely isn’t often


    #6 tell us about your dream home please.

    My dream home is basically my kingdom. I would have the most extreme bariatric bed for me to grow into. Keeping me cosy all day long and my feet off the ground for good. And my room would have all the entertainment systems I need. Tv, games consoles, pc etc etc and lots and lots of snacks within reach. Outside of that I don’t care much for how the rest of it looks as I’ll never see it. As long as it has all the facilities to make me fatter, grosser, lazier and unhealthier then I’m a happy princess


    i’m an amab person who’s trying to get fat and your blog is the most gorgeous thing ever... thinking about a person in the world who wants to be as nasty as i am... i don’t use deodorant, i barely leave my house, i shower once in a blue moon... it’s beautiful and so, so erotic, i hope every chest pain and every gallon of sweat i drip brings her closer 😍😍 and your way of gaining is so gorgeous. are you open to talking to fellow gainers?

    Awww thank you so much! And my inbox is always open. I try my best to be available but I can’t always respond ASAP so please be patient with me