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2020-07-10 06:23:05

    a few days ago in eugene, oregon, a BLM group organized a children’s march to allow kids a space to protest in a family-friendly manner. one of the men leading the protest, isiah wagoner, was intentionally ran over by a subaru driven by a white man. he’s been hospitalized. the man that ran him over has not been charged. would you mind signing a petition to get justice for isiah? he’s been spearheading a lot of the protests and marches in eugene and he’s very important to the community. he only needs a few more signatures! thanks!

    Here's a link to a gfm set up for him! It's from a local news article.

    From his GFM if you want to donate directly to him:


    Cashapp: $ISIAHWAGONER


    youtube as a corporation may be evil but i do appreciate the thousands of people who upload guides and instructions and recipes and workouts for free. like they don’t even get paid unless they have over a certain amount of subscribers but they do it anyway so dumbasses like me can search ‘how to dice an onion’ and get thousands of videos with simple visual instructions and only like half of them are from big companies

    next time someone talks about welfare fraud, remember that if you’re homeless you’re not supposed to have food stamps and if you lose your home and don’t report it to DSHS so they can take away your food stamps that’s welfare fraud

    when i was on ABD (aged, blind, and disabled benefits – the only cash aid available to disabled people while we’re applying for SSI, a monthly $197) literally all money you get can be deducted from these benefits. this means that if someone sees you digging through the trash for food and gives you $20 the government will only pay you $177 that month. if you don’t report that $20 it’s welfare fraud

    astute readers might realise that there’s no way anyone in the country can be expected to live off of $197 a month, and that that would have to be supplemented by another source of income. and if that money is going to disappear as soon as that other source of income hits $197, it might as well not exist. you’re right!

    when i was on ABD i had a patreon running that brought in a steady $13 a month. the person in charge of my case rounded up the amount of money i was getting to $15. i was penalised by $15 for making $13.

    This is how the government keeps disabled people homeless. We aren’t seen as productive and profitable to society, so we’re slowly weeded our and killed this way. Our country is and has been enacting nothing short of a genocide on disabled people.