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    With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I need to let people know how dangerous the healthcare privacy climate is now. As someone that works with PHI (protected health information) I want to stress that HIPAA (the law that prevents your health data from being shared) does not apply to healthcare apps. These are incredibly dangerous to use, not only because law enforcement can procure a subpoena to access this information, but because these apps can sell your health data to any third party—potentially anti-abortion activists. Anyone with a uterus should delete not only period trackers, but mental health apps, because if you have a miscarriage or seek an abortion in a state that outlaws it, your mental health history can be used against you.

    I would also discourage people from using online therapy apps like BetterHelp and Talkspace. Though BetterHelp says they are HIPAA compliant, that is a lie. They have shared data with Facebook. Their most recent privacy policy update says “We may share your information in connection with an asset sale, merger, bankruptcy, or other business transaction.” Any data breach could put your information at risk. Any health app could suddenly decide to change their privacy policies without notice.

    Most responsible clinicians put your health data under (many times literally) lock and key. PHI software like Epic or Cerner have numerous failsafes to prevent data leaks. This is not the case for apps. BetterHelp and healthcare apps in general do not care about this. They only care about money. Do not trust any healthcare provider or app that operates strictly online. And for your own sake, use a VPN if you’re searching for abortion providers or advice.

    … he claimed to be genuinely surprised when, in March 1956, he received a letter from one Sam Gamgee, who had heard that his name was in The Lord of the Rings but had not read the book. Tolkien replied on March 18:

    Dear Mr. Gamgee,

    It was very kind of you to write. You can imagine my astonishment when I saw your signature! I can only say, for your comfort, I hope, that the ‘Sam Gamgee’ of my story is a most heroic character, now widely beloved by many readers, even though his origins are rustic. So that perhaps you will not be displeased at the coincidence of the name of this imaginary character of supposedly many centuries ago being the same as yours.”

     The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien: Letter 184

    He proceeded to send Mr Gamgee a signed copy of all three volumes of the book. However, the incident sparked a nagging worry in Tolkien’s mind, as he recorded in his journal:

    For some time I lived in fear of receiving a letter signed ’S. Gollum’. That would have been more difficult to deal with.“― J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography


    When science confirms what everybody knew.


    Freddie: cause I’m having a goOD TIME, HAVING A GOOD TIME-

    Absolutely everyone:


    I am absolutely not surprised by the full top ten list of most uplifting songs.

    10. Katrina & the Waves, “Walking on Sunshine”

    9. Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive”

    8. Bon Jovi, “Livin’ on a Prayer”

    7. Cyndi Lauper, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

    6. The Monkees, “I’m a Believer”

    5. Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger”

    4. Billy Joel, “Uptown Girl”

    3. Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations”

    2. ABBA, “Dancing Queen”

    1. Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now”


    I hate you so, so much i swear to fucking god i will find out where live and stick legos in every corner of every room and make sure you slip around and hit every single one of them


    I love this entire post so much


    it might sound obvious, but i had to learn this the hard way: don't date someone who you feel you can't 100% be yourself around. maybe you can keep up shutting down 5-90% of yourself but 1) why would you want to 2) why should you have to when there's countless people out there who would love ALL of who you are


    i'm saying this because i dated a guy who said we were being "healthy and open" by saying all our grievances. what that involved was any time i talked about something that i was passionate about he would shut it down with "babe, sorry i just wanna be honest, i don't care about this at all. sorry. love youuu <3" and i thought that was healthy for whatever reason.

    now i'm with a guy who actively encourages me in my interests, even the ones he's previously uninterested/unfamiliar with. he doesn't just passively listen but asks questions and joins in with what i'm doing. some people might say this is a low bar to set but i wish someone had told me this when i was younger. pay attention to who's building you up and who's tearing you down.


    literally 2 minutes after posting this and he proves my point <3


    the fact that welcome to the black parade was recorded in a haunted mansion called the paramour and they recorded it in the middle of the night in the ballroom and the bass player had to go live with a therapist and the lead singer would have night terrors of being strangled and the guitarist would see a woman in white walking the halls. who is doing it like my chemical romance. fucking no one


    the fact that in a video shoot the singer broke his ankle and kept performing screaming in agony and the drummer caught on fire and kept playing anyway and sustained third degree burns that become gangrenous. who is doing it like my chemical romance. fucking no one