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2019-03-06 21:20:09

    Just for those that can’t figure out how to register at Pixiv, I also now have a twitter account for all my new art! In the mean time, enjoy this innocent and totally sfw picture of Disney Channel’s richest divas as toddlers!






    When are you going to post again?

    On tumblr? I don’t think it’s likely I will be updating here any longer, but I’m reviewing my options. Already, a sizable portion of my previous submissions have been flagged for adult content.

    Right now, most of my artwork is being submitted to my pixiv:


    My old deviantart page also occasionally gets updates, but only characters that are 18+


    I attempted to make a twitter, but for some reason its asking for personal information because it thinks my account was a bot or something. I think twitter might be going the way of tumblr soon anyway.

    I’ve had people point me out to the diaper booru, but it doesn’t appear to be hugely active. I might start submitting there however since its easy to access.


    Lastly, I have an account on diaperedanime.com called “EconomicsMMO” but I haven’t updated in a very long time. I think that website is mostly dead.

    Since I left tumblr I’ve already quite done a few drawings: Jenny Wakeman, Jade from Dragon Quest XI, Hilda and The Marra (From the Netflix Series), more Luna Loud, Tips/Boss Age Regression, and even an Ashley Spinelli short comic. Check them out on my pixiv or (soonish) the booru.

    Beddy Bye Tootie (Fairly Oddparents)

    As my tumblr account prepares to go into a long sleep, I felt it best to have my waifu send it off. Two versions, one with hair curlers and the other her usual hair style. My pixiv has the full sizes, as well as two more variants of these that are just cute stink lines present.

    My pixiv:


    See you all on the other side:)

    My 2018 Tumblr Top 10

     This could be the last year of my blog on tumblr, with the upcoming changes and what not.

    Some observations:

    * “From behind” diaper shots never fail.

    * I think I only did two male-to-female transformation pictures and they are both in the top 5.

    * Everyone loves girls with braces and/or glasses.

    * My second most popular picture is a foray into something I rarely do often, art of video games. (Alternatively, Pokemon girls a fucking popular in this fetish)

    * The obscure waifu winner of the year goes to Infinity Train girl, whose abysmal redesign they gave her ensures I will probably never draw her again.

    * I love my rendition of teen/adult Tootie, and I can guarantee if Hartman ever does another one of those “10 years later FOP characters video” with her in it, it will be nowhere near as good. Probably give her a sidecut or some shit.

    * Nothing comes close to cracking Becky’s 869 notes from last year. Still boggles my mind how an extremely minor character from SvTFOE that has maybe 2 speaking lines in the entire series is by far my most popular drawing.

    1). 479 notes - 07 October 2018


    2). 474 notes - 11 September 2018


    3). 463 notes - 09 July 2018


    4). 440 notes - 11 July 2018


    5). 315 notes - 02 December 2018


    6). 314 notes - 18 March 2018


    7). 308 notes - 17 June 2018


    8). 306 notes - 05 July 2018


    9). 294 notes - 03 June 2018


    10). 289 notes - 04 September 2018


    Created by TumblrTop10

    X-Mas Sisters (Fairly Oddparents)

    I was going through my top 10 liked posts for this year (I will post the list later on), and Tootie appeared to get the most, though granted she was with other characters in all of them. I really like the older design for her I came up with.

    As for this drawing, I started on it last year but never finished it. This one, I completely redesigned Tootie to my new design for her. This probably won’t be my last drawing before the tumblr purge, but if it is you should be able to find everything at my pixiv.

    Full size:


    Pixiv account:



    Is the reason you stopped answering questions is because we're driving you nuts?

    No, though I don’t want to flood my blog with answered questions either. It’s mostly just for posting my art and nothing else. What I would really love is if Tumblr would allow me to answer multiple asks with one post.

    I also can’t respond privately to anonymous asks.

    Anyways, I’ve been busy with the holiday week and all that but now I have time to resume my artwork so I should have some updates soon.

    Mary Dahl as Zatanna (Batman: The Animated Series)

    Diaper changes made easy, with magic.

    This one was requested, the redesigned Baby Doll as Zatanna. I prefer the originals outfit, but the actual redesigned character herself looks more fitting for the Batman series than the original, who looked like she came out of Tiny Toons/Animaniacs/etc.

    Full size:


    Birthday Gig (The Loud House)

    This is one of those old TLH drawings I was talking about, I completed Luan herself around February. The pigtails were something I came up with, but funnily enough, an episode since then has shown her to have the exact same hairstyle as a toddler. I redid the backgrounds multiple times and this one came out best.

    Update: Added her braces.

    Full size: