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    French written like it’s German

    komm sah ? ahn Fät, il serä interessant de konssider, komma leh Person parlan leh Luxemburschua äppel leh Emprant fransäh da lör Laag.

    Manne mousse érkennen, d’asse site nicht vie deuïtche haouse

    danquë cheune

    ???? ?

    Merci je déteste

    But OP what about German written like its french?

    Venne vire dîe Frauncosenne da-mitte duerç-commenne lacenne, vèrdun si folle-commenne ubermutique

    every time i look at the mystery gang i have this like visceral feeling that someone is missing. but nobody ever is. who are they. what happened to them


    logically i know this is them. these are the only people in the mystery gang. fred, daphne, velma, shaggy, and scooby. thats the 5 of them. but something deep within my lizard brain is telling me theres a 6th member that has been, for unknown reasons, banished from this timeline and our collective memory as a species

    s͡҉͚͓͚͇̱̫͙́c̴̱̥̪̘̮̀r̸̵̨̺̝̹͈̗̠̬̟͉̹̬͇͖͙͕͎̜͉á̦͎͉̫̗͔̝̲͔͢͢͞p̶̢̭͍͈͍̻͇̬͓̮̙͉̪̻̰͉̪̻̗͡p̸̴̸̢̰̪̥͍̩̦̱̱̦͓͙͇͎̤͕̳y̧̠̟̟̟̤̗̲͚̙̪̮̺̱̯͔̱̗͘͠ ̷̥͉̰͔̩̤̯͕̲̩̦̝̦̬̙̲̜̣̥́͝d͏̧͝͏̰͓̜ͅo͕̣͎͚̫̟͎̕ò̴̥̦͙̟̹̦̣͙͇̞͖̘̺͙͜

    Sokka and Zuko have one big fight after they get together and it's over who gets Aang as his best man

    <>Sokka, furious: you think you get AANG? I've been friends with him for way longer, he's basically my little brother, he was the first person to make me look at life in an optimistic way!

    <>Zuko, equally pissed: oh big deal, he was the FIRST person to ever offer to be my friend, EVER, and he never completely gave up on me no matter how much reason I gave him to, I would do ANYTHING for that kid

    <>Aang, sobbing: I love you guys so much

    <>Sokka: aw, Aang ❤

    <>Zuko: we love you too ❤

    <>Sokka, back to Zuko: anyway swords at dawn

    <>Zuko: I will fucking destroy you

    <>Katara, watching Sokka and Zuko brawl: if these two keep this up there's not going to BE a wedding. Aang, why don't you just decide whose best man you want to be?

    <>Aang, still weeping: HOW am I supposed to CHOOSE

    <>Katara: don't be silly, obviously you should go with Sokka

    <>Toph: uh, what? He should go with Zuko

    <>Katara: swords at dawn

    <>Bumi: You know who would make a great best man?

    <>Bumi: Appa.


    An Actual Real Person my Dad knew. Pretty sure he worked as a bush guide. When someone asked the time he’d pull off his hat - some kind of broad brim - and use to take a few measurements of the sun’s position relative to the horizon. Then he’d declare the time.

    He was accurate to the minute.

    Fvvdvddsfdssdhnvfh you get back here and say this to the rest of the crew

    How to talk to a “Gamer”

    Consider asking the Gamer about their “Specs”, which is short for spectres. Gamers enjoy passing the time by discussing the various ghosts trapped within their “gaming” contraptions. At this point, they will begin rattling off a long list of entirely meaningless numbers, letters, and phrases. This should give you enough time to prepare your sedative.

    delighted to let you all know this works like a dream

    it catches husbands too

    as a dm my favorite thing about starting a new dnd campaign is prepping all of these throw away npcs, and some npcs that could be worth keeping/revisiting, but knowing if you fuck up and do something like make an npc too pathetic, or name a goblin ‘devin’ or something youre going to have to account for the players deciding that this is the character they want to keep around

    the notes on this post are leading me to believe you can’t actually name a goblin anything or the players will demand to keep them around. you cant win.

    name them something dungeons and dragons style like gurzart and its memorable, cause you’re not going to mix them up with a different character

    name them something human like devin or ricardo and theyre going to be friends

    name them something like pickle and youre fucked. youre absolutely fucked. you have to give pickle a character arc now. it has to be heartwarming and heartbreaking, and so satisfying.

    i can literally attest to the npc named pickle needing to have a character arc. made an early throw away npc cat named pumpkin - the party loved pumpkin so much, pumpkin developed into a complex character arc where he is the right hand of one of the most powerful gods in game universe and has a cat husband, butternut.

    “There is a copy of the NES game Golf in the firmware of every Switch system”

    Me: Oh haha, what a weird thing, probably some remnant from the debugging process -

    “Since that was a game that Satoru Iwata programmed himself, this could have been intended as a way of saying that Iwata is spiritually a part of every Switch and is watching over and protecting every system.”


    Oh my God, so hackers have found out the way to enable you to play the game. You know how?

    On July 11th*, the date of Iwata’s passing, doing Iwata’s “directly to you” motion with the Joy-Cons on the home screen will play a sound clip of Iwata and launch the game.

    (* Before you try this yourself, note that simply changing the date on your system will not work, as this runs off the Switch’s internal internet-synced clock, meaning that changing the date manually will only work if the system has never been connected to the internet)

    I… I can’t…

    It goes even further than that.

    Firstly, opening the game like this person is in the video is only possible with a brand new unit on system version 1.0.0 that has never been connected to the Internet. Because of this, opening it is pretty hard to replicate, unless if you have a completely brand new Switch. So, even if the system’s internal date is on July 11, it still won’t open if the system version is up to date.

    The thing is, it’s not supposed to be opened.

    The hidden Golf game has been described as an omamori, which, in Japanese culture, is a charm usually bought at shrines that offers spiritual protection and good luck if you keep it close to you. Sometimes they’re made of cloth, and look like a tiny bag, which can contain a written prayer. People often tie them to something like a purse or a backpack, so that it’s always with them. Here are a bunch of different ones:

    Omamori are not supposed to be opened, as doing so is said to remove its blessing.

    Seeing as the hidden Golf game on the Switch is so difficult to run under normal circumstances, it’s probably not supposed to be opened in the first place. It’s likely meant to represent an omamori in Iwata’s honor. Its very fitting, because of how portable the Switch is, since people are likely to take it with them like they would with an omamori strapped to a purse or backpack.

    Hey, everyone. Since we’re now in July and this post is still making the rounds, I’m sure there are people who are going to want to try to activate the Golf game on their Switch on the 11th. So I wanted to provide an update to this:

    <>All of the files of Golf in the Switch system were removed in an update back in late December.<>

    As @lunarhalo24 helpfully pointed out, this inclusion of Golf in the Switch system was meant to be an omamori, a blessing from Iwata. And there’s another important cultural thing about omamori to note here:

    An omamori’s blessing is only good until the end of the year, after which it expires and the omamori is traditionally disposed of in a sacred fire. So the files being deleted at the end of last year seems as though it was symbolic of the blessing’s time expiring.

    So yes, there is now almost no way to actually access it. Because it was never meant to be accessed.

    Reblogging because this is a really interesting way of combining tradition and technology in someone’s memory and as a good luck charm.

    You can read more about the different kinds of omamori here.